The Urban Successor of God of Gluttony Chapter 2440:


“It’s fine.”

Having said so, Gu Zheng’s heart could not be calm, because the method of cultivating the spirit body that he suddenly remembered was exactly the method of cultivating Qi Ling.

“Could it be, it, it is the original body of the weapon spirit?”

Gu Zheng stared at the unisex spirit body in the air, his heart felt like a huge wave, but he didn’t have any feeling from the sixth consciousness, so he couldn’t know more about what he wanted to know.

“Forget it, everything depends on fate, if it is really the original body of the spirit, then it will have its own opportunity, and it will have a time to meet again! Whether it is or not, keep it by your side If it is not, it is not conducive to its growth.”

Gu Zheng made a decision in his heart, and then passed on the method of spiritual body cultivation, and left Jixiang Xiaozhu with the spiritual body.

Originally, Gu Zheng planned to let it go to the deep mountains to practice after passing on the method of spiritual body cultivation. As for whether it will encounter any trouble on the way, that is its fate.

However, Gu Zheng was a little confused, he didn’t want this spirit body to have any problems on the road. After all, today’s Qingfeng City is already a city of immortal cultivators, and there are many immortal cultivators coming and going. If the spirit body encounters immortal cultivators on the road, it may be dangerous.

Gu Zheng left Jixiang Xiaozhu this time, and it took him four days to go back and forth. He sent the spirit body out of the range of Qingfeng City, and put it in a place that was not considered a beautiful place, but the spirit body liked it very much. Among the deep mountains.

When Gu Zheng left Jixiang Xiaozhu for four days, Xiong San and the others were also quite puzzled. They never expected that Gu Zheng would be so interested in an evil spirit. When Zheng was about to teach the evil spirits how to cultivate, he seemed to have remembered something, and his expression became very complicated, which also made their curiosity more serious. Unfortunately, in the face of their curiosity, Gu Zheng who came back just told them not to ask more with a straight face.

Gu Zheng left Jixiang Xiaozhu for four days, and there were some disturbances in Qingfeng City, because the news that Mr. Tiexian treated Huang Ying’s cousin was spread, and the residents of Qingfeng City were proud when discussing this matter. , There is also worship, and there are many voices praising Gu Zheng. Moreover, a resident of Qingfeng City also came to Jixiang Xiaozhu to seek help from Gu Zheng.

The one who asked Jixiang Xiaozhu for help is called Chen Da. He came to ask Jixiang Xiaozhu to save his father. Kind of, living is just delaying some time. However, since Jixiang Xiaozhu occasionally sprinkled fairy water when someone was taking Shixiu, Old Man Chen, who had bathed in fairy water, miraculously survived until now.

However, when Jixiang Xiaozhu sprinkled the fairy water last time, the old man Chen who went to receive the blessing again found that the fairy water no longer had any effect on his serious illness. In this regard, old man Chen didn’t want to ask Jixiang Xiaozhu for help at first, because Gu Zheng sprinkled fairy water for them, which was already a great gift in their eyes. what is it After all, being able to live for so many years is already a profit for him. Now that the fairy water no longer works, he feels that it is the end of his life, and it is time to go to the ground for peace.

Although Chen Da didn’t want old man Chen to die, he didn’t have a better way, because he also felt that it would be insatiable to ask for Jixiang Xiaozhu, not to mention that there was no precedent for such a thing.

However, Gu Zheng’s rescue of Huang Ying’s cousin set a precedent, which made Chen Da muster up the courage to go to Jixiang Xiaozhu to try to ask for help.

Xiong San and the others understand that Gu Zheng has the intention to practice medicine and cure diseases, but old man Chen is different from a related family like Huang Ying’s cousin, so they dare not make decisions on behalf of Gu Zheng. After all, if the precedent of old man Chen is also set, then more similar situations may follow. Will it be dealt with or not?

“Master, can you help this old man Chen?”

Seeing that Gu Zheng was thoughtful after listening, Xiong San couldn’t help asking.

“Huang Ying’s cousin is a related household, but the residents of Qingfeng City are not unrelated to us. We are all in the same Qingfeng City, otherwise I would not sprinkle fairy water on a regular basis. However, as you are worried about That way, this is a hole, and once it is opened, more similar situations will happen, so there must be a rule, and you can’t treat it blindly.” Gu Zheng said.

“Indeed, there must be a rule, if it is a wicked person, it is better to let him die than to save him.” Lingzhu said.


Gu Zheng nodded: “Although I have the heart to practice medicine, it’s not that time yet, but since someone has already asked for help, then this matter can be done first, and we can talk about it when Mr. Chen comes again.” !”

“Sir, they are just mortals, not immortal cultivators practicing against the sky. Wouldn’t it be a good thing to interfere with their life and death? In my opinion, Mr. sprinkles fairy water on a regular basis to make them recover from minor illnesses, thereby If you live longer, you are already interfering with the cycle of life and death.”

Jin Yan whispered her worries. In fact, Xiong San and others have this kind of worry, but they have followed Gu Zheng for a long time, and they know that Gu Zheng has a sense of proportion. If he dares to do this, he will have trouble dealing with it. strength, so I didn’t ask too much. Now, Jin Yan asked the question in everyone’s mind, and they all looked at Gu Zheng, waiting for his explanation.

“Girl, worry too much! Interfering in the life and death cycle of mortals will indeed cause evil karma, but this evil karma is not so terrible, as long as it is not meddling indiscriminately, that’s why I said that there are rules! In addition, Compared with ordinary people, I interfere with the cycle of life and death of mortals, resulting in less evil karma.” Gu Zheng laughed.

“Why?” Jin Yan asked again.

“Because I can easily decide the life and death of mortals!”

Gu Zheng smiled very mysteriously. Once he smiled like that and sold it out, he just didn’t want others to ask more questions. Jin Yan and others who knew this well could only keep their curiosity in their stomachs. .

The book of life and death and Qianqiu reincarnation pen that originally belonged to the underworld are here in Gu Zheng, so there is nothing wrong with Gu Zheng saying that.

Gu Zheng also doesn’t know why the underworld has been formed and the six reincarnations are also running, but no one came to him for the book of life and death and the pen of Qianqiu reincarnation. , you still have to be cautious, too much publicity is not a good thing.

Since he is in charge of the book of life and death and Qianqiu reincarnation brush, Gu Zheng naturally has many privileges, so he is not worried at all.

Chengda came to Jixiang Xiaozhu again the next day. He didn’t know if Gu Zheng had come back, he just came to try his luck.

“Master Tiexian, save my father!”

After seeing Gu Zheng, Cheng Da knelt down and begged.

“Tell me your father’s name, date of birth and place of birth.” Gu Zheng said.

“My father’s name is Chen Agou, and his birthday is…”

Chen Da hurriedly told Gu Zheng the name and date of birth of old man Chen.

Gu Zheng asked old man Chen’s name and date of birth, naturally he wanted to check the book of life and death, and read old man Chen’s life through the records in it, to see if he was worth saving, and how much life would be added if he was saved.

In addition to life and death, longevity, wealth and poverty, it also records the merits and demerits of a person’s life.

However, not everyone’s name is listed in the book of life and death. For example, Gu Zheng’s name is not listed in the book of life and death.

According to the name and date of birth, Gu Zheng quickly found a description of Chen Agou.

Chen Agou, an authentic farmer, has meritorious deeds and demerits in his life, but he is generally considered a good person. Although he suffers from a serious disease, the book of life and death shows that his life expectancy is still five years away.

A person who is regarded as a good person has five years left in his lifespan. This is a person that Gu Zheng can easily help without burdening anything, which meets the standard of treatment in Gu Zheng’s heart.

“After Jixiang Xiaozhu closes at noon today, you bring your father over so that the deity can have a look.” Gu Zheng said.

“Thank you, Lord Tiexian, thank you, Lord Tiexian!”

Da Chen hurriedly thanked him, he didn’t expect the trip to be so smooth, although Gu Zheng didn’t say that Old Man Chen would be cured, but since he said he wanted to see it, there was always something to be said for it.

After Chen Da left, Gu Zheng came outside Jixiang Xiaozhu and released some wood and other things from the space bracelet.

The last time the Jixiang Xiaozhu was expanded, Gu Zheng collected the unused wood materials into the storage bracelet. At that time, he planned to use these things to build a special building when he was practicing medicine. house. After all, Jixiang Xiaozhu is a restaurant, and it is not appropriate to treat people there. The house to be built will be used for medical treatment in the future.

Under the influence of the fairy art, a house was quickly built, with tables, chairs, benches and other things in it. Moreover, there are still some rules on the wall, and Gu Zheng will tell the residents of Jixiang Xiaozhu about the rules through General Chen.

If you don’t treat minor illnesses, you can only treat diseases that ordinary doctors can’t do anything about.

Save the good, but not the wicked.

Instead of seeing a doctor all day, only see two patients every seven days.

Medical treatment is free.

These are the rules of ancient medical treatment.

In the afternoon, Chen Da and his younger brother Chen Er brought Chen Agou over.

Chen Agou looks like an old farmer. He looks about sixty or seventy years old. In fact, this is due to the torture of life and illness. His real age is only fifty-five.

After seeing Gu Zheng, Chen Agou, who couldn’t get up anymore, struggled to salute Gu Zheng, but Gu Zheng stretched out his hand to signal him to give up.

Chen Agou has a bad disease, and the bad disease is in his stomach, which makes his belly big like a pregnant woman. According to Chen Da, it is because his father has a tumor in his stomach.

However, when Gu Zheng saw Chen Agou, he already knew that the serious disease he was suffering from was not simply a tumor, because Chen Agou had a strange color in his eyes, which could not be seen by mortals. Some immortal cultivators can see it, but they don’t know what it is. This is a sign of being cursed, and it is not a man-made curse, and it has existed for a long time.

“You go to bed first, the deity wants to see your situation.”

Gu Zheng’s palm moved across Chen Agou’s face, and Chen Agou’s eyes closed immediately.

Gu Zheng wanted to search Chen Agou’s soul, but he didn’t want to explain so much to mortals, because there was no need for it, and they might not understand it. Moreover, due to the age of the curse, he may not be able to remember it by asking him, it is better to search the soul directly.

Gu Zheng’s hand has already been placed on top of Chen Agou’s head. Although searching for souls will more or less affect people to a certain extent, with Gu Zheng’s cultivation base, when he doesn’t intentionally hurt anyone , the impact of the soul search is completely negligible.

Not to mention the curse that Chen Agou suffered, no matter how severe the curse was, Gu Zheng had already cured it. It’s just that the reason for the curse is not shown in the book of life and death, which means that there are certain problems in it.

The book of life and death records people’s life and death, longevity, wealth and poverty, but the records are not particularly detailed. There are some relatively special things that do not appear in the records of the book of life and death, such as certain causes Bad things. According to Gu Zheng’s guess, Chen Agou obviously still has five years to live, but if he hadn’t received the blessing of fairy water before, he would have died long ago!

Yangshou is not over, and the celestial water has expired, which shows that Chen Agou’s illness is caused by evil karma. Moreover, if this bad retribution really deserves, then even if Gu Zheng can be saved, he will not be saved, because his fate with Chen Agou has not yet reached that level! After all, treating this kind of person will more or less be contaminated with some karma. Gu Zheng is okay, even if he is contaminated with karma, he is not afraid, but those physiognomy masters in the mortal world must be very careful when they are contaminated with this kind of karma up! If you are not careful, you may end up with a lifelong disability or something.

Chen Agou’s memory faded back in Gu Zheng’s heart, and this retreat went back to a day thirty years ago.

On that day thirty years ago, it was considered the most positive day in a lifetime. At noon, Chen Agou did not go home, and he and his wife were still working in the field.

Chen Agou’s wife accidentally hoeed a hole in the field, and a rabbit ran out of the hole, which made Chen Agou’s wife scream.

When Chen Agou on the side saw the rabbit, he was immediately frightened, because the rabbit’s front teeth were a bit ridiculously long, and it could no longer cover its mouth.

Out of surprise, but also out of instinct, Chen Agou picked up his **** and hit the rabbit on the head.

For ordinary farmers, killing a rabbit while working in the field is at least an improvement in their lives, not to mention exchanging money in the market.

However, Chen Agou saw that the rabbit looked weird, so he didn’t dare to eat it and buried it in the ground.

The rabbit that was beaten to death by Chen Agou was indeed not an ordinary rabbit, it was a mature rabbit. However, it coincides with the sun solstice day once every Jiazi, and spirits with weaker cultivation bases cannot withstand the excessive yang energy on this day, and will basically show their original shape and be quite weak.

Just as it is the time of day when the yang energy is at its fullest, the rabbit spirit that Chen Agou discovered at this time is really no different from ordinary rabbits. The rabbit spirit who was beaten to death by Chen Agou with a **** was naturally filled with resentment, because he was pregnant and had two little rabbits in his stomach.

Three lives with one hoe, the powerful resentment of the rabbit spirit cast a curse on Chen Agou. However, Chen Agou was also at the age when his yang fire was in full swing, and the power of the curse lay dormant in his body, and it did not occur until he was thirty-five years old.

As Chen Agou got older year by year, the Yanghuo became weaker and weaker, and the power of the curse became stronger and stronger. died years ago.

After seeing the willingness of the curse, Gu Zheng decided to save Chen Agou. Although Chen Agou killed three times, it was a subconscious reaction at the time, and the rabbit spirit really scared them. Moreover, after Chen Agou killed Rabbit Jing, he buried Rabbit Jing, which can be regarded as a relatively benevolent approach.

Ending the soul search, Gu Zheng woke up Chen Agou.

“Master Tiexian, how is my father’s situation?”

Although Chen Da was the only one who spoke, Chen Er and Chen Agou were also looking at Gu Zheng, waiting for his reply.

Gu Zheng told what happened thirty years ago, and then told Chen Agou: “This deity can save your life, and I will help you get rid of the curse later. You can live for another five years, and in your lifetime, you need to go to worship once every year on the day when you kill the rabbit.”

“Thank you, Lord Tiexian!”

“Thank you, Lord Tiexian!”

The three members of the Chen family thanked him again and again. They didn’t ask why Gu Zheng wanted to worship. For them, one **** and three lives should indeed be worshiped. method.

Actually, if there is any rabbit spirit whose soul is still lingering, that rabbit spirit has already entered reincarnation. Gu Zheng asked Chen Agou to worship every year, just to eliminate some disadvantages caused to him by his meddling in this matter! Although these disadvantages can be easily eliminated by himself, if Chen Agou worships them every year after they are easily eliminated, the original disadvantages will become blessings, and bad things will become good things.

Gu Zheng soon helped Chen Agou dispel the power of the curse, but did not give Chen Agou diet therapy to restore his body. Now that the power of the curse has been removed, his body can be conditioned by mortal herbs. Gu Zheng gave Chen Da a prescription and asked him to go to the pharmacy in the city to get the medicine, which can be regarded as a kind of compensation. After all, after Jixiang Xiaozhu started sprinkling fairy water on a regular basis to bless the residents in the city, some doctors in the city have already started to eat dirt.

The news that Gu Zheng treated Chen Agou soon spread in Qingfeng City. While the residents of Qingfeng City praised Gu Zheng, some people who had been ill for a long time also became eager to move They wanted to Wait until the days when Jixiang Xiaozhu sees people and try his luck.

Seven days passed quickly, and on the day when Gu Zheng wanted to see a doctor, there were already ten people standing outside the room next to Jixiang Xiaozhu.

Gu Zheng’s main business in Qingfeng City is to open Jixiang Xiaozhu, and seeing a doctor is just incidental, so there is a limit on the number of people who see a doctor.

Gu Zheng only sees two patients every seven days, but the first two patients do not meet his requirements, so there can be ten people in line. But if there are already qualified patients among the first few people, then the patients who failed to see this time can only wait until the next seven days to come and queue up.

There is no reason why people will not get sick if they eat whole grains. Although Gu Zheng sometimes sprinkled some fairy water on the residents of Qingfeng City, the fairy water can only cure some minor illnesses, and it does not have the effect of curing serious illnesses. The effect, at most, is to slow down the condition. Moreover, Xianshui does not appear every time the vision appears, sometimes every three to five seven days, sometimes every ten days and a half months. Therefore, there are still some patients who meet the treatment requirements in Qingfeng City.

The first patient entered the room, knelt down to Gu Zheng who was sitting upright, and said, “Master Tiexian, help me, I don’t want to die!”

The first person was wearing patched clothes. He was not an aborigine in Qingfeng City. He was a beggar. He came to Qingfeng City more than ten years ago and never left. He used to beg for a living. The place is filthy all day long, but recently it has suddenly become clean, sometimes relying on the neighbor’s relief.

Gu Zheng glanced at the beggar, and already saw that he was the one who really had a tumor in his stomach.

“Birthday horoscope, name.” Gu Zheng said.

The beggar hurriedly told Gu Zheng his name and date of birth. Gu Zheng opened the book of life and death, and soon found the description corresponding to the beggar.


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