The Urban Successor of God of Gluttony Chapter 2442:



After hearing from Qiao Bai that his cultivation was only in the late stage of transformation, Wu Fengzi, who had lowered his head to wait for the fairy grass, raised his head.

“According to the teacher’s prediction, although your retreat time is a little short, you should still reach the peak of transformation!”

Wu Fengzi looked at Qiao Bai seriously: “Tell me, what is the reason!”

Although Qiao Bai felt uneasy, he still insisted on his own opinion on this matter that he had already determined.

“Please forgive me, Master. This disciple always thinks of Jixiang Xiaozhu, so I can’t concentrate on cultivation during these few months!”

Qiaoba was heartbroken, and he revealed the real reason why Wufengzi’s cultivation had not met Wufengzi’s expectations. He was ready to face Wufengzi’s scolding like a storm, and even to teach him a lesson.

Wu Fengzi did make a move, but his hand patted Qiao Bai’s shoulder, and the expression on his face changed from serious to laughing.

“My boy, I knew it would be difficult to change what you think. Yes, you really haven’t changed!”

If you only listen to Wu Fengzi’s words, even if he said it with a smile, Qiao Bai would think that he was being laughed at, and what he said was ironic. However, the relief in Wufengzi’s eyes was not fake, which made him a little puzzled for a while.

“Master, Master, haven’t you always opposed my longing for the way of eating and drinking? Why do I almost waste my cultivation because of the matter of Jixiang Xiaozhu, but you seem to be very pleased?”

Qiao Bai stammered, he couldn’t believe Wu Fengzi’s reaction he saw.

“What do you think?” Wu Fengzi said.

Qiao Bai frowned, and his eyes lit up immediately: “Master’s reaction, the only thing I can think of is that Lord Tiexian is back, and he has a lot of tricks, so the troubles of Danzong are no longer troubles. Now our Yufeng Sect urgently needs to make friends with Jixiang Xiaozhu!”

Qiao Bai is a smart person. When he was ordered to retreat, he already knew that in the conflict between Danzong and Jixiang Xiaozhu, Yufengzong would no longer stand by Jixiang Xiaozhu. But now, when Master heard that he delayed his cultivation because of Jixiang Xiaozhu, he was not angry but relieved, which means that Master is very glad that he still insists on himself. An important messenger of Xiaozhu’s relationship! After all, Gu Zheng had talked with him alone, and although he was not accepted as a disciple, it still gave him a glimmer of hope.

“Good boy, you are really smart!”

Wu Fengzi patted Qiao Bai on the shoulder again: “However, things are not as you imagined. For some reason, Yufengzong had already stood in Jixiang Xiaozhu before Senior Tie returned. Over there, the relationship between the three sects of Dongxu Mountain and Jixiang Xiaozhu is very good!”

Wu Fengzi told Qiao Bai what happened a few months ago, and Qiao Bai was very excited when he heard it.

“I knew a long time ago that someone who can create such a mysterious school of food and drink is definitely not an easy person, and now it is just as I expected!” Qiao Bai said excitedly.

“Why don’t you say you are smart!”

Wu Fengzi is really gratified. Back then, Yufengzong treated Jixiang Xiaozhu very differently when no high-level officials had contact with Jixiang Xiaozhu. The reason was because Qiao Bai told them, I feel that Gu Zheng is really extraordinary, maybe his own strength is extremely terrifying! Before Qiao Bai became obsessed with Jixiang Xiaozhu, because his talent was good enough, and because he was Wu Fengzi’s lover, his words still had some weight! It was also because of Qiao Bai’s assessment that Wufengzi and Beifengzi decided that Yufengzong had a friendly attitude towards Jixiang Xiaozhu in the first place.

“Master, since Senior Tie is so powerful, you won’t stop me from worshiping Senior Tie as my teacher now, will you?” Qiao Bai said excitedly.

“If you stop it, you won’t stop it, but whether senior Tie accepts you as an apprentice is another matter.” Wu Fengzi said.

“At any rate, this disciple also had a private conversation with Senior Tie. I think the chances of becoming Senior Tie’s disciple may be higher than others, right?”

Qiao Bai’s voice paused, and then he said again: “Senior Tie has come back this time, there must be many people who want to worship him as a teacher. Has he taken any disciples during this time?”

“Because our three sects of Dongxu Mountain are standing in the right line, senior Tie gave us three places for three sects, one for three sects, three places for Canglan sect and Yinlei sect have been used up, senior Tie only accepted A girl recommended by Lanzong. Our Yufengzong has already used up two places, but we have not been valued by Senior Tie. This last place is reserved for you. Since you have already passed the customs, I will take you as a teacher now Go to Jixiang Xiaozhu!” Wu Fengzi said.

“Master, Senior Tie accepted the girl recommended by the Canglan Sect as an apprentice?”

Qiao Bai’s eyes widened. In his feeling, it was extremely difficult to become Gu Zheng’s apprentice.

“I didn’t accept him as a disciple, but I just agreed to let him learn cooking skills.” Wu Fengzi said.

“That’s it!”

Qiao Bai nodded: “Master, then let’s go to Jixiang Xiaozhu! I also want to know if Senior Tie will accept me as an apprentice this time.”

In the extremely fragrant small building, Gu Zheng met Qiao Bai who was brought by Wu Fengzi.

Among the members of Jixiang Xiaozhu, Lingzhu is the one who is most curious about Qiao Bai.

When Qiao Bai came to Jixiang Xiaozhu for the first time, Lingzhu had already discovered the difference between Gu Zheng and Qiao Bai, but he did not get an answer when he asked Gu Zheng. Three, Master Yun Qing and Jin Yan.

Lingzhu, Xiong San and Master Yunqing all have a good impression of Qiao Bai, because he used to be a frequent visitor of Jixiang Xiaozhu, and he also maintained Jixiang Xiaozhu very much. Back then, Deacon Gan wanted to smash Jixiang Xiaozhu If Qiao Bai hadn’t notified Elder Tong in time, something bad might have happened.

Later, Gu Zheng accepted Jin Yan, one of the three recommended by Canglan Sect was confiscated, and one of the two recommended by Yufeng Sect was also confiscated. Although Yufengzong didn’t say who their third nomination was for, Lingzhu knew it must be for Qiao Bai who was still in retreat.

About the difference between Gu Zheng and Qiao Bai, Lingzhu told Xiong San and the others some time ago, which made Xiong San and the others very curious about whether Gu Zheng would accept Qiao Bai as his apprentice. After all, even Xiong San only knows that Gu Zheng has two apprentices in front of him, but behind him, whether Gu Zheng will accept apprentices, he is also not sure.

Qiao Bai’s admiration for Gu Zheng is undisguised, especially after seeing Gu Zheng this time, his eyes are filled with words.

After some greetings and gossip, Wufengzi got to the point and said: “Senior, we think the last recommendation from Yufengzong should be used on Qiao Bai. We also ask senior to take him for a test to see if he is suitable.” It is not suitable to be a member of Jixiang Xiaozhu.”

“You don’t need to pass the fairy array test.” Gu Zheng said.

“Senior, why is this?”

Karufuko’s heart felt uneasy for a moment.

Gu Zheng said that Qiao Bai didn’t need to pass the Immortal Formation test, which made Wu Fengzi feel that either his lover was extraordinary in Gu Zheng’s place, or Gu Zheng didn’t give him the chance to test, so he wanted to veto Qiao Bai .

“Because what Qiao Bai wants to do is another kind of test.”

Gu Zheng looked at Qiao Bai: “I will give you a month to learn how to cook three dishes, and you are not allowed to go to any restaurant or restaurant, and no one else is allowed to intervene to help you with this matter. If I know about breaking the rules, there will be consequences. Why don’t I need to say more! It’s three dishes, but it can also be pastry or staple food, let me see how you cook the three dishes in a month, if you pass the test, I will accept you as a registered student!”

Gu Zheng’s words shocked the audience. In the eyes of outsiders, he was just a disciple like Xiong San. Jin Yan was accepted, but Jin Yan was only considered as a member of Jixiang Xiaozhu, not his disciple. However, Gu Zheng gave Qiao Bai a test to become his registered disciple today. What is it if it is not a thunderstorm?

Gu Zheng is very kind to the members of Jixiang Xiaozhu, this is something that all three sects know. Moreover, the elders of the three sects also know that although Jin Yan is not a disciple of Gu Zheng, as long as she knows how to learn, Gu Zheng can also teach him the cooking skills that should be handed over. However, Qiao Bai is really different. Although Gu Zheng gave him the test of a registered disciple, it is different from the general members of Jixiang Xiaozhu in terms of status. Let’s not talk about the specific benefits. It is the test of this status. If the other two sects know about it, they don’t know how envious they will be.

“What are you doing in a daze, thank you senior!”

Looking at Qiao Bai who was already stunned, Wu Fengzi wanted to kick him, fearing that if he thanked him too slowly, Gu Zheng would withdraw his decision.

“Thank you senior, I will definitely learn three dishes in one month!” Qiao Bai said excitedly.

“Okay, one month is not much time, remember the rules I said, the test will take effect from this moment, hurry up and do it!” Gu Zheng said.

Qiao Bai and Wu Fengzi bid farewell to Gu Zheng, and then left Jixiang Xiaozhu as if racing against time.


Wu Fengzi talked to him, he wanted to say some ideas to Qiao Bai, but he was afraid that he would inadvertently break the rules of Gu Zheng, so in the end all he could say was a call.

“Master, there is no need to say more, so as not to break the rules.” Qiao Bai said.

“Do you have any plans?” Wu Fengzi asked.

“I have a plan.”

Qiao Bai’s voice paused, and then said: “Master, go back to the sect and wait for the good news from the disciple. The disciple wants to find the three dishes that can help me complete the test!”

“Okay, I’m waiting for the good news from my apprentice!”

Looking at the confident expression on Qiao Bai’s face, Wu Fengzi felt relieved a lot. This disciple of his rarely disappoints him, except when he is not very optimistic about the way of eating.

The figure of Wufengzi has disappeared, and the confidence on Qiao Bai’s face has also disappeared, replaced by seriousness and melancholy.

Although he feels that the way of eating and drinking is his destiny, Qiao Bai knows very little about the way of eating and drinking, and he has never even cooked once! In one month, three dishes that can complete the test are not a simple test. You must know that the person who evaluates these three dishes after one month is the patriarch of the diet.

“What’s wrong?”

After Qiao Bai left, Gu Zheng looked at Lingzhu and Jinyan who were in a daze.

“It’s okay!”

Lingzhu and Jinyan took a bite at the same time.

“I know that you are a little tasteful, but when I accepted you, I have already told you some things. I accept apprentices because of fate, and you and I have no master-disciple fate, so I didn’t accept you as apprentices. However, as long as you are talented enough, I will teach you what you can learn, and I will help you if you can help.” Gu Zheng said.

“Sir, I was wrong!”

“I’m sorry sir.”

Lingzhu and Jinyan apologized to Gu Zheng.

“It’s good if you can think about it, but you don’t need to apologize. It’s human nature for you to know how to eat.”

Gu Zheng stood up while speaking, as if he was about to go upstairs.

“Master, is Qiao Bai very different?”

After Xiong San hesitated, he still asked under the guidance of Lingzhu’s eyes, because they were really curious about Qiao Bai. Originally they thought that Gu Zheng would say something after Qiao Bai left, but they didn’t know that Gu Zheng didn’t mean to say anything.

“It is indeed different, you will find out his difference in the future.”

Gu Zheng paused, turned his head and said, “To be precise, you will find out when he brings back three dishes! You don’t need to ask more about Qiao Bai, I have something to say I will tell you that there are some things that I can’t say, so you keep your curiosity in your stomach. Qiao Bai will also be a member of Jixiang Xiaozhu in the future, you just need to get along well, don’t just because I didn’t tell you the curious things. Feel jealous or squeezed out, this is something I don’t want to see.”

“Ancestor, how can I do that!”

“Don’t worry, sir, although we are curious, we will naturally swallow our curiosity when we hear what you say.”

“There will be no exclusion, since Qiao Bai will be a member of Jixiang Xiaozhu, then we will be a family in the future, and I have another brother!”

“No, Qiao Bai is a good person, and he has helped Jixiang Xiaozhu before. We are all very happy that he became a member of Jixiang Xiaozhu.”

Realist Yunqing, Lingzhu, Jinyan and Xiong San expressed their opinions one after another, and Gu Zheng also went upstairs. In fact, that’s what he said, the people who can be included in Jixiang Xiaozhu by him have good character, and they will not exclude Qiao Bai from joining, unless Qiao Bai has done something to hurt their feelings.

After Gu Zheng went upstairs, he stared at the window in a daze.

Although Qiao Bai was given the test of being a registered disciple, Gu Zheng knew that Qiao Bai would definitely be able to complete this test. Regarding accepting Qiao Bai as a named disciple, Gu Zheng didn’t know the final result, whether it was right or not, but for now, he needed Qiao Bai as a disciple.

In Gu Zheng’s impression, Tiexian has Hanyue, Lanyue, Xiong San, Xuanyue and him as his direct disciples. Besides that, he also has a named disciple, and this named disciple is Qiao Bai.

As for Qiao Bai, Gu Zheng has never met him, but only heard something about him from his second senior brother, Lan Yue.

In the narration of the second senior brother Lan Yue, Tiexian is the originator of the way of eating, Qiao Bai is the first head of the fairy chef sect, the first leader of the top ten immortal chef sects, and the chief of the heavenly court. Yuchu, the brewer of the immortal wine ‘Yaochi Xianniang’, the first person to bring the power of pure faith to Tiexian!

A lot of halos are on Qiao Bai, but Lan Yue is also not familiar with Qiao Bai, and he doesn’t know much about him. About these things about Qiao Bai, he only heard about them from senior brother Han Yue. Moreover, according to Lan Yue’s guess, Qiao Bai should have ‘broken’ with Tiexian, because he had never heard Tiexian mention this only named disciple.

Gu Zheng didn’t take this matter too seriously before, so he never asked Tiexian about Qiao Bai. But he agrees with Lan Yue’s conjecture that Qiao Bai and Tiexian are in a ‘broken’ relationship! Otherwise, when Tiexian introduced the other disciples to him, he should have mentioned Qiao Bai.

The head of the first fairy chef sect, the first leader of the top ten fairy chef sects, the chief royal chef of the heaven, the brewer of the fairy wine ‘Yaochi Xianniang’, the first person to drive the power of pure faith to Tiexian one person!

There are many auras on Qiao Bai’s head, plus he is so obsessed with the way of eating and drinking, and he really wants to learn from Gu Zheng as his teacher. This makes Gu Zheng, who has never met Qiao Bai, sure that he is Tie The only registered disciple of the immortal.

Gu Zheng attaches great importance to the relationship between master and apprentice, and between brothers and sisters. To him, this is family affection. However, Qiao Bai seems to be in a ‘break’ relationship with Tiexian, and Gu Zheng is almost following the path of Tiexian now, which made Gu Zheng hesitate before whether to accept Qiao Bai as a named disciple!

Looking at Qiao Bai’s halo, he has contributed a lot to the development of the way of eating and drinking, and even brought the pure power of faith to Tiexian. These are the things that Gu Zheng needs. However, Gu Zheng, who attaches great importance to family affection, would rather not have these things than to have any problems in the relationship he values ​​in the future.

However, Gu Zheng is walking the road of Tiexian, but it is not completely the road of Tiexian. After several considerations, he finally decided to accept Qiao Bai as a registered disciple. As for the so-called test, it’s just a pretext, he also wants to pass this test, to see how extraordinary Qiao Bai About these things about Qiao Bai, Gu Zheng can’t tell Xiong San and the others, he can’t talk about it, say If it doesn’t work well, then you can only say nothing.

At this moment, Qiao Bai had already left Qingfeng City. He didn’t intend to search for the three dishes needed for this test within the scope of Qingfeng City.

Autumn Se City means the bleak autumn wind, and it can be regarded as the frontier of Buzhou.

It stands to reason that you should go to a rich place to find delicious food, because people who live in wealth will spend more time on food. However, Qiao Bai felt that his blessed land should be within the range of Qiuse City.

Qiao Bai, who was flying in the air, felt a little regretful. He was a disciple born in a sect. He had no worries about food and clothing when he was a child. Cooking, he has no desire to cook at all. Like ordinary people, he also thinks that a cook is an inferior profession.

The inherent point of view changed after seeing the culinary skills of Huang Ying and others, and then he was shocked by Jixiang Xiaozhu. Only then did he realize that the way that belonged to him was the way of eating and drinking. It turns out that the way of eating can be so lofty.

When he decided to take diet as his lifelong career, Qiao Bai wanted to learn from Gu Zheng. Although he encountered many setbacks on this road, he did not give up.

While waiting for Gu Zheng to accept him as an apprentice, he also thought more than once whether he should learn a little cooking from others first. Art is not in his eyes at all.

This is all right, Gu Zheng asked him to learn three dishes in a month. He has no foundation in the way of eating, even if he is confident, he still feels the difficulty.


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