The Sword Deity in Tokyo Chapter 193: No novel dares to write like that!


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Kimura Kazuki soon no longer had any doubts. He listened to the statement of the Otake Police Department, and his expression suddenly became stunned.

According to Otake Ryo, Mikami Kotone had four boyfriends and Ito Shi, a spare tire, is not an exaggeration to be called a scumbag. Moreover, the four boyfriends didn’t know about the existence of the other three before, so it was hard to imagine how Mikami Kotone had a relationship with these four boyfriends, and also had an affair with Ito Shi.

The deceased today, named An Yuan Lizi, was 27 years old and was a professional white-collar worker.

Anyuan Lizi is even more powerful than Mikami Kotone, and the other party has seven boyfriends, which is terrifying. Novels don’t dare to write like that. This is simply a reverse harem heroine. Of course, unlike novel TV, these seven boyfriends don’t know each other’s existence.

These seven people interact with An Yuan chestnut every day, talking on the phone and porridge, which is extremely sweet. The reason why the police knew that Anyuan Lizi was dead was because the photos of Anyuan Lizi’s death were also sent to the mobile phones of these seven boyfriends, so the police who received the call went to Anyuan Lizi’s house and saw that she had died. Yasawa chestnuts.

This is also the reason why Otake Ryo determined that Kotone Mikami and Kuroko Yashara both died in the hands of the same person, or in other words, they both died in the hands of the same evil spirit.

This ghost seems to have a strong resentment towards scumbags, otherwise it would be impossible to catch women and kill them. After all, there are many scumbags. And judging from the Seven Emotions Tracking Technique of Natsume’s family in the early morning, this evil ghost is also a woman

Could it be that this evil ghost had something to do with the scumbag before his death

Kimura Kazuki didn’t ask Otake Ryo to send him the photo of the deceased. The evil spirits can act on the Internet, maybe they can invade his mobile phone. This ability of the other party is simply the strongest hacker. After talking to Otake Ryo, he immediately went to the scene.

However, the death of An Yuan Lizi has cleared his criminal suspicion. After all, he is participating in the county qualifiers here, so if someone dies, he will naturally be able to prove his innocence.

After hanging up the phone, Kimura Kazuki did not rush to the dawn area immediately, but went to the lounge first. At this time, there were many people in the lounge. In addition to Mr. Matsunura, there were also members of the Kendo Club, as well as Xia Wei, Qiu Nao, and Donghe. The way Chunyang looked at the scene just now, they saw it, and as sisters, they naturally cared and came directly.

At this moment, Chun Yang was lying on the bed, looking at everyone helplessly, with a hint of worry in her eyes. Seeing the senior come in at this time, he couldn’t help thinking of something, his eyes lit up, and he just wanted to get up. As a result, his body moved, and he couldn’t help groaning, his whole body was full of pain.

I didn’t feel anything before, I just felt exhausted and out of strength, maybe my hands would be sore for a few days. As a result, the doctor told her that she had muscle damage all over her body and let her cultivate for a few days. Otherwise, if she did not cultivate well, she might contract other diseases.

Chun Yang asked the doctor worriedly if it would affect the future Yulong Banner National Competition. As a result, the doctor hesitated to speak, which made her heart skip a beat. The mood fell to the bottom, no matter how other people comforted him, he was a little uneasy. However, seeing the senior now and thinking of the senior’s means, she couldn’t help but look at the senior with anticipation in her eyes.

“Kimura-kun, Furuhashi-san’s health is a little bad.”

As soon as Kimura and Shu entered the door, they were pulled aside by Mr. Songmura. After listening to the other person’s worried words, he learned a little bit about the situation. He smiled and said, “Don’t worry, teacher, there are some earthworks passed down from my family, Chunyang’s body It won’t affect the national competition. Seven days are enough to cultivate.”

“Really?” Mr. Matsumura looked surprised, but he did not doubt the authenticity of what Kimura Kazuki said, there was no need for the other party to lie to him, but he still whispered, “If the drug is harmful to the body, I think it is still It’s mainly about the body of Guqiao. And your body is fine.” Guqiao was paralyzed in bed, and he couldn’t help worrying about Kimura Kazuki’s body.

“Don’t worry, I’m fine.” Kimura Kazuki said, and then assured him, “The medicine handed down in my family is enough to heal Chunyang’s injuries.”

You must know that if Chunyang can participate in the competition, there is a high chance of winning the women’s championship in the Jade Dragon Banner National Competition. At that time, Mr. Matsucura’s resume will be added, but the other party’s words are mainly based on the student’s body. , is indeed a good teacher.

With this thought in mind, Kimura Kazuki came to the bed. He looked at Chunyang lying on the bed and couldn’t help but smile, “How do you feel?”

“It’s okay.” Chun Yang answered honestly. For some reason, she felt that the senior’s attitude towards her was a little different, but the change made her happy.

Naturally she didn’t know that Kimura Kazuki was worried that the other party would be eliminated in the national competition. Now that Chunyang has understood the sword intent, as long as the Jade Dragon Banner National Competition is treated with care, it is almost certain.

The most important point is that although Chunyang has only understood the sword intent in less than a month, he has brought his talents into full play. But these days, Kimura and Shu are concerned about Chunyang’s carefully explained the swordsmanship to each other, so that the other party can have the current achievements, and he has a sense of relief watching his apprentice leave.


Kimura and Shu are amused, Chunyang not only overdrawn his physical strength, but also overdrawn his body, and he must be feeling unwell now. He saw that the three Xia Wei next to him were all worried, and he knew that what the doctor said must not sound good.

Thinking about it, he held Chun Yang’s hand in front of the crowd.

Chun Yang was shocked when she felt the warm touch, and then her cheeks were flushed. She didn’t expect the senior to be so bold

Others could not help but look weird when they saw this scene.

Seeing this, Mr. Matsunura couldn’t help shouting, “Okay, everyone, don’t stay in the lounge, the air is cloudy, let Guqiao have a good rest.” In less than a minute, everyone was kicked out. out.

However, the three of Xia Wei were still present. After all, they were sisters, and Mr. Matsunura was not good at chasing others.

Xia Wei looked at the senior and then at Chun Yang. Then he looked at the hands held by the two with a blank expression, when did the relationship between the two become so good.

And Donghe Dingding watched, wondering what she was thinking, she whispered, “Senior, are you treating Chunyang?”

Kimura and Shu haven’t spoken yet, but Qiu Nao said something novel, “This is the pulse, the senior has learned Chinese medicine”

These words made Donghe heave a sigh of relief.

“Don’t be noisy.” Before the senior could speak, Chun Yang glared at Qiu Nai.

The senior held her hand just now, and she was a little overwhelmed.

But when wisps of cool gas was introduced into her body, she felt a tingling sensation in her body muscles, which made her feel very comfortable. She could feel that her damaged muscles were slowly being repaired. .

It’s a wonderful feeling.

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