The Sword Deity in Tokyo Chapter 163: 10 kills, Sakura 9 school bullies [2 in 1]


I’m a Sword Immortal in Tokyo Chapter 163 Ten People Kill, Sakura Nine School Bully [2 in 1] Audio Novel Listening Online

At ten o’clock, Kimura and Shulai rushed in the direction of Division C. He watched the next Chunyang game in Division B, which was not bad.

Generally speaking, even if you practice during the competition, your strength will not increase. But Chunyang can make progress every day. He knows that this is not his illusion, but that there is such a phenomenon. This means that Chunyang’s kendo talent is definitely not bad.

This also made a decision in his heart.

At this time, he was thinking about Qiunai’s short-term goals, and he just asked. Qiunai’s words were astonishing, the other party hoped that the team’s game could have sales of 500,000 on stea.

Although he doesn’t know whether this goal is easy or difficult, he is also considering what role he should play in it.

It’s a pity that he hasn’t thought of anything in a short period of time.

Thinking, Kimura Kazuki’s footsteps stopped. Because someone was blocking his way in front of him.

He looked up and saw a strange young man. The skin is fair, the appearance is handsome, and there is a sense of arrogance between the eyebrows.

“You are the descendant of Yagyu Feijian Ryu” Itoshi also has a dagger around his waist, but unlike Kimura Kazuki, he uses it to play handsome. So looking at Kimura and Shu holding the Sun Moon Sword in their hands, it was like a big enemy.

“You are”

“Introduce myself, I’m Ito Shi from the Ito family.” Ito Shi looked at Kimura Kazuki’s appearance, and couldn’t figure it out, this guy is not handsome, why is he so popular.

“Something happened” Kimura Kazuki is inexplicable. The Ito family, if I remember correctly, seems to be one of the eight major kendo families in Japan. He glanced at the other party. Generally, high school students are not very mature, especially men. This guy is not here to speak harshly.

But apparently, Kimura Kazuki guessed wrong.

Ito Shi coughed lightly, “That’s why my family has its own industry in the entertainment industry. I recently observed and found that your popularity on the Internet is very good, so I want to invite you to join me in a team to The development of the idol world. With your popularity and my appearance, plus the strength of the two of us in kendo, I believe that it will not take long for the two of us to be popular all over the country.”

It was the first time that Kimura Kazuki looked at someone like an idiot. He felt that the other party might as well speak harshly at him.

“What do you think?” Ito Shi obviously couldn’t see the deeper expression in Kimura Kazuki’s eyes.

Kimura Kazuki didn’t bluntly refuse, because he knew that a stupid second-year boy like Ito Shi would basically not change the things he generally believed. In his freshman year of high school, he beat similar people.

And he also knows that even if he gives the other party a clear answer, the other party may be entangled. Only by giving the other party an impossible goal can the other party disappear into his life. So he pretended to think about it, then looked at the other party, “Good suggestion. But I don’t like teaming up with people who are weaker than myself. Well, you should also participate in this Jade Dragon Banner competition. Give you a chance, as long as you If you can beat me once, I will promise you.”

“Okay” Itoshi agreed with great joy. Because he has confidence in his own strength.

After the exchange, Kimura and Shu stopped talking to each other. This was just a small episode for him, and Ito Shi also left with a look of excitement. In his opinion, defeating Kimura Kazuki is a matter of hand. It seems that Kimura is also arrogant. He clearly wants to be an idol very much, but he has to be round the corners.

10:30, when the staff notified him to play. Kimura Kazuki stepped into the c competition area neatly dressed, and as soon as he entered the field, he heard a warm applause, the sound was like thunder.

He looked up and found that the audience in Division C was already full. When they saw themselves coming out, they all stood up excitedly. But fortunately, those who like kendo are more qualified, they just applaud, and do not shout loudly. Usually only at the end of the game, the audience will be excited to shout. At the beginning of the game, in order not to put pressure on the players on the field, they will not shout for no reason.

However, it was not these audiences that attracted Kimura Kazuki’s attention, but a group of girls led by Xia Wei. A huge poster raised by a dozen girls together.

The poster depicts a black-haired, grim-faced boy with a wooden sword in his hand. Wearing the uniform of Sakurajiu High School sophomore, with the armband of the Chairman of the Discipline Committee on the sleeve. Behind it is the teaching building of Sakurajiu High School, with pink cherry blossoms fluttering in the background.

Kimura Kazuki, who has been transformed into a second dimension, is much more handsome. After all, the second dimension is full of handsome guys and beauties.

Kimura and the girls in the back-up department of the tree were obviously also infected by the atmosphere at the scene. Some girls who didn’t know much about kendo also applauded.

A long time ago, the audience nearby had noticed the group of girls in Sakurajiu school uniforms, and also understood that these girls came to cheer Kimura and Shu. They thought it was organized by the school before, but after asking, they found out that it was spontaneous, except for the sigh in their hearts, but they didn’t think there was anything wrong. After all, Japanese groupies are more crazy than this, and Ying Jiu’s girls have been praised for being so restrained.

After all, this is a kendo competition, not an idol concert.

Kimura and Shu were speechless. He was wondering where Xia Wei went to in the b division just now, but he didn’t expect to be waiting for him in the c division. And if he read it right, the one sitting next to Xia Wei is Shiori Chiba

Is this guy out of class? It’s not the weekend.

Thinking, the referee has declared the game to begin.

“Kimura-kun is such a coincidence”

Kimura and Shu were saluting when they heard a voice coming from the opposite side, and when they fixed their eyes, it was Jingshan Jiuro.

In the past, there have been match-fixing behaviors in individual competitions, so in order to avoid match-fixing, players only know when they start the competition. As for the opponent’s school and name, that is all unknown, only after playing will you know.

Under the shield, Jingshan Jiulang had a bitter expression on his face. He didn’t expect to be so unlucky, and the first person he met was Kimura Kazuki.

Kimura Kazuki shaved his head 1v5 last time in the team competition. He and his four brothers went back and were taught a hard lesson by the master. He wanted to stand out in the individual competition, but he didn’t expect to meet Kimura Kazuki for the first time, which was really bad for eight lifetimes. Looks like it’s time to say goodbye to the individual competition.

And many viewers are also looking forward to it, obviously not expecting Sakura Jiu’s Kimura Kazuki to meet Jingshan Jiuro again. In their opinion, the last time Kimura and Shu fought with each other, indicating that the two may not be much different

But unfortunately, there is basically no suspense in this game.

Nevertheless, Jingshan Jiulang finally did his best to make the most of the confluence of Jingshan Qi. But the gap in strength is not something that skills can make up for.

However, Kimura Kazuki still fought with Jingshan Jirou, which made the audience feast for the eyes.

In the end, Jingshan Jiuro still lost.

Finally, Jingshan Jiulang gave Kimura Kazuki a grateful look in his eyes, the other party fighting with him was obviously to give him face.

As a young man, he doesn’t have the idea that if you don’t do your best, you just don’t give me face.

Be aware that there are so many live audiences, the video will also be posted online. People who like kendo all over Japan will choose wonderful videos to watch, especially the videos of Kimura Kazuki.

So although Jingshan Jiulang lost, he lost beautifully and lost beautifully. Others will not despise him when they see the video.

Kimura Kazuki naturally didn’t know what Jingshan Jiuro was thinking, and he exited the stage with a round of applause.

In the next time, Kimura and Shu won ten battles and completed ten consecutive cuts. Received an admission ticket to the main venue of Tachibana Budokan. It also left the audience unfinished. Many people found that the game between Kimura and Shu was very refreshing.

I can’t tell the difference, but it seems more comfortable.

Some people even said that this may be the charm of Liusheng Feijian Liu. Powerful, yet pleasing to the eye.

And just after Kimura Kazuki became famous, even Sakurajiu High School attracted attention.

You must know that Yingjiu High School has always been a sprinter before, and it has no reputation at all.

Now that Kimura Kazuki has become famous in the Tokyo area, many people are optimistic about Kimura Kazuki, and Sakurajiu High School has become a seed team in everyone’s eyes.

As a famous high school, some things were naturally picked up. After all, in the era of Internet big data, what can be hidden from the public

So in the evening, Yingjiu High School was reported by reporters as a scum concentration camp a year ago, causing an uproar.

A shocking incident has been leaked on the Internet, all kinds of school bullying have been disclosed, and many things have been exposed, which is infuriating. It is hard for them to believe that a high school is even darker than society.

“As an admirer of Kimura classmates, I witnessed the opponent’s strong kendo skills at Tachibana Budokan. The author visited Sakurajiu High School, but was unable to enter the school gate. In desperation, I had to wait for the school to dismiss before treating the students. After the interview, they found that Sakurajiu High School was a high school hell. From what the students said, Sakurajiu High School was a very dark high school.”

One by one, bullying games were exposed. All grades in high school formed various small underworld organizations, fighting and fighting when they were free, bullying honest students, and pretending to borrow money to rob.

In an instant, Sakurajiu High School was covered by all kinds of negative public opinion.

“Are you sure you’re not interviewing a high school with the same name?”

“It seems that Japan isn’t all Reiwa puppets, so I’ll let Reiwa’s man be like that.” The account has been banned

“If Sakurajiu High School is really that dark, what role did Kimura and Shu play in it”

“With the strength of Kimura Kazuki, I am afraid he is a school bully.”

“Kendo is about self-cultivation, not a means to bully students.”

At first, everyone thought it was a reporter who came to smear the school, but other schools in Jinwen District were bullied by Kimura and Shu, and they all said that these things were true. As other high schools in Jinwen District, they were also bullied by Yingjiu High School.

Speech from different accounts, and the accounts are not newly registered. Let everyone know that these are not navy.

Instead of the navy, then what the reporter said is the truth

In just one night, Yingjiu High School became a center of bad students in the eyes of netizens.

It was a day later when Kimura Kazuki knew about it.

The matter was learned from Chiba Shiori’s mouth. He went to Qingyu District to perform Chiba Shiori’s eye-brightening technique and learned the news from the other party’s mouth, but he didn’t think about it. Chiba Shiori smiled and said, “This should be the means of your principal or director.” She took the mobile phone, tapped it twice, and handed it to Kimura Kazuki.

Taking over the phone, Kimura Kazuki took a few glances.

The news section is displayed on the screen of the mobile phone, and the title is very interesting.

Kimura Kazuki is the Sakurajiu school bully, but a different one.

“The remarks about Yingjiu High School were very loud yesterday. Adhering to the principle that hearing is false and seeing is believing, I visited Yingjiu High School. As the author said before, Yingjiu High School does not welcome reporters, so I can only interview the students after school. When the students first met me, they were all resistant. After asking, they realized that the previous reports on the Internet were very out of context. First of all, the author’s report was true, but that was all It was a year ago.”

“Many people may think that a high school may not change much a year ago and a year later. I thought so at first, but after I really asked Sakurajiu’s students, I found out that a year ago in After Kimura Kazuki entered the school, he will use violence to control violence to the fullest. The bad student organizations of Sakurajiu High School were all beaten up, and half a year after Kimura Kazuki entered the school, all the bad organizations of Sakurajiu High School completely disappeared.”

“Subsequently, Minister Kimura established the Fengjian Club. He joined the discipline organization of the student union. As long as anyone violated the school rules and regulations, they will be dealt with according to the rules. In just half a year, the school spirit of Yingjiu High School has been eliminated and it has become a discipline. A strict school.”

“It can be said that Minister Kimura alone has rectified the atmosphere of Sakurajiu High School. Now Sakurajiu High School is no different from ordinary high schools. If there is any difference, it is the time of each lunch break. can see Fengjian’s study group studying around Shuxin Lake.”

“As for the members of the Fengjian Department, they used to be delinquent teenagers, basically poor students. Now that they can study quietly, I have to say that it is incredible.”

“But when I learned about Minister Kimura’s achievements, I was shocked, but at the same time, I felt that the Shuxinhu study group was taken for granted, and I was even more admired. Attached photo”

The picture attached by this reporter shows the results of each subject in the final exam of Kimura and Shu. It was posted at this time, and I was surprised to see that the test papers were basically full marks.

“Doesn’t this score mean that you can go to any university you want to go to?”

“At this moment, I suddenly hope that Minister Kimura will bully men and women, otherwise it will be too perfect, I can only look up to it”

“No wonder Sakurajiu’s girls also set up Kimura and Shu’s support department. I thought it was forced by Minister Kimura”

“Minister, is the Fengjian Department still accepting people?”

“I also want to join Fengjian Club”

In just two days, speech on the Internet has flipped from one side to the other. The speed is astounding.

Kimura Kazuki looked at it for a while, he nodded and said, “It’s probably the work of Principal Endo.”

He even guessed that the two reporters before and after were recruited by Principal Endo.

As the principal, Etomi Endo has been thinking about how to rectify Sakurajiu. But the task of rectifying Sakura Jiu was completed by Kimura Kazuki, so he was thinking about how to expand Sakura Jiu’s fame and make more new students next year.

That’s why Principal Endo called Kazuki Kimura before, but didn’t say it. In fact, even if Kimura Kazuki didn’t win the Jade Dragon Banner National Championship, it was enough for Sakurajiu High School.

The current Sakurajiu High School is already famous.

Kimura Kazuki has become the idol of today’s high school students.

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