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A few days later, after the final exam. The whole teaching building was filled with cheers.

The sound of chirping can be heard incessantly.

The final exam is over, and in a few days after the teachers have finished changing the exam papers, it’s summer vacation. During the long vacation of more than one month, as long as the students will have a feeling of relaxation both physically and mentally.

And Chunyang came to the kendo club early, and not long after, Kimura Kazuki also came to the kendo club. After saying hello to the members, Kimura Kazuki approached Chunyang.

“What’s the matter with the senior?” Chunyang was both happy and apprehensive when Kimura Kazuki took the initiative to find him.

With what she knows about the senior, the senior has never taken the initiative to find a girl. At least in Sakurajiu High School, there is no such phenomenon.

Of course this is what Xia Wei told her.

At noon, Chunyang received a message from the senior and asked him to wait for him at the Kendo Club.

She originally thought that the senior wanted to know how their exams went, but now it seems that the senior is looking for herself alone, obviously not because of the final exam.

“What are your plans for the summer vacation?” Kazuki Kimura asked straight to the point.

Chun Yang opened her mouth and almost said that she was going to a cram school during the summer vacation, but she stopped immediately. If anyone else asked her, she would have said so. But the senior asked her, which made her feel flustered. She touched her hair helplessly, obviously not ready, and her tone was a little flustered, “I don’t have any plans for summer vacation.”

“Would you like to go to Kyoto with me”

“Ah” Chun Yang looked at the senior in surprise, she didn’t expect happiness to come so suddenly, “Can I travel to Kyoto?” She said, bowing her head slightly, slightly shy, “Senior, is it just the two of us? I’m not ready yet.”

Kimura and Shu shook their heads slightly, “It’s not that someone asked me to deal with a matter. If you want to go, I can take you with me.”

The recent affairs have made Kimura Kazuki feel exhausted. There are too many things in succession, and he can’t be cloned, so he thought about whether to form a small organization, not many people, at most ten people. The reason why the Combat Section of the Spiritual Monastery in the previous life was a team of five was because everyone had different functions and divided labor and cooperated to handle things.

In the future, when he is dealing with a matter, even if there is an emergency, he can leave it to others to deal with.

The most important thing is that there are too many people and they are scattered. The chance of encountering a soul body is even greater. If the other solutions cannot be solved, you can find him completely. When he is finished, he can also divide the spiritual energy equally.

Like now, he is the only one to search for the soul body, and there is a feeling of luck. And even if he finds a good ghost, if the opponent’s obsession is a field he is not good at, he will be blinded.

Yuriko’s obsession is a coincidence that Chiba Shiori helps. If you let him deal with it, he is probably going crazy. Because he can’t write novels

And if you set up a small organization, if you encounter a good ghost in the future, you can also hand over the obsessions that you don’t understand to others. This idea arose when Chiba Shiori asked him to set up a website for removing spirits, and Kimura and Shu have always kept it in mind. And now, he is ready to actually implement it.

He’s all set.

If Chunyang wants to, he will be counted as one of the other party.

Other candidates, he has roughly the same number.

Ito Shi, Jingshan Kuro, Saito Tomoya, Tsukahara Yuma, Tsukahara Kazuki, Momoi Yayoi, in addition to these people, there is his student Yagyu Shizui. Lastly, add another Chiba Shiori.

Although Chiba Shiori is not a monk, she has a high IQ. Kimura Kazuki estimates that the combined IQs of Ito Shi and others are not as high as Chiba Shiori, and Chiba Shiori can completely become the think tank or commander of the small team.

Although the cultivation bases of people like Itoshi are low, in this era when the spiritual energy has not recovered, they generally have the level of foundation building, and the younger generation can become geniuses.

According to Huaxia’s statement, Idongshi and these people are the eldest sons of each family, and they will become the head of the family in the future. Kimura Kazuki is also preparing for the future. In the future, when these people inherit the position of the head of the family, his relationship network will almost spread throughout the ancient kendo world.

At that time, even if the spiritual energy really does not recover, he should be able to reach the mortal state.

As for the higher realm, it really depends on luck.

Hearing this, Chunyang breathed a sigh of relief in her heart. Although she really wanted to become the senior’s girlfriend right away, she felt it was too soon. This contradictory feeling made her nervous just now. Now the senior seems to want to take her to do something, Chunyang naturally has no objection, “No problem, senior, I’ll be there whenever you call”, she said with a look of anticipation in her eyes, “Senior, the thing to be dealt with is extraordinary. event?”

Since he realized the sword intent and bathed in dragon bone soup, Chunyang felt that the whole world was different. She could feel her own strength. In the past, she never dared to imagine that she could perform such a powerful swordsmanship as the Sunshine Swordsmanship. And how strong the senior is, she doesn’t know, maybe during the summer vacation, she will be able to witness the strength of the senior.

“Yes.” Kimura Kazuki said this, and his mood was more complicated.

Ever since he learned that Sakuraji Guqiao’s obsession will take at least four years to complete, he has made up his mind to let Sakurajiu Guqiao become Chunyang’s guardian spirit.

The reason why those monks in ancient China were able to complete the obsession of good ghosts in units of years was because of the inconvenience of transportation and communication in ancient times.

But after he crossed over, it was not a year of high school. When he started cultivating a few months ago, he probably encountered more good and evil ghosts than those of the ancient monks in their entire lives. Therefore, let Guqiao Yingjiu become Chunyang’s guardian spirit, which can greatly improve Chunyang’s combat power, and save Guqiao Yingjiu from annoying him at home every day, asking him messy questions, and when he has nothing to do. He ordered mandarin ducks.

Chun Yang obviously doesn’t know that she will be reunited with her mother soon. With excitement, she agreed with the senior for a time, and then said goodbye to the senior.

Kimura Kazuki has withdrawn from the Kendo Club. After all, he is the head of the Fengjian Club. He joined the Jade Dragon Banner just to fulfill Guqiao Sakurajiu’s obsession.

Although he now knows that Guqiao Yingjiu’s obsession will take at least four years to complete, he is satisfied with participating in the Jade Dragon Banner Competition, winning the championship, and being rewarded by the school and Guqiao’s board of directors.

Soon, Kimura Kazuki came to the gate of Mingxiu High School in Qingyu District, and then he and Chiba Shiori came to a family restaurant.

After ordering a random drink, Kazuki Kimura took out a silver ring from his pocket and put it on the table, looking at Shiori Chiba, “For you”

The moment she saw the ring, Shiori Chiba’s heart skipped a beat, but the next moment she thought of something, her mood quickly calmed down. She picked up the ring, looked at it, and asked curiously, “What does this ring do?”

“For monks, it doesn’t work. But for ordinary people, this ring can make people see ghosts and use talismans at all times.”

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