The Law of Hunting a Wife Chapter 286: Chaptery Extra – Grass Skiing


Yang Qiqi is a legend. In addition to her abnormal speed of advancement, she also has a fertility ability that is astonishing to all female beasts.

In 11 years, she and seven guardian beasts gave birth to a total of eight cubs:

The fraternal twins with Mei Baoqian and Nian Jimo: Mei Bingqin and Nian Qinghui;

The biological father of Lao Sansan Henian is Xiang Buchen;

Yu Xu gave birth to a fourth son named Xu Yi;

The fifth child belongs to Ling Yue, and his name is Ling Jiaojiao;

The sixth child, Zheng Yan, and the seventh child, Zheng Fu, are both children of Zheng Shou;

The youngest is Yutang’s old man, Bayu Xiangrong.

Among the eight children, three are female, namely Mei Bingqin, Ling Jiaojiao, and Yu Xiangrong.

In addition to the first child being a twin, the sixth and seventh children are also twins.

Such an achievement, in the beast world where it is difficult to reproduce offspring, is absolutely shocking. What’s more, such a high fertility rate of female animals is really admirable. I don’t know when, many female beasts hung up family portraits under Yang Qiqi’s temple in their rooms, and visited them morning and night in order to gain glory and get pregnant as soon as possible.

When Yang Qiqi heard that she had a status similar to the “goddess of fertility” among the people, her face was filled with embarrassment.

After finally giving birth to at least one baby for each husband, Yang Qiqi resolutely took the contraceptive pill. If she did not take the antidote, she would not get pregnant again.

Looking at the large and small carrot heads, Yang Qiqi really felt that enough was enough.

“Yoha~” Zheng Yan and Zheng Fu transformed into two little black bears, hugged their lower limbs and formed two small black balls, and rolled down the top of the slope, shouting excitedly.

The Angra Grassland in the south of the imperial capital has many undulating slopes, covered with thick and thick green grass. At a glance, it looks like a green ocean.

And Yang Qiqi and others were occupying a higher slope, and most of the male beasts were playing with their cubs. The male beast cubs all transformed into beast bodies and skied on the grass. Even Ling Jiaojiao, who couldn’t transform, lay on Xu’s father’s belly and slipped away with a giggle.

With a big umbrella on her head, Qiqi sat cross-legged on a large soft mat spread out, while patting and feeding Yu Xiangrong, who was only three months old. While looking at the eldest daughter Mei Bingqin who was sitting next to her like a little adult: “Xiao Bingqin, aren’t you going to play? Look, He Nian, Xu Yi and the others are having so much fun? Now that they are out, they are here to relax. ”

“Mom, I’m twelve years old.” Mei Bingqin turned to look at her mother. A serious look on his face.

Yang Qiqi looked at her daughter who looked like a “little adult” and twitched the corner of her mouth.

Obviously he was a lively and cute creature when he was little, but why does he become more serious as he gets older? That expression and posture are becoming more and more in line with Her Majesty the Queen.

Okay, after giving up on her eldest daughter who already had some aura of future queen, Qiqi looked at her second son Nian Qinghui: “Where is Qinghui?”

Nian Qinghui replied with the same paralyzed face as his father: “Mom, do you think there is beauty in a coiled snake rolling down from it?”

Yang Qiqi imagined it in his mind, okay, as a snake, sometimes he really can’t afford to be hurt.

“Mom. Mom.” Two little black bears climbed up from the bottom and ran towards Qiqi with a huff. One by one, they grabbed Qiqi’s knees and looked at her with two pairs of identical black bean eyes. “Mom, let’s play together. Let’s play together.”

The shiny black pine hair, the chubby little body, and the fat and short limbs are so cute.

Qiqi spread out a hand and rubbed the heads of the two little guys: “It’s not possible now, little Xiangrong hasn’t eaten enough yet. Wait, mommy will play with you. Okay?”

Two pairs of black bean eyes immediately looked at the little sister. Seeing her pink and tender petal-like lips wrapped around her mother’s cherry, her little cheeks were bulging and she was sucking hard. The two little guys sniffed the fragrance of milk in the air, opened their mouths half-open, and began to salivate.

“There is no future. I have been weaned for more than a year. I am still greedy.” The second brother’s cold words floated over. Is there a cold wind rising from the ground?

“I’m not greedy.” Zheng Yan, the sixth child, immediately retorted.

Lao Qi Zheng Fu then emphasized: “There is no greed.”

“Wipe your saliva before you speak.”

As soon as the two little bears touched their mouths, they immediately yelled “Ouch” and ran away on their short legs.

The little one ran away, and the old one came over with a grin on his face. Lying down at Qiqi’s feet, he put two thick bear paws on Qiqi’s knees and coaxed in a rough voice: “Qiqi, my dear, it’s fun to slide down. Do you want to lie down?” Play together in the arms of the old bear?”

So, Xiaoliu and Xiaoqi completely imitated their father’s behavior, without any deviation.

At this moment, Xiao Xiangrong spit out the red cherry blossoms and fell asleep with her eyes closed.

Among Qiqi’s three daughters, the eldest Mei Bingqin’s appearance completely inherited Yang Qiqi’s beauty. Xiaowu Ling Jiaojiao has light blue hair, but has the same pair of black eyes as Qiqi. Her appearance is slightly inferior to that of her sister, but she already has a somewhat elegant temperament at a young age. As for the youngest daughter Yu Xiangrong, she combines the advantages of both her parents, and is actually even better than Bingqin. When he grows up, he is a trouble in trouble.

Of course Qiqi is very pleased with this. Although she doesn’t entirely judge people by their appearance, her daughter is as strong and burly as a female beast in the beast world, which is really a bit awkward.

Yu Tang came over from behind, took her daughter from her arms, and said, “Rong Rong is asleep, I can just hold her. You and A Qiu go play.”

Zheng Shou’s eyes lit up, and he quickly got up, hugged Qiqi and put it on his stomach, then put his back on the ground and slid down with his limbs facing the sky.

“Mom, let’s catch up~” Seeing Zheng Shou hugging Qiqi and sliding down, Xiang Henian, Xu Yi and the others hurriedly slipped down too. Only the two little bears screamed and climbed up.

The speed of going down was very fast, and the strong wind hit her face, making Qi Qi narrow her eyes slightly.

When they reached the bottom, the world was spinning, and Qiqi was pressed down by Zheng Shou in human form. As soon as his vision dimmed, his lips were pursed.

Oh, this perverted bear is so impatient in front of the children, and he is not afraid of teaching them bad things.

“I’m so happy, Qiqi.” Zheng Shou kissed her for a while, left her lips, turned to her side, and lay beside her with his hands and feet spread out. “Really happy.”

Qiqi curled up the corners of her mouth and turned to look at him: “I’m very happy too.”

“Mom, Hunting Dad, here we come~” Xiang Henian and the others shouted as they slid to the bottom and rushed and rolled into a pile with them.

Brushing away the green grass sticking to her eyes, Qiqi looked at Nian Jimo holding a kite on the slope, followed by Nian Qinghui. The father and son had found a game that suited them. In another place, white smoke curled up, and Ling Yue and Mei Baoqian were having a barbecue. Yutang held Xiao Xiangrong in her arms and sat under the umbrella with Mei Bingqin, looking at them with a smile.

With her lover and children, she is complete in this life.


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