The Sword Deity in Tokyo Chapter 244: Why haven’t I ascended yet?


The Jade Dragon Flag Contest was finally over, and on the second day, Mr. Matsunura had an excited smile on his face and dark circles under his eyes. Obviously, he hadn’t slept well last night. He took the students, greeted students from other schools, and went back to school with everyone.

Rui Nao Tsukahara and Tomomi Saito are also reluctant to part.

Especially Saito Tomoya was in tears before he left, asking Kimura Kazuki to take good care of Kayue, and shouting that when he becomes stronger, he will take it back from Kimura Kazuki. This made others look strange, but fortunately Tsukahara Kazuki was not around, otherwise Saito Tomoya would be beaten… Although Tsukahara Kazuki couldn’t beat Saito Tomoya, Kimura Kazuki didn’t mind helping each other out. put. Now, he just wants to kill the opponent with one sword.

He and Tsukahara Kazuki haven’t even spoken a word, or even have contact information, so what are you taking care of?

As a result, Saito Tomo also learned that, with tears in his eyes, he wrote Tsukahara Kazuki’s contact number and email address on a note and handed it to Kimura Kazuki, and then he repeated thousands of words. This made Kimura Kazuki sigh deeply, never seen such a fool!

Shiori Chiba next to her had a strange expression on her face, especially Yunzi. If Chiba Shiori hadn’t covered her mouth, she would probably have told Ernie-chan the secret she heard earlier.

After all… Tsukahara Kazuki is a lily.

When Kimura Kazuki returned to the school, he saw that Principal Endo had already come out with a group of teachers and students from the student union to greet him, and there was a long banner at the school gate with red stripes and yellow characters written on it. To ‘Warmly welcome the members of the Kendo Club to win the championship! ’

In addition, there are a bunch of reporters outside the school.

The corners of Kimura and Shu’s mouth twitched. He pulled Mr. Songmura and said in a low voice, “I have something to do at home, so I’ll go back first.” Without waiting for Mr. Matsucura to reply, he pulled Yunzi under the cover of the crowd. gone.

He didn’t forget what was in the Fukuoka Morning Post this morning.

These reporters are very good at capturing photos. They put Chunyang’s photo on the left and his photo on the right. It made him and Chunyang look at each other affectionately, and he was very speechless when he watched it in the morning.

Yunzi pouted. After all, she was always lonely and liked to show her face. But Ernie-chan doesn’t seem to like it very much.

Two days later, President Endo called and asked him to go to the venue to receive praise.

After all, the Kendo Club won the Jade Dragon Banner National Championship, and the men’s, women’s and individual championships were all won by Sakurajiu High School. It can be said that this time Sakurajiu High School is completely famous. Principal Endo can imagine how many students will apply for Sakurajiu High School next year, and the Kendo Club will definitely become stronger in his hands. If you win the Jade Dragon Banner Competition, then those middle school students who love kendo will definitely rush to enter Sakurajiu High School.

That’s why the national competition gets all high schools to sign up, and members of every club want to be crowned national champions. Because in addition to your own honor, you can also make some contributions to your alma mater. In the future, when younger generations talk about themselves, they will look up with admiration, and there will even be many students who entered their alma mater for their sake. This kind of feeling is cool to think about. .

The national championship is an honor that high school students have been pursuing. How many students shed tears, sweat and blood for this championship! Countless.

So, when Kimura Kazuki came to the school venue to receive praise, he looked at the admiration and admiration of the students below, and he smiled lightly. Although the purpose was to fulfill Guqiao Sakurajiu’s obsession, Sakura After all, Ninth High School is the high school he will stay in for three years, and it is also his alma mater. In addition, the atmosphere of this school was also reversed by him, and his feelings for Sakurajiu High School were much purer than other students.

This championship is also considered to make the students feel more of a sense of belonging to Sakurajiu High School.

Thinking, he looked at Guqiao Yuanzhenshi who was talking next to him, the father of Chunyang and the others.

The first time he met, he thought it would be a handsome middle-aged man, after all, Chunyang and the others are good looking. It turned out that the other party was round in appearance, round in body, and smiled very honestly. As soon as he spoke, he was taken aback. He had heard that Fatty’s voice was very nice, but he didn’t take it seriously, but he didn’t expect it to be true.

On the stage, Chun Yang and Xia Wei off the stage looked at their father in disbelief. They didn’t even know that Yingjiu High School was invested by their mother.

Although the school’s name is Sakurajiu, there are many such things with the same name. And they felt that their father and aunt would not hide anything from them… As a result, they only now know that Yingjiu High School is actually their own school.

The quadruplets looked dazed and didn’t react.

Furuhashi Haraji was talking on the podium…

In this commendation conference, it is natural to praise the members of the Kendo club who won the championship…and apart from verbal praise, Guqiao Yuanzhenshi will not be stingy with money, after all, the honor of national competitions is very rare. With so many high schools across the country competing for a place, Sakurajiu High School was able to win the championship, which was a big surprise to Furuhashi Hara.

Originally he was desperate for Sakurajiu High School, but he didn’t expect a Kimura Kazuki to So when Furuhashi Hara stood in front of Kimura Kazuki, he smiled and awarded Kimura Kazuki a medal , Seeing Kimura Heshu’s expressionless acceptance, he then said to all the students, “Kimura student led the Kendo club to overcome difficulties and made outstanding achievements in the Jade Dragon Banner National Competition, so in addition to the commendation, the school will also reward Kimura student 1 million additionally. Japanese yen.”

Hearing this, Kimura Kazuki gave him a smile. One million yen, converted to 66,000 RMB!

Not bad.

This trip to the national competition has earned tens of millions of yen. It took more than a year to get rid of poverty. This made Kimura and Shu feel sad. It was not easy.

Afterwards, Furuhashi Hara Masayo was talking at length on the podium, and he was no longer interested in listening.

After the commendation meeting ended at 5:00 pm, Chunyang wanted to come over to say hello to the senior and have a few words. But seeing that the senior had gone back, they had to keep it in their hearts, and then followed Qiunai and the three to run to their father’s side, they wanted to find out what was going on!

And at night, Guqiao Yingjiu was sitting in the house of Weir’s apartment, accompanied by Yunzi, but was a little panicked.

According to Kimura Kazuki, if his wish is fulfilled, he will ascend to heaven. As for the state and feeling of ascending to heaven, Kimura Kazuki also made it very clear. When that moment came, she would know it all.

After Chunyang won the national championship, Furuhashi Sakurajiu found that he didn’t seem to feel any strange state.

Naturally, Kimura and Kazuki didn’t care much about Sakurajiu Furuhashi. Because in his heart, the other party’s obsession has not yet been completed. But in Guqiao Sakurajiu’s heart, the wish in her heart should have been fulfilled… but she has not yet ascended to heaven.


What’s the matter?

Furuqiao Sakurajiu is confused.


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