The Elysium Across Deep Space Chapter 1: ?Old land


As the train went away, the vibration of the rails brought a large piece of withered and yellow leaves, as well as the bleakness of autumn.

Wang Xuan watched, until the train gradually disappeared, then he looked back and sent a few classmates away.

Since we parted, we will be separated from each other. I don’t know how many years later we can see each other again, and some people will never meet again.

Around, some people were still waving their hands slowly, not letting go for a long time, and some were silent, quite sad.

After four years of college, we have walked together, and the accumulated friendship is always difficult to let go.

The afterglow of the setting sun slants on the falling yellow leaves, the light and shadow are mottled, interweaving the feeling of the passage of time.

A beautiful girl turned around and secretly wiped away the tears behind her glasses.

In this special era, after graduation, they will go back separately, and they may never meet again in this life.

The autumn wind blows, and the yellow leaves are messy and fluttering.

In this season, some people are disappointed and some are proud.

Four months after graduation, some people have stayed in this city and have a bright future. Some people are waiting and persevering in apprehension, while more people leave in disappointment and will return to their hometowns.

Wang Xuan was on his way back, wondering where he would go.

The streets are old, and the plane trees on both sides of the road have fallen in large areas, all over the place.

Someone walked side by side with him and complained for him: “Why is this without you? They gave up on you!”

As a classmate and friend, in Qin Cheng’s opinion, if there is a place, Wang Xuan cannot be avoided, and he will definitely be selected.

After the results came out, many people had mixed feelings, and Wang Xuan was actually defeated.

“Stop talking about me, how are you, have you got any results?” Wang Xuan asked him.

Qin Cheng told him in a low voice that he might go to New Moon because of a relationship with his family.

“New Moon, across from deep space, I don’t know if we can see each other again in the future.” Wang Xuan stopped, and all the friends around him were leaving.

He is tall and tall, not thin, well-proportioned and powerful. In the sunset, his body has a layer of golden brilliance, and his eyes are clear and energetic.

“I’ll be back, and I’ll definitely meet again.” Qin Cheng is a sentimental person, and it’s hard to leave his homeland, especially when he thinks that it’s hard to see his friends again, he feels a little uncomfortable.

“Call me when you come back!” Wang Xuan hugged his shoulder.

There was a choking sound in the wind. Wang Xuan and Qin Cheng turned around and saw a male student who was very excited.

He turned pale, burst into tears, and shouted vigorously: “I really want to stay in this city, I want to wait until the last chance, I don’t want to go back to my hometown like this!”

Having lived and studied here for four years, he has worked hard, struggled, fought for, planned his future, and wanted to find his place, but he couldn’t stay.

He burst into tears.

The autumn wind is cool, and some classmates are in a low mood.

On the other side, a couple stopped and looked at each other without words, just silent tears.

They will be separated. From now on, they will not be thousands of miles apart, but separated by a starry sky, and they may never see each other again in this life.

With tears on their faces, the two embraced for the last time, and then there was only silence.

The city is very big, but it is a bit old, and it retains the traces of the old times. Many ancient trees along the road are very thick, one or two hundred years old.

Relatively speaking, the entire city has inherited the style of the past and preserved it over the years.

Elsewhere, some cities left from the old era are abandoned, long uninhabited, and a large area is barren, covered with vines, overgrown with thorns, and gradually submerged by vegetation.

After returning to the campus, Qin Cheng was still angry with Wang Xuan, and persuaded him to find someone to understand the reason, why he was abandoned, and ask for an explanation.

Even after graduation, they are allowed to live on campus until all finalists are finalized.

This is a rare opportunity. The selected people stay in the city and wait, and will soon go to Nova, where there seems to be some kind of extraordinary discovery.

Qin Cheng was not selected either, and his family’s efforts only gave him the opportunity to enter deep space.

He will travel to the new moon, the moon that orbits the new star, the most important base outside the new star.

Qin Cheng said in a low voice, “You know, even if there are only half-clawed rumors there, it has already made the blood of those who got the gossip in advance. No matter what, you have to get a spot!”

Under the moonlight, the shadows of the trees swirled, Wang Xuan stretched his body on the lawn. He was practicing the “Sanjutsu” of the old era. He was very practical, and caused a large number of yellow leaves on the ground to fly up, filling the sky. Both are.

He didn’t stop, he moved quickly, but his breathing was steady, and said, “I’m waiting for the final result.”

The deep space is boundless and the universe is vast, but it is cold and dead. Apart from the old earth, people only find another new star of life.

However, many years ago, the door to the new star was closed, and it was difficult for ordinary people in the old land to enter again.

Relatively new, some are gradually starting to refer to this place as Old Earth.

In the old days, this place was called the earth, and it was the origin of human beings.

Perhaps, it is indeed a bit “old”. There are many barren cities in various places, overgrown with wormwood and uninhabited.

All of this was caused by a war in the old days.

When technology develops to a certain level, once a hot war occurs, it will be very scary.

The prosperous world was destroyed and became extremely desolate and depressed.

At that time, a large number of people fled into space.

In fact, at that time, human technology was not as bright as imagined. Before the war, a base was established on the Therefore, those who escaped could only temporarily use the moon as a foothold.

It is under this circumstance that human beings suddenly realize a great migration, discovering and entering a new star of life!

People in the old land still find it incredible.

Many people can’t help but wonder about that historical time node. What caused the sudden explosion of cutting-edge technology?

All parties are secretive.

In terms of the technological height of the year, no matter whether it is a steady-state wormhole or a black technology such as a warp engine, it is impossible to realize it in a short period of time.

Some people in the old land suspect that all the answers may be on the moon!

Unfortunately, the consequences of the hot war were too serious. The land was half destroyed, the old land has not been recovered for so many years, and the technology has been seriously regressed, making it impossible to land on the moon for a long time.

More than a hundred years have passed, and the population of the old land has only recovered to about one billion, which is far from being comparable to that of the past. Many places are still desolate.

In the early development of Nova, a large number of survivors of the old land were taken away, and a large number of talents left, which is one of the reasons why the old land has been seriously regressed and has not been restored for a long time, and this great migration has lasted for decades. .

It wasn’t until more than a hundred years ago that Nova closed its doors.

In addition, after the hot war, the land was devastated, the environment was extremely harsh, and there were not many people left in the old land. It was easier said than done.

Under the hazy moonlight, Wang Xuan was performing “Sanjutsu”, and his movements suddenly accelerated. With a bang, his right hand left a clear handprint on a big tree. The tree trembled violently, and the yellow leaves fell like a waterfall in the sky.

Qin Cheng was very surprised: “Sanshu, you have actually mastered some famous skills? They will definitely regret giving up on you!”

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