The Sword Deity in Tokyo Chapter 269: This is your mother


Hearing this, the white cat nodded with a smile, “Since it was requested by Your Excellency Kimura, the Fukuyama Shrine will naturally open the door for convenience.”

Kimura Kazuki has already told He Maosheng about this, and He Maosheng naturally agreed to help Kimura Kazushu as a lobbyist. In fact, according to He Maosheng, with the current strength and reputation of Kimura Kazuki, I am afraid that the white cat will not refuse to come to Fukuyama Shrine by himself.

However, Kimura Kazuki had to prepare for the final exam before, so he didn’t have time to come to Kyoto. And if you want to activate the power of blood, you need to prepare some things. In addition, He Maosheng was already in Kyoto ahead of time, so let He Maosheng do a little favor.

So the white cat also knew the purpose of Kimura and the tree very early.

And Chun Yang next to him is stunned. What activates the bloodline power and integrates the shikigami? So fantastic! And they are talking here, why can’t those passers-by see or hear it? This mysterious scene surprised her. It also allowed her to witness another scene in this world.

Thinking, she couldn’t help but smile.

Shori Chiba, looks like I’m one step ahead.

As an ordinary person, the other party probably doesn’t know much about the mysterious side of the senior, right?

But even though she thought so, she didn’t dare to make a sound, she didn’t dare to speak, she could only maintain a cute look, which made people laugh.

He Maosheng next to Kimura and Shu, whispered, “Your Excellency, haven’t you told her yet?” Judging from Chunyang’s expression, the other party obviously didn’t know what to do next.

Kimura Kazuki shook his head.

Kimura Kazuki wanted to talk about it, but when he told Sakura Jiu Furuhashi about it, the other party agreed. But he didn’t want to meet Chunyang, and said he would wait until the time. It’s dragged on for so long. In fact, he also knows Guqiao Yingjiu’s psychology, I am afraid that he is not ready to meet his daughter, and he does not know how to face Chunyang.

Although I met my daughter in a ghost state, I also said a lot of sweet things in my dreams. But it was the first time to meet in reality, and Guqiao Yingjiu’s mood was naturally complicated.

Soon five people and one cat entered the Fukuyama Shrine.

Fukuyama Shrine is very large, otherwise it would not be able to support so many people. The overall architecture of Fukuyama Shrine is mainly red and white. The overall tone is serious and solemn, but also a little relaxed.

When stepping into the Fukuyama Shrine, an old man with a ruddy face in hunting clothes stepped forward and greeted him respectfully. He looked at the white cat, lowered his head and said respectfully, “The first generation of adults.”

The white cat nodded lightly, “The distinguished guest will be handed over to you to receive.” After saying hello, he said hello to everyone, and then gently disappeared in front of everyone.

Other people looked as usual, only Chunyang looked surprised. After coming to Fukuyama Shrine, all this was curious to her.

Because it was noon, it was also time for lunch, so Fukuyama Wen took everyone to the back of the shrine, which is the Fukuyama family, and entertained everyone.

During the period, everyone had a great conversation, and Fukuyama Wen didn’t ask He Maosheng and Kimura Kazuki what they were doing in Kyoto. After lunch, He Maosheng took his grandchildren to the guest room to rest.

Fukuyama Wen brought Kimura Kazuki and Chuno to a room.

“This is the blood chamber. We have all the materials ready. If you want to fuse the shikigami, you just need to activate the formation with spiritual power, which is safe, efficient and fast.”

Hearing this, Chunyang thought he was a salesman if he didn’t know the identity of the other party.


“It’s fine.” Fukuyama Fumi smiled gently, “If you have anything, you can call me anytime.”

Speaking, Fukuyama Wen left.

Then Kimura and Shu saw Chunyang looking at him in confusion. He took Chunyang into the blood room, and then he let him out regardless of Guqiao Yingjiu’s disagreement.

Furuhashi Sakurajiu has been staying in Sun Moon Sword before, although the other party is claustrophobic, but Yunzi is also in Sun Moon Sword, so when there are people, Guqiao Sakurajiu will not be very afraid.

And now, as soon as Guqiao Sakurajiu appeared, Chunyang saw it. Her bright eyes went from confusion to shock in just an instant, and her mouth even subconsciously said, “This is…”

“This is your mother.”

Hearing the senior’s answer, Chunyang’s breathing was a little short. Of course she knew it was her mother, but…but…

And Guqiao Yingjiu also stayed on the spot. Didn’t she say that she had to wait when she saw her daughter? Why did Kimura Kazuki let her out so naked?

Seeing that the two were speechless, Kimura and Shu didn’t bother them either. He silently backed out, closed the door, and let the two have a good chat first.

This chat… just a few hours.

When Furuhashi Sakurajiu took Chunyang’s hand out, he saw Kimura Kazuki standing outside.

This guy won’t stand for hours, will he?

Hearing the movement, Kimura Kazuki turned around and looked at Sakurajiu Furuhashi’s face was nothing strange. After all, she had been seeing her daughter in a dream before, and now she just recognized her.

On the other hand, there were still two tear marks on Chun Yang’s face, obviously she had cried, and judging from the degree of redness and swelling of her eyes, she was crying fiercely.

As soon as she went out, Chunyang looked at Kimura Kazuhi with a grateful face, “Thank you, senior, I heard from my mother, you found her!” She had a lot of thanks to say, but when she saw the senior After that, I didn’t know what to say, so I could only keep thanking.

Kimura and Shu calmly accepted the thanks, he laughed, “You’re welcome. But you should have a lot of doubts when you mother and daughter meet.”

“Yeah!” Chunyang nodded heavily. Furuhashi Sakurajiu next to her has no doubts. Kimura and Shu have already told her before, but she has not yet told Chunyang in the house.

Kimura Kazuki pondered for a while, but did not tactfully, but said straight to the point, “You have been practicing kendo for a short time, so I want your mother to be your shikigami. What do you think?”

At this moment, Chunyang suddenly realized, she cautiously said, “Then will this be bad for my mother?”

“Of course not.” Kimura Kazuki said with a smile, “If there were, I wouldn’t bring you here.” He was able to bring Chunyang over because of the fusion of shikigami, there are only advantages, no disadvantages! Otherwise, he would definitely discuss with Chunyang early.

When Chunyang was brought here, Guqiao Yingjiu knew that the fusion of shikigami could greatly improve Chunyang’s strength and her own abilities, so Guqiao Yingjiu agreed for her daughter.

This is a good opportunity to stay with my daughter instead of staying in the Sun Moon Sword in the future. As a mother, Guqiao Yingjiu naturally prefers to stay by her daughter’s side.


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