The Sword Deity in Tokyo Chapter 239: “Sunday Sword Drawing”


Chiba Shiori and Yunzi didn’t talk, and Kimura and Shu didn’t bother to ask. He has never been very curious, and he is too lazy to know about gossip.

Although the two are strange, it is obviously not a big deal. Otherwise, I will definitely tell him.

And since it’s a trivial matter, then naturally he won’t stalk him.

Shiori Chiba looked at Chuno on the field, wearing a kendo uniform and a mask. She couldn’t help showing envy. Although she and Chunyang were rivals in love, they didn’t have any hatred. This made her feel a lot of crisis.

Chunyang cares about her academic performance, but Shiori Chiba feels that Chunyang can talk to Kimura Kazuki in kendo. The two have the same interests and have a common language. And she didn’t know kendo, so she lost a step.

Thinking, she suddenly asked curiously, “Why didn’t Aunt Yingjiu come out and take a look?”

She knew that the reason why Kimura Kazuki participated in the Jade Dragon Banner National Competition was naturally because of Guqiao Sakurajiu’s wish. And now Chunyang has entered the finals of the women’s group, and the champion is about to be decided in the next game, but she didn’t come out to watch.

Kimura Kazuki said softly, “Chun Yang understood the sword intent and absorbed the spiritual energy. If Guqiao Sakurajiu watched the battle, it would be easy for Chun Yang to find out.”

This is the reason why Guqiao Sakurajiu didn’t appear… Now Chunyang, although there is little spiritual energy in his body, but absorbing the spiritual energy means that his eyes can see Yin and Yang, and the other party can already see his soul body.

Chiba Shiori nodded, so it was. She was clever and quickly figured it out. After all, Aunt Yingjiu was going to ascend to heaven. If Auntie Yingjiu appeared… Let Chunyang know, it would only add sadness.

Yunzi on the side listened, and suddenly realized. On the other hand, Ito was at a loss, what’s the situation?

At this time, Chuno on the field also saw Shiori Chiba and Yunko. She was shocked, looking at the two people talking, Chun Yang’s heart became more determined! This game must be won, Chiba Shiori, a rival in love, is too good. If she can’t prove herself, even if she is in the same school as the senior, she will only drift further apart. According to what the senior said, he joined Yulong Banner to do something for Yingjiu High School.

Senior taught herself Yagyu Feijian Liu, probably to make her win the women’s championship and add another honor to Sakurajiu High School.

So is the Jade Dragon Banner over? Are she and the senior going to part ways? After all, the senior will definitely quit the Kendo club after participating in the Jade Dragon Banner. At that time, what excuse will she use to approach the senior?

Thinking… Chunyang knows that he can only show his strength and talent, and let his seniors recognize him, so that he can continue to ask seniors to teach him swordsmanship in the future.

In addition, the senior created the “Sunday Sword Drawing Technique” for himself, just to deal with Tsukahara Kazuki. If you still can’t win, how can you have the face to greet the senior in the future?

Shiori Chiba in the rest area seemed to feel Chunyang’s gaze. She and Chunyang looked at each other, and her heart was shocked. She could feel the firmness in Chunyang’s eyes.

As an ordinary person, Chiba Shiori can feel the difference in Chunyang, and Kimura and Shu are no exception. At this moment, he clearly felt that Chunyang’s sword intent was strengthened again. He was a little surprised. It seemed that Chunyang really valued the champion of the Jade Dragon Banner. In just a few days, the opponent’s sword intent had increased twice!

Obviously, Kimura Kazuki didn’t know. The two enhancements of sword intent were triggered by rival Chiba Shiori.

At this time, Chunyang even got the buff of ‘Rival’s Attention’.

On the other side, Tsukahara Kazuki glanced at the audience, but she became more and more depressed. She knew that the person who had just eavesdropped outside the locker room door must be there. But she has no idea who…

Thinking, she comes on stage neatly dressed.

As soon as she came to the arena and faced Chunyang, she was startled. Her eyes are sharp, and through the mask, you can see Guqiao Chunyang’s eyes with a strong sense of victory!

Not the will to fight, but the will to win.

She took a deep breath, finding it interesting. It seems that Chunyang Guqiao attaches great importance to this champion.

However, the difference in strength cannot be made up. She had seen the video of Furuhashi Chuno in the Tokyo prefecture qualifiers, but at that time the opponent had not yet understood the sword intent. In other words, the opponent only realized the sword intent after the county qualifier! So in just one week, how the opponent’s strength can be improved is limited.

To be honest, she was surprised that Furuhashi Chunyang could win against Yayoi. Even if Yayoi did not have time to form a domain in the competition, but his own strength was strong enough, he lost to the opponent.

This shows that the opponent’s kendo talent is very good, and he is a genius.

But the other party is, why isn’t she?

Seven or eight days of cultivation, how much spiritual energy can the opponent contain? How much power can you display in the game?

“Please advise!”

The cold opening of Tsukahara Kazuki made Furuhashi Chuno startled. She said, “Please advise.”

After both sides said the referee nodded in relief, and then, under the eyes of many expectations, he shouted, “The game begins!”

As soon as the words fell, whether it was Tsukahara Kazuki or Furuhashi Chuno, they could feel the eyes looking at them as if they were real. Both of them are used to this look.

In the beginning, being watched by more than 20,000 viewers, they didn’t apply. But after the victory, enjoying the glare of praise, it was indeed enjoyable.

But the two quickly put their thoughts behind them, especially Furuhashi Chuno. If she wants to win this game, she must win, no matter how powerful Tsukahara Kazuki is!

The key is whether the release of “Sunday Sword Drawing Technique” can directly defeat the opponent.

The “Sunday Sword Drawing Technique” is a sword technique developed by Kimura Kazuki for Chuno. He knows how perverted Chun Yang’s talent is, and it is difficult to defeat Tsukahara Kazuki with his strength in a short period of time.

Therefore, if you want to win, you must be quick and accurate, and defeat your opponent directly.

So if you want to be surprised, you can only kill with one hit.

“Sunday Sword Drawing” is a one-hit technique!

This move is a swordsmanship created by Kimura Kazuki rubbing Sudden Flash, Yanagyu Sword Drawing and One Flash Sword Drawing.

Generally speaking, the sword-drawing technique requires deliberately returning the sword to its sheath to maintain a peak state of mental energy, and then draw the sword to kill the opponent.

However, “Sunday Sword Drawing Technique” combines Yagyu Sword Drawing Technique, so there is no need to do a specific sword drawing action. This Yagyu sword-drawing technique is the innovative sword-drawing technique of Yagyu Kenichiro, that is, ten years of sharpening a sword, mainly cultivating sword intent, suddenly erupting at a critical moment, and can instantly kill an opponent whose strength is higher than his own.

“Sunday Sword Drawing Technique” combines this feature…but it is faster than Yagyu Sword Drawing Technique.

And Chunyang has been practicing “Sunday Sword Drawing Technique” for a week.


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