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“Yayo won’t lose, right?” Tsukahara Rui was sitting in the auditorium, and suddenly began to sigh, he complained, “I still want to wait for Yayoi to compete with my sister, and explain to Yayoi in the past. Let’s talk about the main points of Shindang-ryu.”


Ito Se and Saito Tomomi, who were next to them, also wanted to vomit.

But for the sake of Tsukahara Kazuki, Saito Tomoru could only lick it wildly, “I’ve seen Sakura Jiu’s game video of Furuhashi’s classmate. When they were in Tokyo, the opponent’s strength was not that strong, and the opponent seemed to understand the sword. I mean, it should have been realized during the seven days of rest that Momoi-san will naturally fall behind when the information is not equal. In addition, Momoi-san’s realm has not yet reached a certain level, so it is difficult to have a chance to change the situation. However, Momoi-san’s strength is obviously stronger than Furuhashi-san, maybe he will be able to beat Furuhashi-san from behind.”

fnd You licking dog, Ito, squinted Tomoya Saito with a look of disdain. He obviously forgot how he licked Mikami Kotone in the first place. For the sake of the other party, he even pulled Kimura and Shu as an idol together. .

“Don’t talk if you don’t know how to analyze.” Ito Shi snorted, “Kyoxin Zhiliu was restrained by the speed-flow swordsmanship when he didn’t cultivate to a high level. Because Jingxin Zhiliu was in the early stage of cultivation. , you have to practice the starting hand first, use this starting style to unite your body and mind, and use the mirror mind wisdom to exert all your strength. But it is a pity that Yanagyu Feijian can use the speed to the extreme, so Momoi-san loses. You say so, Kimura-kun.”

You must know that Jingxin Zhiliu has the title of invincible in the same realm. To deal with people of equal realm, those who practice the wise flow of mirror mind can grind their opponents to death. Not to mention dealing with people with low strength. And to deal with people with higher strength than them, they can also fight for a long time.

But in the early stage, Jingxin Zhiliu was defeated by the speed flow sword technique. Because you haven’t entered the state of body-mind unity, the speed flow will kill you

Because one of the biggest features of the speed stream is the exhausting defense and the mirror mind wise stream needs time to form the field.

Kimura Kazuki glanced at Ito Se, but said nothing. But in my heart I agree with what the other party said. That’s why he’s so confident in this game.

But he didn’t talk to Chunyang, just to make the other party feel confident.

Being able to defeat Yayoi Momoi when he first realized the sword intent was a great boost to his self-confidence. Then tomorrow, when dealing with Tsukahara Kazuki, I can be a little more confident.

As a genius of the Ito family, Ito Shi’s words are of course not to say that his eyesight and analytical skills are absolutely top-notch among the younger generation.

Kimura Kazuki is thinking about tomorrow’s Chuno vs. Uezukahara Kazuki, if he can’t use that trick, I’m afraid he will definitely lose.

Kazuki Tsukahara and Shizuo Yagyu are very similar, both petite and innately powerful. When he first learned about it, he thought Tsukahara Kazuki was an enlarged version of Yagyu Shizui.

But after watching Tsukahara Kazuki’s video, I realized it wasn’t.

Tsukahara Kazuki walks the skill stream and has a high level of swordsmanship. Using every bit of power just right is very terrifying. Although Liusheng Jingyi is also practicing Liusheng Feijianliu, the opponent is obviously a reckless man. Even if Liusheng Feijianliu is practicing Liusheng Feijianliu, when she is using swordsmanship, Liusheng Feijianliu becomes faster and stronger in her hands. .

Of course, Yagyu Shizui can’t be wrong. It can only be said that most of the time, Tsukahara Kazuki was the one who killed Shizui Yagyu in seconds at the same level.

Seeing that Kimura Kazuki didn’t speak, Ito Shi just assumed the other party’s presupposition, with a smug look in his eyes. Tsukahara Ruizao and Saito Tomomi were also speechless. This guy can only have a mouthful of addiction now, and he has become a strong mouth king. During yesterday’s game, Qingjiang High School met Yingjiu High School again and stopped in the top 16.

However, the next game is obviously as Ito Shi said. It also amazes the audience

They saw Yayoi Momoi, the princess of the sword, being beaten by Chuno and retreating. Although they could barely resist each time, the word reluctance explained everything.

When the realm cannot be formed, Momoi Yayoi’s strength is not much higher than that of Chuno. In addition, she had never seen such a fast swordsmanship before, and unexpectedly, the moment Chunyang used the sword, she fell into a disadvantage.

And Chunyang naturally won’t let the other party react. The rainstorm style is handy in her hands. In addition to the reason for the keel soup, her physical fitness also keeps up. The current rainstorm can no longer put a burden on her body.



Momoi Yayoi’s body froze.

The next moment, she heard the words of the referee next to her.

“The blow is effective, and Haruyo Furuhashi wins”

All three judges raised red flags, representing the victory of Sakurajiu High School.

There was an uproar in the audience. Except for the first time to watch the match at Fukuoka and those tourists who did not know kendo, who could come to Fukuoka Budokan to watch the match, who did not know a thing or two about kendo

Even an ordinary person can see that Yayoi Momoi is so powerful after watching the video of the previous county qualifiers, and that ordinary kendo players cannot be opponents at all.

Furuhashi Chuno, besides being somewhat famous among the audience in Tokyo, is not well known among the audience in other prefectures.

As a result, the unknown women’s team player actually defeated Momoi Yayoi


Momoi Yayoi looked at the bamboo sword in his hand with a lost face. In fact, she didn’t know what she was losing. The family asked her to participate in kendo competitions, but she actually refused. Because you can’t cough, because Momoi’s Kagami-san is not suitable for competition.

King Xin Zhiliu must form a field when fighting, otherwise it will be difficult to win.

In the game, both sides play, and then the winner is decided in an instant, and there is no preparation time at all. Therefore, most of the people who practice the Mirror Mind Wisdom Flow are subcultivators.

Therefore, the Momoi family is also known as a hermit among the eight major families. In the realm of being unable to cultivate to the point where the whole body forms a realm all the time, most of the people of the Momoi family choose to do submerged cultivation.

It was only when Yayoi Momoi started representing the school that she fell in love with the feeling of fighting for honor.

Thinking, Momoi Yayoi suddenly smiled knowingly. She took off her mask and stretched out her hand, “Congratulations, Furuqiao-kun.”

Chun Yang was startled, she also took off her mask and smiled sweetly, “Thank you.”

The moment the two shook hands, they were enveloped by a large number of flashing lights, and the chirps were endless.

At this moment, many people discovered that Furuhashi Chuno was also very beautiful, no weaker than Momoi Yayoi.

Ah, a handsome dog.

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