The Sword Deity in Tokyo Chapter 262: Final exam


Time flies, and in a blink of an eye it’s July.

In the early morning, Chunyang was lying on the bed when she heard the alarm from the bedside table.

The next moment, Chunyang rubbed his eyes. She sat on the bed, looking straight ahead with her eyes unfocused, and sat like that for a few minutes before she recovered. Picking up the phone, it was already 6:53 in the morning.

Yawned, Chunyang scratched her hair, and it seemed like she had a nightmare yesterday.

In recent days, Chunyang found that she no longer had dreams about her mother. Some time ago, she dreamed almost every day, and every time she dreamed of her mother, she also dreamed of the senior.

I haven’t seen my mom in my dreams recently, which makes her a little disappointed.

After getting up, get dressed and push the door out. She lives in the innermost room on the second floor, so as long as she knocks on the door in sequence, she can wake up all the other three.

“Get up, Xia Wei!”


“Get up!!” Chunyang took a deep breath, used Jingshan Qi to confluence, and made a loud voice, which was taught to her by the senior recently.

“Die, Chun Yang!”

Xia Wei’s voice came from the room, and then Chun Yang heard a bang in the door. She didn’t know whether it was Xia Wei falling to the ground or hitting the door with a pillow.

“Ahhh! Chunyang, I’m going to kill you!!”

Akino’s voice came from the door of the second room.

And the first door was suddenly opened, Donghe was wearing white pajamas, staring at Chunyang with a disheveled face, like a female ghost, she said quietly, “This will scare people to death.”

Chunyang sneered, “Today is the final exam, don’t go to bed, get up early! And you asked me to wake you up last night.” In Guqiao’s house, only Chunyang’s biological clock is the most normal, Get up before seven every day. At other times, Chunyang also asked them to get up, but not so early, mainly because today was special.

Final exam!

Hearing these four words, Qiu Nai and Xia Wei in the room suddenly shuddered.

“Is the final exam finally coming… I’ve been looking forward to it for a long time.”

“Hehe…you are looking forward to a fart, you are looking forward to summer vacation.”

“What are your plans for the summer vacation?” Donghe yawned. She slept a little late last night, mainly because she was a little excited, because “Legend of Sword and Sword” will be released in a day or two.

As the new show in July, fans of “Sword Legend” have been waiting for a long time. As for her, it’s naturally because “Legend of the Sword” has her own voice over!

This is her debut, albeit in a small role. And it’s Rachel’s daughter… Thinking of the senior Cos passing Rachel, even though it’s the younger version of Rachel, her expression is still a little weird.

“When it comes to summer vacation, of course it’s the sea!”

Hearing Xia Wei’s words, Qiu Nai sneered, “Return to the sea, do you think reality is an animation, do you go to the beach to give benefits to those stinky men in summer vacation? And didn’t we go there last year? Are you still going this year, aren’t you tired?”

Donghe poked and said, “Qiunai, don’t you just know how to swim?” When he went to the beach last year, Qiu Nai studied for a long time but didn’t learn to swim. In the end, he could only stare blankly, and the beach became the opponent’s last stubbornness.

“I’m not going this year, I’m going to the CM Comic Con! And my game is almost ready, and it will be released on Steam at that time… And before, our working group invited a book artist to let The other party draws the fan art of our game, and when the time comes, we will go to the comic exhibition to sell doujinshi and also promote the game by the way.”

“So fast?” Chun Yang was surprised, “Didn’t you ask for help from seniors earlier?”

“I don’t need it anymore.” Qiu Nai really wanted to ask Kimura Kazuki for help, mainly in terms of action design. The action designers of their team were very strict with the skills and movements of the game characters. I wanted to ask the seniors for help, but because the seniors posted a popular science video of Liusheng Feijianliu on Twitter, the video deeply explained the three basics of Liusheng Feijianliu.

The action designer of their game team was stunned after watching this video. Some time ago, they had already designed the protagonist’s skills and actions. But no matter how you look at it, there is a shadow of Liusheng Feijianliu in it.

“Are you going with Dong Dong?” Xia Wei was still looking forward to the sea.

Glancing at Xia Yiyi, Donghe shook his head and said, “I’m not going.” During the summer vacation, she was going to a cram school, she had already made up her mind to study hard, how could she waste time in the summer vacation. Thinking about it, Donghe gave Chunyang a meaningful look. Recently, Chunyang has also started to attend cram schools. I am afraid that the other party will not be able to spare time for activities during the summer vacation.

Touwa’s sense of crisis is full of danger. She not only has to compete with Chuno, but also with Chiba Shiori. The other party is now a well-known light novel writer on the Internet: Teacher Yansi. Recently, the plot of “Reading Tokyo” has climaxed one after It can be said that the light novel “Reading Tokyo” has truly become a phenomenon-level novel.

While many publishing houses and animation production companies wanted to contact Mr. Yansi, at the end of the fourth volume, Mr. Yansi sent a notice saying that he had signed a contract with Qingji Club. Therefore, “Reading Tokyo” has been stopped, and the subsequent content will be presented to you in the form of publication.

Although readers are sorry about this, they are not troubled, because this is the norm in the light novel world. If the works published on the light novel website are favored by the publishing house, they will basically not be updated, and only wait for the novel to be published.

And Qingji Club also took the opportunity to announce that the animation of “Reading Tokyo” has been put on the agenda, and the planning of the first season will focus on the first three volumes.

Although this excited readers, many readers expressed doubts about the strength of the Youth Club.

After all, Qingjishe is a new company, and it is hard for them to believe that this company will make “Dou File Tokyo” well. However, there are also many people who know Qingji Club and know that the animation of “Legend of Swords” is produced by this company. So many people are waiting for “Legend of Swords” to be released. At that time, you can guess the quality of “Reading Tokyo” from the animated “Legend of Swords”.

“Then it seems that we have to do our own thing in the summer vacation.” Chun Yang smiled, she definitely didn’t go to the seaside, she went to the seaside last year, because it was quadruplets, it was eye-catching and attracted attention. A lot of people chatted up, and it was annoying.

This summer vacation, as Donghe guessed in her heart, Chunyang has made up her mind to study hard.

She is satisfied that she has won the Jade Dragon Banner Competition.

The next step is to improve my academic performance, try my best to catch up with my seniors, and strive to be admitted to Dongda University in three years from the college entrance examination, and then become my senior’s sister.


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