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Kimura Kazuki let Yagyu Shizui practice by himself, and he followed Yagyu Kenichiro into the study with curiosity.

A middle-aged man was sitting at the head of the room, looking him up and down.

Seeing this, Kimura Kazuki was startled.

Yagyu Kenichiro took a deep breath, he looked at Kimura Kazuki, and said softly, “Can you see?”

“Nature” Kimura Kazuki knew why the other party asked him this, because the one sitting in the study was a soul.

Yagyu Kenichiro’s eyes were clear, but his heart was shocked. Could it be that what his father said was true? He couldn’t help but say, “Kimura-kun, you are really in the realm of sword saints. I’m in a good mood”

Kimura Kazuki is not puzzled by Kenichiro Yagyu’s words about the domain of sword intent. The so-called sword intent domain is the strength segment of the ancient kendo world on the Japanese side.

On the Japanese side, if you comprehend the Sword Intent, you will be considered to have obtained a pass to repair the chain, which means that you have been able to repair the chain. And if you don’t comprehend the sword intent, then even if the strength is strong, the final ceiling will eventually have an upper limit.

It’s like in the novel, even if a mortal practiced martial arts to the top in the world, he was not as good as a cultivator.

Of course, in the age of the end of the law, when the spiritual energy is meager, even if you understand the sword intent, it will be extremely difficult to repair the chain.

And the sword intent segment, the sword intent segment, is the realm of the first level of foundation building.

After the realm of sword intent, it is the state of sword mentality, which is the transformation of the world. This is the division of strength on the Japanese side in the previous life, whether it is before or after the recovery of spiritual energy.

Kimura Kazuki just smiled, but did not speak.

“This is my father, Yasushi Yasushi.” Seeing this, Kenichiro Yagyu knew that he was a little confused, he suppressed his curiosity, pointed to the soul body sitting in the first place, and said with a heavy face.

Kimura Kazuki nodded and said nothing. Although Yagyu Yasushi looks like a middle-aged man, he is younger than Yagyu Kenichiro. But after all, the soul body is what it looks like before and after death, and from the appearance of the other party or middle-aged person, it can be seen that the other party has been dead for at least twenty years or more. After all, Kenichiro Yagyu is now middle-aged.

Thinking about it, he looked at Yasushi Yasushi and said softly, “With all due respect, your father’s condition is not very good.”

“My condition is really bad, I can’t stay longer.” Yasushi Yasushi said at this time, his voice was rough and hoarse. Shu, said in a respectful voice, “Dear Sword Saint, I invite you to come here this time to ask you for one thing. As long as it is completed at this time, you can absorb the aura of my soul at will. I will also add The Soul Raising Ring is presented to you.”

After Yasushi Yasushi finished speaking, he looked at his son.

Seeing this, Kenichiro Yagyu took off a simple ring in his hand and handed it to Kazuki Kimura.

Kimura Kazuki took over, touched and stroked carefully, and found that this ring is similar to the jade pendant in the hand of Nakagawa Aoki’s mother Eo.

The jade pendant is engraved with a requiem array, which has the effect of requiem. For ten years, Guqiao Sakura’s nine soul bodies have been materialized.

And this ring depicts the soul stripping formation. This formation is quite complicated, but it belongs to the same origin formation as the Requiem formation, and the similarity between the two formations is about 80%.

Of course, the Soul Stripping Formation is not an Evil Dao Formation.

Ghosts are divided into good and evil. If this ring is attached to a good ghost, it will have the same effect as the jade pendant, which has the effect of nourishing the soul. And if the evil spirit is attached, then in order to maintain the good thoughts of the soul body, the soul stripping formation will automatically strip away the evil thoughts of the soul body, and then protect the soul body, so that the soul body can be prevented from entering evil and maintain the rationality of the soul body.

Judging from Yasuo Yasushi’s situation, the other party is obviously an evil spirit, and he can feel the deep resentment in the other party’s eyes. But now the attitude is gentle, and there is no peculiar smell around, which is obviously the credit of this ring.

If he gets this ring, he may encounter evil ghosts in the future. He can use the effect of the soul stripping array to make the other party a good ghost for a short time and then complete the other party’s obsession. possible.

The Soul Stripping Formation can only keep the evil spirits sane, but it cannot transform the opponents into good spirits. However, judging from Yasuo Yasushi’s state, the opponent’s soul body still maintains a pure quality. Obviously, if the opponent’s obsession is completed, the quality of the aura should be similar to that of a good ghost.

Thinking about “what’s the matter?” Kimura Kazuki put the ring on the table. He sat opposite Yasushi Yasushi, posing a state of listening intently.

Apparently Yasushi Yasushi knew that after the soul obsession was completed, it would turn into a ball of spiritual energy. He guessed that Kenichiro Yagyu must have found someone to check it in the past 20 years, and there is a high probability that it is someone from the ghost Fuming Palace. Otherwise it is impossible to know this.

“Help me kill someone.” Yasuo Yasushi said word by word, with strong resentment in his tone.

Kimura Kazuki frowned, “I don’t kill innocent people.”

“He’s not an innocent person.” Seeing that his father was in a bad state, Kenichiro Yagyu spoke quickly, signaling his father to take a break.

If he didn’t stay in the ring, his father’s rationality would be assimilated by the deep resentment before long. Thinking, Kenichiro continued, “Twenty-seven years ago, my father received a poor man from the past. His swordsman, that swordsman’s name is Takeda Kan.” After speaking, he looked at Kimura Kazuki, and seeing that the other party’s expression was no different, he continued, “This Takeda Kan, before you appeared, was the only swordsman in Japan today. I The ancestor Liusheng Yixin, although he has the name of the sword saint, has not reached the realm of the sword saint. And Takeda Hiro has truly reached the realm of the sword saint.”

“It’s the Sword Saint Hiro Takeda who wants to kill” Kazuki Kimura looked at Yasushi Yagyu.

Yangyu Yasushi struggled emotionally, but nodded heavily, “Please, I can let go of this resentment after killing him”

Kimura Kazuki didn’t answer, he motioned Kenichiro Yagyu to continue.

“Twenty-seven years ago, the Takeda family was destroyed by the enemy. At that time, Takeda Kuan escaped, but he was also hunted down. It was my father who rescued him and helped him hide it.” Kenichiro Yanagyu took a deep breath. Tone, “Then Takeda Hiran killed my parents when he was leaving”

Kimura Kazuki listened quietly and didn’t speak, but he could feel the strong hatred of Yasudao Yasushi, which was even stronger.

“Before I died, I thought that the other party was afraid that I would reveal his news, and killed me and Kiko. But what I couldn’t believe was” Yasushi Yasushi took the words, he slowly closed his eyes, not wanting them to see To his red eyes, “After killing me and Kiko, Takeda Kuan bowed three times to the bodies of me and Kiko, explaining that he killed me and Kiko because he repaired the chain with a ruthless flow of nature. And I Kazuko took him in and left a feeling of gratitude in his heart, and this gratitude was a flaw for him, so he killed both me and Kiko.”

At the beginning, after Yasushi Yasushi died, with disbelief and unwillingness, his soul body was sucked into the ring he wore on his finger, so he could hear this. But it made Yagyu Yasushi even more resentful.

“It is extremely vicious.” Kimura Kazuki gave Takeda a lenient attitude. He looked at Yasushi Yasushi and said solemnly, “If what you said is true, then I will take over this task.”

Hearing this, Yasushi Yasushi couldn’t hold it any longer and escaped into the ring before resentment began to erode him.

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