The Sword Deity in Tokyo Chapter 223: Kuqiao Chunyang and 0 Ye Shiori


However, although the girls’ group cheered, it was not as enthusiastic as the boys’ group.

In the minds of many people, they believe that the sport of kendo is more powerful for men and can bring out the charm of kendo.

Soon, after announcing the seed teams. Osamu Nakajima announced that the Jade Dragon Flag National Competition has officially started!

The Jade Dragon Banner National Competition is not divided into divisions.

The competition will cease once the men’s quarterfinals have been determined. The women’s group competition begins, and after the women’s quarterfinals are decided, the individual competition will be held. After the individual competition semifinals, the men’s, women’s and individual champions will all be decided on the last day. .

Generally speaking, there are two days for the men’s group, two days for the women’s group, and two days for the individual competition. On the last day, all the champions will be decided, and then the awards will be given.

The draw of the competition is mainly based on the on-site electronic drawing, so the competition is very tight. Basically, after the two schools have finished the game, they will enter the next game, and the interval will not exceed one minute. So basically all schools will dress up and wait in the rest area.

Kimura Kazuki didn’t leave. He also sat in the rest area, watching the high school students from various counties with interest. Of course, what he observed was not ordinary high school students, but the players of the youth group in the ancient kendo world. These players are all using the family’s inherited swordsmanship. Although he does not have the talent of Itoshi, he can copy everyone’s swordsmanship at a glance.

But he can also watch 7788, which is of great benefit to him in improving Liusheng Feijian flow. After all, these swordsmanships are the essence that has been passed down by a family for a long time, after being transformed and improved from generation to generation.

Everyone’s wisdom should not be underestimated, let alone swordsmanship that has been passed down through generations?

The president, Osamu Nakajima, watched the game nervously. After all, there were accidents during the Tokyo prefecture qualifiers. He didn’t want something similar to happen in the national competition, so this time, as the president, he came to supervise it in person. Thinking, he glanced at Kimura Kazuki, and then at Ito Shi…

I just hope that these young people in the ancient kendo world don’t make any more moths.

As Kimura Kazuki watched, he was also explaining the swordsmanship of these people to Chunyang. Naturally, he wouldn’t say anything about the swordsmanship used by ordinary people. What he explained were all the swordsmanship that was eye-catching.

It’s just that at the beginning, Chun Yang, who was sitting next to him, was a little absent-minded, and his eyes glanced at who he was looking for. After he said a few words, he listened carefully.

Chunyang is obviously looking for Shiori Chiba, she knows that the young lady must be there too. Because in the morning, they separated from each other. After all, the senior explained that Chiba Shiori should take good care of Yunzi.

Now that she is sitting with the senior, she must be very close to others. She hoped that after seeing it, the young lady would retreat in spite of difficulties and not compete with her! To be honest, when she went to bed last night, she thought about it, and the more she thought about it, the more insecure she felt.

She used the hotel computer last night to go to the forum of Mingxiu High School. Although there are not many people on the forum, Shiori Chiba is very famous in Mingxiu High School in Qingyu District, and many posts are about each other. It also let Chunyang know the excellence of Chiba Shiori.

Like the senior, he is in the second year of high school, and he is also a top student, and his grades are also the first in the whole grade. In addition, she naturally knew that Chiba Shiori was a light novelist, and “Reading in Tokyo” was even more popular in the light novel circle. She went to the book review section of the novel and praised it in a flash.

Look at yourself again… Seems like nothing but looks? And Chiba Shiori’s beauty sometimes makes her feel ashamed. Moreover, my grades are not good, and my swordsmanship is not very strong…

If you look at it this way, you’re a waste! ?

So Chunyang was very nervous, she was confused and didn’t know what to do. She obviously didn’t have the idea of ​​being a good match like Itoshi, because she suddenly felt that she was not worthy of the senior. In the view of Chunyang, a 16-year-old girl, love is still beautiful. Chunyang’s concept of love is different from Donghe, and her concept is relatively simple.

If it was the previous one, she might have given up, but in the Tokyo prefecture qualifiers, during the individual competition and the senior competition, let her know the meaning of practicing kendo.

Before, she practiced kendo for her mother, who died in a car accident in front of her. Because the other sisters are too young, although sad, they don’t have that kind of heart-piercing feeling.

It’s not that Xia Wei and the others are heartless, but they are too young to know what the concept of death is. Only Chunyang had that kind of pain, so in order to inherit her mother’s expectations, she began to practice kendo since she was a child, and she abandoned her studies.

Sometimes Chunyang wanted to give up, but in the end she persevered. But the longer he practiced, the more mechanical he became, and his strength remained stagnant, and Chun Yang’s heart would sometimes be shaken. In the individual competition, it was the senior who told her what to insist on, and it also made her firm in her heart, and after firming up her heart, her kendo strength increased significantly, which made her happy.

The senior told her that she had realized the sword intent!

And after comprehending Sword Chunyang doesn’t know why his heart is more attached to the senior.

Since you like seniors, you must take the initiative to pursue them. This is also what the senior taught her in the individual competition. If you feel shaken by giving up because of a rival in love that is better than yourself, do you really like seniors? Thinking about it, Chunyang swept away the negative emotions in her mind, and she listened to the senior’s teaching seriously.

This made Kimura Kazuki look at her in surprise. He could feel Chunyang’s sword intent being solid again… Although he didn’t know the reason, he still sighed in his heart that Chunyang was indeed a genius in swordsmanship.

Shiori Chiba watched this scene silently from the audience, teasing Yunzi from time to time. She doesn’t know much about kendo, but she wants to approach Heshu on the grounds of kendo… But her physical strength is too poor, even if you start exercising, your physical fitness will not be able to get up in a few days. Physical strength is the basic requirement for practicing kendo. And thinking of Qiuzhi High School, she felt that Kazuki’s strength and kendo might not be all.

I just watched Waki ​​and Chunyang chatting and laughing, but I didn’t care that it was fake. Last night, she was thinking about whether to transfer to Yingjiu High School. After all, she was a sophomore in high school. After transferring, she would definitely be in the same class as Heshu with her grades.

But after a little thought, she gave up.

Let’s not say whether the parents will agree or not, it seems pointless to do so. Chiba Shiori feels that love is the collision of three views and three views, and only when two people see each other can they come together.

Now it seems that she gets along well with Heshu and is very comfortable… Maybe for Heshu, a natural love is the best?

This requires further observation.

Fortunately, judging from yesterday, Kazuki has no other feelings for classmate Chunyang.

She breathed a sigh of relief.


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