The Sword Deity in Tokyo Chapter 285: The Demon God is taking revenge!


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Just as Kamo-san and Sakagami Taro were arguing and stalemate, within ten minutes, someone anxiously went up the mountain, and before anyone arrived, a voice was heard.

“Liang Liangping, why are you still here? Yutai Yutai is dead”

The voice has a strong cry, and in this dark night, there is a feeling of cuckoo crying in the sharp and careful emotions.

Hearing this voice, everyone present groaned. Especially the villager named Liangping, his body swayed even more, he panicked and led the way, “What’s going on, what’s going on?” He turned to look at his wife, and directly pulled the other party, his arms burst with blue veins, Obviously, his heart was shaken. The next moment, he reacted, “going home”

After all, I don’t care what’s going on here, I went down the mountain with a pale face, faster than my wife. The people behind can’t catch up.

And the people present saw this scene, and the air was cold at night

“The devil must be the devil”

“The devil has really been lurking around us, and now it’s starting to hurt people”

“I knew it and I knew that the Demon God should not have been released in the first place.”

“It seems that when the seal was broken, the devil escaped, but none of us knew about it”

“Stop arguing”

At this time, Taro Sakagami looked at the chaotic scene at the scene, knocked on his crutches, and shouted, perhaps too loudly, and he couldn’t help coughing violently. If someone hadn’t helped him soothe his back, he would have barely been out of breath. Come on.

However, Taro Sakagami has no majesty at all. In this cursed village, everyone is equal. The village chief is only chosen by everyone to manage the affairs. Usually, everyone will listen to it, but in this situation, everyone will not care at all.

Some people are also worried about the situation at home, and have already started to go down the mountain and rush home. Obviously, there was an accident at Liangping’s house, and they were also worried that their wife and children would also have an accident.

Especially the remarks just now made everyone feel uneasy and worried.

The Demon God is taking his revenge.

After a while, there were only a few villagers left on the mountain. Taro Sakagami looked at the situation in front of him and almost died of anger. But he also knew in his heart that the curse of Sakagami Village had always been a big mountain in their hearts, and now someone died. Although he didn’t know how he died, it was obviously not an ordinary accident to see the anxious and frightened appearance of Lianghei’s wife.

Thinking about it, his heart is also not good.

Kimura Kazuki wanted to follow him down the mountain. He looked at He Maosheng.

Seeing this, He Maosheng took a step forward, with a deep worry on his face, “Brother Taro, there is an accident in the village, it may be about the devil. Why don’t we go down the mountain and have a look, we will come as a group. Sakagami Village is here for Yundao Shrine, and now there is a possibility that the demons will be in trouble, so go down the mountain early to check and be prepared.”

“No, you can leave quickly” Taro Sakagami couldn’t care about his son’s death at this time. The curse of Sakagami village has been very light on life and death for generations. Even if his son died, it would be released sooner. Compared with the curse, perhaps death is a kind of luck and can not be tortured by the curse.

And if outsiders know about the curse of Sakagami Village, if it is exposed, it will be the real disaster. At that time, the news media reported that their Sakagami village would be exposed to the public, and people would observe them as monkeys. The most important thing is that there must be some laboratory to dissect them. At that time, Sakagami Village could only be regarded as an experiment, which was even more terrifying than a curse.

Kimura Kazuki frowned deeply. Judging from the current situation, the village chief in front of him is obviously hiding something. Wanting them to leave the village early, and someone just died, also shows that the village is at a critical moment. If I hadn’t checked it earlier, I would have missed the opportunity, and I would have let the so-called Demon God run away.

When the interruption is continuous, it will be chaotic.

He knew he had to be decisive now, and although he seemed a bit domineering, he couldn’t care less.

Thinking, he said blankly, “We were sent by the shrine administration to investigate Yundao Shrine. Since the matter of Sakagami Village is related to Yundao Shrine, it is within the scope of our investigation, even if we If we want to leave, it is estimated that the government will not agree. Even if we leave, other people will come over.”

“I don’t believe you” Taro Sakagami said with a sneer, the top priority is to let these people leave in front of him. As for whether there will be other people coming later, it is not within his scope of consideration. After all, the ceremony to lift the curse will be held in the next two days, and Sakagami Village will be reborn no matter whether it is successful or not.

But Kimura and Shu are too lazy to pay attention to each other, and say everything they say. If he really left, wouldn’t it be a waste of time.

And Kimura Kazuki didn’t lie either, the matter of Yundao Shrine must be resolved, otherwise once he and He Maosheng leave, the ghost Fuming Palace will definitely send other Onmyoji over in two days. If the other onmyoji come over and be chased away, do you need to investigate? It is estimated that the ghost Fuming Palace will eventually force Sakagami Village to cooperate.

Thinking of this, Kimura Kazuki didn’t talk to Sakagami Taro, he flashed and disappeared in front of and rushed towards Yamashita Sakagami Village.

Looking at Kimura Kazuki who disappeared in front of everyone in an instant, everyone was stunned, a little disbelieving.

Sakagami Taro couldn’t help shivering, “he he”

He thought that these onmyoji were ordinary people just like the Onmyoji of Yundao Shrine, but Kimura and Shu disappeared in front of his eyes in a blink of an eye. This speed is obviously not ordinary people.

He Maosheng was stunned for a moment, and then saw the surrounding Sakagami villagers looking at them with a little shock, and couldn’t help but smile and said, “The demon **** of Yundao Shrine broke the seal, and we are here for this. If Sakagami Village understands anything, You can let us know. In this way, we can deal with the demon as soon as possible, so that Sakagami Village will not live under the huge pressure of the demon.”

Originally, He Maosheng didn’t want to tell the people of Sakagami Village about the Demon God, but just now those villagers shouted the Demon God in fear. Obviously, they may know more than they do. It is not just that the Demon God broke the seal as a legend. Look. But on second thought, the onmyoji and witches of Yundao Shrine were chosen by Sakagami Village. Even if the people in Sakagami Village are ignorant, they should still understand the things that are closely related to them.

Then before, Grandma Sakagami told them that these were all feudal superstitions, and what was the matter? One person disappeared and one person died in just one day, which made her uneasy, and did not notice He Maosheng’s meaningful eyes.

He Maosheng is not in a hurry to go down the mountain. With Kimura and Shu following him, he believes that the other party should be able to understand everything he understands.

For Kimura Kazuki, He Maosheng still has confidence. Judging from the understanding along the way, the other party is not just a reckless man who only knows how to cultivate.

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