The Urban Successor of God of Gluttony Chapter 2712:


According to the information provided by Priest Qingyan, the stone of life is in the underground stone chamber, and the entrance to the underground stone chamber is under the big bluestone in the center of Feiyan tribe.

Compared to the two previous intrusions into the Feiyan tribe, it is undoubtedly more difficult to find the Stone of Life this time.

However, Xuanfei didn’t intend to let Xuanfei go first in this ancient battle. He planned to use his divine sense to investigate the big bluestone first, to see if there was any difference in it.

The so-called big bluestone is not very special, it looks like an ordinary big stone strip. Gu Zheng had seen it before, but he didn’t pay any special attention to it.

Gu Zheng’s divine sense entered the Feiyan tribe, which naturally caused an alarm and commotion in the Feiyan tribe, but the investigation was done very quickly. Gu Zheng left soon after he inspected the big bluestone Feiyan tribe.

It is true that there is an entrance sealed under the big bluestone, as the priest of Qingyan said, but it is not known where the entrance leads.

“What to do?”

Xuan Fei had asked Gu Zheng the same question before, and Gu Zheng said that everything would be discussed after he inspected the big bluestone. Now that he has inspected the big bluestone, Xuanfei naturally repeated the old saying.

“Looks like this time we have to be a bit more aggressive! I’m going to use my spiritual sense to make a big fuss with the Feiyan tribe, so play by ear.”

After Gu Zheng told Xuan Fei the details, he separated out the light spots of spiritual thoughts and approached the Feiyan tribe. alarm.

As if they were destroying, Gu Zheng’s divine thoughts slammed into the Feiyan tribe randomly, either hitting the Feiyan man on duty, or hitting the stone house. Of course, these were all for him to hit the big bluestone Take cover.

The last time the divine sense of the ancient struggle triggered an alarm was not long ago. Although he waited for a cup of tea to separate the divine sense this time, the flying rock people who entered the stone house did not behave as they normally would. Going to sleep like that, they seem to know that Gu Zheng’s divine sense will come soon, they are waiting for the arrival of Gu Zheng’s divine sense, so before Gu Zheng can do much damage, all the flying rock people rushed out of the stone house .

Gu Zheng’s divine sense immediately lifted into the air. His divine sense is not invincible. If his divine sense can not fear the Flying Rockman, then he will use his divine sense to clear all obstacles when he comes here for the first time. However, not all flying rock people have the means to deal with divine thoughts, and only the three with the largest body have this kind of strength.

This is not the first time Gu Zheng has come into contact with Feiyan people. He also has a certain understanding of Feirock people, so he knows that if he kills Feirock people with his divine sense, the rest of Feirock people will be furious Incomparably, it is very likely that all will be dispatched to chase him.

Things are indeed as Gu Zheng imagined, because he has killed two stone men on duty with his divine sense, the rest of the stone men really fell into madness, and they followed Gu Zheng’s grotesquely. Divine thoughts go away.

Looking at Gu Zheng’s divine sense of flying into the sky, Xuan Fei also started to act. Although not all Feiyan people were taken away by Gu Zheng, there are still three or five Feiyan people left in the Feiyan tribe. Xuanfei didn’t take them seriously either. What’s more, the big bluestone has been broken down by Gu Zheng’s divine sense, exposing the dark hole below, and it can enter it without disturbing any stone man.

Xuanfei’s invisibility still hasn’t been seen through. When it came outside the cave, it looked at the dark cave, and felt that this place was a trap, and the feeling was even stronger.

There is no way, even if it is a trap, Xuanfei has no way out now, it walks towards the entrance of the cave.

The entrance of the cave extended obliquely downwards. When Xuanfei entered the entrance of the cave, the few Feiyan people in the Feiyan tribe all ran towards the entrance of the cave.

Xuanfei’s heart beat faster, it had heard the sound of the flying rock man running, it didn’t go deeper into the hole, it stayed in place and prepared, if it was really discovered by the flying rock man, it would also It is good to make a breakthrough at the first time.

However, Xuanfei was not discovered by the Feiyan people. The reason why these Feiyan people ran over was that when they woke up, they found that the stone strips that originally sealed the entrance of the cave were gone, so they moved another one. A stone strip sealed the hole.

The darkness returned to the cave again, and Xuanfei also let out a sigh of relief in his heart, he was not afraid of the entrance of the cave being sealed, what he was afraid of was being found.

Not daring to waste any time, Xuanfei walked down the passage, and when he reached the end of the passage, Xuanfei saw a stone door!

If there is a stone of life, it must be in the space behind the stone gate. Xuanfei must open this stone gate to find out.

However, there are restrictions on the stone gate, which makes Xuanfei a little headache. For things like restrictions, it only knows a little bit about it. It will not disturb the stone men in the Feiyan tribe.

At the same time, in the big house of the Qingyan tribe.

Priest Qingyan stood in the center of the big house like a stone sculpture, and what was reflected in the jewel-like eyes was exactly the situation of Xuanfei at the moment.

“Hurry up and break the restriction! You start to break the restriction, so I can let the people of the Feiyan tribe know that you are coming.”

Priest Qingyan grinned grinningly in his heart. He felt that the strategy this time was watertight. The spar that Xuanfei was carrying on his body not only allowed him to see the situation on Xuanfei’s side, but also allowed him to spread out under his control. There is an aura that Xuanfei can’t smell, this aura will be smelled by the stone men of the Feiyan tribe, and then Xuanfei will be able to catch a turtle in an urn! And the reason why Priest Qingyan chose to play tricks when Xuanfei broke the restriction was naturally to eliminate the suspicion. Even if he was asked about this matter later, he also reasoned that it was the warning effect of the restriction.

Xuanfei is very fortunate that after investigation, he found that the restriction on the stone gate is not complicated, and it belongs to the category that it can break. Moreover, it won’t take long to break the ban!

A ray of light like moonlight shot out from Xuanfei’s body, and after it landed on the stone gate, a forbidden light array suddenly appeared on the seemingly ordinary stone gate.

Xuanfei began to break the restriction, and Priest Qingyan also began to practice. Following his practice, the spar hidden under the feathers of Xuanfei’s stomach emitted an aura that Xuanfei could not smell. Under the control of the bluestone, it finally overflowed from the gap in the bluestone, and was smelled by the flying rockman outside.

Smelling the special breath, the Feiyan people immediately set their sights on the big bluestone, and they rushed towards the big bluestone.

Xuan Fei could hear the sound of the flying rock man running, and an ominous premonition arose in his heart, but the restriction was lifted only in an instant, and he still decided to break the restriction in his heart!

Xuanfei broke the restriction, and at the moment it pushed the stone door open, the big bluestone that originally sealed the entrance of the cave was also lifted by the flying rockman.


The flying rock men at the entrance of the cave roared together, and the airflow like a sandstorm spewed out of their mouths and poured into the cave.

Xuanfei didn’t dare to hesitate. With its wings together, it rushed out against the sand and dust airflow like a sharp sword, knocking over the two flying rock men at the entrance of the cave.

The special sound produced by the flapping of the stone’s wings sounded, and the flying rockman started chasing Xuanfei.

Blood oozes from under Xuanfei’s feathers and mouth, and it is inevitably injured by the sand and dust airflow, and although its speed is faster than the flying rock man chasing it, but in this In the case of physical injuries, it is only a matter of time before being caught up. If you want to get rid of the flying rock man, you can’t do it without some ruthless moves!

Xuanfei’s body is surrounded by the light of the moonlight, if it can make a sound, then it must be a loud cry at this moment.

Xuan Fei activated the secret technique, even if it made his own injuries worse, it would have to be exchanged for a short-term speed increase.

The streamer of moonlight flew towards the distance, sprinkled a little bit of bright red along the way, and the flying rock man who was chasing Xuan Fei was thrown away by it.

Seeing that the Feiyan man had been thrown away, the anger suppressed by the life-and-death crisis once again rose in Xuanfei’s heart. The moment he pushed open the stone door, he could see at a glance what was in the stone room, and there was no life there. Stone exists!

I didn’t believe the people of the Feiyan tribe at first, but now Xuanfei is even more sure that this is a trap. With a thought, it let the yellow spar hidden in the feathers float out. Because it can’t speak, it didn’t face The yellow spar questioned and cursed, it just gave the yellow spar a cold look, and then threw the yellow spar down.

Xuan Fei wasn’t seriously injured at first, but it was already seriously injured in order to break through. When he saw Gu Zheng, Gu Zheng frowned.

“I don’t have time to say more, I must hurry up to heal my wounds now.” Xuan Fei said weakly.

“How long will it take for this healing?” Gu Zheng asked.

“Seven days.” Xuan Fei said.

“Then don’t use your healing method, use mine!”

Gu Zheng took out a bag from behind the tree, which contained the ingredients given to him by the Qingyan patriarch before.

“Eat these three ingredients.”

Gu Zheng put the three ingredients in the bag in front of Xuanfei. Although it can’t cook now, it still has an understanding of the ingredients. He knows what kind of ingredients should be used to treat Xuanfei’s wounds.

The eyes of the weak Xuanfei lit up. It believed that Gu Zheng had a reason for what he said, but he still couldn’t help asking: “Does it work? I’ve never eaten these things before!”

“Don’t worry! I have checked your body and know what ingredients are useful for you.” Gu Zheng said.

Although Xuan Fei is a bird, it is much more convenient to eat than Gu Zheng. Those ingredients that could not be stuffed into its mouth at all, as long as it **** them, those ingredients will enter its mouth time will become smaller.

After Xuanfei took the ingredients, the medicinal effect took effect very quickly. It didn’t matter what Gu Zheng said, he immediately exercised his skills to make the medicinal effect better absorbed.

Gu Zheng waited quietly at the side, and at this moment, his spiritual light was still flying with the flying rocks and people.

Compared to the last time when flying with flying rocks with divine sense, the danger of flying with flying rocks with the light of divine sense is much greater this time! Because the beams of light shot out from the three huge flying rock human scepters seem to have increased their strength, they are much more powerful than when they chased Gu Zheng’s divine sense last time, so that Gu Zheng’s divine sense light spots are several Almost got hit every time. Moreover, Gu Zheng’s spiritual light spot is still restricted by the beam of light and cannot return to the body. Its demise is also doomed, and the damage it will cause to Gu Zheng will make Gu Zheng unable to use it again within a day. Spiritual attack.

Under normal circumstances, since Xuan Fei has already returned and the light spots of spiritual thoughts are doomed to perish, then Gu Zheng will definitely use the light spots of spiritual thoughts to attack the three flying rock men to see if they are eliminating What kind of price will be paid before the divine sense shines. However, Gu Zheng didn’t intend to do this. Although he was flying with three Flying Rockmen these few times, he was also a little annoyed by the perseverance of these three Flying Rockmen. He wanted to play a game of killing people with a knife .

The first time Gu Zheng used his divine sense to fly with the three flying rock figures, he found a somewhat unusual place. When his divine sense approached that place, the three flying rock figures were obviously A little apprehensive, which shows that that place should be another place of existence. However, at that time, Gu Zheng didn’t think about borrowing a knife to kill people. He was worried that when he went to borrow a knife, the three Feiyan people would turn back, which would be detrimental to Xuanfei who was still in the Feiyan tribe, but this time, he had no overcame this concern.

Gu Zheng flew towards the place that made the three Flying Rock people afraid, and the three Flying Rock people also hesitated again, but Gu Zheng’s divine thoughts drew circles and teased them in the air, which made the three Flying Rock people hesitate While roaring angrily, they also launched an attack on Gu Zheng’s divine sense light spot.

The attack of the three Flying Rockmen made Gu Zheng’s spiritual light dodge exhausted, but what Gu Zheng wanted to see also appeared. The one in the woods below was as big as a cow, blood red with black spots The spider went into the air.

The blood-colored black-spotted spider did indeed ‘walk’ into the air, and the void seemed to have invisible steps under its feet, and it walked up step by step on the void.

Gu Zheng’s divine thoughts did not feel how terrifying the blood-colored black-spotted spider was, but the three flying rock people were already trembling a little. Only then did Gu Zheng realize that the reason why the three flying rock people If they didn’t run, it was because transparent spider webs appeared around them at some point. No matter which direction they fled, they would eventually be stuck by the spider webs.


The sound of the three scepters touching each other sounded, and the three scepters that touched together shot out a strong light. After the light wrapped the three flying rock men together, they shot out like shooting stars.

The three flying rockmen are not trying to attack the **** black-spotted spider, they are trying to escape! And their bodies surrounded by light directly broke through the invisible spider web that made them dread.


That is, when the three flying rock people turned into meteors, the blood-colored black-spotted spider also launched an attack, and a spider-like silk shot out from the abdomen of the blood-colored black-spotted spider, hitting the The escaping meteor.

The shooting star was still fleeing, and the prickly spider silk also began to withdraw, but it had already bound one of the three flying rock figures.

As if being tied into a rice dumpling, although the Flying Rockman bound by the spider silk wanted to struggle, he was very powerless. body.

The venom was on his body, and the originally extremely hard flying rock man began to melt. The terrifying melting speed was not much faster than the decomposition of divine sense.

In just an instant, the Flying Rockman, whose body was originally bigger than normal people, has turned into a pool of thick black liquid. in the mouth.

Gu Zheng’s goal of killing people with a knife has been achieved, but when his light spot of spiritual sense wanted to return to his body, the blood-colored black-spotted spider who seemed to have not found his light spot suddenly sprayed at his light spot Out of the spider silk.

Gu Zheng’s light spot of divine sense wanted to avoid the attack of the spider silk, but the sense of control possessed by the spider silk was stronger than the beam of light emitted from the flying rock human staff. His divine sense light spot In an instant, he was in a state of loss of control, and was tightly wrapped by spider silk.

The feeling of discomfort has been felt by Gu Zheng. Gu Zheng resolutely gave up the light spot of divine sense. It is no longer possible to prepare for a divine attack.

After resting for half a day, Xuan Fei, who had recovered from his injuries, opened his eyes.

“It’s amazing. It’s unimaginable that these insignificant things can have such effects!”

Xuan Fei excitedly talked about his feelings to Gu Zheng, completely lacking the calmness that ordinary demon cultivators should have.

However, it is not surprising why Xuanfei is like this. First of all, it is not a demon cultivator in the prehistoric world. It is a demon cultivator who was born in this space world and is almost isolated from the world. things. Secondly, Xuanfei’s original recovery speed is not slower than the ingredients he took before. Under normal circumstances, when they rarely use medicine, they can either directly heal their injuries with the help of moonlight, or they can use them in the body to heal their injuries. The stored moonlight is used to heal injuries, which is a very fast healing method, and the reason why Xuanfei is doing this now is because Qi Ling has extracted the source of his life, causing it to lose some of its original abilities.

“The way of diet is extensive and profound, but the curative effect produced by the simple combination of ingredients can’t be compared with the effect of food repair produced by cooking! It’s a pity that I can’t cook now, or the ingredients you took before will be cured by me. The effect that can be produced after cooking can completely recover your injury within a stick of incense.” Gu Zheng said with emotion.

“The Way of Diet? Food Cultivation? What are these? It seems to be a very remarkable thing!”

Xuan Fei’s eyes lit up, showing strong interest.

“This is not something that can be explained clearly in a short while. I can tell you about it later. You first tell me what happened in the Feiyan tribe.”

Hearing what Gu Zheng said, Xuan Fei didn’t ask the previous question again, and it told what happened in the Feiyan tribe.

“Now do you believe that this is really a trap? There is no life stone in the so-called underground stone room!” Go back to the Qingyan Tribe and ask them for the Qingyan Holy Relic! “Gu Zheng said.

“What if they don’t give it?” Xuan Fei asked.

“If they don’t give it, it will tear their face, and I will make them pay the price!” Gu Zheng gritted his teeth.

Xuan Fei flew towards the Qingyan Tribe with Gu Zheng, and the Qingyan Priest was quietly waiting for their arrival in the Qingyan Tribe.

After another three days, Gu Zheng and Xuan Fei reappeared outside the Qingyan Tribe.

“Although the yellow spar was lost in the middle, through the yellow spar, you should have seen that there is no life stone in the so-called underground stone chamber, right?”

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