The Sword Deity in Tokyo Chapter 287: No solution is foolproof


In just one day, Sakagami Samurai and Sakagami Yuta died one after another.

This made the village chief Sakagami start to panic. Just like the other villagers thought, this must be the devil’s revenge.

A year ago, they broke the seal of the Demon God, but they didn’t see the Demon God. They were angry, thinking that the so-called demon gods were deceived by their ancestors. But after calming down, he also knew that maybe the devil ran away after they broke the seal.

After all, the curse on them is absolutely real. No one is afraid of the day, living on blood, and can only be active at night

Even if there is a genetic mutation, it is impossible for the whole village to be like this.

So Sakagami Taro is imminent to get rid of the curse, but tomorrow is the time to get rid of the curse, so he will not allow any more dead people these two days.

Because of removing the curse, everyone in the village needs to donate blood to activate the recorded formation. The more blood, the better the effect. Now everyone in Sakagami Village is precious.

Before Sakagami Taro always wanted Kimura and Shu and others to leave quickly. Naturally, he didn’t want to expose Sakagami’s curse. He was afraid that these people would reveal it. But just seeing the shocking speed of Kimura Kazuki on Yundao Mountain, and disappeared from their eyes in a blink of an eye, Taro Sakagami knew that these people were not ordinary people. But really powerful people.

Now that the Demon God is taking revenge, the people of Sakagami Village have nothing to do. And getting rid of the curse is imminent, suddenly dead people, obviously the devil wants to stop them. Then they naturally let the devil succeed.

Soon, Taro Sakagami went to the house to comfort him, and he was also a little concerned when he looked at the human skin on the ground.

Afterwards, Taro Sakagami brought Kimura Kazuki and his party to his home.

Although Taro Sakagami is the head of the village, his house is not magnificent, but the houses of other villagers are the same. Because of the curse of Sakagami Village, even if the people of Sakagami Village can be admitted to famous universities, they will not be able to stand out in the big city. Because the villagers of Sakashang Village are in a very poor condition during the day, if they are under the sun, they will easily faint.

Can’t go to work normally during the day, how can the company want such a person. And basically no one in Sakagami Village can have good grades. Because the day is the time to study, how can it be possible to study in the case of poor physical condition.

Therefore, even if Sakagami Village is developing, it will not develop. been in a state of poverty.

Taro Sakagami greeted everyone to sit down. He didn’t even greet him. Time was running out. He said straight to the point, “What do you want to know.”

Kimura Kazuki and Kamojo looked at each other, and he said, “About the curse.”

Taro Sakagami nodded when he heard the words. He was mentally prepared, and now he couldn’t hide it. After all, the villagers talked in a low voice and revealed some things. Others obviously did not mean to hide, and he also knew what everyone thought. I am under the pressure of curses every day, and now there are outsiders to investigate the situation, regardless of whether Kimura, Shu and others are good or bad, but there is still a glimmer of hope in the end.

According to the thoughts of many villagers, they want Kimura and Shu and others to help. After all, no matter how bad the situation is, how bad can it go? If the curse cannot be lifted, what is the difference between them and life as death

It’s just that he and Grandma Sakagami kept pressing him, so everyone didn’t have contact with Kimura Kazuki and the others. Now that two people have died in one day, everyone’s mood has obviously fluctuated greatly.

Thinking, Taro Sakagami sighed, he was silent for a while, and then slowly said, “The curse of Sakagami Village can be traced back to our ancestor Sakagami Tamura Maro.”

Following Taro Sakagami’s explanation, Kimura and Shu and others also learned about Sakagami’s curse.

In the era of Sakagami Tamura Maro, Ezo, which is now Hokkaido. Ezo at that time often rebelled against the government.

Emperor Huanwu began a massive crusade against Ezo during his reign, and the battle did not go well at first. It wasn’t until the same emperor extended his calendar when he took his eldest brother, Maru, as the general to conquer the barbarians, and things began to improve. Maro, the eldest companion, did not have any skills himself, but his subordinate Sakagami Tamura Maro fought bravely, smashed Ezo, and pacified the Ou area in one fell swoop.

However, what everyone doesn’t know is that Sakagami Tamura Maro was promoted to the general of the expedition for 20 years, and when he conquered Ezo for the second time, he encountered a man with magical methods who could not be killed. enemy.

“Can’t kill” He Maosheng couldn’t help asking, “Is the record true?”

Hearing this, Taro Sakagami looked at Kamo Shoda with dissatisfaction, “Of course it’s true, this is an event recorded in the essays of our ancestors. It was written by our ancestors and has been preserved to this day.”

“Perhaps this demon was sealed because it couldn’t be killed.” Kimura Kazuki said indifferently, “Of course, it is also possible that Sakagami Tamura Maro did not find the correct way to destroy the demon, or his strength was not enough.”

Seeing Kamo-san’s apologetic smile, Taro Sakagami snorted, and when he heard Kazuki Kimura’s words, he couldn’t help but nodded, “Our village also has this kind of speculation that this undead enemy is called the Demon God by the ancestors. The Demon God. There are also a few records of the form of the demon. According to the ancestors, the form of this demon is in a cloudy state, and any physical attack has no effect on the demon. At that time, because of this demon, the ancestor also invited a powerful Onmyoji, Neither side could do anything to the other, and in the end, the ancestors took the risk and sealed the demon god.”


“So after this the people of Sakagami Village are cursed”

“Yes” Taro Sakagami wondered a little, “but the experience of the ancestors in danger was not recorded in the essay. Otherwise, we might be able to understand the situation at that time.”

Chun Yang, who was silent on the side, suddenly said, “Then how do you know how to get rid of the curse? I came all the way and listened to many villagers discussing that you will hold a ceremony to get rid of the curse tomorrow.”

Sakagami Taro suddenly laughed when he heard this. The wrinkled face showed deep self-deprecation, “There is no way to get rid of the curse. There is no way to get rid of the curse. Sakagami Village is not only our generation, but also many village chiefs from the previous generations held the ceremony to get rid of the curse. , but they all failed. Tomorrow’s ceremony, whether the curse can be removed, also has a question mark.”

But he is the mayor of the village. He must stand up and tell everyone with confidence that the ritual to remove the curse will be successful. Otherwise, how can the people in the village be united? Many villagers are numb, and if they don’t gain confidence, it is estimated that they will not participate, because the previous generations failed too many times.

“How did you learn about the ritual to remove the curse?”

The so-called ritual is just a method, and the method cannot always be conjured out of thin air.

“Found at Cloud Island Shrine.”

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