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The current Empress Dowager once gave birth to a daughter, Zhao Shu, before she was remarried to the Late Emperor.

A’Shu was renowned for her beauty in Hebei since childhood.

Before getting married, her elder brother and sister-in-law advised her that Liu Xun was a man of profound thoughts and schemes. Relying on her beauty, they fear that she wouldn’t last long.

A’Shu said, “Everyone says that this man is kind and cultured, winning the support and love of the people, but he is indifferent to women. He is still single at such an age. So even if I am to use my looks to gain his favor, I’m afraid I wouldn’t know where to start either.”

Only after the wedding did she discover that the rumor couldn’t be more wrong!

Kind and cultured he may be but indifferent to women??

Haha, she couldn’t see it at all!

Liu Xun’s elder brother recently died. Barely starting his mourning period, he married the daughter of his enemy.

In the beginning, they were as incompatible as fire and water. Who would have thought that before long, he would be brought down to his knees, worshipping the very hem of his wife’s skirt. From then on, the couple slowly overcame enmity and suspicion, gradually knew and cherished each other through the struggles of enduring humiliation and trying to turn the tides.

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