The Sword Deity in Tokyo Chapter 248: Break


Nara sage has been thinking, according to the development of the plot, the protagonist Maxia Kitajima will definitely go crazy later.

This is based on the logic of reality. In terms of the teacher, Si did not arrange for a psychiatrist to guide the protagonist, so if the protagonist Beijima Maxia did not go crazy, it would be a real violation, and then the whole book would be Even if it crashes.

Although it collapsed, the quality of the book alone is acceptable. But a book that has lost a good reputation cannot be opened even to others.

But…the ‘fifty years later’ at this moment, let the sages of Nara know that this is the trump card of Master Yanji.

There are so many things that time can change, and the easiest thing to change is thinking and personality.

In one’s life, young children have the thoughts of childhood, teenagers have the thoughts of youth, young people have the thoughts of youth, middle-aged have the thoughts of middle-aged…

Each stage looks at life differently.

So what kind of changes will the protagonist Kitajima Maxia have? Come to think of it, the distortion of character has been corrected.

Nara sage thought, and continued to read.

Fifty years later, the two old men and Kitajima Maxia have become friends.

For 50 years, Kitajima Maxia has been well taken care of. Although the scope of daily activities is limited, her life is very nourishing. And without the police officers chasing him all day, his tense mood was relieved, and the days when he was worried, as if he would die when he opened his eyes, are gone forever. Gradually his distorted character and anti-humanity thoughts gradually faded away.

And this is also a credit. He has invited many psychiatrists to provide psychological counseling to Beijima Maxia.

Afterwards, Shiori Chiba used more than 1,000 words to describe Kitajima’s old age fifty years later.

Although he is supervised every day, his peaceful and peaceful life makes the sages of Nara cry with joy. The protagonist finally does not have to escape, how hard-won this peaceful life is.

As for why he has been able to supervise Maxia Kitajima for 50 years, it is because of his intuition that Maxia Kitajima has a very big secret.

At this moment, the sages of Nara also know why Kenji teacher will set up a famous detective who solves cases by intuition.

After all, who would take care of a prisoner for fifty years because of their intuition? This is the kind of person who trusts his intuition and is stubborn.

Being able to become friends with Maika Kitajima is because after she brought Maaka Kitajima to the United States, she went back to investigate the information about Maaka Kitajima fleeing all the way. It surprised him when he found out that when Bei Dao Ma Xia was on the run, the people he killed were all serious criminals.

A prisoner who is being hunted can also punish wickedness and evil in the process of being hunted down. In his opinion, Kitajima Maxia definitely has a big secret. This is also the reason why he and Kitajima Maxia became friends, he felt that the other party had difficulties.

It’s just that Kitajima Maxia has not spoken, which makes him helpless.

And as a world-renowned detective, it is impossible to stay by Maika Kitajima’s side all the time.

And Bei Dao Maxia has been living in a closed manor for the past 50 years… Of course, although it is closed, you can still watch TV and play on the computer. At first, Bei Dao Maxia still thought of suicide, but finally gave up the idea. She had never experienced the turbulent escape, so she could not feel the value of this peaceful life.

But even so, there is one thing in Bei Dao Maxia’s heart, and this is his obsession. That is to find out the real murderer who framed him in the first place. And in the past 50 years, he has been getting some eyebrows from the newspapers and the news. At the beginning, he was in the hospital, he was arrested by a group of anti-terrorist police officers, and then he was tortured in the police station, and then he was pulled into the wilderness and shot… Now that I think about it, everything is Not in line with common sense.

Thirty years ago, Japan had its first subhuman.

What is a subhuman? The demihuman’s body is different from that of normal humans, and even after death, it can be revived immediately. However, this resurrection has a limited number of times. The weakest demi-human really dies after being resurrected three times, and can never stand up again. The strongest subhuman is a Japanese and the first subhuman in history. His name is Kazuma Nakahara. This subhuman has died more than 30 times and has not really died yet. He can be called the strongest subhuman. people.

And this demihuman… The first time he died was twenty years ago, and the place of death was on the side of the road in Hanoi Square.

And this Hanoi square, very close to his home, very close to the hospital where he went to see his migraine. At the beginning, Bei Dao Maxia was arrested on the charge of releasing poison gas in Hanoi Square.

So he has to read the file…he’s going to find out the secrets in Hanoi Square.

But if he wants to read the file, he must commit suicide. To be honest, the older he got, the more terrified Bei Dao Maxia became. He was afraid that he would die of natural old age and would not be able to read files. So he had to kill himself. But he is being supervised and can’t die now, so only when he is dead can he have a chance to commit suicide.

Seeing this, the sages of Nara were very excited, because the real murderer behind the scenes finally began to surface, and after reading so many novels, the sages of Nara knew that this demihuman was probably a humanoid race that was researched… Fifty years ago, there was an accident during research, which caused the deaths of ordinary people in Hanoi Square. The official arrest of Beidao Maxia was to find a scapegoat.

After all, Bei Dao Maxia’s parents died and she was alone, and she was the best scapegoat.

However, seeing the description that the protagonist can read the file only when he is dead, he thought Maika Kitajima was going to kill him.

But the description that followed made him relieved that he had to wait until he died of old age before committing suicide.

As a famous detective, I have been chasing the murderer all my life, or on the way to hunt down the murderer. As a famous detective, there are naturally many enemies, so there are actually many hidden injuries to the body. Now the seventy-year-old has run out of oil and dried up, and the body is not as good as the day. And Bei Dao Ma Xia was raised in the In order not to let the other party die, she naturally kept Bei Dao Ma Xia’s white plump and healthy.

So as long as there is no accident, he will definitely die before Kitajima Maxia.

The plot that follows is a matter of course.

As time passed, he gradually felt that the deadline was approaching. He finally stopped chasing fugitives. Instead, he accompanied Beidao Maxia at the manor every day, boasting of his great achievements all day long, and did not pursue Beidao Maxia’s secrets. He knew that the other party would not speak.

This last time brought tears to the eyes of Nara’s sages.

When lying on the hospital bed and struggling to open his eyes, he took Beijima Maxia’s hand and said with difficulty, “I’ve hunted down so many escapees in my life, and you are the first to give me a headache. , is also the person I hunted down with great pains. I have always wanted to know your secret, at this last moment, can you tell me?” With age spots on his face, he looked at Beibei with expectation. Island is summer.

After a long silence, Kitajima Maxia bent over with difficulty. He lowered his head and said something very softly in his ear.

Hearing this, his eyes widened, filled with wonder. He took Bei Dao Maxia’s hand and said with a smile, “So… so…”

It’s not that he’s not good, it’s that Maxia Kitajima used his ability to read files to deal with him. Otherwise, how could Kitajima Maxia play him for so long?

Thinking, she closed her eyes with a contented smile.

And Kitajima Maxia also smiled as he looked at the calendar on the wall.

August 24, 2072.

He looked down at the dead, and murmured softly, “We will see you in 2019.” After saying this, he took out a scalpel and stabbed directly at his heart.

The sage of Nara saw this, turned it over again, and it was gone.

He stares…

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