The Sword Deity in Tokyo Chapter 272: The realm above the Great Onmyoji!


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The next day, Kimura Kazuki and his party bid farewell to Fukuyama Fumi, the current head of the Fukuyama family.

He Maosheng said regretfully, “Patriarch Fukuyama, are you really not going to come with us?”

Fukuyama Wen said apologetically, “Sir He Mao, I’m very sorry. The Fukuyama family has received a commission from the ghost Fuming Palace and has other important things.”

Although He Maosheng regretted it, he did not force it.

After arriving at the torii, the white cat reappeared and said goodbye to everyone.

After seeing Kimura Kazuki and his party leaving from a distance, the white cat jumped and came directly to Fukuyama Fumi.

“The first adults.”

The white cat nodded, his glass ball-like eyes, with curiosity, “What reward did Your Excellency Kimura give you?” The reason why he came here was that he was summoned by Fukuyama.

Hearing the words, Fukuyama took a deep breath. With excitement, he picked up the mahogany box on the table and slowly opened it.

The white cat looked puzzled, “Talisman”

What caught the white cat’s eyes was a talisman. The whole talisman was bright yellow, and the whole body was filled with unknown thin red lines. He knew it should be drawn by a talisman. No matter how you look at it, this is an ordinary talisman.

“The first generation of adults, this talisman is called the Lightning Talisman.” Fukuyama was almost old, but his expression was excited at this time. Thinking of the power of this Lightning Talisman, his blood swelled up, and he was obviously not excited. talisman, can easily kill a great onmyoji”

“Yeah” Bai Mao subconsciously wondered, the next moment, his complexion changed drastically, staring at Fukuyama Wen, “What you said is true”

In Japan there is no clear hierarchy of Onmyoji, there are only two grades, Onmyoji and Great Onmyoji.

Like He Maosheng, as the head of the He Mao family, he is the Great Onmyoji.

He Maosheng’s ancestor is Yi Xiaojiao, whose full name is He Mao Yijun Xiaojiao.

Perhaps many people don’t know who He Maoyejun Xiaojiao is, but they must know Abe Seimei, the famous Japanese onmyoji.

And Abe Seimei’s master is He Mao Zhongxing, and He Mao Yujun Xiaojiao is the ancestor of He Mao Zhongxing.

The Hemo family has a history of over a thousand years.

He Maosheng has a profound background, has a blood-borne Jian Mingtong, and the shikigami he masters is extremely powerful, so he has the title of the Great Onmyoji, which is a strength recognized by all of Japan.

He Maosheng is known as the modern Abe Seimei, and in the Japanese cultivation world, it can be said that everyone knows it.

But now Fukuyama Wen told him that this lightning charm can easily kill a great onmyoji. This is definitely not a joke

If Fukuyama Wen was not the owner of the Fukuyama family, the white cat would probably have kicked him.

There are only about seven onmyoji in modern Japan. Of course, in addition to the seven Great Onmyoji, there are also powerful witches, some of whom are no worse than the Great Onmyoji.

“It’s true” Fukuyama Wen was so excited that he forgot to add his honorific title before speaking. He picked up the lightning talisman in front of him with trembling hands and said solemnly, “First-generation Patriarch, you also know that when you cultivate to the point of In the high realm, if there is an irresistible attack, there will be a sense of crisis in my heart. Now I will use this lightning charm on you, the first generation of adults.”

After speaking, Fukuyama Wen held the Lightning Talisman in his hand, targeting the white cat with killing intent.

At the moment when Fukuyama Wen finished speaking, the white cat was covered in fur, and a life-and-death crisis suddenly emerged from his heart. Fear filled his mind, making him dare not move. A strong and dangerous lock made his heart pound. It was obvious that he could appear anywhere in Fukuyama Shrine as long as he thought about it, but at this moment, he felt in his heart that even if he appeared elsewhere, he might not be able to escape the lock of this lightning charm.

The attack of this talisman can only be avoided unless you dodge quickly at the moment when the lightning talisman is released.

Seeing the strangeness of the first-generation patriarch, Fukuyama gently put down the lightning charm in front of him.

The next moment, the white cat swayed and let out a small breath, he said in shock, “My current strength is only a little worse than that of the Great Onmyoji, but I have a trembling emotion in the face of this talisman. This talisman”

Of course, the white cat also knows. Although his strength is almost the same as that of the Great Onmyoji, the Great Onmyoji also has Shikigami, and he is definitely not as good as those Great Onmyoji in a real fight. But even so, his strength can be ranked among the top in Japan. If he cooperates with Fukuyama Wen, even if his strength is not as good as the overall strength of the Great Onmyoji, he can still do it if he wants to leave safely. Otherwise, Fukuyama Shrine How can you be famous in Japan

However, even so, under this talisman, he has a kind of life-and-death crisis.

“Can you draw this talisman”

The talisman is also the way of life for Onmyoji and witches. As an Onmyoji, if you don’t know how to draw talismans, then don’t call yourself an Onmyoji.

But Fukuyama Wen smiled wryly and shook his head, “It’s a pity for the first generation of the patriarch. The lightning charm is not something we can draw at this stage, and no one in Japan can even draw it.”

The white cat is puzzled, “Impossible.”

“The first generation of adults, you can feel it yourself.” Fukuyama put the lightning charm in front of the first generation of the patriarch.

The white cat didn’t touch it, the spiritual energy in his body swirled around inside the talisman, as if he felt something, a cat’s face changed and changed like an emoji, he took a deep breath, “This energy is not ours. One level.” The next moment, he thought of something, “Has Your Excellency Kimura broken through the shackles?”

Are there any other realms above the Great Onmyoji? No one knows, but now the Great Onmyoji in Japan all feel that there must be a higher realm above the Great Onmyoji. Otherwise, they are striving to become stronger, and they are doing useless work.

The white cat wasn’t sure about it, but now this lightning charm lets him know that there must be a higher realm above the Great Onmyoji.

Thinking of this, the white cat couldn’t help but get excited.

A higher realm is the pursuit of countless onmyoji. There are many onmyoji in Japan, and the highest realm is just the great onmyoji

Why there is such a thing as a shikigami? This is because in ancient times, many great onmyoji could not see higher expectations, so they used alternative cultivation methods to transform ghosts into shikigami and improve their combat power , to defend the shrine and defend the family.

But now a talisman reveals a higher realm.

“Let this talisman be handled by the ghost Fuming Palace.” Thinking of something, the white cat couldn’t help but resolutely said, “Although our Fukuyama Shrine is powerful, if we study it ourselves, it must be very slow. The energy in Zhang Fulu is related to a higher and stronger realm, and can only be researched by brainstorming. And there are a large number of researchers in the Fuming Palace of the gods and ghosts, maybe they can find a way to a higher level.”

Fukuyama Wen’s lips twitched. As the head of the Fukuyama family, he was selfish. He felt that this talisman, even if the Fukuyama family was slow to study, would give them a few years, ten years, even hundreds or generations. They can also study it over time.

And as long as it is researched, the Fukuyama family may be able to truly rise.

But Bai Mao was the first-generation owner of the Fukuyama family founded by the other party, and he did not dare to disobey his orders.

“With this talisman, our Fushan family may be able to become the core of the gods and ghosts Fuming Palace.”

Hearing this, Fukuyama Wen’s heart was shocked, and for a moment he realized in his heart, and bowed slightly, “Yes”

“And in the future, don’t provoke Your Excellency Kimura. If possible, you must climb up the relationship with each other.”


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