The Urban Successor of God of Gluttony Chapter 2436:


Chapter 2436 The Heir of the Tiexian in the City

“Fellow Daoist, please quickly tell the poor Taoist what kind of method it is!” Daoist Yun Qing said with a flash of light in his eyes.

“It’s too cheap not to kill her, and the punishment is too heavy if I kill her, then I will kill her…”

Xiong San’s voice was drawn out, and he smiled.

Reverend Yun Qing’s eyes widened, he could understand what Xiong San’s smile meant, and he hurriedly shook his head: “It’s not right!”

“No, what’s wrong? You have been in love with her for so many years, and she did that to you again. What’s wrong with asking her to repay you in another way? If you still If you feel too much, it means that you still have her in your heart, and she is still inviolable in your heart.” Xiong San said.

“No, Pindao’s affection for her is dead, now Pindao only hates her! Pindao is not afraid of tarnishing her, Pindao is afraid that she will tarnish me, Pindao!”

Realist Yun Qing shook his head with a very disdainful expression.

When Master Yun Qing was young, in order to dispel his wild thoughts about Yun Jing, Long Yuanzi asked him to practice the pure yang type of exercises. When he knew Gu Zheng, he still stuck to the state of pure yang. In a certain respect, Master Yun Qing is the same as a normal man, but because of the exercises he has practiced, he is more restrained than a normal man and needs less.

“What is defiled and not defiled? Didn’t Fellow Daoist originally want to give it to Yun Jing?” Xiong San smiled maliciously.

During the time when the agreement with Yun Jing had not been voided, Master Yun Qing was always very happy. He felt that Chun Yang, whom he had clinging to for so many years, finally had someone to trust him to. As for this matter, Master Yun Qing had told his good fellow Taoist Xiong San, and even asked Xiong San about his skills.

Yunqing is really embarrassing, and the old story of hurting his friend was brought up again, which made him blush with embarrassment.

“That’s different, the poor Taoist wants to give Chunyang to Yun Jing, but this Yun Jing is not that Yun Jing, fellow Taoists should know!” Daoist Yun Qing hurriedly said.

“Fellow Daoist, you’re making a fool of yourself! There are some things, it’s because of your thoughts that you have such a serious heart knot with Yun Jing, and in the end, after the agreement was abolished, you became like that. , Why are you still not awake now? How can there be so many perfections in the world? Yun Jing is Yun Jing, and it is only your heart that divides each other. It is good to follow the heart in some things, but it is good to follow the heart in some things Stupid!”

The words that Gu Zheng explained to Xiong San had the same effect on Master Yunqing at this time. Although he didn’t wake up Master Yunqing all at once, at least it stunned Master Yunqing.

“It’s not that you treat her like a Taoist companion, but just let you vent the hatred in your heart. Is it that difficult?”

Seeing that Xiong San seemed angry, Master Yun Qing said in a low voice: “It’s not difficult, it’s just that Pindao feels that this is not enough to relieve the hatred!”

“You have never experienced it, how do you know that you can’t let go of your hatred?”

Xiong Sanbai glanced at Master Yun Qing: “I tell you, this matter will not only relieve your hatred physically, but also relieve your hatred in your heart!”

“Can you still relieve hatred in your heart?” Master Yun Qing asked suspiciously.

“Of course, this matter is not as simple as letting you vent! This is also a chance for you to get a blessing in disguise, and it is also Yun Qing’s retribution, and it is her compensation for you!”

Feeling that the heat has come, Xiong San told the remaining things that Gu Zheng explained.

“Okay! This relationship is good, just thinking about it will relieve hatred!”

After hearing what Xiong San said, Master Yun Qing’s eyes lit up.

“You are my good Taoist friend, can I still cheat you?”

Xiong Sanbai gave Master Yun Qing a supercilious look, and then said seriously: “However, the body is the capital to relieve hatred. If you want to relieve hatred, you must hurry up and take care of your body. Master is currently giving you diet therapy below. , and Yun Jing should also come to Jixiang Xiaozhu within five days.”

Xiong San is right, Yun Jing is indeed flying to Jixiang Xiaozhu at this moment, and according to the distance, it will take five days.

Yun Jing is not alone, beside her is Long Yuanzi, both father and daughter have lost their previous expressions, they are all stern-faced, not saying a word.


Finally, Long Yuanzi broke out, and his whole body sighed heavily.

“Dad, can you stop sighing, I’m tired of hearing it!”

Yun Jing frowned, she wouldn’t talk to Long Yuanzi like this before, but now it’s an extraordinary period, and she can’t care so much about many things anymore.

“Are you annoyed? The entire Shanhaimen is annoyed, and all of this is because of you, you are the cause of trouble!”

Long Yuanzi finally suppressed his inner emotions and broke out. His hair and beard were flying, and his eyes were wide open. Although he is the head of the Shanhai Sect, his cultivation level is not as high as Yun Jing’s. If not, he will definitely give her a slap in the face like his father admonishing his unfilial daughter.

“How can dad say it’s all because of me? I was still in retreat when I became an affiliated sect of the Xuanqi Sect. Who will tell me that Jianzhen is about to choose a Taoist partner?” Yun Jing gritted her teeth and looked at Long Yuan son.

“I’m going to tell you that Jianzhen is about to choose a Taoist partner, but my father didn’t let you really go for Jianzhen!” Long Yuanzi said.

“Come on! Dad told me what it means for Jianzhen to choose a Taoist companion, isn’t he just wanting me to have a better choice? Otherwise, what does it have to do with me when he chooses a Taoist companion?” Yun Jing laughed.

“Being a father just gave you a direction, and didn’t mean to force you, but you were excited when you heard it, and immediately started to prepare for this matter! If it weren’t for you, who in the sect could force you you?”

Long Yuanzi’s excited voice paused, and then continued: “Also, after receiving the news that Tiexian returned to Jixiang Xiaozhu, I told you not to go to Jixiang Xiaozhu, but you Still worried, I have to go to Yun Qing to hear the news, “

“I wanted to go to Yun Qing to hear the news, but none of you stopped me, which means that you acquiesced to this matter!” Yun Jing said.

“We acquiesced in this matter, but we didn’t acquiesce in you knowing that Yun Qing had a heart attack on you, and you still wanted to provoke him until he was hurt by you again. Immortals are even more angry!” Long Yuanzi roared.

“You think I want to provoke Yun Qing? I have no choice! Although Yun Qing said that Tiexian would let Shanhaimen go, he didn’t say that Tiexian would let Xuanqi Sect go. I broke the agreement with Yun Qing in order to become Jianzhen’s Taoist partner. Do you think that with his strength, he will let the Xuanqi Sect go? I’m afraid that the Xuanqi Sect will do something to protect itself. ? Isn’t it fulfilled now?” Yun Jing said angrily.


Long Yuanzi’s eyes were widened by Yun Jing’s anger: “Did you think so far back then? You just wanted to climb the high branch of Jixiang Xiaozhu back then!”

“Why don’t you talk anymore? Did you get hit by being a father? Did the entire Shanhaimen get involved because of you?”

Yun Jing was speechless, but Long Yuanzi was still puzzled. Just when he was about to criticize Yun Jing again, Yun Qing’s face suddenly flushed, and she said ‘wow’ A large spurt of blood spewed out.

“Daughter, what’s wrong with you?”

Long Yuanzi was shocked, Yun Jing obviously had internal injuries, but he never saw it.

“Leave me alone!”

Yun Jing gave Long Yuanzi a hard look.

“What’s the matter with you?” Long Yuanzi asked again.

The day before yesterday, Yun Jing with a gloomy face returned to Shanhaimen together with the three elders of Xuanqizong. The elders of Xuanqizong announced a news to Shanhaimen, that is, Shanhaimen is no longer affiliated with Xuanqizong. ! Not only that, the three elders of the Xuanqi Sect also imposed a ban on everyone in Shanhaimen, ordering Long Yuanzi and Yun Jing to go to Jixiang Xiaozhu immediately and let Gu Zheng deal with them.

There is only a dead end to resist the Xuanqi sect, and the fate of going to Jixiang Xiaozhu is also uncertain. This makes Long Yuanzi very regretful along the way, and the resentment is full of resentment on Yun Jing. However, Long Yuanzi didn’t know that Yun Jing had another story in the Xuan Qi Sect.

“Stop asking!” Yun Jing roared.

Five days passed quickly. With the help of dietary therapy, Master Yun Qing’s body has recovered to normal. He has gathered enough energy and is waiting for Yun Jing’s arrival during his cultivation.

Yun Jing and Long Yuanzi have already entered Qingfeng City, looking at the tall Jixiang Xiaozhu, Yun Jing couldn’t help but let out a wry smile, this place could have become her backing, but who would have thought that in the end, a good card would be poorly played .

“Dad, do you think we can live?”

The unhappiness between the father and daughter five days ago made Yun Jing not speak the first sentence to Long Yuanzi until now.

“You still have me as a father in your heart?”

Long Yuanzi sneered, as a father, he put down his status and talked to Yun Jing many times after the last time he was unhappy, but Yun Jing didn’t respond, which made Long Yuanzi feel very cold. Now, the guillotine-like Jixiang Xiaozhu is in front of him, and Yun Jing asked him if he can still live, but he really didn’t bother to answer Yun Jing.

“If the death of the two of us can make Tiexian let Shanhaimen go, then we two will die!” Long Yuanzi said coldly and stopped talking.

It was still early at this time, and Jixiang Xiaozhu hadn’t opened yet. Looking at the closed gate of Jixiang Xiaozhu, Long Yuanzi and Yun Jing knelt down with a ‘plop’ according to Jianzhen’s request.

The door of Jixiang Xiaozhu opened, Long Yuanzi and Yun Jing entered Jixiang Xiaozhu on their knees, and saw all the members of Jixiang Xiaozhu except Master Yunqing.

“Senior, please forgive me!”

Long Yuanzi and Yun Jing kowtowed to Gu Zheng to beg for mercy, but they kept repeating a single sentence. They really didn’t know what else to say, because the mistakes they made couldn’t be justified by explanation.

“Excuse me? You really have the guts to say it! Where is our Jixiang Xiaozhu? Breaking the contract? How courageous you are!” Lingzhu sneered.

“Like a father, like a daughter, I am optimistic about you father and daughter. The daughter is shameless, and the father is very supportive. This is good, have you played too much? Are you scared?”

Xiong San growled and slapped Long Yuanzi on the face.

Long Yuanzi didn’t dare to resist with immortal power, let alone resist, Xiong San’s slap directly slapped him to the ground, his face quickly swelled up like a steamed bun.

“Forgive me? The crimes you have committed are not too much to destroy your sect!”

At first, everyone didn’t speak to Yun Jing, but Jin Yan couldn’t be more angry: “Brother Yun Qing is so kind to you, he would even give up his life for you, it’s fine if you don’t cherish it, you lowly servant girl, why do you want to hurt him?” ?”

Jin Yan kicked Yun Jing, but Yun Jing also did not dare to resist, this kick made her roll several times on the ground.

“Bad maid, I really want to kill you!”

Jin Yan gritted her teeth, she really didn’t look like a little girl.

“I remember that you were very elegant when you came to Jixiang Xiaozhu last time, what happened this time? At that time, you thought that you could ignore Jixiang Xiaozhu because you were a subsidiary of Xuanqi Sect But now? Like a bereaved dog who was disqualified from being affiliated by the Xuanqi Sect, he came to Jixiang Xiaozhu to plead for mercy when he knew he was afraid? You two, father and daughter, really make me sick to see!”

Lingzhu didn’t want to do anything at first, but seeing Xiong San and Jin Yan do it was even more relieved, and she also started to do it to Long Yuanzi. Moreover, Lingzhu was more ruthless than Xiong San and Jin Yan. Xiong San and Jin Yan just fought like ordinary people, but Lingzhu used demon power, and almost broke Long Yuanzi’s dantian with one kick. , the pain was so painful that Long Yuanzi wanted to scream but didn’t dare, his body bowed like a prawn.

Gu Zheng didn’t say a word, he just watched Lingzhu and others make a move.

Realist Yunqing is a member of Jixiang Xiaozhu, and Lingzhu and the others treat him as a family member. The family members have been bullied, so it is only natural to vent.


Seeing that Lingzhu and the others had almost vented, Gu Zheng finally spoke out.

“Go upstairs and find Yun Qing, he will decide your life and death!” Gu Zheng glanced at Yun Jing in disgust.

“Obey!” Yun Jing hurriedly said.

Gu Zheng just said that, but in the end Yun Jing really rolled upstairs. Yun Jing, who could do whatever she can for her ends, can be shameless just to live.

Yun Qing had already gone upstairs, and Gu Zheng raised his hand to impose a restraint. He didn’t want Lingzhu to hear the sound from downstairs, and they didn’t want to hear the next sound from upstairs. As for whether Yun Jing will do anything to Master Yun Qing, Gu Zheng is not worried at all! Today’s Yun Jing, if she wants to survive, she can only please Master Yun Qing. This is not only because of the ancient dispute, and it is not only because of the restriction planted by the elders of the Xuanqi Sect in her body, but more because of A peculiar state she is in now.

“Long Yuanzi, if you follow the deity’s wishes, not only your father and daughter will die, but everyone in Shanhaimen who bullied Yun Qing and those involved in breaking the contract will also die! However, even if you hurt me so much Yun Qing, Yun Qing still can’t let you die.” Gu Zheng said.

“Thank you for your great kindness, senior, thank you for your great kindness!”

Long Yuanzi hurriedly kowtowed, his head hit the ground with a loud noise.

“However, the death penalty is inevitable, and you must make up for the mistakes you made!”

Gu Zheng threw a jade slip to Long Yuanzi: “Here is the record of the various resources needed to make up for it. Within two months, if you have gathered the resources used to make up for it, then your body will be destroyed by the mysterious weapon.” The life-and-death restriction planted by Elder Zong will be lifted, and if you cannot send these resources to Jixiang Xiaozhu when the time comes, then you will be very clear about the consequences!”

“Thank you for your kindness, senior, thank you for your kindness!”

Long Yuanzi picked up the jade slips on the ground and kowtowed again.

“Go away!”

When Gu Zheng’s words fell, Long Yuanzi rolled out of Jixiang Xiaozhu like a ball.

“Master, do you just let him go?” Xiong San frowned.


Gu Zheng heard something in Xiong San’s words.

“About that enchantment!”

The enchantment that Xiong San mentioned is the one that Yun Jing told Gu Zheng, and it can produce a lot of inner alchemy. Gu Zheng is also very interested in that enchantment, but because he has been busy, he still Haven `t been there.

“You said that enchantment! Don’t worry, the people of Shanhaimen don’t remember such a thing anymore.” Gu Zheng laughed.

When Jian Zhen came to Jixiang Xiaozhu, he had already discovered the secret of the enchantment through Yun Jing’s soul search. Therefore, Gu Zheng has an agreement with Jianzhen, that is about the enchantment, now only he and the Xuanqi Sect have the right to know, as for the people of Shanhaimen, whoever knows the existence of the enchantment, the memory will be erased ! When the elders of the Xuanqi Sect went to Shanhaimen to plant life and death restrictions on Long Yuanzi and others, they had already erased this part of their memory.

Gu Zheng originally planned to share the secret of the enchantment with Jianzhen. The last time he received a message from Jianzhen’s son-mother jade talisman, Jianzhen said that the elders jointly decided that no matter what was in the enchantment, it all belonged to Gu. For those who want to fight, they will only keep that enchantment a secret, and will not get involved. In this regard, Gu Zheng didn’t say anything more, he knew that the reason why Xuan Qizong made such a decision was to repay his kindness back then and to further promote the relationship between the two parties.

“Junior Brother.”

Standing outside the door of Master Yun Qing’s room, Yun Jing was still calling.

Yun Jing could sense that Master Yun Qing was in the room, but Master Yun Qing didn’t speak, and she didn’t dare to push the door rashly, so she could only keep calling outside.

“Come in!”

Really Yunqing’s voice finally sounded.

Yun Jing pushed the door open and entered the room, the moment her eyes met, Yun Jing couldn’t help crying inwardly.

Ren Yunqing’s eyes at this time, she has seen in Jian Zhen’s eyes, and now she will no longer think that this kind of playful eyes is frivolous.

“Junior Brother!”

Being looked at by Master Yun Qing as if looking at an object, Yun Jing felt a little nervous, she didn’t know what was waiting for her.

“Who is your younger brother?”

Reverend Yun Qing tilted his head, with a mocking smile hanging from the corner of his mouth.

“Junior Brother!”

Yun Jing yelled again with a shy face, laughing not to mention how flattering she was.

“Kneel down!”

Reverend Yunqing yelled, but Yun Qing didn’t dare to resist at all, and knelt down towards Reverend Yunqing with a ‘plop’, fearing that if he knelt too slowly, a catastrophe would happen.

“Climb over!” Master Yun Qing said again.


Yun Jing hurriedly crawled to the front of Master Yun Qing.

Realist Yun Qing took off Yun Jing’s dao crown, and slowly rubbed her hair with his hands, as if twisting a walnut.

“Yun Jing, you never thought such a day would come, did you?” Master Yun Qing asked.


Yun Jing smiled wryly, she never imagined that Master Yun Qing would talk to her in such a condescending But she had to remain humble because of her proud nature.

“I didn’t think of it either.”

Realist Yunqing sighed, and then said: “I thought that even if you become my Taoist companion, even if I get you, even if my cultivation level is not as good as yours, I will still pamper you, not As it is now, my attitude in front of you is like a master, and you are humble like a handmaid.”

“Junior Brother,”


Yun Jing didn’t finish her sentence when she was interrupted by a slap from Master Yun Qing.

“Bitch, I’m not your junior brother, who are you calling?” Yun Qing asked honestly.

“Come on, as long as hitting me can relieve your anger, you can go ahead and fight, you can fight as much as you want!”

Yun Jing was not blinded by Master Yun Qing’s slap, on the contrary, she rubbed her face against Master Yun Qing’s palm.

Realist Yunqing sneered: “Do you like being beaten that much?”

“As long as the younger brother can relieve Qi, I like it!”

Yun Jing’s tone was firm, biting her lips after the words fell to the ground, as if she was waiting for the punishment to come, but she also looked very charming.

“Since you like being beaten so much, then hit yourself and start slapping your mouth now!” Master Yun Qing sneered.

Yun Jing was taken aback for a moment, then smacked her mouth and cried.

“Yun Qing, give me another chance! Let me be your Taoist companion, I swear I will be a good Taoist companion!” Yun Jing cried.

“Do you deserve to be my Taoist companion?”

Realist Yun Qing smiled, hatred appeared in his eyes, Yun Jing clearly saw that he was hurt before, but still used similar words to provoke him, so that the matter has developed to this point! However, at that time, Master Yun Qing still had demon-like sensibility, even though he was stimulated by Yun Jing’s words, he was still willing to believe that Yun Jing really wanted to make up for it, but the two of them could never go back together .


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