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Is it 710 years old?

Soon, even if I started learning from a young age, I would probably be able to draw all kinds of talismans to earn extra money by the time I get to college.

And in the era of spiritual qi recovery, as long as people who can cultivate, it will be easy in the late stage of the formation of elixir. In this realm, it is not a problem to live a few hundred years old.

But for people in the Age of Dharma, that’s a long time. After all, they can’t break through the metamorphosis in a lifetime, and their lifespan is basically the same as that of ordinary people, and sometimes they will leave dark wounds when they practice swordsmanship and fight.

In this case, the life expectancy is lower than that of ordinary people.

“Do you still want to learn?”

Hearing this, Ito Shi looked at the devilish smile on Kimura Kazuki’s face and nodded, “Learn, why not.”

The kendo masters of these families are just like the sword servants of the onmyoji. Isn’t it just to get a few magical things and the talisman is the most important thing, but those onmyoji are not stupid, you For the sake of the talisman, I naturally have to take something to squeeze.

Now Kimura Kazuki is willing to teach them to draw talismans, even if it takes decades to learn, he will not refuse. After all, they still have to think about the family, and in the future, their children and grandchildren can start learning from childhood. In that case, they can master the method of drawing talismans in high school or college.

The three of Itoshi made a silent calculation in their hearts and thought it was a good deal.

Of course, as the core members of the family, the future owners of the family, they all know that prostitution is unacceptable. So I am also thinking about what things at home can satisfy Kimura Kazuki.

Kimura Kazuki didn’t expect that the three of Itoshi had such a deep obsession with Fu Lu, and thought that these guys would give up after hearing it for so long. After all, they are all high school students. , also understand.

Kimura Kazuki pondered for a while, it seems that these kendo families really value Fu Lu. Then he thought of the guy He Mao Fei Niao, when he went to look for the Demon God’s body along the way, he was hesitant to say anything, and obviously wanted to ask him about the talisman.

But in the end, he didn’t speak, obviously he valued the talisman very much. Only when you value the talisman and learn that there is a new talisman, will you be ashamed to open your mouth, because it was researched by others, and it is not provocative to ask if you are not familiar with it. From this, it can be seen that the Japanese onmyoji valued Fu Lu, and people like Itoshi valued it even more.

Fu Lu, he didn’t take it seriously. He has always believed that only the ability to be strong, is really strong. This is also the concept of all monks in the era of aura recovery. The so-called talisman is just something outside the body.

But the era of the end of the law is different. The Japanese onmyoji can’t see the hope of improving their realm, and they have all researched the shikigami in order to improve their combat power. As for the talisman, as long as it is powerful, a stack of talismans will not be a problem at all.

For example, when Qiuzhi was in high school, he actually relied on lightning charms and swordsmanship

Anything missing, he would have to explain in Qiuzhi High School.

Thinking about it, Kimura Kazuki looked at Ito Shi and the others, and looked at them with trepidation. The three of Idongshi came to ask, but in fact they didn’t have any hope in their hearts, but they also knew that they had spoken.

Seeing that Kimura and Shu really have ideas to teach them now, I am naturally excited, and I am also apprehensive when they are excited.

After all, if Kimura and Shu suddenly changed their minds, they would have no choice but to stare.

“Actually, there are shortcuts to learning Talismans, and it doesn’t take ten years.”

Hearing this, the three of Itoshi’s breathing became rapid. However, the three of them quickly calmed down. Tsukahara Ruizhi suppressed his excitement. He cautiously said, “Kimura-kun, if you take a shortcut, will there be any movement if you fail to draw a talisman?”

“Moving” Kimura Kazuki is puzzled.

“like an explosion or something”

Ito Se and Saito Tomiya also nodded quickly, apparently agreeing with Tsukahara Tsukahara’s point of view.

“Who did you listen to?” Kimura Kazuki said silently, “Failure to draw talismans is just a waste of spiritual energy and time. Only when you study new talismans will these phenomena you mentioned happen.”

Researching new talismans is to combine other different patterns. This kind of research is dangerous, because most of the patterns are conflicting. Picking out patterns that do not conflict with each other from nearly 20,000 patterns is quite simple in the early stage, but when all kinds of talismans bloom, It will be extremely difficult to research new talismans later.

However, before Kimura and Shu crossed, someone published a paper, expressing whether they could take the road of creating patterns and continue to develop new talismans. After all, nearly 20,000 fixed lines have already been researched, and the only way out is to create new lines.

I don’t know if this theory can be established. After all, creating textures is different from creating words.

The words created, as long as they are officially recognized and then promoted, and after a few years of dissemination, they will also be recognized by the general public.

However, the creation of textures is extremely difficult. It must be recognized by Heaven and Earth Reiki and other patterns, otherwise it is incompatible with other patterns or if Reiki does not recognize it, it will naturally fail.

“Is that so?” Tsukahara Rui scratched his head and smirked, “I thought drawing a talisman was the same as doing an experiment.”

Kimura and Shu looked around the three of them, knowing what Itoshi and others were worried about, he said lightly, “Don’t worry, taking shortcuts will not cause problems.”

The so-called shortcut is naturally to learn the fixed lines of a talisman, memorize a few or a dozen lines in the heart, and then practice day and night. Then draw the lines on the yellow paper.

This is how people in the era of spiritual recovery began to take shortcuts.

Because after this practice, when the talisman is formed in the hand, the sense of satisfaction is full, and it can also stimulate many people’s interest in drawing talismans. Otherwise, for those who learn Talismans to memorize the nearly 20,000 stripes of the basic pattern first, that would simply be killing people slowly.

And even if you learn 20,000 patterns in the end of the law, what’s the use? You can only draw basic talismans. If you want to draw other talismans, let’s not talk about whether you can draw them or not. Some talismans are good for the quality of aura. required.

And when Ito Shi heard this explanation, he quickly understood, his eyes lit up, “Boss, when will you teach me to cough and cough us”

Rui Nao Tsukahara and Tomiya Saito are both excited.

“Wait for this matter to be resolved.” They were in a hurry, but Kimura Kazuki was not in a hurry, because he suddenly thought of something.

Can I use the talisman to wipe out the entire Japanese Kendo family in one sweep

If you think about it, you might be able to control the **** and ghost Fuming Palace in your hands. At that time, if you focus all of Japan’s resources on yourself, your chances of breaking through the world will be greatly improved.

Thinking of this, Kimura Kazuki’s peaceful heart jumped.

Maybe it will work.

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