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Er Sheng is an orphan girl. She said that her whole family was buried in the soil just so she could live wantonly, but no one gave a damn about her.

She also said that if she were to ever meet someone who would take her by the hand, carry her on the back, forge a sword for her, teach her how to read, be happy for her, and worry for her she could not really be free anymore, for she would have to go all the way through the wind and rain with him.

Ah, just when she thought she could finally hold Chang Yuan’s hand and move on— he suddenly disappeared. Finding him has become Er Sheng’s greatest wish in life. But after everything was over and the pomp settled, she woke up from a drunken dream. Only then did she realize that there was no Er Sheng or Chang Yuan in the world— That was just Si Ming Xingjun’s dreams.

*) Si Ming Xingjun is the God of Fate (Deity who controls fate)

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- 司命

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