The Sword Deity in Tokyo Chapter 250: Little devil


Chiba Shiori naturally listens to Kimura Kazuki.

To be honest, she doesn’t know much about the light novel industry either. Generally speaking, when entering an industry, it is natural to understand the various aspects of an industry. Some light novelists even mingle with the groups of light novel writers. But Chiba Shiori has joined a group from beginning to end, and that group was established by her, Yuriko and others.

As for the other groups, Shiori Chiba has not joined.

Mainly because Chiba Shiori writes light novels just as a hobby, after all she is only a sophomore in high school. The main thing is to focus on academics. It is natural to do some things that you like to do while ensuring that your grades do not decline. That’s why Chiba Shiori put a lot of private messages to her from the backstage of “Become a Light Novelist”, and put them there without replying.

She wants to wait until the plot is finished, and then go to one by one to get in touch. Unexpectedly, Kimura Kazuki would take the initiative to find her.

She has heard of Qingji Club, because the other party has also looked for her, but she has ignored them.

Then Kimura Kazuki first performed the “eye-brightening technique” on Shiori Chiba, and then the two went to Chiyoda District. Soon they came to the company gate of the Youth Club. The two young girls in school uniforms were naturally eye-catching. And soon, Kimura and Shu were recognized. After all, these two days are the Jade Dragon Banner Competition. Although it has ended, the heat has not cooled down, and it will take at least a few days.

Although they were recognized, as adults, they didn’t come forward to harass them.

Some people are thoughtful, but they must know that Kimura Kazuki and their Qingji Club still have a relationship. After all, Kimura Kazuki first became famous thanks to the [Peak Kendo Showdown] held by Qingji Club in Akihabara Square. The video was recorded and then posted on the Internet to market the first paragraph of “Legend of Swords”.

The promotion of “Legend of Sword and Sword” has been completed. In half a month, it will be July. As the new show in July, “Legend of Sword and Sword” is naturally anticipated, and the company is also preparing for it recently. If “Legend of Swords” encounters Waterloo, it will be a blow to Qingji Club.

Soon Kimura Kazuki and Chiba Shiori came to the front desk and explained their intentions. In just five minutes, Muraoka Xingxia rushed over quickly, with joy in his eyes and a smile on his face, “Kimura-kun, stay safe…” He looked at Chiba Shiori, his heart darkened. Surprised, what a beautiful girl. Then I thought that the other party came with Kimura Kazuki, and I couldn’t help giving Kimura Kazuki a thumbs up…

Then he thought of something, his face changed slightly, and he tentatively asked, “This…is Teacher Yansi?”

Too young!

You must know that reality is not a light novel. In daily episodes, many teenagers and girls are well-known light novel writers, but many people know that these are fake…Generally famous light novel writers are over 20 years old , at least all college students. There are few light novel writers so young, and Shiori Chiba looks like a high school girl.

High school students have to attend classes, participate in club activities, and some have to attend cram schools. How can they possibly have time to write novels?

However, Muraoka Xingxia also knew that this was not the place to talk, and quickly brought the two to his office. He is the manager of the marketing department, that is, the director, and has a lot of power in the company. However, generally speaking, negotiating contracts with light novel writers is not his job. But… he is familiar with Kimura Kazuki, so it doesn’t matter.

When he finishes talking, it will be handed over to the editor in the editing room to deal with it.

But he doesn’t know much about signing contracts with light novel writers. Thinking about it, after bringing the two to the office, he called an editor from the editing room.

After hanging up the phone, Muraoka Xingxia exclaimed, “I didn’t expect Teacher Yansi to be so young.” You must know that he is also chasing the light novel “Reading Tokyo”. A high school student.

However, thinking that Kimura and Shu are excellent in swordsmanship, the people around him are definitely not ordinary people, so he is relieved.

Shiori Chiba sat on the sofa with a subtle smile, her eyes falling on Kazuki Kimura. Seeing this, Muraoka Xingxia secretly said in his heart, it seems that whether it can be negotiated today or not depends on Kimura-kun.

Kimura Kazuki also smiled. What did he think of, he couldn’t help but say, “Mr. Muraoka, July is only half a month away, and “Legend of Swords” should be ready, right?”

Muraoka Xingxia was confused for a while, wondering why the other party asked this… But soon he came to his senses and said with a smile, “It’s all ready. Especially in terms of seiyuu, although “Legend of Swords” uses a lot of rookie seiyuu , but the skills of these newcomers are amazing. “Legend of Swords” is likely to become the hegemony in July.”

Kimura and Shu nodded, “Then I’m relieved.”

It seems that Donghe should have entered the seiyuu group of “Legend of Swords”, and the other party should have also completed the current stage of life.

In this way, Chunyang and Donghe’s wishes can be considered fulfilled. After taking over, only Qiunai and Xia Wei were left. At this time, he was not in a hurry.

Though Chiba Shiori was curious, she didn’t ask any further questions. After all, she is also an ordinary girl, but she is a little more beautiful and knows a little more. This time, Kimura and Shu are still needed for the negotiation.

Soon, while chatting, there is a knock on the door.

After receiving Muraoka Xingxia’s reply, a female editor pushed in. As soon as Ayumi Murakami entered the door, she stumbled and almost fell to the In order to fix her body, she pulled the door handle, but she didn’t know if the door handle was broken or because it was not repaired, she pulled it off. … The next moment, he fell to the ground with a plop.

This series of events only happened within a few seconds, and Chiba Shiori sat on the sofa and stared blankly. However, the next moment, she moved towards Kimura Kazuki’s body subconsciously, her face turned pale, because she saw a little ghost squatting on the shoulder of the female editor. The reason why she could see it was because Kimura Kazuki had performed the “Bright Eyesight Technique” on her just now.

But after a while, Chiba Shiori stared at her black gem-like eyes with curiosity and excitement in her eyes. Since Qiuzhi High School saw that evil spirit, she has never seen a resentful spirit again, and she never expected to see it here.

This kid has a dark red complexion, and has blue eyes with a hint of weirdness. Its slender arms grabbed Ayumi Murakami’s hair and squatted on the right shoulder. Seeing that Ayumi Murakami fell, it couldn’t help but let out a weird smile of ‘CeCeCe’.

Kimura Kazuki naturally saw it too, he stared at it with a light expression, and there was a strange look in his eyes.

No odor was detected.

Obviously, this is a demon. But this evil ghost has no peculiar smell, which is incredible. And he probed, this evil ghost’s strength is not even the first level of foundation… The reason why the female editor in front of him can fall down is entirely due to the involvement of this evil ghost…

Muraoka Xingxia’s face was ashen, the fall was just an accident, he naturally knew. But at this point in time, at this time of the fall, I am afraid that Kimura-kun and Yanji teacher’s impression of Qingji Club will fall.

However, Muraoka Xingxia looked at Ayumi Murakami, who fell to the ground and sat on the ground breathing in the cold air, and could only say lightly, “Editor-in-chief Murakami, even if you are a fan of Teacher Yanji, you don’t have to be so excited. Well.”


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