What To Do When the Heroine of the Novel Comes to Reality Chapter 1: The heroine


Late at night.

The moonlight is like water.

In an ordinary bachelor apartment, Li Shushan is facing his computer, tapping the keyboard cracklingly. His handsome cheeks can be described as “immortal”, and the thick dark circles under his eyes are completely absent. Doubt is the product of his often staying up late coding.

In the whole room, only his computer screen was dimly lit, and the moonlight came in from the window. The combination of the two created a very quiet atmosphere.

He just likes that in this kind of environment, the stories in his mind can be translated into words very smoothly. If it is daytime or if the lights are turned on, he will always be able to write.

That’s right, Li Shushan, who is still in his sophomore year, is an online writer who signed a contract with China Literature Group’s ~IndoMTL.com~. The main station of male frequency, creating female main text.

The male and female protagonists written by him are obviously completely different from the female protagonists written by female authors that focus on emotional dramas. The reason why he writes female protagonists is that he is full of beautiful fantasies and sustenance for his female protagonists, just hope It is possible to create a perfect goddess in a novel that cannot exist in a three-dimensional world, just like an online game playing a female account, and raising the character you play as a daughter.

Therefore, of course, there are no male-female emotional dramas in the female protagonists he created. How could there be male characters in the protagonists that he carefully created?

Her existence will only make men in that world unattainable.

The novel he is writing at this time is called “The Legendary Journey of the Mage”. The first impression given by the title alone is undoubtedly the most orthodox or even an old-fashioned Western fantasy story. The protagonist is naturally a mage, and then carries out various adventure exercises, fighting monsters and upgrading…

If male readers who like Western Fantasy are afraid that they will be deceived by the title of the book, they will be surprised to find out that the protagonist of this story is actually a female mage. Will choose to abandon the book, and if the remaining readers read it patiently, of course, they will feel the interestingness of this book.

The interesting thing about it is the fun of watching the heroine grow step by step and become more perfect, and the author Li Shushan still cares about the suggestions of readers, so he has also accumulated a group of loyal fans. The heroine of , can be said to be the daughter that he and his fans raised together.

The full name of the heroine of this book is Olivia Alexandrina Windsor. She was born in the Windsor dynasty with a long history set in the book. As a princess of noble blood, she has been awakened since she was a child. With the top magic talent, this is obviously a very classic genius style routine. If it is a male protagonist, it will definitely be considered too old-fashioned by critical readers. After all, even the counterattack style of waste wood is outdated these days.

However, in the male and female main text, such a setting will not make readers feel disgusted, and they are still very happy to see their “daughter” is of noble birth.

At this time, Li Shushan finally completed the latest chapter “The Great Crisis! Falling into Space Turbulence”, he breathed a sigh of relief and chose to upload this chapter directly to ~IndoMTL.com~ You can see from the name of this chapter that the heroine of this book, Olivia, has encountered another crisis. And of course, she will continue to use her own wisdom and magic to overcome this crisis, solve this contradiction, further grow and upgrade, and then arouse the amazement of various characters in the novel, a climax of the story is completed, and of course readers outside the novel will also click Like, those who have money will make money, and those who have no money will vote for recommendations…

This is probably the way the author Li Shushan is used to writing. He still has two brushes in his writing, so he can always write the crisis in a particularly realistic and immersive way, so that readers can’t help feeling for the heroine. I’m worried, I’m afraid that Li Shushan will learn from some notorious old thieves and come up with some particularly depressing plots. After all, it’s not a popular protagonist who cuts his hands these days…

After the chapter completed by Li Shushan was uploaded, his group of night owl readers subscribed to the latest chapter as soon as possible, and of course they couldn’t help speaking freely after reading it——

“The sea of ​​blood is boundless, can we stop letting the heroine walk a tightrope, I can’t stand it!”

“Come on, come on, the plot of the main abuser may be late, but he will never be absent! Convex (艹 dish 艹)”

“Although I know that my little princess can definitely save the day, I’m still very upset.”

“Some of the comments made me laugh, what kind of abuse is this? I see how Olivia is better than a man!”

“The author is a horse first, what’s with the turbulence in space, I hope the heroine will appear directly at the author’s house next time, and press and rub the author who abused her on the keyboard!”

“The buddies of this book are really elegant and easy-going, and they can rhyme when they speak…”

When Li Shushan saw these book reviews, he showed a happy smile. Whether it was praise or scolding, he felt the enthusiasm of the readers. This may be the cuteness of niche book readers.

As for the story of the “abuse of the master” that the readers complained about~IndoMTL.com~ He doesn’t think it’s a big problem. As the saying goes, if you don’t experience the wind and rain, how can you see the rainbow? Only in the “abuse master” of her, did she become more resolute, powerful, and decisive in killing, and it is by no means a greenhouse flower that needs the protection of others.

Li Shushan is already a little sleepy at the moment. He is going to turn on the light to wash and then go to bed. He will still go to school tomorrow.

However, the moment Li Shushan stood up, the legendary space distortion appeared in the place on his right by the window!

He subconsciously pushed his computer chair over, and he fell to the ground. Then he was horrified to find that the chair was swallowed up by this distorted space!

And the next moment, a woman who looked rather embarrassed and dressed in fancy clothes, appeared by the window, and the distorted space dissipated. , using it to support her slender body, her eyes were tightly closed, but there was a look of relief on her face.

The moonlight came in from the window and poured on the girl’s beautiful cheeks. Her long hair like a waterfall, with the color of ice and snow, shone brightly under the moonlight, and the whole person was so floating. There is a beauty that cannot be described in words.

Li Shushan, who was still lying on the ground, his horrified expression gradually became strange. He even imagined that the next girl would say, “Is your mother the master of labor and capital? He will reply like this, no, I’m not, I’m your dad!

There is no doubt that Li Shushan is quite familiar with the girl in front of him, because he was still abusing her just now… in the novel.

Her name is—

Olivia Alexandrina Windsor.


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