The World That Tao Rules Chapter 8368: Decided by the Eight Extremes

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The endless sea of ​​blood surged up and down, causing waves.

This is Blood Spirit venting its dissatisfaction and anxiety.

Everyone can see that at this time, Daojun is determined to kill Jiang Yun.

If no one takes action, Jiang Yun will really die in the hands of Dao Lord.

However, Blood Spirit did not urge Gu Bu Lao anymore.

Because he actually always knew that the entanglement in Gu Bu Lao’s heart was far greater than that of others.

Indeed, Gu Bu Lao, who should save Jiang Yun the most, is leaning forward at this moment, raising one hand and making a fist with the other, staring at Jiang Yun with his eyes.

The whole person is clearly ready to go, but there is still a look of hesitation on his face!

Besides Gu Bu Lao, there is another person who also has the same hesitation as Gu Bu Lao.

The master of Qionghai Pavilion frowned and narrowed his eyes slightly.

He was also thinking about whether he should save Jiang Yun or not.

It’s not that he cares about Jiang Yun’s life or death, but because of Miluo Baoqi.

If Miluo Baoqi was really given to Jiang Yun intentionally by Miluo, no matter what Miluo’s purpose was, at least he did not want Jiang Yun to die.

As Milo’s subordinate, Master Qionghai couldn’t help but wonder if Milo had expected him to enter the cauldron at this time and see such a good show.

Although Pavilion Master Qionghai himself is proficient in the art of divination, he cannot figure out Baji’s thoughts.

So, he was thinking, is it possible that Milo just hopes that he can save Jiang Yun?

Furthermore, there is a high possibility that Xu Waste’s clone is also hidden in Jiang Yun’s body.

It doesn’t matter if Xu Hua’s clone dies, but if it falls into the hands of Dao Lord, then with Dao Lord’s strength, it will not be difficult to know Xu Hua’s true identity, and thus know that there is Milo behind Xu Hua!

While Gu Bulao and Pavilion Master Qionghai were struggling, Jiang Yun, who was almost crushed by Daojun, suddenly looked at Daojun and uttered two words with difficulty: “Wait… …Me!”


A dull voice sounded, shocking everyone watching the battle.

Jiang Yun’s body and soul have been crushed by Daojun. Is he dead?

Daojun slowly opened his palm. Except for some blood and broken bones, it was empty.

Jiang Yun disappeared!

Everyone’s eyes widened, and they used their spiritual consciousness to the limit, staring at Dao Lord’s palm.

They were all guessing whether Jiang Yun was crushed into nothingness by Dao Lord, or whether he escaped!

In fact, with their strength, they can certainly see that even if Dao Lord comes here, he cannot crush Jiang Yun into nothingness with his palm.

Obviously, Jiang Yun escaped!

However, it was also difficult for them to imagine what method Jiang Yun used to escape from Dao Lord’s clenched palm.

Moreover, their spiritual consciousness at least covered the entire territory, but no one saw Jiang Yun’s figure.

Even if Jiang Yun escaped, where did he escape to?

Only Empress Liangmo said in a smiling voice: “Can I think that this kid owes me a life!”

The Fourth Patriarch of Pi Kong and Peng San were confused when they heard this, and they didn’t understand why their empress would say such a thing!

Could it be that Empress Liangmo took action and helped Jiang Yun escape.

But even if the empress herself was caught by Dao Lord like this, she would not be able to escape silently.

Empress Liangmo did not explain further.

And Daojun, who was equally puzzled, stared at his palm and fell into deep thought!

At the same time, at the mouth of Longwen Red Cauldron, a slightly trembling voice sounded in Daojun’s ear: “Sir, what should we do now?”

Daojun’s face was as dark as water, staring at the mouth of the tripod, silent!

Compared to others, he was more shocked by Jiang Yun’s escape, which completely disrupted his plan and made him not know what to do for a moment.

After a few breaths, Daojun finally spoke: “Being able to escape from the transcendent hands cannot be done with the help of external forces and objects inside the cauldron. The only tools, formation stones and talismans from several families outside the cauldron can be used.”

“The most likely thing is that Liang Mo’s subordinates are exploring the teleportation formation stones of Kun Kun.”

“This lineage is famous for its space skills. Liang Mo should have given Jiang Yun some magic weapon in advance.”

“Liang Mo, after this scene is over, I will kill you!”

After a pause, Daojun continued: “Didn’t he tell you to wait a while? Then he will definitely come back again, just wait!”

“Talk to them, delay for a while, don’t let them see the flaws.”

In a gap that was unknown how far away from the large area where Gu Bulao and others were, a figure suddenly appeared out of thin air.

It’s Jiang Yun!

Jiang Yun’s condition has reached the extreme, his body is severely deformed, his flesh and blood are blurred, and even his soul is seeping with soul blood.

Dongfangbo and the other two shouted anxiously: “Fourth, heal your wounds quickly!”

Shaking his head vigorously, Jiang Yun tried his best to wake himself up and said: “It’s okay, I can’t die.”

However, Jiang Yun still sat down cross-legged.

Although he couldn’t die, Jiang Yun’s injuries were indeed extremely serious. If he hadn’t left a few breaths later, he might have been crushed to death by Dao Lord.

Jiang Yun spread out his right hand, with a pile of jade powder in his palm.

It was this pile of powder that saved him!

This is a teleportation formation stone that he snatched from a monk named Fu Jingjing.

Not long ago, Fu Jingjing’s brother and sister went to the Luo Ling side and were caught by Jiang Yun.

At that time, Fu Jingjing wanted to use this teleportation formation stone to escape, but was left behind by Jiang Yun using the magic of immortality.

This teleportation formation stone can be teleported away from the falling surface with the dragon pattern hidden inside it. One can imagine how powerful its teleportation power is.

Just after Daojun suddenly burst out with transcendent power, Jiang Yun realized that something was wrong and hid the teleportation formation stone in his hand in advance.

Daojun obviously did not expect that Jiang Yun would have a teleportation formation stone in his hand, let alone that the teleportation formation stone could escape from his hands.


Jiang Yun blew away the powder in his hand, took out a pill, and swallowed it.

This is the elixir given to Jiang Yun by Xihu.

At this moment, Situ Jing’s voice suddenly sounded: “Fourth, actually, you don’t have to go back now.”

Jiang Yun was slightly startled and said: “Master, can they be Daojun’s opponents?”

Situ Jing continued: “I don’t know if Master and the others are our opponents, but I know that Daojun does not dare to kill Master and the others.”

“Why?” Jiang Yun was even more puzzled. This time, the situation was arranged by the master to deal with Dao Lord.

With Daojun’s temperament, since he entered the cauldron, how could he just leave like this?

“Because of the dispute between Tao and Fa!” Situ Jing said: “The dispute between Tao and Fa is real, and behind the dispute between Tao and Fa is Baji!”

“The Eight Extremes, the Four Paths and Four Dharmas, took advantage of the opportunity given by the Tao Lord to raise the tripod, and they proposed a dispute between the Tao and the Dharma.”

“Perhaps the dispute between Taoism and Dharma is just a game between the eight of them, or they want to decide who is better.”

“The so-called rule that monks outside the cauldron cannot kill the creatures inside the cauldron seems to be set by the Tao Lord, but it is actually set by the Baji.”

“Master is the leader of Dharma cultivation. Lu Yunzi, Tianyi and the others are all the strongest in Dharma cultivation. If we kill them, the result of the dispute between Taoism and Dharma will be unfair!”

“So, if Daojun doesn’t dare to kill, you don’t have to go back.”


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