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Mechas: products of the Final War, the blade of ultimate slaughter, the medium of powerful military. They are the best machines of battle!

—said an interstellar wandering poet during the great explosion of alien technology.

However, several hundreds of years later, mechas had torn off their steel masks of war and integrated themselves into people’s daily lives. Their range of applications extended far and wide…

Mecha farmer, mecha miner, mecha builder, etc…

When Xiao Yukong, a special agent with special powers, discovered that his home planet was actually no more than a primitive planet among all the other technologically advanced planets, he, for the sake of survival—for the sake of his comrade—did the only suitable job for a primitive person such as him—farming…

Mechas could destroy, but they could also plant crops!

However, one still had to rely on a bit of luck at times. Six years after Xiao Yukong widened his horizons, having entered this whole new universe, he rushed towards his planet’s largest rift valley in order to save his comrade and met, by coincidence, a worn-out mecha that had fallen from the sky: “Mutang”. From that point on, everything started to deviate from its original trajectory of fate and pointed towards an unknown direction…

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- 機甲農民

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