The Sword Deity in Tokyo Chapter 253:


Shiori Chiba was overjoyed, she did not expect that Kimura Kazuki would take her to investigate such a supernatural event.

But seeing that thumb-sized snow-white dove flying so fast, her happy expression solidified, she smiled bitterly, “I can’t run…”

Shiori Chiba is self-aware of her athletic ability and physical strength.

“It doesn’t matter.” Kimura Kazuki smiled indifferently, “I am connected to this pigeon, so I don’t need to chase it.”

Hearing this, Shiori Chiba was excited. This should be the first time that Kimura Kazuki took the initiative to let her participate in such extraordinary events. Obviously, her status in the other party’s heart is getting more and more important.

But the more so, the more reserved it is. And Chiba Shiori is also very smart, and quickly thought of something, “Is there no danger in this incident?”

Kimura Kazuki nodded, “That’s right.”

To be honest, he originally wanted to go with the flow. When Miyamoto Rena found that something was wrong with her brother, she called and asked him to help. At that time, he left his contact information to the other party.

But now the other party’s younger brother is starting to harm people.

Although this kid doesn’t have the ability to kill people, he often makes Ayumi Murakami fall down by accident. Although a fall is just a bit embarrassing for adults, it’s harmless. But if you fall too much, it will cause damage to the human body, and who knows if it will be more serious in the future. If there is a sharp object in front of you when you fall, wouldn’t Ayumi Murakami die?

And according to Murakami Ayumi, there is an abnormal noise in the house every night. It’s just that Ayumi Murakami has a lot of nerves and doesn’t care much about these.

This kind of physical and mental torture made Kimura and Shu feel bad about that Miyamoto Yuta.

Of course, not necessarily Yuta Miyamoto. It’s just that there’s a high chance it’s the other side.

As far as Ayumi Murakami is concerned, she just reprimanded Rena Miyamoto half a month ago, and then she has to accept the threat of her life, which is extremely absurd.

But judging from the strength of that grimace samurai Miyamoto Rena, Miyamoto Yuta’s strength is obviously not too strong, so he will bring Chiba Shiori. Although it is best not to bring the other party, Chiba Shiori helped him fulfill Yuriko’s obsession, and the other party was interested in supernatural things such as ghosts. He felt that it would not hurt to satisfy the other party.

With his current strength, he is enough to protect Chiba Shiori.

However… If Chiba Shiori wants to deal with these things in the future, it is best to have the ability to protect herself.

Thinking about it, Kimura Kazuki took Shiori Chiba with an excited face and visualized the movements of the pigeons in their minds, and the two got on the tram.

Soon…the two came to Banyue Town in the North Vietnamese District, which is an ordinary residential area.

The two of them soon arrived at their destination, and when they looked at the small sign at the door with the words ‘Miyamoto’s house’ written, they looked up a little and were stunned.

“This is…” Chiba Shiori held her breath and looked at the monster standing on the roof. Her voice was low and shocked, “Datengu?”

The monster that appeared in Chiba Shiori’s eyes shocked her. The monster standing on the roof was obviously not a human being. The other party has two huge black wings, wears samurai armor, a samurai sword around his waist, and high clogs. The big tengu holding the fan is looking up at the full moon in the starry sky at this time, and just looking at it has a sense of invincible arrogance.

As a Japanese, when I saw the legendary monster, Shiori Chiba was as bold as Shiori and had a worry in her heart. She said, “Heshu… let’s go first.”

She knew that she had no force, and staying behind would only hold back Kimura and Shu. And tengu is very famous among Japanese people. Together with Shuten Douji and Tamamo Mae, they are known as Japan’s three major monsters.

Then it can be seen how strong the Great Tengu is. She also doesn’t want Kimura and Shu and the big tengu to face each other.

But at this time, Kimura Kazuki smiled, “Don’t you think this big tengu is very strange?”

“Strange?” Chiba Shiori heard Kimura Kazuki’s calm words, and seemed to be affected by the other party’s calmness. She couldn’t help but look up again, and was taken aback for a while, “This big tengu…why has a human face. .”

The legendary Big Tengu has a tall red nose… But the Big Tengu in front of him is very handsome, like Young Master Wen Yu.

Not only that, the armor on the opponent’s body is too gorgeous, and the samurai sword is very delicate when you look closely.

Chiba Shiori fell silent.

This is different from the legend… If I have to describe it, the big tengu in front of me is like a character created by the artist according to the ideas in his mind.

When the two looked at it, they also attracted attention. Of course, not the residents’ attention, but the monsters’ attention. Especially Miyamoto Yuta’s attention.

Miyamoto’s family, Miyamoto Reina now lives in Chiyoda District, and Miyamoto Yuta’s father has also been away on business recently. Now Miyamoto’s family is only Miyamoto Yuta. So when Chiba Shiori and Kimura Kazuki stayed outside, they were discovered.

“Young Master, there are two people exploring outside, do we want to capture them?” Yuta Miyamoto’s heart moved when she saw the snow girl in a snow-white kimono with a beautiful face and long ice-colored hair moving in the wind. , but looking at the sluggishness in Xue Nu’s eyes, he let out a dull sigh, suppressing the desire in his heart.

Sitting in front of the computer, he asked curiously, “Are you sure you’re investigating?” You must know that the ghosts in the are invisible to ordinary people, unless these ghosts are specially manifested.

“It should be.” Snow Maiden nodded, “the two of them stared at the big tengu on the roof for a long time, and obviously found the big tengu.”

“Invite them in.” Miyamoto Yuta waved his hand. He felt that the two had found this place, and they could see the big tengu. They were obviously extraordinary people. To be honest, after getting that thing, he always felt that There must be something strange in this world, but as a dead house, he is used to staying at home alone.

When Snow Maiden came to the door, Chiba Shiori’s eyes widened, “Xue Mai?” No way, the other party’s features were too obvious, she didn’t even need to identify it.

“Two distinguished guests, the young master invites you to enter the house for a while.”

Young Master? Kimura Kazuki laughed dumbly, obviously it was Miyamoto Yuta.

However, upon hearing this, Chiba Shiori pulled Kimura Kazuki’s hand back a little. Seeing Kimura Kazuki’s gaze, she shook her head slightly.

“Don’t worry.” Being held by the girl, Kimura Kazuki was a bit inappropriate, but he still clapped the other’s hand, indicating that there was no need to worry.

Soon, the two were taken to Yuta Miyamoto’s bedroom by Yuki…

During this period, Kimura Kazuki felt a little bit, and found that this two-and-a-half-story house actually hides more than 100 monsters, which surprised him. It also reminded him of a word, Hundred Ghosts Night Walk.

After arriving in the bedroom, Kimura Kazuki also saw Miyamoto Yuta.

However, for a split second, Miyamoto Yuta looked at Shiori Chiba.

Kimura and Shu looked at each other lightly, and were immediately attracted by the beauty. From this, it seems that Miyamoto Yuta’s willpower will not be too strong.

And the first time he looked at it, the opponent had no strength at all, just an ordinary person.

Then… it seems that my guess should be correct.


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