The Divine Urban Physician Chapter 9204: Cut!



“I don’t believe it!”


The Bloodfang Wolf was shocked, unable to believe his eyes.


It was covered in blood, its blood was burning wildly, and boundless terrifying demonic energy erupted, and then like a wave, it poured into Ye Chen’s talisman brood.


It doesn’t believe in evil, and wants to use its majestic magical energy to explode the mother nest!


However, Ye Chen, the talisman mother’s nest, is really like a black hole and abyss. It can devour everything in the world and can never fill it up.


As much magic energy erupted from the Blood Fang Wolf, Ye Chen absorbed as much.


With such a terrifying absorption, even Zuo Qiuyun and Luo Qingli were stunned.


This scene is too outrageous.


Even if an Immortal Emperor absorbs so much demonic energy, he will only end up in a body explosion.


But Marven Ye looked like nothing had happened.


No one knew that after absorbing those demonic energy, Ye Chen directly guided it into his own bloodline of reincarnation and poured it into the Hei Ye Ming Xing.


The Night Star, named after the night mother Feng Yuying, is Ye Chen’s third life star.


Because it is dark night, if you want to awaken this life star, you need a lot of magical energy.


Marven Ye’s mother’s nest, after absorbing the magic energy, poured it all into the space of the Evernight Star, hoping to light up this star.


However, after the demonic energy that was enough to burst the Immortal Emperor was poured into the Hei Ye Ming Xing space, it was a mud cow entering the sea, and it did not bring the slightest fluctuation of vision.


The star of the night is still incomparably silent, and there is no sign of it being lit.


“The awakening of the reincarnation star is really difficult.”


“It seems that if I want to awaken the Evernight Star, I have to devour more magic energy and more energy.”


Marven Ye licked his lips and looked at the blood-toothed wolf, thinking in his heart that if he devoured the blood-toothed wolf directly, he might have a chance to light up the star of the night.


The blood-toothed wolf who was still fierce and fierce just now shuddered when he met Ye Chen’s stern eyes, and there was a look of horror in his eyes.


“The Lord of Reincarnation, you lunatic, you are the devil!”


The blood-toothed wolf made an extremely frightening sound. It burned its blood and burst into endless magical energy, but it couldn’t fill Ye Chen’s lair, and it was about to be drained.


Naturally it didn’t know that those demonic qi were actually guided by Ye Chen into the world of Hei Ye Ming Xing.


“This talisman brood is really a magical power tailored for me.”


Marven Ye licked his lips and smiled, feeling very happy and satisfied.


The magical energy absorbed by the mother nest can be directly guided into Ye Chen’s life star.


With the help of the mother’s nest to absorb it, Ye Chen doesn’t have to face the impact of demonic energy, and his body won’t suffer any damage. He is simply invincible.


He had to sigh that his luck was too good.


If it wasn’t for him who controlled the talisman brood, he would definitely be very embarrassed if he faced the Bloodfang Wolf today.


The majestic magical power erupted by the Blood Fang Wolf is comparable to the **** of death, but it is not something that Ye Chen can easily contend with.


“The ghosts and demons, come to the world, kill the world, go!”


Ye Chen shouted, squeezed a magic formula, and summoned a talisman ghost directly from the mother’s nest.


Those talisman ghosts, whose shape is like a twisted demon, are covered with ancient runes, like a **** of killing from hell. As soon as they come and appear, they immediately carry the swords that gather demonic energy and slay the blood-toothed wolf fiercely. go.


Just now, the blood-toothed wolf was so powerful that Ye Chen couldn’t compete head-on.


But now, the blood tooth wolf has consumed a lot of breath and has gradually fallen into weakness, but it is time for Ye Chen to fight back.


A talisman ghost, like a ruthless slaughtering **** of death, slashed towards the blood-toothed wolf overwhelmingly. This scene is extremely spectacular.


Luo Qingli, Zuo Qiuyun, and all the warriors in Yongfu Temple and Xiefu Temple were all stunned and couldn’t believe their eyes, deeply shocked by Ye Chen’s power.


You must know that the blood-toothed wolf is a tailed beast. It is an existence that can crush reality, and its power is extremely powerful.


But now, the blood-toothed wolf is going to be counter-killed by Ye Chen.


Marven Ye’s strength is simply invincible, terrifying, and too crazy.




The blood-toothed wolf roared, completely unexpected that Ye Chen could actually kill it.


Numerous talisman ghosts, phantoms danced wildly, roaring suffocating, and with the power of the Yongfu Tiangong leylines, they were fierce and unparalleled, and quickly slaughtered them in front of the blood-toothed wolf.


In the Yongfu Tiangong, Ye Chen has the blessing of the earth veins, and the power of the talisman mother nest that erupts is also extremely fierce.


Besides, in the real world, the strength of the blood-toothed wolf is limited after all, and now facing Ye Chen’s shocking methods and the slaughter of countless ghosts, even it is a bit unbearable.


Puff, puff!


A head-to-head talisman slaughtered, and the demonic sword in his hand slashed frantically, leaving the Bloodfang Wolf covered in scars. Many wounds were deep with bones, fur splashed, and blood flowed.


“The Lord of Reincarnation, this is the one who underestimated you, there will be a future!”


The blood-toothed wolf had a ferocious face, and stared at Ye Chen viciously, his body turned into a wisp of black air, and fled away, but he did not dare to fight any more.


Marven Ye saw the blood-tooth wolf fleeing, but did not chase.


Being able to temporarily repel the Blood Fang wolf, he is already very satisfied.


It is useless to chase down a tailed beast of this level. At this stage, Ye Chen’s strength is not enough to kill the tailed beast, even though most of his strength is suppressed by the real world.


However, he has already seen the secret and knows the transaction between the Blood Fang Wolf and the ancient **** Tuo Di.


Bloodfang Wolf attacked him this time, no matter whether he succeeded or failed, the ancient **** Tuodi must let him go free.


In other words, today’s Blood Fang wolf is free and will no longer serve the ancient **** Tuo Di.


Ye Chen defeated it, which was equivalent to cutting off an arm of the ancient **** Tuo Di!


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