The Sword Deity in Tokyo Chapter 168: Chunyang…How many strokes have you drawn?



The pain came so unexpectedly that Chunyang wanted to stand up. But being pressed on the shoulder by the senior, she could only endure the huge pain, and the pain caused her hissing inhalation.

She was pale, her cheeks twitched, her hands under the medicinal bath were pinching her thighs, trying to relieve her, but it didn’t help. His body trembled even more, his eyes were dizzy, and his eyes were blurred.

But even though it was so painful, Chunyang didn’t shout. Because she felt that if she cried out, her impression in the eyes of the senior would collapse. She didn’t want to make a bad impression on the seniors…

Just like the senior in her eyes, she is perfect. She also wanted to make a perfect impression on the seniors.

“Hold it for a while. If you feel the pain, call out and vent.” Kimura Kazuki looked at Chunyang in surprise. Although the pain was so painful that his eyes couldn’t stop shedding crystal tears, the other party turned out to be abrupt. held back. You must know that he took a medicinal bath in his previous life, but he shouted so hard that his voice was hoarse.

Hearing this, Chun Yang gritted her teeth and shook her head. Seeing this, Kimura and Shu handed each other the towel next to them. Confusedly, he took the towel, Chunyang stuffed it into his mouth, and made a whimpering sound.

Sure enough… the girl’s ability to endure pain left the boys a few streets away. Thinking, he counted the seconds silently in his heart.

A minute later, Kimura Kazuki pressed the right hand on Chuno’s white shoulder and slowly lifted it up. Slowly pressing on the opponent’s head, and then following the head, aura of spiritual energy poured out from the right hand.

About half a minute later, Kimura Kazuki asked, “How do you feel?”

Chun Yang’s consciousness was blurred by the pain, but as soon as the senior opened her mouth, she felt it in a daze, and found that the pain seemed to decrease sharply, and her eyes gradually became clear, “It doesn’t seem to hurt much anymore.”

Another minute passed…

“What about now?”

“It’s a little numb. Well… it hurts a bit.”

“What about now?”

“There is pain, but the whole body is numb…”

Hearing the words, Kimura Kazuki continued to input aura. A wisp of spiritual energy escaped into Chunyang’s body, gradually driving the poison in the medicinal material away from Chunyang’s body. Medicine is three-point poisonous, and medicated bath is no exception. Although dragon bone soup can strengthen physical fitness, it is not without negative effects.

Medicated baths incorporate medicinal properties into the body, which also contains toxins. These toxins are also a burden to the body if they are not removed.

Of course, this is not critical.

Although Dragon Bone Soup can strengthen the body, it has powerful medicinal properties. If there is no chain repairer by the side to protect the meridians with spiritual energy, it is easy to cause damage to the meridians in the body. That’s why he has to be next to him.

If the meridians of ordinary people are damaged, let alone strengthen their body… It is good if their body is not abolished.

“What about now?” Thinking, Kimura Kazuki continued to ask.

“Hmm…” Chun Yang squinted her eyes comfortably at this time, and when she heard the senior speak, she made a cat-like sound. Chun Yang herself was startled, she quickly covered her mouth and didn’t speak.

Hearing this, Kimura Kazuki understood the situation.

As for Chunyang, she felt ashamed, and the senior suddenly stopped talking. She was nervous, so she had to change the subject and asked her questions from yesterday to now, “Senior…why are you so kind to me? ?” The last few words sounded like flies.

Kimura Kazuki knew what Chunyang was asking. Although he accepted the money from the other party, he accepted the task of teaching Chunyang kendo. But it doesn’t include dragon bone soup… Even in order to strengthen Chunyang’s physical fitness, he even exposed his own strength to deal with Momoi Yayoi and Tsukahara Kazuki.

What Chunyang didn’t know was that Kimura Kazuki did everything to fulfill the obsession of her mother, Furuhashi Sakurajiu. New 81 Chinese website updates the fastest mobile terminal: https:/

As for exposing his strength to ordinary people, he has never cared about it. In other words, when his strength is exposed in his heart, it is exposed… The exposure of strength is sometimes very useful. So he won’t go to covertly hide at all.

Just like now, if he doesn’t let Chunyang know his magic, the other party may not easily believe the effect of dragon bone soup. Even calling him a liar.

Of course, he will not explain all this to Chunyang.

Thinking, Kimura Kazuki explained, “I have a strong sense of identity with Sakurajiu High School, and next year will be the third year of high school. I should not participate in any activities in the third year of high school, but study hard and work hard to get admitted. Dongda University. Before the third year of high school, I wanted to do something for the school… So I participated in the Jade Dragon Banner… Since I participated in the Jade Dragon Banner competition, the goal is naturally the national championship. Whether it is the champion of the men’s group or the champion of the women’s group, I I don’t want to give up. I’ve done something for the school.”

“I always feel that you are lying to me, senior.” Chun Yang no longer felt the slightest bit of pain, she smiled after listening, “But… Since it was the senior who said it, then I believe it.”

After speaking, she silently muttered about Dongda in her heart.

With her current grades, she definitely won’t pass the exam. But… She has made up her mind to tutor, and this time she will not give up. She will give 300% of her efforts and focus on her studies.

Chun Yang’s words seemed to express something faintly, but Kimura Kazuki didn’t think about it, he just told Chun Yang what he wanted to tell. Believe it or not, it’s none of his business.

After that, the aura in his hand kept going, but he would ask about the situation every five minutes.

Half an hour later, he watched the dark brown water in the bathtub, gradually turning black, he stopped the aura output in his hand, and said with relief, “Okay. I’ll go out first, please clean up. After the water in the bathtub is drained, it is best to take a shower to rinse the impurities from the inside of the body.”

“ Chunyang looked at the water in the bathtub, it turned black, and exuded an unspeakable smell, and she couldn’t help showing shame. She has been taking care of her body, but she didn’t expect that under the medicine bath. But it still produces so many impurities.

It took another half hour before Chunyang left the bathroom. She looked at Kimura Kazuki sitting on the sofa and called out, “Senior.”

“How are you feeling?”

At this time, Chun Yang had already put on her clothes and her complexion was rosy. Compared to before, it seemed like she had a new look. This is a kind of improvement of spiritual energy, and the first medicated bath has the greatest effect. So Chunyang seems to have changed a lot.

“I feel that my whole body is light and airy, and I feel as light as a swallow. And… when I just took something, I also felt that the weight of the item in my hand was very light.”

Hearing this, Kimura Kazuki nodded, Dragon Bone Soup is an instant recipe. It is normal for Chunyang to feel this way, “You should be very aware of the changes in your body. If you continue to practice this afternoon and evening, you should be able to grasp the changes. Tomorrow’s opponent in the county qualifier, As long as you are not negligent, there should be no accidents.”

Chun Yang was excited, but before she could speak, she heard the senior continue to speak, “Since there is no accident, then I will leave first.”

“This… well…” Chun Yang opened her mouth and found that she couldn’t find an excuse for the senior to stay, so she could only nod depressed.ァ新ヤ~⑧~1~中文网ωωω.χ~⒏~1zщ.còм

After the senior went out, she seemed to sense something, and when she turned her head, she found Qiunao on the second floor, staring straight at her, startling her.

“Chun Yang… How many orthical characters have you drawn?”


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