The Sword Deity in Tokyo Chapter 246: Teacher Yansi keeps up with current affairs


In the last chapter, Kenji teacher wrote that the protagonist Kitajima Maxia was chased by the police all the way to Fukuoka.

At this time, the Fukuoka Budokan is holding the Jade Dragon Flag National Competition.

In addition, this year’s Jade Dragon Flag Competition is somewhat special, so there are more audiences than previous years.

There are so many people, it’s natural to fish in troubled waters. And the protagonist Beijima Maxia was slightly relieved after reading the file and fled to Fukuoka. The large number of people means chaos, and it also means that the police officers do not dare to go to war.

This also caused a headache for the police officers who were tracking down later. The most important thing is that today is the last day of the Jade Dragon Flag Competition, and it is the day when the champion is ready to be decided.

On this day, the winners of the men’s, women’s and individual competitions will be determined, followed by awards. It can be seen how dense the crowd at Fukuoka Budokan is.

This also makes the sages of Nara curious as readers. You must know that Mr. Yanji has said before that the end of the third volume and the beginning of the fourth volume will be a climax of the book, which is also the sage of Nara. reason. He wanted to see how the protagonist Bei Dao Maxia would stir up the storm in this Jade Dragon Banner contest.

Thinking, he continued to read.

At this time, as the detective F who hunted down Kitajima Maxia this time, I also opened

Begin to set up the Tianluodi net.

The full name of this detective, code F, is, translated as flame, which means burning criminals in the world. This famous detective has solved countless mysterious cases for the FBI in the United States in the past, and is admired by the FBI. And this is also the reason why the Japanese police invited the famous detective to Japan after they could not hunt down Maxia Kitajima.

The reason why this famous detective, code-named F, can solve so many mysterious cases is entirely based on intuition.

Of course, even if there is no intuition, this famous detective can solve such a case and is enough to be called one of the most powerful famous detectives in the world.

After learning that the protagonist Maxia Kitajima had mixed into the Fukuoka Budokan, his face became solemn, but after seeing the names of the contestants, he suddenly laughed and wrote lightly to the anxious police officers, “Yes Kimura-kun is here, everything is worry-free. Of course, we have to follow up, and we can’t let Bei Dao run away.” As he spoke, his eyes flashed, “We must catch them alive.”


Kimura-kun? Seeing this, the sage of Nara was thoughtful. This surname was mentioned before. At that time, he was invited to the Japanese Metropolitan Police Department. friend’s. It happened that the Japanese Metropolitan Police Department had a case looking for him, so he came over to solve the case by the way.

It seems that this time, this “Kimura-kun” is the key person.

The sages of Nara thought that Teacher Yanji was just mentioning it in an essay, but he didn’t expect this ‘Kimura-kun’ to be a foreshadowing character, so he couldn’t help but look forward to it even more.

Thinking, he suddenly startled. and many more!


Isn’t this… the champion of this year’s Jade Dragon Banner Competition?

If I remember correctly, it seems to be called ‘Kimura Kazuki’?

The sage of Nara can’t help laughing when he thinks of something… To be honest, he didn’t read kendo before. Mainly, when Teacher Yanji asked for leave, he said that he would go to Fukuoka to collect folklore and watch the Jade Dragon Banner.

As a sage of Nara who loves this book very much, although he doesn’t feel much about kendo, after all, kendo is also a sport in his opinion. He doesn’t like nature and won’t look at it. However, all the authors he likes have read it, and as a fan, he has a little understanding.

He didn’t expect that the contestant friend in the book was also named Kimura.

Mr. Yanji, you really keep up with current events.


After fighting with Bei Dao Maxia for so long, every time he escaped by this guy, which made him puzzled. Every time in the net of heaven and earth, the other party can find the weakest point and escape, which has made him a little surprised. He felt that there might be a big secret in Bei Dao Ma Xia, and maybe someone inside leaked the news to Bei Dao Ma Xia.

But…now that a hunting team has been established internally, and there are only four people in the team, including him, all of whom are extremely trusted people, so if no one leaks it internally, it means that there is something wrong with Beidao Maxia. The other party must have a secret.

Thinking about this, looking at the time, I called Kimura-kun, whom he said.

As soon as the call was connected, he smiled and said, “Kawasaki, I went to Fukuoka, Japan. I heard that you are participating in the Jade Dragon Flag today. I have already gone outside to cheer you on.”


Pfft… Seeing this, the sage of Nara shook his head and smiled bitterly. It seems that Mr. Kotoji is really a fan of “Kimura Kazuki”, and even wrote him into the novel “Reading Tokyo”.


“What’s the matter?” ‘Kimura Kazuki’ said coldly, “If you have something to say, say it.”

Naturally understood the character of ‘Kimura Kazuki’, he didn’t talk nonsense, he talked about the matter a little, but before he finished speaking, he heard ‘Kimura Kazuki’ indifferently, “The fugitive you mentioned, is it a lenient criminal? Face, scar on face, short hair, wearing black, height 1.78…”

Stunned for a Then he was about to speak, when he heard a gunshot coming from the other end of the phone, and the next moment, there were earth-shattering screams, noises, and all kinds of chaotic sounds. Hearing this, his face was solemn, “Heshu, with your force, you should be able to capture him.”

“He has a gun.”


After a long silence, ‘Kimura Kazuki’ said, “I will try my best.”

“As soon as possible.”

With a worried face, Fukuoka Budokan has more than 20,000 spectators. Kitajima Maxia is so mad that she dares to shoot directly in the Budokan.

And the matter of Budokan was obviously reported to the task force. Several people looked at him worriedly.

Take a deep breath, “I trust Kimura-kun.”


Seeing this, the sages of Nara complained that you believe in **** and hunt down the murderer, how can you put hope on ordinary people.

Sage Nara, who was watching while complaining, was stunned quickly.

Because next, Mr. Yanji used a few hundred words to introduce how powerful this ”Kimura Kazuki” is. Of course, it was written in memory.

In just a few hundred words, the power of ‘Kimura Kazuki’ was put on paper, making this character full. Then, the ‘Kimura Kazuki’ in reality appeared in Nara’s mind again, and the other party seemed to be very indifferent…

He suddenly thought… Teacher Yansi would not run to meet this ‘Kimura and Shu’, and then ask each other’s experience, and then when he returned home, he would use the Spring and Autumn Brushwork of the champion of the Jade Dragon Banner. Come write.

He thinks it’s very possible.

And the Jade Dragon Banner competition has ended. The champion seems to be Kimura and Shupa… Teacher Yanji seems to be gaining popularity.

Thinking about this, as an editor, Nara sage has a lot of praise for Teacher Kouji.


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