The King’s Moment Chapter 1: Genius of the past


“Welcome to the glory of the king, the enemy has 5 seconds to arrive on the battlefield, please be ready!”

The magnificent game voice echoed in the huge venue, and the excitement of the audience was quickly ignited. They cheered desperately for the team they supported, and a huge noise broke out. The game commentator Rou and Tuanzi who were also present at the scene were immediately infected by the atmosphere, and their tone couldn’t help but become excited: “Hello, everyone in the audience, this is the scene of this year’s KPL Autumn Finals, the final match between Zhongnan Team and Tianxuan Team .I’m explaining routing.”

“I am the commentator.”

“This season’s KPL has been wonderful, and now it’s finally the last moment. During the BP stage, I already felt the tension and oppression of two peerless swordsmen duel at the peak. I don’t know if you are like this How do you feel?” Routing continued. (BP: short for BAN/PICK. BAN means ban, PICK means selection)

“Of course, the BPs of the two sides come and go, making moves against each other, which is already very exciting.”

“However, there is a trick of the Zhongnan team that I don’t think has caught anyone’s expectations, that is, He Liang’s Li Bai was sent to the BAN position again.”

“Of course, we have always known that the Li Bai used by players and the Li Bai used by professional players seem to be two kinds of heroes, but in this season, we discovered a third kind of Li Bai, that is – He Liang’s Li Bai. “Tuanzi introduced very solemnly.

He Liang’s Li Bai!

He Yu, who was sitting in front of the computer and watching the live broadcast of the game, couldn’t help but get excited when he heard such comments, because the person who used Li Bai to override everything was his own brother.

“Yes, I don’t know how to describe He Liang’s Li Bai. I can only use one statistic to tell everyone: Team Tianxuan’s winning percentage when He Liang got Li Bai was 100%. This is enough to prove how terrifying He Liang’s Li Bai is.” Rou also spared no effort to praise this rising star player, because He Liang’s performance was too eye-catching.

“So in a sense, I think He Liang can give up Li Bai as a hero, because no team will let Li Bai to him.” Tuanzi smiled.

“Yes, so in today’s deciding game, we saw that what He Liang finally got was a Bodhidharma jungler.”

“Well… Bodhidharma is a versatile hero. He has the ability to start a team first. At the same time, he is not very dependent on the economy. If you choose Bodhidharma as a jungler, you should give up some experience to the output position.” Tuanzi analyzed.

“The match has already started. After the contact, the two sides tried a little bit, and no conflict broke out. It can be regarded as a relatively peaceful start.” Routing began to explain the match.

“Team Tianxuan’s blue is directly given to the mid laner, and the red is given to the shooter… Wow, I just said that the jungler Bodhidharma should give up some experience, but I didn’t expect it to be so thorough!”

Natural Selection’s mid laner, Zhou Jin, is known as the No. 1 mid laner in KPL. In daily games, he often claims that he loses if he does not have 50% output. Even in the KPL arena, his output ratio has been hovering around 40% all year round, and there will be amazing performances of more than 50% from time to time.

Natural Selection’s shooter Zhang Shichi has a coquettish position and delicate operation, and Marco Polo is often sent to the BAN position by his opponents. However, his Marco Polo was released in this game, and Tianze immediately helped him choose it first-hand.

Right now, the heroes of the two have taken the blue and red buffs respectively. Natural Selection’s intention to start the game with them as the core is quite obvious. Both of them are at the top level of their careers, so this arrangement is not surprising. But in He Yu’s eyes, no matter Zhou Jin or Zhang Shichi, although they are strong, they all have a flaw – they can play explosive output, but they can’t always harvest their opponents in time and decisively. This seems to be because they care too much about their own safety when outputting, so whenever they need to harvest, they find that they are always a little far away from the residual blood.

Currently, God chooses to ensure the development of these two people. Is it hoped that the two will rely on the leading economy to solve the embarrassment that their output is always “missing the last blow”? But instead of this, wouldn’t it be better to let He Liang use an assassin to fight in the jungle?

He Yu felt a little puzzled, but the game continued.

“Now both sides are starting to deploy around the first tyrant, but the jungler Bodhidharma on the natural selection side has given up too much economy, and it is not yet level 4. Does this tyrant have to give up?”

“Zhongnan saw that Bodhidharma was less than level four, so he decided to attack the tyrant!”

“Natural Selection doesn’t seem to want to let go! They are coming! Bodhidharma entered the field over the wall! No one came to stop? Punishment! Grabbed it! Both sides should have released punishment at the same time, but in the end it was He Liang’s Bodhidharma who snatched This is the tyrant. But he seems to be unable to leave… oops, one blood… Bodhidharma lost one blood, but he took down the tyrant, this exchange is still acceptable.”

“Well, after all, the jungle position in this round of natural selection is partial to support…”

He Yu in front of the computer looked serious. Because Zhou Jin and Zhang Shichi’s safety-first mentality and style did not put enough pressure on each other when the tyrants competed. Bodhidharma’s entry was not so much a robbery as a stealing. In the end, it was all due to He Yu’s precise grasp of timing and skills to grab this tyrant, which had a lot of luck. What if he didn’t? Lose the tyrant and lose another blood, and the natural selection team will immediately fall into a disadvantage.

“Okay, this wave, you can jump over the tower, Bodhidharma has already gone up, a big move, very good… Eh? The shooter and support didn’t keep up… Bodhidharma carried the tower twice, this Bo… the support from the other side has arrived… he is about to be counter-killed… oh… he is dead, this wave of natural selection has made a mistake!”

“Yes, if the cooperation is in place, even if Bodhidharma dies, it should be a one-for-two situation. Taking advantage of the trend to win this tower is completely profitable.”

“Hmm… Bodhidharma is 0-2-0 now, it’s a bit uncomfortable.”

“Bodhidharma entered the arena, and there are three people! Beautiful! Uh… But the two output of natural selection were forced to retreat… They chose to evacuate, what a pity…”

“Dharma 0-3-0…”

“This wave of Zhongnan is going to force the team in the middle!”

“Bodhidharma is going to cut off the line! He Liang’s choice is very smart.”

“Huh? The four of them were too late to retreat, so they started fighting?”

“This…five hits four, one wave for four…”

“Zhongnan forcibly demolished the crystal, Bodhidharma desperately went back…”

“It’s too late…it should be too late…”

“Good! Congratulations to the Zhongnan team, they won the championship of this year’s KPL autumn competition, congratulations to them!!”

The scene was cut in two in an instant, one side was the hustle and bustle of victory, and the other side was the loneliness of failure. He Liang stood at a corner of the court where the lights had been turned off, looking at the review of the wonderful scene on the giant screen, full of regrets in his heart. There are so many moments, if a slight change can be made, maybe it will not be the ending.

“Don’t be discouraged, you have just started. As a rookie, your performance is already very good.” When the referee passed by him, he patted him and said. The other four main players of the Tianxuan team had already stood outside the court at this time, watching the referee’s appreciation of He Liang with cold eyes.

“Thank you.” He Liang quickly expressed his gratitude, but his heart was already cheered up. Yes, this is just the beginning, this is just my first KPL season. The future is long, and I will definitely stand in the center of this stage. When he looked longingly towards the center of the stage where the awards were about to be presented, there was an impatient voice behind him.

“Will you go?”

“Oh, here we come.” He Liang hurriedly chased after hearing the call from his teammates. Facing the post-match interview, he did not hang his head down, but was full of hope: “We will work harder next season.”

Seeing such a brother on the screen, He Yu laughed. He believes that one day his brother will stand in the middle of the stage and hold the championship trophy high.

Just next season…

Next season…

Next next season…

Five years, ten seasons.

Since that day, the natural selection team has never reached the finals. Stand out? Highly anticipated? Genius jungler? No matter how high you hold it, how hard it will fall when you fall.

“The strength is overestimated, and the real level is not enough to be the core position of the top team.”

“I don’t want to make progress, and I relax after joining the top team.”

“Too selfish, greedy for personal show and lack of communication and cooperation with teammates.”

The discussion about He Liang began to show various negative comments from the unsparing praises in the first season. Finally, five years have passed, and there is no discussion anymore, because no one still has expectations for He Liang. The former talented rookie now looks like an ordinary member of the KPL arena.

“Work harder next season.”

He Liang didn’t say this sentence in the fifth year and the tenth season.

A few days later, He Yu saw the news of his brother on the news: the official spokesperson of the natural selection team announced—He Liang retired. There is not much resentment in the comments below this news, only the resentment of some old fans who hate iron for being weak.

In the past, He Yu would patiently reason with others when he saw comments criticizing his brother. This time, he couldn’t care less. He rushed out of the house while sending his brother a message. Bao Xiaobao, He Liang, who has devoted himself to competitions and training for five years, has never returned home once.

“Brother…” He Yu felt his throat a little congested.

“I’m back.” He Liang smiled. Five years ago, he laughed after failure, because everything had just begun, he was full of confidence in his future, and his smile was full of expectations. Now five years later, he failed, and he smiled, but there was helplessness and bitterness that could not be concealed in his smile.

“I don’t blame you.” He Yu said. This is the consolation he sent to He Liang when He Liang lost the finals for the first time. Every season after that, when He Liang lost the game and was eliminated, he would think so, and would send an encouraging message to his brother in this way.

“I’m not good enough, next…” He Liang shook his head, and his reply was always the same every time. Only this time, after finishing the first half of the sentence, he cut off the second half of the sentence just after saying a single word.

“You will be the third year of high school next semester, are you going to sprint for the college entrance examination?” He Liang re-opened the sentence with that word.


“Come on!”

“What about you, brother?”

“Me?” He Liang couldn’t help but look back when he heard this question, “I gave up the college entrance examination to enter the professional circle, but I finally didn’t stop studying and got a correspondence degree. Find a job first, Then consider whether to study a graduate school.”

“I’m not talking about that, I’m talking about Glory of the King?” He Yu said.

“Glory of the King… If you want to score higher, I can take you!” He Liang laughed.

“You know I didn’t mean this…”

“I know what you want to Five years of professional career, do you want to ask me if I am willing? I have worked hard for so many years, and I have done everything I can. In fact, there is nothing reconciled. Choose to retire, Because I’ve already put it down, I don’t take it as a regret in my heart. So, that’s it!” He Liang put down his luggage, raised his hand and patted He Yu and said.


“I’ll go up first. Parents are at home, right? Don’t come back too late.” He Liang turned around and walked into the corridor as he spoke. He Yu looked at He Liang’s back, but his heart was still unspeakably sad. He knew that his brother said so, but how could it be possible if he said that there was no melancholy in his heart? But that’s all there is to it, there’s really no need to say anything more.

“Brother, I’ll help you carry your luggage.” He Yu shouted and was about to catch up. But as soon as he approached the door of the building, he suddenly heard soft sobbing from the corridor. He Yu froze in place, did not go in, only heard the sobbing getting louder and louder, and finally became a cathartic wail.

Are you unwilling?

Would you regret it?

These nonsense, why do I ask myself…


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