The Sword Deity in Tokyo Chapter 279: It’s all feudal superstition


When Kimura Kazuki and Kamo-san descended the mountain and came to Sakagami Village, they found that there was no one in Sakagami Village, but in the fields on the left and right, there were many people cutting wheat with sickles.

This scene gives a dark humor. The two looked at each other with a sense of absurdity.

Although…it’s almost certainly the season for wheat to ripen, but when is it?

At seven or eight o’clock in the evening, the whole village does not light the lights, but is harvesting wheat here? This…

The two stood for two full minutes before Kimura and Shu slowly said, “Your Excellency He Mao, do you know what’s going on?”

He Maosheng shook his head and said with a wry smile, “This is the first time I’ve seen someone reaping wheat at night…and I observed it and found that although Banshang Village was pitch-dark, these villagers were walking on the ground. Has night vision.”

Kimura Kazuki nodded. He just observed it. He originally thought that these people were being controlled. But he clearly saw that these villagers were reaping the wheat and communicating with each other. Obviously it is clear thinking, not like a puppet.

“Alas, Kimura-kun, Grandpa Kamo!”

The two stood here for a few minutes, just about to find someone to ask what was going on. But when they heard a surprised voice coming from the side, the two turned their heads and saw that it was Otome Sakagami.

He Maosheng instantly showed a kind smile, “Little Otome, we just came down from the mountain and wanted to ask for something to eat, but…” He pointed to this scene, and said a bit absurdly, “What’s going on in Sakagami Village? ?”

Sakagami Otome’s bright eyes kept looking at Kimura Kazuki, and after reacting, she said a little embarrassedly, “Ah… What did you just say, Grandpa He Mao, there are too many people here, I didn’t hear it clearly.”

Sacred Heart Kamo sighed at the charm of Kimura Kazuki, and then repeated it.

“Oh…this, I actually don’t know.” Sakagami Otome scratched her head and said, “Since I can remember, Sakagami Village has had this custom. When the wheat is ripe, it must be harvested at night. And the whole Sakagami Village, In the past, it was all night activities. In fact, I was very curious. Before I left the village, I thought that the wheat was harvested at night.”

“Didn’t you ask your parents?” Kazuki Kimura asked.

Sakagami Otome shyly said, “I remember asking when I was a child, but my parents seem to have answered me, but I forgot, and I didn’t ask when I grew up… And everyone is used to it, I guess it is in the village custom.”

This custom is scary enough.

If people from outside came in and saw the people of Sakagami Village harvesting wheat at night, they would be scared to death. There is a sense of the absurdity of a **** picture scroll.

Without waiting for the two to speak, Otome Sakagami smiled and said, “Kimura-kun, Grandpa Hemo, you are all hungry, I just got home, my mother cooked a lot of dishes, and there is a lot left, do you want to bring some food to the mountain? What are you eating?” Seeing the suspicious expressions of the two, Sakagami Otome quickly said, “It was an uncle of mine who saw you going up the mountain, so I think you should come to investigate the problem of Yundao Shrine.”

Kimura Kazuki and Kamo-san didn’t speak, they all nodded.

The two followed Otome Sakagami, Kimura Kazuki looked at the people around Sakagami Village, and he suddenly asked, “Why is there no one in Sakagami Village during the day?”

He thought that when he came here at noon today, except for an old man who greeted Otome Sakagami, there was no one in the other house, and it was dead. When He Maosheng heard this question, he also reacted and felt very strange.

“Because they’re all sleeping.” Otome Sakagami gave Kimura Kazuki a strange look, “If you don’t sleep during the day, you won’t have the energy to cut wheat at night.”

It makes sense, and the two were speechless for a moment.

Soon, the two came to Otome Sakagami’s house.

“Otome, why did you come back so soon.” As soon as they entered the door, before looking around, Kimura Kazuki heard an elderly voice. The next moment, the three of them saw an old grandmother with a cane appearing from the darkness. If it were an ordinary person, it would be frightened to death.

“Grandma, it’s Kimura-kun and Grandpa Kamo that I told you during the day.”

“Oh, it’s them. Are you hungry? There’s still food in the cupboard. Bring it to them.”

“Okay.” Sakagami Otome happily responded and went to the back kitchen.

“Take a chair and sit by yourself, don’t be restrained.” Grandma Sakagami looked at the two with a wide-eyed smile and said, “No outsiders have come in in the village for a long time. You should come here for the problem of Yundao Shrine.”

Kimura Kazuki and He Maosheng randomly found a stool and sat down. Hearing this question, Kimura Kazuki did not speak. He used his spiritual sense to sense the house, intending to see if there was anything unusual. In the past, he would not do this, because it was not polite, but Sakagami Village was really weird to him.

You know, people yearn for the light. Sleeping during the day and working at night is really counterintuitive. After all, do some daily necessities go out to buy at night? And Sakagami Village is the closest town by bus…and there is no reason for the bus to be used at next to Kamo Sheng saw that Kimura and Shu didn’t speak, he laughed, “Yeah, we are here to investigate. I am the Onmyoji of the Kyoto Shrine Authority. The Yunshima Shrine is a shrine with records in the authority, so the Yunshima Shrine was destroyed, we must investigate it clearly.”

Hearing this, Kimura and Shu glanced at each other.

Shrine Authority? Why hadn’t he heard it. It seems that He Maosheng also has a set of lies when he tells lies.

“The shrine administration? Are you from the government?” Grandma Sakagami obviously didn’t know what this administration was, but the other party said that he came to investigate the shrine. In his opinion, it was from the government. Otherwise, who would be so idle? Bored to visit Sakagami Village?

“Almost.” He Maosheng nodded, “Sakagami-sama, do you know about Yundao Shrine?”

Grandma Sakagami was obviously quite happy when she heard the name of Sister Sakagami. She smiled and said, “I know a little about this. I heard that the Yundao Shrine on the mountain is suppressing a demon. But now Yundao Shrine has been destroyed, It should be the Demon God who broke the seal, right?”

Hearing this, Kimura and Shu felt tight. He Maosheng also looked at Grandma Sakagami, he wondered, “The devil broke the seal, aren’t you nervous?”

“What are we nervous about? Aren’t these all feudal superstitions? I grew up listening to this story when I was a child, and I didn’t see anything magical about the Onmyoji of Yundao Shrine.” After speaking, Grandma Sakagami suddenly thought of What, laughed, “You won’t believe it.”

He Maosheng and Kimura Kazuki looked at each other, quite speechless.

They were so serious, but Grandma Sakagami was joking.

“What are you talking about, grandma? Are you so happy?” Sakagami Otome came out with the food at this time. Seeing this situation, she couldn’t help but be curious.

“We are talking about Yundao Shrine.”


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