The Sword Deity in Tokyo Chapter 252: Cuckoo


While Ayumi Murakami was talking, Kimura Kazuki also noticed the kid on each other’s shoulders, who kept chattering and stood up with his hands on his hips as if very proud.

Especially when Kimura Kazuki and Chiba Shiori looked over, the dark-red complexion would grin fiercely.

Chiba Shiori was still frightened at first, but after watching it for a long time, there is no fear. Of course, mainly with Kimura and Shu, she felt a sense of security in her heart. Of course, she also found this little devil, and it seemed that she could not be separated from Murakami Ayumi’s shoulders, so she held it firmly no matter what.

When entering the manga editing room, Ayumi Murakami almost performed a flat fall for them again, but fortunately, Shiori Chiba was quick-witted and supported him.

Ayumi Murakami’s pale face showed gratitude. This sudden fall was an emotional blow. Murakami Ayumi has not wrestled in her life as much as she has recently. Now she has to pay attention to her feet all the time, which makes her mental strength a little bit distracted. The most important thing is the psychological torture…

Because you never know when the next moment will fall, so compared to the wrestling at some unknown time… the change of night, in her opinion, there is nothing scary.

As soon as the trio came in, they were noticed by the editors.

They ignored the sight of Ayumi Murakami nearly falling, which was an accident after all.

As soon as she entered the editing room, Ayumi Murakami said with a smile, “Continue, I just brought Teacher Yanji over to visit.”

“Teacher Yansi?”

“Is that the teacher Yanji who wrote “Reading Tokyo”?”

“God, so young?”

“My God, isn’t that the minister? Could it be that the other party is Teacher Yansi?”

At this moment, the editors in the manga editing room were no longer as quiet as they were just now, and Ayumi Murakami’s words surprised them.

Mr. Yansi has come to the Youth Club?

Is Kotoji-sensei Kazuki Kimura?

No… Teacher Yanji came to the Youth Club, so?

In an instant, countless thoughts flooded their minds, and everyone looked at Shiori Chiba and Kazuki Kimura with surprised expressions.

No matter who is Teacher Yansi, the two are wearing school uniforms, enough to surprise them with their youth.

But everyone didn’t say anything, just watched curiously. Of course, there is also a crazy water group in the editor’s chat group.

“Reading Tokyo” is a light novel, but if it is to be adapted from an animation, it will usually be edited at the same time. Especially this kind of light novels that are already phenomenal, there are almost no exceptions.

While the comic editors were chatting in a low voice, a young girl came over with the courage to bring water, her face was a little red, and she was obviously quite embarrassed.

Kimura and Shu took the plastic cup, and Miyamoto Rena left without saying a word.

That’s right, Rena Miyamoto. At that time, when Kimura Kazuo disguised as a woman and turned into Kimura Kazuko, the manga editor of Qingji Club was approached by Otake Ryo to urge him to write.

I didn’t expect to meet here again. And… he looked at Miyamoto Rena’s side, the grimace samurai, still guarding him next to him.

The next moment…Kimura Kazuki’s eyes sparked a wave, he saw the dark red kid standing on Murakami Ayumi’s shoulder, and suddenly made a grimace at the grimace samurai. The next moment, the grimace warrior, who had never moved, also raised his head slightly and glanced at the kid with a blank expression, causing the kid to shrink his head in fright.

This interaction, Chiba Shiori also saw it. She didn’t expect to see such strange things in this comic editing room.

However, there are many people here, and Chiba Shiori didn’t ask much.

Instead, Ayumi Murakami took the plastic water cup, looked at Rena Miyamoto’s back, smiled and said softly, “This editor Miyamoto brought her younger brother to Qingji Club half a month ago, and I saw it After inquiring, I learned that I brought my younger brother to visit, I reprimanded him, but I didn’t expect the other party to remember.” Usually, the new employees who have joined the company are usually new employees, and Miyamoto Rena is the official editor, so Doing is obviously an apology for what happened before.

After all, Miyamoto Rena is the editor of the manga editing room, and she is the editor-in-chief of the light novel editing room, so she can’t control each other.

Kimura Kazuki was thoughtful. When he was in Weir’s apartment, his appearance and identity conquered Rena Miyamoto, so he also talked a lot with each other. I also learned that the other party has a younger brother… The other party’s younger brother was originally a family squatting house, but recently it has changed. At that time, he guessed that the grimace warrior might be related to the other party’s younger brother. Now Ayumi Murakami, the dark red kid on her body, seems to be interacting with the grimace samurai as well.

Then 80% is related to Miyamoto Rena’s younger brother, Miyamoto Yuta.

After going all the way down, Murakami Ayumi took them to visit the entire Qingji Club, and also went to the dubbing room, animation production room, light novel editing room… After nearly an hour, they visited the Qingji Club and took them with them. Chiba Shiori was full of praise for dining in the cafeteria with a beautiful environment in Qingjisha.

When saying goodbye afterwards, Shiori Chiba asked Murakami Ayumi to rest at home for a day. She believed that the other party’s lack of energy was related to the long hours of work.

Of course… Mainly because Shiori Chiba knew that the kid on the other side’s shoulder had already been picked up by Kimura Kazuki. Ayumi Murakami won’t need to be tortured by this kid in the future.

Ayumi Murakami did not refuse Shiori Chiba’s kindness, she said yes with a smile.

After leaving, Shiori Chiba looked at the little ghost on Kimura and Shu’s hands with great curiosity, she couldn’t help but said, “Can I touch it?”

“Yes.” Kimura Kazuki saw Chiba Shiori’s cautious expression, he smiled, “This thing is not a ghost, nor is it a ghost. So you don’t need to be nervous, and it can’t hurt you.”

When Kimura Kazuki caught the kid, they checked it out immediately and found that the kid was between a soul body and not a soul body. There is no spiritual energy in the other party’s body, and even consciousness is very simple.

As if…someone had created it.

Shiori Chiba naturally doesn’t know, but after hearing what Kimura Kazuki said… she thought of the grimace samurai she saw in the manga editing room. She couldn’t help but said, “Is this kid related to the ghost-faced warrior we saw…” After all, this kid and the ghost-faced warrior have interacted with each other, and she thought of talking to Murakami Ayumi, the other party revealed Information, couldn’t help but say, “When Sister Murakami had an accident, it seemed like ten days ago…and she reprimanded that Miyamoto editor half a month ago…it’s very likely that that Miyamoto editor took revenge on her.”

“Your guess is good.” Kimura and Shu paused, “but what is the truth, we have to investigate.” He looked at the kid in his hand, took out a tracer, and stuck it directly on the kid .

The next moment, the dark red kid shook all over and dissipated directly into the air. The tracking symbol was shocked and turned into a snow-white pigeon, only the size of a thumb.


The pigeon **** its wings and flies forward quickly.


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