Tome of Troubled Times Chapter 869: Fate is nothing


Chapter 869 Fate is nothing

With the arrow on the string, Zhao Changhe’s heart skipped a beat when he saw the smile, but he had already shot it out.

The arrow that had been charging for a long time and had gathered all its power, and that had been invincible in killing gods and demons in the past, penetrated straight through the body of Heaven. The golden light shot into the darkness in the distance, but it had no effect at all.

The Ye family sisters’ attacks from front to back turned into slaps in the face, and each retreated with a groan.

The way of heaven becomes empty and scattered around.

The sun, the moon, and the stars seemed to be sarcastically saying: “Your layout in the world is really great, and your methods far exceed my expectations… But didn’t Ye Wuming tell you that this world is just my magic weapon, and the magic weapon plays its own role Heaven and Earth, the Heavenly Dao that was born should have been your sisters, especially you Ye Jiuyou, not me? But you should call me Master. I deprived you of your right to be Heavenly Dao by my master’s will and divided you into two parts. Second, let me control this world.”

Ye Jiuyou said coldly: “So what?”

“Any change in the world is just a way for me to interfere with your control of the world. Whether it is to control the girl and the environment, give birth to the four elephants, or to install the body of the spirit race, to install the Sword Emperor’s hidden child, to manipulate The negative will of Bo Xun and others, and the blackening of Buddha, Dao Zun and others… are all just to make the world deviate from the way it should be. If you remove these one by one, you are just trying to restore the world to the way it should be. Remove my impact on the world, rather than diminish myself.”

Zhao Changhe glanced at Ye Wuming. Ye Wuming closed his eyes and hung in the air, saying nothing.

It seems that some of my previous guesses were wrong… Killing those innate demon gods and the like was thought to weaken the way of heaven, but in fact it only weakened my control over the world.

It seems that Ye Wuming introduced the history of the earth to confuse the era for this reason. When the entire concept of the Humane Era has been separated from the setting of heaven, his influence and control will naturally become weaker.

When all control of the world is removed, does Ye Wuming want to control the world by herself? Are her goals so low-level?

Tiandao smiled and said: “As the master of this world, for two entire epochs, all the things born within it were made according to my will… The so-called soul-destroying effect of the Dragon Soul Wood was determined by me. If you can use it to destroy the soul of the demon god, how can it have any effect on me? Zhao Changhe, you still rely on what I created, don’t you think you’re ridiculous?”

Zhao Changhe was silent.

According to this statement, in fact, even the confrontation between Dragon Bird and Galaxy may not be effective, because they are also constructed from the materials in the definition of ?. When Wuming didn’t finish casting the galaxy, was it because he realized that there was no point in casting it?

No…Longque and Xinghe work…because they have spirits. In essence, the Ye family sisters are also the spirits of the world. They can break away from the definition and take effect on the way of heaven. So should Longque and Xinghe, provided that they reach this level of strength. It’s a pity that the Dragon Soul Bow is indeed ineffective, so it is natural that it will be ineffective.

The dragon soul bow was used to kill powerful souls inertly, so that the best opportunity for a flanking attack was wasted.

While thinking, Tiandao said again: “As for you two sisters… you are naturally capable of causing me trouble. It’s a pity that when you are divided into two, you conflict with each other. When you are present at the same time, the conflict in attributes Towing will only make you collide with each other… It is not as effective as fighting alone, ha… ha ha ha…”

At the end of the sentence, he laughed so much that he obviously found the current situation very interesting, and he felt a sense of pleasure in controlling everyone’s happiness, anger, sorrow, and destiny.

Ye Jiuyou said this with a green face. Do you want to be a deserter alone?

Or…she also glanced at Ye Wuming. Do you want to merge with this bastard? Who is so willing! Besides, no one knows how to fit them together, and who does it belong to if they fit together?

A problem that cannot be solved at all.

Not to mention whether it can be done or not, just talking about the way of heaven, do you dare to take it as the truth and fully believe it? Once there is really only one person left, it will be really funny if they are defeated by everyone.

This is?’s string-pulling drama, which holds everyone’s helpless fate. No matter what the choice is, there is no choice.

Looking at the stars all around him laughing wildly, Ye Jiuyou squeezed his delicate hands tightly and made a loud noise. Chang He had already put all his efforts into the arrangements. Following Chang He, he had so easily achieved the result he originally wanted. He had wiped out all the wastes in the world, broke through the world and faced the final battle between Tiandao and Ye Wuming… He was indeed worthy of his comprehensive treatment of him. trust.

But in the end I still felt so powerless. It’s not Changhe’s problem, it’s my own.

“Okay.” Ye Wuming, who had always been silent, finally said his first words after seeing Zhao Changhe and Ye Jiuyou: “In the game between me and?, you just smoothed the internal chess. The reason why we don’t communicate about many things is that I quite trust Mr. Zhao and he can solve the problems within his scope. I don’t need to comment too much. It turns out that the job is done very well and exceeds the standard. I really didn’t think about you. He actually dared to soak in Jiuyou.”

Zhao Changhe said in a yin and yang tone: “Do I still want to thank you for your trust?”

Ye Wuming did not agree with this, and said calmly: “In short, with your current strength, forcing you to participate in things here is just a hindrance. Now that you have finished reading, and your curiosity has been satisfied, just go back to where you should go. Well… other things have nothing to do with you.”

Ye Jiuyou sneered: “Why do you want to drive us away? You are old…”

Before he finished speaking, Ye Wuming opened his eyes.

Those eyes are barren and lifeless, but they are different from those of Ye Jiuyou before. No matter how barren Ye Jiuyou was earlier, you can still tell that those eyes are of a living person, with a unique look that belongs to her. Inside. When the words “glaive eyes” are used in Ye Wuming’s case, they are not adjectives, but physics, a pair of dead eyes that truly lack “god”.

Zhao Changhe’s heart jumped violently.

As Ye Wuming opened his eyes, Zhao Changhe’s body no longer obeyed, and he actually hugged Ye Jiuyou and dragged her into the boundary.

Ye Jiuyou: “?”

Ye Wuming took the opportunity to reach out and grab the page of the Book of Time hidden in Ye Jiuyou’s personal space. He raised his lips slightly and said, “It’s good. He conquered you and saved me a lot of trouble. If you can, you can beat me.” Him.”

Ye Jiuyou said angrily: “You…”

“Take it with you with peace of mind, my…sister.” Ye Wuming smiled softly, but his dead eyes and the corners of his mouth were outlined with a charming smile, which made people’s hearts tremble.

It was the first time Ye Jiuyou heard this guy call her sister. He had always called her that before… It seemed quite pleasant to him. But he couldn’t feel proud at the moment. He was hugged tightly by Zhao Changhe and couldn’t do anything. She really couldn’t bear to beat Zhao Changhe. With just such a hesitation, the Book of Heaven was taken away and the person was dragged into the realm.

The landing point in the return realm is very special… it is a place that no one has been able to find before.

It is also the place where Zhao Changhe and Piao Miao stole the lotus platform before… It represents the residence of the Emperor of Heaven in the Three Realms, the Night Palace.

At this moment, the Ye Palace is deserted and pleasantly quiet, a bit like Ye Jiuyou’s own dark abyss. However, how could Ye Jiuyou be in the mood to care about this shabby night palace at this moment? She was like a white lady being dragged away by Fahai, watching the outside world’s Ye Wuming’s aura grow crazily, and it was achieved in the blink of an eye. A level that Ye Jiuyou had not been able to reach despite all the hard work before.

The level above the third level of the imperial realm, the level of heaven! With the completion of the Ye Wuming Heavenly Book, it has been achieved!

That’s right… Ye Wuming’s body is in harmony with the Heavenly Book, but the previous Heavenly Book has never been perfected. Even if it is missing one page, it seems that it is not much different, but whether it is perfected or not is still very different. The current Ye Wuming is the prosperous Ye Wuming with a complete body and soul!

Did Ye Wuming already know that Zhao Changhe and Ye Jiuyou’s move to break through the boundary to attack the way of heaven was ineffective? What she was waiting for was her sister and brother-in-law to come up with the heavenly book and deliver it to them?

After all, she already had a way to control Zhao Changhe…

While Ye Jiuyou was furious, Ye Wuming was smiling: “At this time, the world has been cleared, and only you and me are left. If I couldn’t kill you before, but now I am on par with you, your string-pulling act would have been long gone. It’s broken, what do you think you are?”

Tiandao regrouped in human form and looked at Ye Wuming, who had a strong aura at this time, and was a little silent. It seemed that he did not expect that Ye Wuming’s foreshadowing was so deep, and it had been for today since a few years ago.

After a long while, with some admiration and sigh, he slowly said: “Actually, if Ye Jiuyou reaches your current level, I will really be afraid of her. But you are different. You are derived from her, and the process of derivation is still from the source. The division and gift of self, that is to say, her life is not created by me, but half of it is by you. It is not much different from the meaning of the Dragon Soul Bow. It is difficult for you to kill me. Even if you blow yourself up, you will only be with me again. Both sides suffer.”

“I wasn’t decisive enough in the last era. Even after my body exploded, I still retained my soul.” Ye Wuming chuckled softly: “Of course, there are still too many things that haven’t been cleared up in the last era, and I can’t cut off my own escape path. . When the time comes for you to use the spirit race to regenerate, but I explode myself, isn’t it stupid? Fortunately, the era has reopened, everything is as I thought, the world is clear, and you and I can end it…” /

Tiandao heard this funny: “If you explode, will I die? Am I just standing here playing house with you?”

“But I have helper… look.”

Far away in the Night Palace, Zhao Changhe opened the Dragon Soul Bow again with a constipated look on his face, but the arrow he picked up was not the Dragon Soul Golden Arrow, but… the Galaxy Sword.

“When I wanted to build a galaxy, it was never for my own use… Within the galaxy, the sky plays itself out as a cage. It was also because of the discovery of Zhao Changhe that he changed his intention to inherit my own. He is the most suitable person to make stars for today.”

“Whoosh!” The Galaxy Sword came out, without any trajectory, directly cutting through the void, creating a small world outside the boundary, trapping Tiandao and Ye Wuming in it.

Tiandao, who had been laughing all the time, finally stopped laughing and tried to escape, only to find that the galaxy was endless. No matter how far he escaped, it was still only a short distance away.

Although with your strength, you can trap him for a moment at most, but only a moment is enough.

Ye Wuming opened his hands slightly, his short hair fluttering, and closed his eyes again: “You should have left a long time ago… But in order to satisfy your sense of accomplishment in controlling the people, you proudly talked about your achievements. Now everything is ready. You are too late… When you were injured, I blew up my body and destroyed your body… Now that I have destroyed my soul, I can destroy your soul as well.”

Tiandao suddenly pulled out a giant ax and struck it heavily on the galaxy.

A divine light appeared in Ye Wuming’s dead eyes: “God’s will should be nameless. From now on, I will transform into the faint Qingming, replacing the spiritual sky with passive intention. Changhe is already the Night Emperor, doing the things of the Heavenly Emperor, I took advantage of your compensation. Jiuyou returned to the Netherworld, Piao Miao suppressed this human realm, and they all listened to you… From now on, the three realms will be unified and handed over to you.”

“Really?” Zhao Changhe’s voice suddenly came from the night palace: “Your plan is so good, so touching…but I don’t agree.”

Ye Wuming was stunned for a moment, then lowered his head and looked into the world. How could Zhao Changhe still speak independently?

But he saw the shadow of a pair of eyes slowly appearing behind Zhao Changhe’s head. Those eyes were smart and charming, as bright as stars.

Ye Wuming’s heart skipped a beat: “How…how did you do it?”

Although I know that Zhao Changhe probably knows about the eyes behind him and has been prepared for it, but I haven’t seen him do anything about it. How on earth did he get rid of the eyes behind him? Since it can be discharged, is the action that was controlled just now an act? Just to see what her Ye Wuming planned to do?

“I borrowed it for three years, it’s time to pay it back to you!”

With two “swish” sounds, the shadow of the eyes returned to Ye Wuming. The dead and desolate eyes finally regained their vitality, and their pupils were like autumn water.

“I have been secretly practicing the method of rejection since before I broke the imperial barrier. Lao Xia suggested it. He has been competing with you all his life, and now he can almost smile?” Zhao Changhe said slowly again When he opened his bow, there was no longer a dragon soul arrow on the bowstring, and there was no longer a galaxy.

But a **** light, I don’t know what it is.

“Tiandao wants to arrange for you, you want to arrange for us…Have you asked me how I feel?” Zhao Changhe’s eyes were a little ferocious: “Think too much, you stinky blind man…I will destroy your plan, but Jiuyou and Piaomiao are thinking about each other. It’s not that easy to die!”

Ye Wuming lost his voice and said: “Zhao Changhe, you are crazy! Is this how you use your energy and blood! Even if your body and soul are destroyed, your current practice can’t hurt you at all?!”

“Really?” Zhao Changhe whispered: “Piaomiao.”

Miao Jiang, Piaomiao pursed her lips, and reluctantly transferred all her strength to Zhao Changhe.

This is an auxiliary that has been tested for a long time as a human spirit. Piaomiao can lend all his power to Zhao Changhe, who represents the mountains and rivers of this world.

It’s just that Zhao Changhe’s blow… seems to be fatal.

Piaomiao vaguely knew what Zhao Changhe was thinking, and was very worried, but at this time, she could only believe in him unconditionally.

“Actually, if you can guarantee that your soul will be destroyed with you, you will definitely succeed. There is nothing wrong with it… The problem is that I don’t believe it. Maybe he is playing you.” Zhao Changhe said, slowly Gathering the faith of the Night Emperor, the power of the Four Symbols, the power of the eight directions, and the weight of the netherworld, all the power was gathered into one point, and the divine bow was fully drawn: “Because what he said seemed to guide you to destroy your soul… Of course I may be sensitive, but as long as there is a chance, you cannot die. The fusion of your sisters may be the real solution. If you die, you will be gone.”

Tiandao stopped chopping the ax and looked at Zhao Changhe with interest: “You are very smart and very powerful… but you think you can stop me without Ye Wuming?”

Zhao Changhe smiled slightly: “I know that my strength may be an illusion. You have already planned it. When I thought I could pose a threat to you, I found that my origin was unstable and my life ended… But So what?”

Tiandao was finally moved: “You know?”

Zhao Changhe put away his smile and said calmly: “Of course. You said that the things I use are all yours and have no effect on you… But I have something that is definitely not yours… that is, I brought it from my own world. My life was not given to me by flesh and blood! When I was planning to use it, what nonsense did you call fate?”

He lowered his head and glanced. Above the Miao border, Lie’s array was shattered and suspended in the void.

But the bloodiness engraved on it will always remain.

“Senior, I’m sorry that I didn’t say a word to say goodbye to you just now… Since I entered this world, I have carried your wishes to this day. Words are not enough, so I should sacrifice my blood.”

“Stupid blind man, you can live in the Night Palace by yourself. Once you’ve cleared your name, I’ll find you!”

“Stretch!” The bowstrings roared loudly, and the arrows were like a river of stars, spreading across the sky for nine days.

Both gods and Buddhas are scattered, not the sword.

Everyone in the land of China, the Miao Territory in the Western Region, and the nations in the East China Sea looked up to the sky. Everyone could hear these cruel words and see a long **** river that would never turn back.

The sky and the earth shook, lightning and thunder thundered, and heavy rain, snow, and hail appeared in the sky at the same time, but what I could see was an endless sea of ​​blood.

The whole world was stunned.

A ray of remnant soul swayed and fell beside Ye Jiuyou.

Ye Jiuyou didn’t even look at what would happen in the Nine Heavens. He grabbed the soul fire and headed straight for the Netherworld.

At the bottom of the Nine Nether Abyss, the so-called lotus pond of flesh and bones of the living dead glows with the light of life.

【End of Volume 9】


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