The Sword Deity in Tokyo Chapter 166: Dragon bone soup


The list given by Kimura Kazuki is dragon bone soup.

Dragon bone soup is a formula for external use, which is to dilute the medicinal properties into hot hot water, and then soak the whole body in the medicinal water for the body to absorb.

This formula is basically a formula known to all over the world in the era of aura recovery from the previous life.

The role of dragon bone soup is clear, that is, it can greatly improve the physique of ordinary people. Improve the physical fitness, reflexes, speed and strength of ordinary people.

Dragon bone soup has the effect of pseudo-transfiguration. Because it is soaked in dragon bone soup, the impurities in the pores will be completely discharged, completing a rebirth.

Reaching the mortal state is the transformation of the whole body, including the meridians, blood, bones, spiritual sea, etc. All aspects of the whole body are covered, completing an important transformation from mortal to extraordinary. This is also the origin of the name Transfiguration Realm.

But the recipe of dragon bone soup seems too tasteless in the era of spiritual revival. It can only be used by ordinary people to keep fit. Because of the era of spiritual qi recovery, ordinary people are soaked in a lot of spiritual qi every day, and there is no need for keel soup.

This transformation is just an improvement in physical fitness, which is similar to the effect of dragon bone soup. First release https://https://

Therefore, the physical fitness of humans in the era of Reiki recovery is very good, and the average life expectancy is about 100 years old.

And those who have the qualifications to repair the chain, have the aura quenched body, why do they need this thing. However, this formula was priceless in the eyes of certain people in the era before the revival of spiritual energy.

Chunyang took the list and glanced at it, confused.

She doesn’t understand what Kimura-senpai means.

Kimura and Shu glanced at each other, but he did not speak. He knew that if he spoke with his mouth, Chun Yang would probably be dubious. Only by breaking the other party’s three views, can the other party be easily accepted. Just like Chiba Shiori and Nakagawa Qingzhi, they saw the multi-armed evil spirit in Qiuzhi High School and reshaped the three views.


The next moment, the Sun Moon Sword, which was placed on the table by Kimura Kazuki, suddenly radiated a dazzling light.

Seeing this, Chun Yang’s eyes became dull, and she rubbed her eyes. When I opened my eyes again, I saw the Sun Moon Sword turned into a ball of light, slowly rising, and then turned into a small blue three-inch sword.

This three-inch small sword is not like a Japanese sword or a samurai sword, but a double-edged sword that can hurt people both horizontally and vertically.

The sun and moon sword is mainly composed of aura, so it can be transformed into any form… but Kimura Kazuki is in Japan, and usually carries it in the form of an ether sword… In addition, he carries the Yagyu flying sword flow, the natural ether sword main.

But when it comes to using swordsmanship, it is natural to focus on Chinese swords.

Flying sword is the orthodox swordsmanship.

The three-inch sword in front of him floated in the air, and Kimura and Shu didn’t control it, so Chunyang watched. New 81 Chinese website update fastest computer: https://

“This…this…” Chun Yang was speechless for a while. At this moment, her three views were overturned, and it felt like a dream. She pinched her cheek in disbelief…it hurt…

Not a dream.

“There are many strange things in this world.” Seeing this, Kimura Kazuki said slowly, “You think Momoi Yayoi and Tsukahara Kazuki are very powerful, but it is normal to beat them. Because they are The people of the ancient swordsman family, and they have already understood the meaning of the sword.” After speaking, he didn’t care when he saw Chunyang reaching out to touch the Sun and Moon Sword, but continued, “The so-called sword meaning can only be understood. As long as you understand the meaning of the sword, the power of the sword will increase greatly.”

Chunyang’s slender fingers pinched the Sun Moon Sword, feeling the cold touch of his fingers, and his heart was shocked. Since Sun Moon Sword was controlled by Kimura Kazuki, she was not injured.

As for Chunyang, she could hear clearly what Kimura-senpai said, but even so, she didn’t respond for a while. She stared blankly at the senior, and then looked at the Sun and Moon Sword floating in the air… She always thought that the Sun and Moon Sword was a wooden product… But the sword was like a movie, showing incredible colors.

Kimura Kazuki saw this and did not speak. Let the other person sort out their thoughts.

It took two full minutes before Chunyang suppressed the shock in her heart. She opened her mouth in disbelief, “So… Momoi and Tsukahara are both like you, senior, there is this… this…” After a while, she I couldn’t find a word to describe it, and my tone stammered. After I calmed down, my mouth said, “Those two also have extraordinary skills like you, senior?”

“They don’t know what I do. But their families have their own swordsmanship.” After Kimura and Shu saw that Chunyang calmed down, he smiled slightly, “But you don’t need to worry, I also watched them both. This video… These two people have just realized the meaning of the sword, and they are still groping. Their swordsmanship may have been increased, but it is not great, and their physical fitness is comparable to yours.”

Although people in the ancient kendo world also pay attention to physical fitness. But they are more stubborn about swordsmanship. In their opinion, swordsmanship is above everything else, and skill is the truth. As long as the swordsmanship is strong, no matter how strong the opponent’s body is, can he escape a sword in front of a sharp weapon?

Kimura Kazuki can’t say they’re wrong either. Because of the era of aura recovery, chain repair is also assigned. Some people value weapons, some people think that as long as there are enough Talismans, they can be invincible. Some people use strength to prove the Tao, some people use their skills to dominate the roost… and so on. It can be said that a hundred flowers bloom.

But now it belongs to the end of the In Kimura Kazuki’s view, physical fitness is still very important.

Because the chain repairers in the end of the law can only hang around in the foundation-building stage for almost their entire life, and the foundation-building stage has not yet separated from the category of human beings. Only after mortal transformation can life undergo its first evolution.

Therefore, if Chunyang’s physical fitness increases and various abilities are increased, the opponent does not even understand the sword intent. Unexpectedly, it is also dangerous for the chain repairers of the first and second foundation building. Not to mention the two girls, Yayoi Momoi and Kazuki Tsukahara, who just realized the sword intent not long ago, even if they absorbed the spiritual energy in their bodies, they were still in the category of ordinary people.

As long as Chunyang’s body transforms once, he can deal with Momoi and Tsukahara, not to mention that he can kill them in seconds. But it was still easy to be evenly matched, plus there were a few days of rest after the county qualifiers, which was enough for Chunyang to completely control his body.

When Kimura Kazuki told the effect of keel soup, Chunyang folded the list carefully. She looked at this white and thin paper, and her eyes were moved. Then she handed the paper to Senior Kimura and took a deep breath, “Senior, this formula must be very precious, you shouldn’t give it to me easily… Of course, I am also looking forward to the effect of dragon bone soup. So, senior, tell me this. How much does the medicinal materials cost, I will give you the money, and you can buy it for me.”

Hearing this, Kimura and Shu put the list on the table and said slowly, “It doesn’t matter if the list leaks out, because even if you are immersed in the keel soup, I have to use my spiritual energy to help you check, lest your body be damaged. I can’t stand the medicine and collapse.”


Chunyang looked at Kimura Kazuki’s clear eyes, and with a bang, her whole face turned red.


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