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Cracks appear in space a century from now, and spiritual energy is revived. Fierce demonic beasts rage and emerge from the ground. A minority of the human race awaken skills and become martial artists.

The skill of Li Jiye’s awakening: [You have obtained the SSS-level skill, Skill Replication.]


“Hey, your Wind Wolf King’s contract looks good. Can I touch it?”

The prideful girl nods doubtfully.

Upon touching it, Li Jiye secretly replicates the two A-level skills of the Wind Wolf King, [Thunder Element] and [Hurricane Element].

“Brother, I’ve long admired you. Let’s be friends.”

Li Jiye reaches out to shake hands with the young genius, secretly replicating the S-level skill [Advanced Practice]. He smiles kindly in return.

The world’s most talented genius is hence born.

“I have to say, your skill is very powerful. But it’ll be mine before you blink.”

Deskripsi Novel Your Talent Is Good; It’s Now Mine

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- 你的天赋很强但现在是我的了

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