Tome of Troubled Times Chapter 894: The end of the empire


Chapter 894 The End of the Royal Family

Ye Wuming was a little surprised, but not too surprised.

She has watched this man grow up, and she knows very well that sometimes this man may seem like he is just showing off, or just trying to pick up girls… In fact, he has his own thoughts on the inside, and those who were deceived by his appearance can now be buried alive. Horse racing.

From just a chess piece to now, everyone is on an equal footing, regardless of their strength and status, or his understanding and analysis of spiritual practice.

I just didn’t expect that he had already discovered the use of different systems just by watching… Oh yes, he didn’t just watch, he had a deep contact with the energy structure the moment the sword slashed the Hero Pavilion.

“The systems are different, but they are all a type of energy after all, and energy can be transformed into each other. A long time ago, Lao Xia’s Liuhe Magic Technique had the effect of transforming different energies. At that time, Lao Xia had already discovered In essence, he is a genius in these matters.” Zhao Changhe took the book from Ye Wuming and said, “I have been sleeping for the past thirty years. I don’t know about the external world, and my inner cultivation has always been very difficult. Clear.”

The book in my hand opened automatically without wind.

“In the past, our practice was divided into two categories, one is external strength, and the other is internal strength. I have always been a representative of external strength training, and the internal strength has been transformed into external energy for use for a long time, so that I almost forgot that I still have Things like internal energy. When I was re-cultivating, I was thinking, in this case, why not unify it? Energy is the core of energy understanding.” Zhao Changhe said slowly: “So my practice now is not about blood evil. The Kung Fu is not the Liuhe Divine Kung Fu, nor is it the Blood Demon Immortal Body…it is considered a self-created Kung Fu.”

After saying that, he paused and looked at Ye Wuming: “No matter what the origin, personal will determines that any self-created work will have a personal direction. Mine is not surprisingly the vast starry sky, the Milky Way shines, and the sun and the moon go hand in hand. . Now this power has not been named. In your opinion, what would be a better name?”

Ye Wuming tilted his head: “Ask me what I’m doing. You create your own and name it yourself.”

“But this direction was guided by you all the way. Originally, I was still the inheritor of the Blood Demon Technique… You have to be responsible.”

“Lie’s inheritance is better than mine, right?”

Zhao Changhe: “?”

Ling Ruoyu: “…”

Ye Wuming stopped talking.

Woman… Zhao Changhe held it in for a while with a strange expression, and finally said: “Forget it, if you don’t name it, you won’t name it. What I mean by saying this is that the power I have cultivated can be easily transformed into any property. I completed the analysis while observing the guards fighting in the Hero Pavilion.”

Following the words, the pages of the book flipped, and the five elements of yin and yang, true and false life and death, light and shadow, time and space, and the incomparable mysterious laws of the great road were dispersed in the air.

Different from the page-by-page display in the past, it is now integrated, with me in you and you in me.

They are originally one…

Ling Ruoyu looked up, quite excited. Countless indescribable insights came into my heart, as if bathed in the light of the great avenue, the world’s top power was freely available in front of me, and I spread my interpretation.

For a warrior, there is nothing more touching than this feeling.

Ye Wuming looked at this scene in a daze, and suddenly said: “Is your strength stronger than when you fought me yesterday?”

“Yes.” Zhao Changhe said: “I was woken up in advance. I still needed to retreat for a few days to continue growing… Wasn’t it because I was woken up by my own girl? So my practice these days is Growing all the way…”

Ling Ruoyu: “…”

Why did I eat melon on my head…

“And in these days, I have seen time flow, and I have seen the vicissitudes of the sea…and now I have seen the swollen and collapsed bridge of the realm, and I have seen the weirdness of another time and space, and I have seen Different cultivation systems…this is cultivation.” Zhao Changhe said, and the light from the book in his hand suddenly disappeared.

Ye Wuming suddenly felt a terrifying suction force, tens of thousands of times more powerful than the bag magic weapon he had seen before in the Heroes Pavilion. It encompassed everything and made it impossible to escape.

In addition to the power of the Heavenly Book magic weapon itself, Zhao Changhe’s strength has reached at least the mid-level of the third level of imperial realm, so that the magic weapon can be driven to exert such complete power. This growth is so amazing. Is he training his baby or himself these days?

Or is it that one of the meanings of practicing trumpet is to maintain the main account?

But it is a pity that no matter how powerful the Heavenly Book is, it cannot be effective on Ye Wuming. She is the Heavenly Book, so there is no reason to slap herself.

As a result, Ye Wuming, who was shrouded in light, remained as still as a mountain. Ling Ruoyu, who was standing nearby watching the show with Xinghe in his arms, saw darkness in his eyes. Suddenly, he and his sword were taken away by the light and locked up in the Book of Heaven.

Ling Ruoyu: “???”

“Ahem.” Zhao Changhe coughed dryly and hurriedly released the poor child: “I’m not very skilled in the operation, accidental injury, accidental injury.”

From the moment Ling Ruoyu entered to the moment he came out, everyone was confused. She is carrying Xinghe. In this state, Ling Ruoyu’s strength can make her mark in other worlds. The bag in the Heroes Pavilion can’t do anything to her, and he can’t even react when he is accidentally injured on the edge. Caught…

This is not the real Book of Heaven, but a manifestation of the Book of Heaven. Dad calls it an inverted model…

Then if you hold the real heavenly book, that is, this world, how strong will it be?

But the real heavenly book has a book spirit… If the book spirit does not recognize its master, it is impossible to exert its maximum power. So why are you and your wife testing the Heavenly Book? Ling Ruoyu glanced at Ye Wuming secretly, not daring to say a word.

Zhao Changhe closed his wrist. The Book of Heaven is closed and becomes an ordinary book again.

Zhao Changhe handed the book back to Ye Wuming, with a deep meaning in his eyes. He also did not say much, and just said: “Absorption control is just one of the functions… There are more wonderful functions, I won’t show them one by one. , as long as you know I can use it.”

Ye Wuming took the book expressionlessly and said “Hmm”.

The two were speechless for a moment, and the atmosphere became very quiet.

The wind in the Night Palace blows slowly, bringing the fragrance of natural materials and treasures from the distant garden, but there is no chirping of birds and the chirping of cicadas. It is as quiet as the Nine Nether Abyss of the past.

Zhao Changhe came to Ye Palace to discuss two issues with Ye Wuming. One was to ask if there was any material for reforging the dragon bird, and the other was to discuss how to deal with the issue of heaven. The former has been solved, but the latter is still difficult to say – as allies to fight against the law of heaven, it seems to be a natural relationship that goes without saying. However, both of them know that this relationship alone is not enough.

The strength does not exceed that level, but it falls short of that level. At most, it can achieve similar results as thirty years ago, and it will never end.

They would not agree to the plan to integrate the Ye family sisters, not even Zhao Changhe himself. Is there any other plan? Maybe there is, that is, Zhao Changhe came to entrust the Heavenly Book.

“Ms. Shuling, do you want to consider… letting me use it?” Zhao Changhe had already said it clearly in his seemingly teasing words.

But if this kind of thing relies on “negotiation”, there will never be any results.

In fact, it is still unknown whether this plan is effective… The two of them conducted a simple test in tacit understanding, but this test may not be meaningful.

Ling Ruoyu cannot understand the tacit understanding between adults. The atmosphere between the two felt strange and unspeakable, which made the child feel a little confused.

After a while, Zhao Changhe said: “I have to take Ruoyu back after being away for a day and a night.”

Ye Wuming said: “You can go back if you go back… Ruoyu has nothing to experience in the world, so it is better to stay here with me. Whether it is treasures of heaven and earth, or experiences from other worlds, whatever I can provide, you Can’t give it.”

Zhao Changhe was silent for a moment and said slowly: “Do you think Ruoyu really lacks that bit of experience and improvement?”

Ye Wuming said: “She likes it herself.”

Zhao Changhe said: “Ask her herself, if she is willing to stay, is it because she likes those things, or to be with you.”

Ye Wuming’s heart twitched and he looked at Ling Ruoyu without saying anything.

Ling Ruoyu lowered his head and whispered: “I want to be with my mother.”

Ye Wuming looked happy: “Then stay, okay?”

Ling Ruoyu said seriously: “Why can’t Mom go back with us?”

Ye Wuming was really helpless: “He and I don’t have that kind of relationship at all. What do we mean by going back with you?”

Ling Ruoyu pretended not to understand: “What kind of relationship is that? Queque and I live together every day, why can’t you.”

Ye Wuming wants to say that you are sixteen, not six, and you have been watching so much, how can you really not understand? What are you pretending to be…

But seeing the clear look on the little girl’s face, she really couldn’t curse her, so she could only say: “You and Queque are both girls, of course you can.”

Ling Ruoyu said: “But dad and aunts can do it…”

Ye Wuming couldn’t bear it anymore: “Just because I can’t be one of them!”

Ling Ruoyu said: “What if there is only one mother?”

Ye Wuming was stuck for a moment and couldn’t answer for a while. After a pause, he said: “What’s the point of this impossible assumption? Do you really want your master to stay away from this bitch? Your master won’t beat you to death first.”

Ling Ruoyu didn’t answer this sentence, her mission had actually been completed.

It is of infinite significance to make Ye Wuming get stuck like this.

Zhao Changhe said at the right time: “Let’s go. If someone’s face is more important than yours, don’t be reluctant to leave her.”

Ye Wuming: “You…”

“Did I say something wrong?” Zhao Changhe rolled his eyes: “Let’s go.”

What a face… People with the surname Zhao are always good at changing concepts. Maybe it’s because of face that he doesn’t go down to see Ruoyu, but it’s impossible to develop that kind of relationship with him, so it’s not a matter of face. The man named Zhao confused the two concepts and for a while he didn’t know how to argue.

By the time he figured it out, Zhao Changhe had already disappeared into the Night Palace with Ling Ruoyu, running away with the ball.

Ye Wuming held back his words and looked around at the Night Palace, which was suddenly as quiet as a ghost prison. The usual tranquility and beauty now became boring and hateful.

A sense of loneliness that I have never felt before spreads quietly.

Forget it, let’s go see what the father and daughter are doing.

Peering into the world, I saw that Zhao Changhe was being beaten.


“Let you secretly meet Ye Wuming, make you self-righteous, and make you disregard your safety!”

In the sky under the palace, on the stargazing platform, Zhao Changhe, who had just made a great show, was squatting on the defensive with his head in his arms, while Yuan Sanniang, Huangfu Qingxia, and Chichi were all kicking him around. Ling Ruoyu had already wisely hugged the dragon bird and hid. Only a fool would participate in this kind of battle.

“It’s unjust…” Zhao Changhe complained: “I went to find materials from the outer world in order to reforge the dragon bird…”

Huangfu Qing grabbed his collar: “Do you think we are fooling you? Where are the materials?”

With a “ding” sound, a meteorite appeared in front of him.

Huangfu Qing: “…”

There really is.

I have only been there for one day, and I have already obtained this extremely troublesome and unique material…

Sanniang was suspicious: “Did you find Ye Wuming to sell yourself to?”

Zhao Changhe couldn’t laugh or cry: “You have to be willing to sell yourself to others. The current situation is that I want her unilaterally, but she has no interest in me.”

“That’s not necessarily true, otherwise why wouldn’t she beat you and give you something instead?”

“We got these things when we went out to kill people and buy goods.” Zhao Changhe took out a ring as if offering a treasure, and then took out a golden rope from the ring: “This magic weapon is called the Immortal Binding Rope, and it is very suitable for Sanniang. We can use this for our tortoise shell bindings in the future…”

“Get out of here.” Sanniang snatched the fairy rope. The strange energy emitted by the magic weapon made her very interested, and she studied it happily: “Seeing that this stinky pig knows how to bring me a gift when he goes out, just I’ll spare you this time.”

“Where’s mine?” Huangfu Qing stretched out his hand.

Zhao Changhe smiled and handed over a bead: “A kind of fire is sealed here, called Samadhi True Fire. Take a look…”

Xia Chichi reached out: “Where’s mine?”

Zhao Changhe took out an elixir as if it was another treasure: “This is for raising the immortal fetus. It can nourish the power of the immortal spirit, which is more important than anything else.”

Xia Chichi took the elixir with satisfaction.

Ye Wuming: “…”

I dare you to ask me to pick out things that suit them, just to please them later…I worked so hard to sort out the treasures and put labels on them, just to please your woman?

What have I done…

In the end, Zhao Changhe really spoke for her: “These gifts, I think Ye Wuming picked them for you, to express my goodwill towards you…”

Xia Chi asked curiously: “What kind of kindness does she have towards us?”

Ye Wuming himself didn’t even know that he had any good intentions towards them.

Zhao Changhe said: “She is the serious Night Emperor, and I am a fake. Originally, you all worshiped her, and you are hers, so why do you have a little love…”

Ye Wuming almost vomited blood, are you really embarrassed to say this?

The three women looked at each other and didn’t know how to evaluate… How should I put it? When Zhao Changhe came to power, the two sages themselves prostrated themselves under the man’s pomegranate pants. As a result, they knew that he was not the Night Emperor, but they still couldn’t understand it. Xuandi misinterpreted the teachings and allowed him to take the throne by force. In other words, everyone is a traitor and a usurper. As the True Night Emperor, it would be considered generous of Ye Wuming not to kill these traitors, okay…

Recalling back to the beginning, in order to prevent the sect that worshiped him from being used as a brothel by this man, Ye Wuming deliberately fiddled with fate and tried to add some obstruction to their red line. In the end, nothing changed, and the Four Symbols Sect was eventually annihilated. .

But having said that, in the end, helping Zhao Changhe become the Night Emperor was also the result of Ye Wuming’s own push. After all, the meaning of the night sky interpreted by Zhao Changhe in his later period was indeed the meaning that Ye Wuming himself was pursuing in ancient times. He was the only one from this other world. Visitors are the most clear and relevant. Sanniang Huangfuqing’s “distorted doctrine” is not strictly a misinterpretation, but the path that Ye Di himself is indeed pursuing.

Therefore, it makes no sense to blame them for betrayal, and Ye Wuming has no objection to them. If you really want to talk about incense and love, it’s really true. If they are willing to recognize themselves as the Night Emperor, then everyone can even be considered a group.

The Four Elephants Sect in his harem has grown stronger again… uh no, bah.

But I heard Sanniang say hesitantly: “Changhe…”

Zhao Changhe said “huh?”

Sanniang said: “In that battle thirty years ago, Ye Wuming meant that she was the Heavenly Dao and you were the Emperor of the Night. Now, do you mean the opposite? The Emperor of the Night still lets her be in charge, and you are in charge. “Book of Heaven.”

Ye Wuming’s heart moved.

This seems to be the most essential point of conflict between himself and Zhao Changhe.

From his own perspective, Zhao Changhe is always at the bottom, and is arranged and appointed by himself. But Zhao Changhe just wanted to hold her down.

Whether it is strength, status or war between men and women.

Ye Wuming looked up at the sky. This is really ridiculous. I have been thinking about planning for two epochs. In order to break away from the control of others, I turned around and saw that the chess piece I had pulled into the game was trying to control it.

Does this count as driving away tigers through the front door and letting in wolves through the back door?

But the most ridiculous thing is that my rejection and resistance to the wolf are not as strong as the previous Tiandao… The absurd emotions in my heart overshadowed the others.

While distracted, I vaguely heard Zhao Changhe’s response to Sanniang: “The control of the Heavenly Book is a typical symbol of the other side. Only by jumping out can you control it. From the perspective of the concept of “Yu” in the martial arts classification of our world, Yu The Book of Heaven is the end of the road, but I have no interest in holding the Book of Heaven. At most, I will use it to fight against the way of heaven…”

Sanniang asked curiously: “What do you mean by the other side? Are you going to recite Buddhist scriptures again?”

Zhao Changhe explained Ye Wuming’s theory: “According to Ye Wuming’s theory, it should be the ultimate state of heaven.”

Everyone nodded, digesting this concept.

Knowing that Zhao Changhe had no desire for power, Xia Chichi couldn’t help but ask: “Since we are on the other side of the road, why do you say you are not interested in it?”

“Holding the Book of Heaven is a symbol of the other side, but the other side does not have to be realized by this. Understand the sufficient conditions and necessary conditions.” Zhao Changhe said very seriously: “Since the gods and Buddhas have dispersed, there is no need for Zhao Changhe in the world… This world No one needs to be in charge, otherwise our journey in this life will be a joke.”

Ye Wuming’s heart moved slightly when he heard Zhao Changhe continue: “For me…my interests are very mundane anyway.”

“How mundane?”

“Compared to Yu Tianshu, I just want Yu Ye Wuming.”

(End of this chapter)


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