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A talent show that had a bleak future produced an extraordinary idol with incredible popularity. Every post on their Weibo account gets millions of reposts. However, there’s more to him than meets the eye.

Everyone says that Su Jinli made it to stardom by relying on connections.

In reality, they don’t know that all those famous actresses, social elites, investors, and heads of wealthy families were all down on their luck before meeting him.

Su Jinli is a koi fish spirit that brings good luck to people.

His older brother, who’s popular beyond measure, says, “Don’t tire yourself out. You can just ride my popularity and become famous.”

A wealthy family head says, “Don’t become a star. Be my son and all my billions will be yours.”

Su Jinli: “I’d still like to try…”
Alternate Summary:

In the mountains, when Su Jinli was about to go out and gain experience, his grandfather told him solemnly, “You have a pure Yin constitution. You won’t just bring good luck to kind people. You’ll also attract people with heavy yang energy, and the heavier their yang energy, the more they’ll like you.”

Su Jinli confidently replied, “It’s okay, I’m a boy!”

Su Jinli, with tears in his eyes, said to his grandfather, “Grandpa, human boys are so scary!”

His grandfather replied deeply, “It’s okay, you can absorb their Yang energy.”

Su Jinli exclaimed, “QAQ!!!!”

Grandpa, I’m a boy!!!
This story is about a handsome and adorable idol who becomes popular and is pursued by a popular actor, a stinky rogue, and a wealthy businessman.

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- 锦鲤大仙要出道[娱乐圈]

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