The Sword Deity in Tokyo Chapter 307: A gentleman loves money in a proper way


Hearing this, Qiren was stunned.

“Are you going down?”

At this time, Qiren doesn’t care whether Liangdou is a murderer or not.

He came to the pavilion and looked down, it was pitch black. If it was during the day, at such a high place, he would definitely be dizzy. But luckily it was night, no matter where it was, it was pitch black.

“Yes…” Kurosaki Ryoto nodded solemnly, “I think Daisuke must be in a cave halfway up the mountain… He must be trapped in danger, or he will die inside… This may be the police station and Kobayashi Village. The reason why no one was found after two days of searching.”

Kairen was speechless at this time.

He suddenly thought of Mark Twain’s venomous words, sometimes truth is more absurd than fiction, because fiction is carried out under a certain logic, and reality is often without logic.

What treasure map, cave, disappearance, murder…

Isn’t that the scene in front of me?

He lived for more than 20 years, and he has been ordinary, but it is unbelievable that his friends let him see such a scene.

But the fact is right in front of you. His friend is going to climb the cliff over a hundred meters…he can’t stop it.

“Is it necessary?” Kairen was silent for a long time before he spoke with mixed emotions, “You also said that Daisuke has a high chance of being in a cave halfway up the mountain, either he didn’t climb well and fell to his death. Either you entered the cave and got trapped by danger, or the treasure map you said was real, but Daisuke may also have died in the danger of the cave. If you go down, even if you enter the cave, you think you can avoid it Is it dangerous? We are just ordinary people…and, if what you say is true, then the police station or Xiaolin Village should not be able to find this cave.”

Who would have thought that Daisuke Kojima would climb down from this pavilion and enter a cave halfway up the mountain? This is too far-fetched.

I guess it’s impossible to find it in a lifetime.

Ryoto Kurosaki sighed deeply, “There are various challenges in one’s life. I have been ordinary for more than 20 years, and this time is a major challenge in my life.”

“Speak human!”

Kurosaki Ryoto smiled helplessly, “If there is really a cave in the middle of the mountain…then it means that there is a high probability that the treasure exists. If I discover the existence of the cave, I can sell this news to others, and I can get A lot of money. Of course, the bugging device must also be obtained. I don’t want any accidents. If Daisuke Kojima’s body is really found, then Kyoko will definitely break up with me.”

Daisuke Kojima has been missing for two days, with a high probability of death.

The phone couldn’t get through, couldn’t get in touch, and he didn’t expect Daisuke Kojima to have another result.

“Go.” What else can Kairen say, he’s here. If he stops him, Kurosaki Ryoto will definitely not listen to his advice.

“Don’t worry, if it’s really a treasure location, I’ll definitely give you the money then.”

What can Kairen do? He could only smile slightly.

But at this time, he believed in Ryoto. After all, Kurosaki Ryoto came to him just to avoid accidents. Also trust him, otherwise, when the other party is climbing, he untangles the rope on it, which can directly kill Liang Dou. Ryoto must have thought of this, but he still took him with him because he trusted him. Then he naturally cannot live up to the trust of the other party.

Maybe I will be old in the future, and I can talk to my children about my experience today. Thinking of this, Qi Ren thought about it.

And Kurosaki Ryoto was also ready, put on his helmet, he took a deep breath, looked down the mountain, it was dark, like the abyss of hell. He grabbed the rope, but before he could move, he felt his heart pounding, and a cold air rushed to the sky, making him freeze in place.

“You can do it, Ryoto!” Kurosaki Ryoto cheered himself up, suppressed his fear, and made a fortune today.

Thinking of making a fortune, Ryoto Kurosaki thought of Daisuke Kojima again. In fact, he, like Daisuke Kojima, is a man who loves money. But Daisuke Kojima likes money to the point of morbidity, and he will not compromise on means for money, and he will not be so mad.

If he really finds the cave, he will sell the news to others as he just said, and will also share the money to Qiren. He doesn’t explore on his own. Because ghosts know what dangers there are in the cave, and only money can be spent if there is life.

After thinking about something in a mess, the pale face gradually recovered. Kurosaki Ryoto gritted his teeth, grabbed the rope, and said to Kairen, “I’m going down.”

“Don’t worry, I will watch the jail.” Kairen nodded solemnly.

When Kurosaki Ryoto finished his psychological struggle, he went straight down the cliff.

And Kimura Kazuki didn’t go out after seeing this. He wanted to see if Kurosaki Ryoto would really find the so-called cave.

He believes what Kurosaki Ryoto said. Although he has not yet reached the realm of transcendence, he is already more sensitive to some emotional aspects of ordinary people. Kimura Kazuki can still observe whether a person is lying or not. He listened to it for a while and observed it for a long time. He believed that Kurosaki Ryoto did not lie.

It just didn’t occur to me that Daisuke Kojima’s disappearance was not caused by resentful spirits or monsters, but because of the search for treasure.

This makes Kimura Kazuki a little bit dumbfounded, and it feels a bit bizarre.

Just when Kimura Kazuki was about to wait for the news of Kurosaki Ryoto, his heart moved, and his face instantly became solemn.

Someone crushed the fuze…

The next moment, Kimura and Shu left the place quietly and silently.

If Daisuke Kojima really went missing in search of treasure, then what happened to Daisuke Kojima would be a matter of ordinary people. This has nothing to do with him. He came to Xiaolin Village mainly for resentment or monsters.

Sensing the direction of the crushed fuze, Kimura Kazuki arrived at the scene in less than ten minutes.

Getting closer, he can hear the clamor.

“…You said you were here to explore?” Honda’s real voice came, his voice was very serious, “You three girls, don’t sleep for most of the night, come to Jinshan?”

Honda just finished speaking when she saw a young man appearing less than ten meters ahead.

The three of Chunyang were relieved when they saw Kimura Kazuki.

“Senior!” Chunyang looked at Kimura Kazuki pitifully.

When Kazuki and Yayoi saw Kimura Kazuki approaching, their nervousness eased. They didn’t expect to meet the fire rescue team at night…

Kimura Kazuki looked at the three or four firefighters next to Honda Ma, and had a headache. He knew that in other parts of Jinshan, there might also be firefighters searching and rescuing.

“Who are you?” Honda was a little stunned, looking at Kimura Kazuki who came on foot, with deep doubts in his eyes, “Are you two companions?”

“Yes…” Kimura Kazuki nodded.

Honda looked at Kimura Kazuki solemnly and pointed at Chunyang and the three of them, “I’ve been watching them all the time, but I haven’t seen them contact anyone.”

Kimura and Shu did not expect each other to be so attentive.


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