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“Kotone-chan, let’s go first, see you tomorrow.”

“Didn’t you say you don’t want to call me Kotone-chan?” Mikami Kotone looked at her female colleague and said helplessly, “I’m twenty-five years old, and I’m not too young.”

“But Kotone-chan is as beautiful as she is sixteen years old. But I see Kotone-chan, you seem to be lack of sleep these days, your eyes are bloodshot, and you have dark circles under your eyes. Be careful about your body.”

Mishang Koyin pouted and said goodbye to her colleagues with a helpless and lovely smile.

After the backs of these colleagues disappeared from sight, Mikami Kotone’s smile gradually disappeared, her eyes became indifferent, and her mouth even muttered the words beginning with the letter B.

She knew these colleagues, and the reason why they approached her was because of Ito Shi.

Philip is an entertainment company. And Sanshang Qinyin is one of them. As Feili’s agent, although she brought out an idol named Kitaoka Qian, or she couldn’t be called an idol at all, she could only be called a magazine cover model. Kitaoka Qian is a high school student, and she was also identified. Of course, she generally does not contact high school students, after all, high school students mainly study.

It’s just that Kitaoka Qian approached the door on her own initiative, so she naturally wouldn’t refuse. You can use each other to exercise your business ability.

It’s just that this Kitaoka Qian has been addicted to the drunken life and dream of the entertainment industry in just a few months. So the other party has been given up by her. Of course, because there is no talent at hand, she did not cancel the contract with Kitaoka Qian.

And Ito Se is a boy she met at Qingjiang High School. When Kitaoka Qian caused trouble at the school, the school called the parents, but Kitaoka Qian called her and asked her to deal with it. It was at that time that she met Ito Sei.

As soon as she saw each other, Kotone Mikami was overwhelmed by Ito’s appearance and temperament.

And Ito Se obviously has a good impression of himself, so the two of them communicated with the flow. But Mikami Kotone is very realistic, she has passed the age of looking at the face and falling in love.

Ito Se is just a high school student, and she doesn’t point out that the other party likes her. Instead, she maintains an ambiguous relationship with Ito Shi, and her main purpose is to make Ito Shi popular.

If the other party is on fire, she doesn’t mind dating Ito Shi. And if there is no fire, then it is naturally discarded.

The recent Jade Dragon Flag Contest is an opportunity. If Ito Se can win the Tokyo Prefectural Qualifier Championship, then Ito Se’s popularity will have a huge boost. And she also asked Ito to find Kimura Kazuki.

Because Kimura Kazuki’s popularity on the Internet is very hot, coupled with the recent public opinion of Sakurajiu High School, the other party’s limelight is no different. Even netizens who don’t follow kendo competitions know Kimura Kazuki. After all, school bullying is a social event of national concern.

So Kotone Mikami was whimsical and thought that if he got in touch with Kazuki Kimura, would it be possible for Ito Se to form a boy group with him. It’s just that she doesn’t know kendo, so she didn’t contact Kimura Kazuki rashly, but asked Ito to do so.

And defeating Kimura Kazuki has become Ito’s current mission.

Mikami Kotone didn’t know about Itoshi’s kendo strength, and Itoshi didn’t say much, just let her pay attention to the Jade Dragon Banner Competition.

In addition to the fact that Qingjiang School has also attracted attention on the Internet, her colleagues naturally also know that Ito Shi is the general of Qingjiang School. If he can win the championship, he will be the seedling of an idol with a little packaging.

So Mikami Koyin knew that these colleagues recently approached her just to pry her corner, how could she let the other party succeed

However, in this afternoon’s game, Kotone Mikami’s heart shakes Ito’s strength completely beyond the limits of human beings, but he still loses

In the end, when Kimura Kazuki came out to explain, Mikami Kotone didn’t believe it at all.

When the speed reaches a certain level, afterimages appear. She agrees with this, but there were five Ito forces at that time. Could it be that they were all caused by speed? Then the human beings have reached that kind of speed, completely exceeding the limits of the human body.

As a result, she watched the live broadcast, but found that the audience agreed, and finally gradually left.

This makes her depressed. She even posted a question online, only to have it deleted within seconds.

It gave her the impression that the government was conducting information control. Coupled with the recent events, she is more certain that this world has a side that ordinary people can’t see.

Although there are discussions about Ito Shi on the Internet, more discussions are about Kimura Kazuki.

After all, Ito is so strong, it is not lost to Minister Kimura

This made Mikami Kotone feel embarrassed. Because of Ito Shi’s speech in the morning, she spent money to invite the navy to make a campaign online, and the Yulong Banner itself was a hot spot, so it set off everyone’s discussion .

As a result, Ito loses

Everything was done for Kimura Kazuki’s wedding dress, which made her very unwilling.

In the evening, when Sanshang Qinyin came home, he picked up the key and looked at the door, but hesitated

Don’t look at her business as usual at work, but she’s been experiencing some weird things at home the last few days. It made her pay less attention to Itoshi. If it wasn’t for what happened to her with the results of today’s live broadcast of the game, she would have put the opponent into the ranks of the spare tire.

But thinking about the strength Itoshi showed in the game, maybe I can ask the other party for help

Thinking, Mikami Kotone opened the door and entered her home.

Soon, she came to the computer after bathing.

She is not in charge of the Jade Dragon Flag competition. Judging from the fact that her previous post she wanted to question was deleted, it is clear that the official level has intervened. So even if she was unwilling, there was nothing she could do.

At this point she turned on her computer and logged into a forum.

This forum is called the Ending Forum, a supernatural forum she found when she was at work. The things she encountered in the past few days made her nervous, and she had to pin her hopes on metaphysics.

After all, no matter what kind of ghost you encounter in reality, in the eyes of many people, it is actually a mental illness. But Mikami Kotone felt that there might be ghosts in this world.

In the quiet house, even if all the lights were turned on, Mikami Koto was a little uneasy. She picked up the headphones on the table and put them on, then turned on the music player and clicked on the music.

When the voice rang in her ears, a sense of security came to her, and she breathed a sigh of relief.

The computer page is now displaying the final forum. Before she started browsing, she saw a post in the forum pinned to the top.

If you encounter supernatural events in reality, please enter this website for help.

In the eyes of many people, this post is not euphemistic at all, and tells you directly that we are here to defraud.

Of course, if Sanshang Qinyin saw this kind of post before, she would definitely not click on it. Even if this post was sent by a moderator, she would prefer that the moderator received the scammer’s advertisement.

But now, she’s sneaking in.

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