The Sword Deity in Tokyo Chapter 258: 0X Night Walk


“I can’t get it, and neither can you!”

Thinking in his heart, Miyamoto Yuta had a mortal heart. He lowered his head and looked at the magic pen in his hand, his eyes crazy.

After getting some spirit pen, Miyamoto Yuta knew the function of this pen, which could bring out the animals and plants in the sketches, the characters in the fantasy, and the weapons.

However, after he had drawn some supermodel weapons, they were similar to toys, and they could not be used at all. This made him also know that the magic pen is not a manifestation of everything, but has its own abilities.

As for the characters represented by the spirit pen, they all have dull eyes, only know how to obey orders, and have no ability to think.

However, Miyamoto Yuta knows that it’s not that the stylus cannot give the characters the ability to think, but that to give the characters spirituality, the stylus itself must be sacrificed.

Thinking about it, Miyamoto Yuta tightly held the spiritual pen and looked at the special class and others and Kimura Kazuki in front of him. He was unwilling and resentful, but he also knew that he could not resist, so he could only let these people also no benefit.

Miyamoto Yuta thought in her heart, and her subordinates did not move slowly.

And at the moment when Miyamoto Yuta had a change…or a little bit of a spiritual pen change, Kimura and Shuma reacted.

However, no matter how fast Kimura and Shu reacted, it was too late.

Miyamoto Yuta absorbed the spiritual body of the spirit pen and used it for a year. This is also the reason why Kimura Kazuki took the magic pen in his hand just now, and with a move in Miyamoto Yuta’s heart, the magic pen returned to Miyamoto Yuta’s own hands. So even if Miyamoto Yuta didn’t have the ability to resist, Kimura Kazuki didn’t put away the magic pen. After all, the other party could take it back with a single thought.

In an instant, the whole bedroom ‘collapsed’, bombarded, and the sound was silent, but it shocked the heart. For a moment, everyone in the special class turned dull, including Miyamoto Yuta himself. Although Kimura Kazuki didn’t have time to stop him, he still protected Chiba Shiori next to him, and wrapped his body around him with aura, without taking a heart attack.

He calmly glanced around and found that although the people in the special class were attacked indiscriminately, the attack was not severe, but it made people temporarily incapable of action.

Just as Kimura Kazuki was protecting Chiba Shiori, the touch of the spirit brush melted away in an instant. And the stack of paintings on the table automatically without wind, the next moment the melting point of the pen turned into white rays of light, and the rays of light escaped into the paintings on the table.


Sounds of unhuman-like voices gushed from the sketch. The loud voice was extremely noisy, and there were all kinds of negative emotions in the voice, which made people irritable. It seemed to announce the return of the king, which made Kimura and Shu frown slightly.

He threw out a soundproof sign and wrapped the bedroom. In this way, no matter how loud the sound is, it will not disturb other residents.

Now Kimura doesn’t use talismans much when he’s fighting Shu, but every day he finds time to draw talismans. Fu Lu has a variety of functions. Although he has strength, sometimes strength is not the root of all problems. For example, now, although he can consume aura and isolate the sound in the room, he has to consume a lot of aura, which is not as simple as a soundproof charm.

He stared at the drawing on the table without acting rashly.

This kind of items that absorb spiritual energy and give birth to a spiritual body are collectively referred to as spiritual things.

The abilities of spirits vary. If it was in the era of spiritual qi recovery, he might still be afraid, but Miyamoto Yuta has used it for a year, and he is still so strong, which means that the spiritual pen is a harmless spiritual object.

After the cry gradually subsided, the canvas tent turned into powder with a bang, and the characters in the hundreds of drafts did not appear in the next moment, but turned into black lights, escaping in all directions in an instant. Seeing this, Kimura and Shu’s expressions changed slightly, and he reacted quickly, directly controlling the Sun Moon Sword to intercept these black lights.

These black lights are probably the creatures that screamed just now in the drawing. He still doesn’t know what it is, and naturally he can’t let these creatures escape.

Although the speed of the Sun Moon Sword is very fast, these black lights escape in all directions. He blocks forty or fifty black lights and kills them in one second… But there are still nearly a hundred black lights. He fled far away, and soon disappeared from his eyes.

“This is…”

After the Sun Moon Sword killed all the forty or fifty black lights, it also absorbed all the spiritual energy in these black lights into the body. But Kimura Kazuki was not happy, but frowned.

Have aura?

You must know that the ghosts who gathered in the house before had dull eyes and no spiritual energy in their bodies. Of course, the advantage is that these ghosts are only drawn, so they are not afraid of the sun like the spirit body.

But now the forty or fifty black lights blocked by the Sun Moon Sword are filled with spiritual energy!

Thinking, Kimura Kazuki’s eyes were deep, he came to Miyamoto Yuta, saw that the other party’s eyes were still dull, he kicked him directly, and said coldly, “Those paintings on your table are all drawn. What is it?”

Being kicked to the ground, Miyamoto Yuta came back to his senses. Instead of being angry, he laughed, “Of course it’s a hundred ghosts!”

There were more than 150 monsters in the house just now, drawn by Miyamoto Yuta this year. And after he drew it, he had a large number of backups in case these monsters were damaged and replenished immediately.

Thinking about it, Miyamoto Yuta’s mentality is very good at this time. Since he has the will to die, he has a faint smile on the corner of his mouth. Even if he dies, he will die with dignity. This year, he has enjoyed everything he should have enjoyed, and he laughed and said, “After the spirit pen dissolves, all the energy inside is used for the spirit. And the creatures that manifest at the cost of the sacrifice of the spirit pen are all Growing and self-conscious.”

At this time, Section Chief Mitani also came back to his senses. Although he was mute just now, he still heard what Miyamoto Yuta said. His face was ashen, “Hundred ghosts?”

“That’s right, these monsters will follow the setting of the legend, and there will definitely be many people killed all over the country…” Miyamoto Yuta saw that Kimura Kazuki’s face was expressionless, he was a little disappointed, he was very disappointed. Wanting to see the other party’s angry look, he continued, “And these monsters have energy in their bodies, and their strength is much stronger than the monsters in my house just now.”

This guy is crazy.

At this moment, this thought appeared in everyone’s mind.

Kimura Kazuki didn’t expect that Miyamoto Yuta’s thinking would be so extreme. Seeing that he couldn’t resist, this guy directly and decisively sacrificed his spiritual pen, not even giving himself a way back.

If Miyamoto Yuta was still alive just now, now…Looking at the look of Section Chief Mitani, I am afraid that after entering the special class, he should not be able to get out.

“Senior Mitani, I’ll leave the rest to you. I’ll go back first.” His thoughts turned sharply, and Kimura Kazuki knew that this matter was over, and the next thing was the special class. .

“Okay, Your Excellency Kimura, please walk slowly.” Section Chief Mitani responded. Seeing Kimura Kazuki leaving with Chiba Shiori, he gritted his teeth and looked at Miyamoto Yuta, who was sitting on the ground, with a grim expression on his face. , “Kid, do you think that if you do this, the special class will easily kill you? It’s too naive, there is another word in this world, it’s better to die than life, I’ll let you experience it.”

The sudden appearance of so many monsters all over Japan is a dangerous signal for the social stability of Japan. And it is also a huge workload for special classes.

If he doesn’t handle it well, his position as the head of the class may come to an end.

Looking at Yuta Miyamoto, whose face changed drastically, Section Chief Mitani grinned. If he didn’t rip this guy to the bone, he wouldn’t have the surname Mitani.


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