The Sword Deity in Tokyo Chapter 196: The murderer’s body is found


I found the murderer’s body in the first ninety-sixth chapter of the sword fairy in Tokyo. Listen to the audio novel online


Otake Ryo was a little surprised. He looked at Kimura Kazuki and said in a low voice, “If the deceased are all female and male, there is no precedent.”

Kimura Kazuki said indifferently, “It’s enough for a man to disguise himself as a woman. This case is a supernatural case, and it is not convenient for ordinary people to deal with it, so let me tell you what I said.”

There are many tasks in the spiritual monastery in the past life, and there are a lot of strange tasks. There are also tasks for men to disguise themselves as women. Kimura and Shu have also done similar tasks.

Of course, the most dangerous task was when the spiritual house was just established. There were some exploratory tasks, or exploration of some dangerous places, which required the participation of volunteers.

The so-called volunteers are actually acting as dead men. This kind of task is basically unacceptable.

Kimura and Shu have participated in two similar missions. When the aura recovered, he couldn’t cultivate, which made him lose hope in life. But after taking two extremely dangerous missions, they all survived. And when he was about to take up the third voluntary task, the mentor of Fu Luke of the spiritual academy found him and gave up his task on his own initiative.

“I know that you feel that you cannot cultivate, that you give up on yourself, that you will definitely be the world of cultivators in the future. But your idea is wrong. Although the spiritual institute is an official cultivator organization, our main purpose is to ensure the interests of ordinary people. I’m very happy that you can participate in the two quests of the dead man. In the future, you can stay in Fuluke, enjoy your new life, and don’t take any more dangerous quests.”

Fu Luke’s mentor is not very comforting, but the other party’s mentor status makes him have to listen. At the back, he gradually gave up the idea of ​​taking up those dangerous tasks and lived a good life.

After his application for activating the Sword Spirit was brought up, it was quickly approved. This is because his resume has been recognized by the spiritual house, which allows him to approve his experiment so quickly.

And now, as a monk, he naturally won’t let ordinary people take risks. He knew that if Ryo Otake asked ordinary policewomen to lure evil spirits, 100% of the policewomen who were seduced would die. And if he protects him next to him, it is very likely that he will startle the snake.

So he felt that it was the best choice for him to seduce the evil spirits. As for letting the girls he knew come to risk, such as Chiba Shiori or Chuno, he had no such idea at all.

“But” Otake Ryo was startled, he looked Kimura Kazuki up and down, and said in a low voice, “The deceased are all beautiful women, your masculine features are too obvious, and your temperament is too prominent, even if you forcibly play a woman , and it doesn’t look like it at all.”

The reason why those fake girls on the Internet are so beautiful. It is because of her feminine appearance, the appearance of boys and girls, and the makeup that she is so beautiful. Kimura Kazuki is not suitable for playing girls at all.

“Don’t worry, I have a solution.” Kimura Kazuki said firmly, “but now is not the time, you have given me a fake identity certificate in the past two days. You must have real information on the Internet. Resentful spirits can be found on the Internet. View details, this must be true.”

“That’s fine.” Ryo Otake nodded. Now that he’s decided, he’s not hypocritical. “I’ll help you prepare. You can leave these things to the police station. We have experience.”

Kimura Kazuki nodded, then asked Otake Ryo to wait for his notice. After that, he didn’t stay at the scene. After all, he was not a detective. The reason why he came to the scene was to investigate the odor of evil spirits. Now that I can’t find any clues, I can only use the simplest and most effective method, which is to use in danger.

Ito Shi finished vomiting outside, and didn’t go in again. Seeing Kimura Kazuki coming out, he asked curiously with a pale face, “How did you find the clue?”

Kimura Kazuki just shook his head and said nothing.

Seeing this, Itoshi gritted his teeth and said, “Then let’s go to Natsume’s house to find Natsume-sama again at night.” He said with a pain in his face and asked Natsume Sanjiang for help, asking for too much money. The previous five million was the private money he had saved since he was a child.

Kimura Kazuki frowned slightly, “The other party’s Seven Emotions Tracking Technique has no effect on this resentful spirit.” The Seven Emotion Tracking Technique is still very strong, but now this evil ghost can escape into the Internet, the Seven Emotions The tracking technique is stretched thin.

Ito was noncommittal, he lowered his head, his voice was soft, so that no ordinary people could hear, “I think Natsume-sama should have other techniques, you don’t know, I went to Natsume’s house when I was a child, when Natsume Yunzi was still seven At the age of eight, now in the past six or seven years, Yunzi has grown up as a ghost.”

Hearing this, Kimura Kazuki’s footsteps paused, he looked at Idongshi with deep eyes, “You mean, that little girl named Yunzi died six or seven years ago. “

“Yeah” Ito Shi nodded, “I haven’t heard of ghosts that can grow up, so I think Natsume-sama must have developed other techniques, we can ask each other for help, maybe we can catch this A grievance that only harms people.”

Kimura Kazuki pondered, and finally he shook his head, not responding to Ito’s words.

Time passed, and night soon came.

Just as Kimura and Shu were about to go to bed, his heart moved, and the fuze was crushed. He got up immediately and checked that the time was almost zero. If he went to Lingxian District, he would still be able to catch the last train. Of course, even if he didn’t take the tram, it would only take him half an hour to reach the Lingxian District at his speed.

Kimura Kazuki’s waking up frightened Sakura Kouhashi, “What are you doing?”

Glancing at Guqiao Yingjiu, he said lightly, “I have something to do, you can guide your daughter slowly. I won’t take you with me.”

Furuhashi Sakurajiu hesitated, but Kimura Kazuki had already gone out at this time. Looking at each other’s back, she sighed deeply and murmured, “There’s not enough time, so we can only start from the emotional aspect. .”

And soon, Kimura Kazuki came to Lingxian District, and he came to the Pure Water Shrine with ease.

In front of the statue, before Kimura Kazuki opened his mouth, the Water Purifier Spirit appeared.

Without waiting for the other party to speak, Kimura and Shu looked at each other and said suspiciously, “I only asked you to find it yesterday, and you have a clue today”

Water Purification Earth Spirit smiled, “Sir Kimura, it’s a coincidence that the dead person you are looking for is in the Lingxian District. So I found it without much effort at all.” After speaking, Purifying Water A brilliance flashed between Di Ling’s eyebrows, but after a while, a black cat meowing like charcoal came to the two of them very well-behaved.

“Little Mi, lead the way.”


Soon, Kimura and Shu came to a private house. Seeing Xiaomi jumping over the wall and entering, he did not hesitate to follow directly.

As soon as he came in, he saw Xiaomi spinning around under a tree ten meters ahead.

Seeing this, Kimura and Shu came under the tree, and the spiritual energy surged in the body, and probed under the trunk. Five meters deep, I saw a human-shaped corpse, but the body was broken and began to decay.

He raised his head slightly and looked at the pitch-dark private house. He picked up his mobile phone expressionlessly and dialed Otake Ryo’s number.

After connecting, he spoke directly.

“The murderer’s body has been found.”

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