War Sovereign Soaring The Heavens Chapter 4700: Xiaoshan Taoism


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Whether it is Lei Hong or Yun Xinfeng, Duan Lingtian naturally does not know what these two people are thinking now.

Of course, the current Duan Lingtian has not noticed these two people for a long time. At most, he is a little defensive in his heart to avoid being taken advantage of by the other party to steal his home and hurt his relatives and friends.

Although he has now become a strong man in the Hedao realm, he is too busy to take care of his family and friends at all times.

The world of divine soil is different from the world of creation and birth chart. There is the power of laws, which can condense the clones of laws…

At the beginning, when the Creation Life Plan world collapsed and fled to the world of gods and earth, Duan Lingtian’s law clone was annihilated and disappeared. Unless he could return to the Creation Life Plan world again and sense the power of law, otherwise It is impossible to condense the law clone anymore.

“Go back first.”

Duan Lingtian, who did not intend to continue chasing Yu Luohe, chose to go back to his wife’s parents. After confirming that they were all safe and sound, he returned to Jianglan Divine Kingdom alone.

“Any news about Nian Tian?”

After learning from the royal family of Jianglan Kingdom that someone knew about his son Duan Niantian, and that Zhao Anyi had brought a royal family to the seventh level to pick up his son, Duan Lingtian’s eyes lit up and he thanked Jiang Haishan.

Jiang Tianzheng, the powerful member of the imperial family, hardly cares about anything. Except for the contemporary emperor, the person in charge of the imperial family is Jiang Haishan, who is on the ninth level of the Dao.



Looking at the entire Xiaoshan Divine Island, the ‘Chongshan Alliance’ is just an insignificant small force. The Dark Night Forest, which is located in the coastal corner of the Eastern Region, cannot even be ranked among the top three among the many forces in the Dark Night Forest.

If we say that the strongest force in Xiaoshan Island is none other than the ‘Xiaoshan Dao Sect’.

Just by looking at the name, you can see that this sect has the same name as Xiaoshan Divine Island. In fact, the reason why Xiaoshan Divine Island was renamed Xiaoshan Divine Island was because of Xiaoshan Dao Sect.

Xiaoshan Taoist Sect may not be the longest-standing force on Xiaoshan Island, but it is definitely the most powerful force.

Just because, in the history of Xiaoshan Dao Sect, there have been three strong men in the Hedao realm!

Even the last strong man in the Hedao realm on Xiaoshan Divine Island came from the Xiaoshan Dao Sect.

In the contemporary Xiaoshan Dao Sect, although there are no strong people in the Hedao realm, there are as many as three people who have entered the ninth level of the Dao!

As for the ‘eighth level of the Dao’, there are more than ten people.

Of course, most of them are traveling outside to seek breakthroughs. Only one who has entered the ninth level and three who have entered the eighth level stay in the Xiaoshan Dao Sect.

One of them, who entered the eighth level of Taoism, was named ‘Yang Tianhe’, and he was the great elder of Xiaoshan Taoist Sect.

Now, he was frowning and looking at his son in front of him, “Do you really want to marry her? With her status and background, she is not worthy of being your Taoist companion!”

Yang Tianhe looks like a middle-aged man, with a resolute face and a tall stature, with a hint of majesty in his movements.

As for his son ‘Yang Chun’, although his facial features are quite similar to his, there is a hint of immaturity between his eyebrows. At this time, he was looking at Yang Tianhe seriously, “Father, I and I Yaoyao is true love!”

“True love?”

Yang Tianhe smiled coldly, “In my opinion, she is interested in your background, right? The person you love her may not necessarily love you!”

Yang Tianhe had many children in his life, but the one he loved the most was the young son in front of him. His love for this young son even made other sons doubt whether they were his biological children.

“Father, Yaoyao does not know my identity.”

Yang Chun said with a serious face: “Even in front of her, I only showed the same level of cultivation as hers… Moreover, our meeting was purely a coincidence!”

Before Yang Tianhe could speak, Yang Chun begged: “Father, please help the child! With your status, you don’t need the child to marry anyone… just let the child be with true love!”

Seeing this, Yang Tianhe’s frown deepened, but he didn’t say anything more and said calmly: “Now, as a father, I am curious, what kind of woman is it that makes you obsessed with this…”

“Take me for a visit. If my father thinks she is okay, I will propose marriage to his family and choose a good day for you to marry her!”

Hearing this, Yang Chun was ecstatic, “Thank you, father! Thank you, father! Yaoyao will definitely satisfy you!”

“Let’s go.”

Yang Tianhe stepped out, and in the blink of an eye he was already thousands of miles away from Xiaoshan Dao Sect, and his son was also taken with him, “You said before that her home was in the East Region?”

“Yes, Father.”

Yang Chun responded quickly, “She is the second daughter of Guo Qiu, the deputy leader of the Dark Night Forest Chongshan Alliance in the Eastern Region. Her name is ‘Guo Yaoyao’, and she has a sister.”

That’s a coincidence.

When Yang Tianhe and Yang Chun, father and son, arrived at the Chongshan League and near the Guo Mansion, it happened that Sheng’an was leading the way to the Guo Mansion for Zhao Anyi, Duan Niantian and the seventh-level master from the royal family of the Jianglan Kingdom to arrive at the Guo Mansion. And Zhao Anyi’s voice was like a bell, and he shouted coldly:

“Guo Qiu, take your daughter and get out and die!”

Zhao Anyi’s voice, carrying terrifying power, vibrated and gave, swept through the Guo Mansion, making everyone in the Guo Mansion restless~IndoMTL.com~ More than 90% of the people were dizzy by the sound. What’s more, his orifices were bleeding, and he fell to the ground and died!

For a moment, a pale-faced man with a beard came out of the air and looked at Zhao Anyi in the distance. His eyes were full of fear, but he still had the courage to raise his hands and asked: “This sir, you don’t know that my little daughter and I are How did I offend you?”

Although Duan Niantian was standing next to Zhao Anyi, Guo Qiu did not know Duan Niantian because the two had never met before.

“Duan Niantian?!”

However, at this moment, Guo Lili, a young woman with a good face and a slightly fat body, who was in the Guo Mansion, was pale and staring at Duan Niantian next to Zhao Anyi with shock and disbelief in her eyes. “How could it be him?!”

“Where did he find such a strong person?!”

“Are you trying to get back at me?!”

At this moment, Guo Lili’s heart was filled with regret. If she had known that these thoughts could lead to today’s scene, she should have directly destroyed the opponent and eradicated it!

“Sister, do you know him?”

Next to Guo Lili is another beautiful woman who looks three-thirds like her, is much prettier than her, and has a much stronger figure than her. At this time, her face is also slightly pale, and the voice just now is too scary. The shock caused her eardrums to rupture, and even almost caused her meridians to become confused while she was practicing.

She is none other than Guo Qiu’s second daughter, Guo Yaoyao.

“Yao Yao!”

At this time, Yang Chun, who had just arrived, also saw Guo Yaoyao, his eyes suddenly lit up, and he said to Yang Tianhe beside him: “Father, that is the person I like, Guo Yaoyao!”

“It’s better to come early than to come late!”

“Now someone happens to be looking for trouble for my future father-in-law and future sister-in-law. Father, please come out to protect them. In this way, they will definitely treat me, my future uncle, differently!” (End of Chapter)

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