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The fear spar is the diamond-shaped black gem.

This spar is made from a trolley, which is the ability of the God of Sorrow, which can store the emotion of fear.

Generally speaking, when a strange death occurs in an area, people from the special department or the Fuming Palace will send someone to investigate. At that time, with Natsume Sanjiang’s status, he would receive news, so he could take back the fear spar in advance, and then he would give up the evil spirit directly, which was very decisive.

And when Kimura Kazuki came to investigate before, he felt the other party’s powerful strength. I originally wanted to give up the evil ghost Yamanaka Shana directly, but because he used the Six Emotions Resurrection Technique, his control over Yamanaka Xana was slightly weaker, which delayed time. As a result, in just one day, Shannaka Xana was exposed and caught.

This caught him off guard, and it was also the reason for the Six Emotions Resurrection Technique. When Yamanaka’s consciousness dissipated, he couldn’t receive any information.

If it is the Seven Emotions Resurrection Technique, the control of the evil ghost is perfect. Once the evil ghost’s consciousness dissipates, he can know it here, and then he can run away. But because there are too few emotions of fear, in order to store the emotions of fear to shape and nourish his daughter’s soul, and even allow Yunzi to live a normal life in the future, he is very frugal in the emotions of fear, and he will not move it easily at all.

He removed his fear from the spell and used the Six Emotions spell, so Yamanaka Xana’s consciousness died out, and he didn’t know it at all. He didn’t know it was bad until Kimura Kazuki took out the fear spar, but it was already too late.

“Mr. Natsume, when you do something like this, you should consider the consequences, rather than running away, it is better to die calmly.”

Thinking calmly in his mind, Natsume Sanjiang was thinking about how to escape quickly with his daughter. The next moment, when he heard Kimura Kazuki’s voice, his heart sank.

At this time, Yunzi was held in his arms by him, her small face was soft, her eyes were closed, and she fell asleep comfortably. Natsume Sanjiang turned his head and saw Kimura and Shuzheng approaching in step with each other. He smiled bitterly, “Lord Kimura, you broke the formation too fast.”

“Even if you run away, can you still collect emotions without this Fushangshen?” Kimura and Shu grabbed the car and threw it directly to Natsume Sanjiang regardless of each other’s struggles. He smiled lightly, “It’s not me. The speed of breaking the formation is fast, but your Seven Emotions Formation is too rough.”

Taking over the car, Natsume Sanjiang put it on his shoulder, he sighed deeply, “I have already figured out the capabilities of the car. So even without the car, I can collect emotions. As for the chaos of the seven emotions. Xu array, I really don’t have the energy to study the array.”

There is a limit to a person’s energy, even if Natsume Sanjiang is the fourth dan of Sword Intent, he is a monk, but also a human being. Coaxing children and collecting emotions every day consumes a lot of time, and I also need to ask the devil’s progress in collecting emotions. I can’t wait for forty-eight hours a day. Therefore, he is not proficient in formation.

Thinking, Natsume Sanjiang said with hope in his eyes, “Lord Kimura, can you let me go and I can become your subordinate and **** for you to drive” He still doesn’t want to die, the current Yunzi can’t be under the sun at all He lives a normal life, but as long as he is given a few years to collect enough fearful emotions, Yunzi can live a normal life. Even if Yunzi is in a soul state, he can go to school. work, a complete life.

The current Yunzi, objectively speaking, is only half-human and half-ghost.

Kimura Kazuki shook his head expressionlessly, “It would be unfair to those who died by letting you go.” He said lightly, “Is this your last word?”

“Sir Kimura, you have no right to kill me.” Natsume Sanjiang gritted his teeth, “I can go to the special department to surrender.”

The Sun Moon Sword suddenly turned into a blue light and surrounded Natsume Sanjiang. This move represented Kimura Kazuki’s decision, “I came to you alone, just outside the special department. Of course, it’s too late now. I won’t kill you late because I want to know how you found so many evil ghosts.” Before, he captured the trolley, the **** of death, and pried some news from the other party’s mouth.

In the past ten years, there have been more than fifty evil spirits under the control of Natsume Sanjiang. There have been more than 50 evil spirits in ten years, and it doesn’t look like much. But this is in the age of the end of the Dharma, and being able to master so many evil ghosts is a miracle in itself. There are many ways to control evil spirits, but there are not many ways to find evil spirits.

With the knowledge of Kimura and Shu, there are many ways to find evil spirits, but there are too few methods to find evil spirits in the foundation period, and it needs to be supplemented by other methods, which is very troublesome. Of course, trouble is not a problem, the problem is that he can’t use these means now.

Natsume Sanjiang only built the fourth foundation, but in ten years he has mastered fifty evil ghosts, which is indeed very attractive to him.

As for letting the other party turn himself in with a special subject, he has no such idea. There are too few monks in the end of the law, and monks like Natsume Sanjiang are rare talents in every country. If the other party turns himself in, he will only take it lightly. Maybe he will be a tool in the special department for a few years, but he will never be executed.

The era of Reiki revival was different, and there were as many monks as dogs. Four-layer foundation building, not even a dog. Anyone who dares to commit a crime and resists does not need to be taken to the spiritual academy, but will be killed on the spot.

After speaking, Kimura Kazuki saw Natsume Sanjiang’s eyes bright with joy, and he said indifferently, “Don’t think you can restrain me by looking for evil spirits, if you don’t tell me, I won’t let it go.”

The conversation between the two obviously disturbed She opened her eyes, rubbed them, and said confusedly, “Dad, what are you doing, big brother”

Hearing the voice, Natsume Sanjiang’s uncertain face suddenly softened. He was used to rubbing Yunzi’s small head and said gently, “Dad is talking to big brother.”

“I want to go home to sleep, you want to talk to big brother, you can go home and talk about it.” Yunzi pouted, her cute little face bulged, dissatisfied, “And can you move again tomorrow. “

“Wait until dad and big brother finish talking about things, okay?” Natsume Sanjiang put Yunzi down, put the car on Yunzi’s hand, patted her daughter’s head, and let the other party play in the park.

Lishui Park is a public park. From the north of Lishui Park, you can quickly get to the tram station. Unfortunately, Natsume Sanjiang was found by Kimura Kazuki as soon as he entered the park.

“Okay.” Yunzi snorted, but nodded obediently.

Then Kimura Kazuki and Natsume Sanjiang came to the small pavilion in the park and sat opposite each other.

Looking at Yunzi’s figure with complicated eyes, and looking at Kimura Kazuki, Natsume Sanjiang murmured, “If I die, what should I do with my daughter?” He kept Yunzi by his side, and Yunzi has always felt that he is a human being, and although he sometimes finds something wrong, he has fooled him.

He didn’t want Yunzi to feel like he was an alien.

Kimura Kazuki knew that although Natsume Sanjiang was asking himself, he was actually asking him.

“The Jingshui Shrine in Lingxian District has a local spirit. He is looking for a witch. I think Yunzi can serve.”

“Earth Spirit” Natsume Sanjiang apparently heard it for the first time.

“You can think of him as a land god.”

Hearing this, Natsume Sanjiang was silent for a moment, “Lord Kimura, can you let Yunzi stay by your side and serve you”

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