All the Planes Knelt and Begged the Villainess to be Humane Chapter 5173: The person who was borrowed (seventy-four)


This time, he saw it more clearly.

Although Chen Ran was copying Buddhist scriptures, he had a cheerful smile on his face, and he didn’t look like he was worried about anyone.

Li Yunrong was really practicing his sword, but his brows were furrowed. He felt uneasy, as if he was worried about something.

Yun Rui was indeed in a daze, feeling completely empty and had no idea what he was thinking, but Jiang Xinghuai could tell that the other party didn’t seem to care much about the Queen’s body, as if the Queen’s death had nothing to do with him.

“It seems that Li Yunrong is the one who cares about the Queen the most.” Jiang Xinghuai said firmly this time.

Qian Yan didn’t say anything. She had never met the three servants, and she had no memory of the Queen in her mind. She had not gotten much information about them from chatting with the others before, so she naturally didn’t know their situation.

Let Jiang Xinghuai take a closer look, but she subconsciously thinks that what the people in the palace do is often contrary to what they think.

Jiang Xinghuai seemed to have discovered something interesting and decided to look around the palace of the three servants.

Qianyan picked up a book and flipped through it. Before turning two pages, Jiang Xinghuai’s voice sounded again: “Yun Qianyan, I saw Chen Liyun. She should be a palace servant in Chen Ranyi’s palace now, and she is also a People from the Tea Palace.”

Qian Yan raised his eyes: “Keep looking and see where the others are.”

Although she didn’t care about Chen Liyun and the others, it was still a good thing to know their whereabouts early.

“Let’s explore some of the princesses’ mansions first. Is there any problem with distance?” Deng Mei asked.

“Wu Cancan picked up a very beautiful woman on the way back home today. The woman was still unconscious.” Chen Ran also said, “I just took a look at it. She looks just weak. There is a princess.” These people in the government are exaggerating.”

“Chen Liyun is the only one in Chen Ranyi’s palace.”

Deng Meike continued to explore whether there was Lan Yuan and others in the palace of the seventh princess Bai Zhaolan, or whether they were other mysterious masters.

“Your Majesty, I am unlucky. I seemed to have exposed a flaw and was discovered. Before Deng Meike could subdue me, he asked me who I was.”

“There is no one from Li Yunrong and Yun Rui.”

Chen Ran also opened his eyes and said to Cheng Ling with a happy face: “Your Majesty was sent to the dungeon by Jiang Xinghuai Pass. The dungeon of the Little Princess Mansion is quite small, and there are many people locked up outside.”

“In addition to Bai Zhaohui, other people from Lan Yuan’s group were found in the palace, but some relatively normal people were found. They are probably Master Xuan who retreated from inside and are secretly looking for clues.” First, Chen Ran also said, “According to what he and Wu Cancan said, we should have fallen too far. We are said to be staying outside the palaces of some princesses, or in the palaces of some ministers.”

Chen Ran also said: “There is a way to see the entire capital, go to Shuyuan, but the eight princess mansions are relatively close to the palace, so there should be a problem.”

First, I saw Bai Zhaoyu’s house through these flowers and plants.

“It’s bad to be locked up to prevent good things.” Cheng Ling thought for a while and said, it would be more troublesome.

For a long time, Chen Ran also looked strange: “Your Majesty is still a Qianyan here in Jiang Xinghuai, and Deng Meike was in my room at that time. Your Majesty thought something was going to happen. It seemed quite relaxed, but Jiang Xinghuai seemed to have this intention, so he sat next to him and drank water.”

Chen Ran also continued to work, and I first went to the little princess’s house in Deng Meike to inquire. Jiang Xinghuai was wrong on the surface, but the other person’s father was Li Yunrong, so I had to pay less attention. I was sure that man was as ill-intentioned as his father.

“Bad, let’s visit the princess’s house first.”

Cheng Ling glanced at me: “You are your little man.”

“It seems that his little man is Fang Hui.” I added.


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