Sword Xia of the Shu Mountains Chapter 1: The head of Shushan


All things in the world are inseparable from each other

Do not do anything to rule, Taoism is natural

Since the beginning of chaos and Pangu’s creation of the world, the world has been divided into five worlds: heaven, demon, fairy, human, and demon;

The so-called heaven is the world of gods and gods headed by the Jade Emperor to maintain the order of survival of all things in the world.

The so-called demon world refers to the gods who have always fought against the gods and attempted to annex the gods and fell into the devil’s way, as well as a group of cultivators from the fairyland,

The so-called fairy world is the swordsman of the fairy world, headed by Shushan, Kunlun, and Penglai, who are between the human world and the heaven to cultivate the Tao and become immortals, with the responsibility of slaying demons and eliminating demons and saving the common people;

The so-called human realm refers to the mortal world; the so-called demon realm is the demon realm that is opposite to the human realm.

At this time, in the Taoist temple of the Shushan School in the Immortal Realm, two swordsmen of the Shushan School were engaged in a very fierce and cruel contest; just north of the two of them fighting, there was a man with a long white beard. A Taoist man wearing a blue Taoist robe was sitting on a futon and watching the competition between the two of them intently and earnestly. This man was their master, Chongxu Zhenren. Chongxu Zhenren is the thirty-sixth head of the Shushan faction. He is already 81 years old this year. He feels that he is too old and has no heart to take charge of the big and small things in Shushan, so he ordered his two best The apprentices come to compete, and the winner will be determined by swordsmanship, and the winner will become the new head of Shushan. After deciding the winner and confirming the new head of Shushan, he decided to devote himself to cultivating immortals and no longer bother with the affairs of the immortal and mortal worlds. The two swordsmen are Liu Changqing, the eldest disciple of Chongxu Zhenren, with the name Wuji, and the second disciple, Wang Zijun, with the name Xuanwu; Da, he was smart and learned from a young age. He could memorize a good poem at the age of five. Unfortunately, he was born in troubled times. At the age of ten, his parents were suspected by the Red Turban Army of being a spy sent by the Yuan Army. He was ordered by Zhu Yuanzhang to exterminate his family; because he was hidden by his parents under a dry well in the backyard of his home, he escaped by luck. After that, he climbed up Shushan with this hatred to find the real person Chongxu and asked him to accept him as his apprentice, but the real Chongxu refused to accept him as his apprentice because he saw the hatred in his eyes and thought his mind was not right. tell him

“Let’s go! Our Shushan faction does not accept people like you who refuse to let go of all the hatred in the world. I see that your eyes are full of murderous intent. Even if you cast yourself under my Shushan gate, you will definitely not devote yourself to cultivation. We in Shushan pay attention to pure heart and few desires and let go of all distractions in the world, you better go.”

After finishing speaking, he waved his long sleeves at Zhenren Xu and turned his back to Wang Zijun, expressing that he would never accept Wang Zijun as his disciple. But Wang Zijun is determined to stay in Shushan, even if there is only a little hope that he will never back down.

“Please give me a chance next time, my parents have been killed. I don’t care about everything in the world anymore, I just want to cultivate well here, become an immortal, and help all the people in need in the world. people”

Speaking of this, Wang Zijun suddenly knelt down and pulled the sleeve of Chongxu Zhenren and said:

“Begging the real person to accept me as a disciple, I really came here to practice with sincerity, I beg the real person to give me a chance”

At this time, Daoist Chongxu threw off his sleeves and said without looking back:

“Wait until when you can truly be pure of heart and let go of hatred.”

In this way, Wang Zijun insisted on kneeling outside the gate of the Shushan School for two days and two nights. Because he had not eaten for two days and two nights, his physical strength was obviously no longer able to support his determination to become a teacher. He fainted from hunger and cold. At this time, the door was finally opened, and the people who came out were Chongxu and his eldest disciple Liu Changqing; when Chongxu saw the prince who had already fainted, he said to Liu Changqing:

“Wuji, you carry him into my dormitory, and then feed him an elixir, now it’s important to save his life”

“Master, are you planning to accept him as your apprentice?”

Liu Changqing asked the real person Chong Xu, and the real Chong Xu stroked his long beard and replied:

“No, now is not the time. Although I have been moved by his persistence, I don’t know if he has let go of his hatred. When he completely let go of the hatred in his heart, I will accept him as an apprentice”

After finishing speaking, Immortal Chongxu immediately turned his back to Liu Changqing and said to him:

“carry him in”

“Yes, Master”

Therefore, Liu Changqing obeyed his master’s order and carried Wang Zijun to the bedroom of Zhenren Chongxu. After Wang Zijun was lying on the bed of Chongxu Zhenren, Liu Changqing took out a purple gourd, then poured a brown elixir from the gourd, and put his hand into Wang Zijun’s mouth.

“Okay, you go out now”

After Daoist Chongxu finished saying this, Liu Changqing walked out of the door lightly and closed the door. At this time, Zhenren Chongxu gently waved the whisk in his hand, and a golden light instantly covered Wang Zijun’s entire body. When the golden light disappeared, Wang Zijun woke up. After waking up, Wang Zijun’s first reaction was to want to know where the place he was lying on was; so he asked in a panic:

“Where am I now?”

Zhenzhen Chongxu stood beside the bed where Wang Zijun was lying with his back to him and said:

“You’re in my bedroom now”

After listening to this, Wang Zijun immediately understood, and he said to the virtual real person very excitedly:

“So, are you willing to accept me as your apprentice?”

After speaking, he excitedly got out of bed and knelt behind Chongxu Zhenren and said:

“Master, please accept my disciples to worship”

Zhenzhen Chongxu turned around and said to Wang Zijun with a serious expression:

“When did I say that I would accept you as a disciple, I see you kneeling outside my Shushan gate for two days and two nights, starving to death, so I sent a little kindness and asked my disciple Wuji to take you Carrying it to my dormitory and feeding you an elixir will save your life”

After he finished speaking, he turned to the door and waved a whisk, and the door opened by himself at this moment

“My elixir can keep you from eating for ten years, and you won’t be sick again for ten years. Now that you have been rescued by me, you should go.”

“Then I can’t leave”

After hearing what Wang Zijun said, Zhenren Chongxu immediately turned around and asked with a puzzled face:

“What did you say?”

The prince then said:

“Since the real person saved the next life, then the subordinate is more willing to stay in Shushan for the rest of his life and devote himself to cultivating and serving the real person”

After hearing this, Daoist Chongxu smiled and said:

“It seems that you are quite sincere and know how to repay your gratitude, but are you really willing to let go of the hatred in your heart”

After listening to this, Wang Zijun immediately folded his hands and said, his eyes were full of sincerity and loyalty, and all this made Chong Xuzhen see it in his eyes

“Zijun is willing to let go of all the hatred in the world, devote himself to cultivating the Tao, ask the real person to accept me as a disciple, and be willing to serve the Taoist priest for life. From now on, he will never have a second heart”

“If this is the case, then as a teacher, I will accept you as an apprentice”

Therefore, he immediately raised the prince who was kneeling on the ground to the virtual real person. At this time, Wang Zijun arched his hands again and said to the virtual real person:

“Prince Prince thanked Master”

“Hahaha, disciple, you don’t have to be too polite. The reason why I didn’t accept you as a teacher is because I want to test whether you are really willing to devote myself to cultivating the Dao, and secondly, I see your eyes full of murderous intent and refuse to let go. All the hatred in the world; and now, I see that you are so persistent and devout and know how to repay the kindness, the expression when I saw your words just now, the teacher already knows that you have let go of all the hatred in the world; since you are my Shushan The disciple should give you a name for the teacher”

Speaking of this, Zhenren Chongxu thought about it in his mind and said:

“Let’s see, for the sake of my teacher, you knelt outside the Xuanwu Gate for two days and two nights. From now on, your Dao name will be called Xuanwu. Would you like to?

The prince replied emotionally:

“Master, the disciple is willing”

In this way, Wang Zijun stayed in Shushan and became the second disciple of Chongxu Dao Changzu; In the human world, it was the seventeenth year of Hongwu in the Ming Dynasty. The last emperor of the Yuan Dynasty, Yuan Huizong, was driven out of the gate by Zhu Yuanzhang; and the prince, who devoted himself to cultivating Taoism in Shushan, swore that he would definitely He wants to avenge this **** revenge, because he is a Mongolian with the blood of the Mongolian royal family flowing in his bones. His real name is not actually called Wang Zijun but Boerjijin Boduojin. Twenty-five years ago, his parents were arrested by Yuan Huizong. Secretly dispatched to the area under the rule of Zhu Yuanzhang, the king of Wu at the time, to act as an undercover agent to obtain information about the Red Turban Army. After being discovered by Zhu Yuanzhang, the whole family was killed and only he survived, and the reason why he went to Shushan was to implement his revenge plan. The first step is to make Zhu Yuanzhang and his descendants all die.

During the past 20 years of practicing magic and learning martial arts and swordsmanship in Shushan, he is not only diligent and hardworking, but also very smart. The magic and swordsmanship taught by Zhenren Chongxu only takes a little bit of work, less than an hour. Time can be integrated, so he won the love of Chongxu Zhenren and became Chongxu Zhenren’s proud disciple; 20 years later, Chongxu Zhenren has accepted more than 150 apprentices, but the best Among his disciples were Wang Zijun and his elder brother Liu Changqing. Although Liu Changqing started ten years earlier than Wang Zijun, his martial arts and swordsmanship are not as superb as Wang Zijun’s. In addition, Wang Zijun is a proud student of Chongxu Daoist, and Chongxu Zhenren is even more partial to him. Plus, within less than ten years of his entry, he taught him the secret book “Shushan Secret Book” created by Taiqing, the founder of the Shushan School. This “Shushan Secret Book” records the creation of the founder of the Shushan School. Liu Changqing, the eldest disciple of Shushan School, who has mastered the Shushan School’s magic, immortality, swordsmanship, and martial arts, is qualified to practice the “Shushan Secret Book” taught by the heads of the past dynasties. It took ten years of practice in the Shushan School to obtain the true biography of “The Secret Book of Shushan”.

At this time, after more than five years of hard training, Wang Zijun has long surpassed his senior brother Liu Changqing in swordsmanship and martial arts. In addition, he practiced “The Secret Book of Shushan” prematurely and has put every part of “The Secret Book of Shushan” into practice. Every time I try a move, I have learned it thoroughly, and it is not a problem to use it, so I am determined to win the position of the head this time. After becoming the head of the Shushan faction, he will control the entire Shushan faction, and then lead all the Shushan sent his disciples down the mountain to invade the human world and wiped out the Ming Dynasty completely and finally killed Zhu Yuanzhang and his descendants in order to avenge his **** revenge for sending someone to kill his family.

In the process of comparing his swordsmanship with his senior brother Liu Changqing, his moves were fierce and sharp, as if he wanted to take his senior brother Liu Changqing’s life, and even the master who was sitting on the side watching Chong Xuzhen couldn’t stand it; Liu Changqing After taking his 20 moves, he couldn’t hold it any longer. At this time, Wang Zijun suddenly used a heart-breaking palm, not thinking of the affection between the brothers and sisters. It was a blow on the chest of his senior brother Liu Changqing. At this moment, Liu Changqing spit out a column of blood from his mouth and fell to the ground on the spot; unexpectedly, at this time, Wang Zijun still refused to let his senior brother go, and even raised his sword and stabbed Liu Changqing who had just been knocked to the ground by him. At this time, Zhenren Chongxu couldn’t bear it anymore, he stood up and stretched out a golden light with his index finger, knocking the sword in Prince Jun’s hand to the ground and yelling loudly

“Xuanwu, stop”

Then, with thunderous footwork, he appeared in front of the prince like lightning and reprimanded:

“As a fellow apprentice and brother, how can you be so ruthless and unrighteous, and move so insidiously and viciously, you are not worthy of being the new head of the Shushan faction”

Then, Master Chongxu ordered him to be present to watch the competition to carry Liu Changqing, who had fainted to the ground, out of the hall; after the disciples carried the elder brother away, they announced:

“I announce that Wuji is the new head of the Shushan faction”

After hearing this, Wang Zijun said to his master in dissatisfaction:

“Master, what did you say? It was clearly that I won the big brother just now, why do you want him to be the new head of the mountain? Didn’t you just say that the one who wins will become the new head of Shushan?”

“Your move is fierce and vicious, and you are not suitable to be the new head of the Shushan faction. Your senior brother is kind and generous to you. He wants to give you the position of head. I can see it clearly. Chu, but you didn’t think about the affection of your senior brother and wanted to put him to death, making a fatal move, if it weren’t for your senior brother’s skill, I would have already died under your sword.”

At this time, the prince is still so obsessed and stubborn. In order to win the position of the head, he has no regrets for his evil deeds, but contradicts his master

“Master, when it comes to fairness, since you just said that the one who won will take over as the head of Shushan, you must fulfill his promise. Brother, his skills are not as good as others, and I am eager to win, so I put my brother Injured, and the master used the disciple’s ruthless move as an excuse to give the position of head to the senior brother, this is too unfair.”

After listening to this, I was angry with Xu Zhenzhen, so I continued to reprimand it loudly

“You don’t think about your brother’s love, and you shot and hurt your brother, but you blame your teacher for being partial to the head. You don’t mean to regret it at all, and you are arrogant. Haven’t you listened to your teacher’s teachings for so many years? ?”

After speaking, the real Chongxu commanded with an angry tone:

“I will punish you to go to the Taiqing Hall to face the wall and think about it. You should repent in front of the real Taiqing”

After he finished chanting the spell, a gold-colored immortal rope was released from his blue sleeve to bind the prince’s body and seal the prince’s mana. After doing this, he said to his other disciples:

“Put your second senior brother into the Taiqing Hall”

“Yes, Master”

Therefore, the two junior brothers who were wearing white Taoist robes like Wang Zijun rudely grabbed Wang Zijun’s collar and said:

“Second Senior Brother, I’m sorry”

Then the two of them walked slowly in the direction of the Taiqing Hall with the prince. At this time, the senior elder brother Liu Changqing was resting on the bunk where he and his junior brothers slept together. He had just been hit by Wang Zijun’s heart-shattering stroke, and his heart and veins had been injured and he had already lost consciousness;

At this time, his master Chong Xuzhen walked in and fed him an elixir, and then injected his true energy into his body. It was too late, and it was too soon. He never thought that his wounds had healed as soon as he injected his anger; when he first saw the master sitting next to him, he hurriedly knelt down and wanted to salute the master

“Wuji, you have just recovered from your injury, you don’t need to do this big gift for me, you just need to know your heart as a teacher”

After finishing speaking, he helped Liu Changqing back to the bed and continued:

“I have already announced that you are sending the new head of Shushan. Xuanwu’s actions are too fierce. In order to win the head, I have punished him to face the wall in the Taiqing Palace and think about it.”

After hearing this, Liu Changqing said excitedly:

“This is absolutely impossible, Master”

Chong Xuzhen said with a puzzled face:

“Why not”

“The apprentice’s skills are not as good as others. Since Junior Brother Xuanwu has surpassed his disciple, then the new head should be taken over by Junior Brother Xuanwu. If you deprive Junior Brother of his position because of his viciousness, I am afraid that The disciples will be dissatisfied.”

“Well, you’re right”

Chongxu Zhenren nodded and continued:

“But how important is my position as the head of the Shushan faction, how can I give it to a person who will do anything to achieve his goals. I know that you are kind-hearted, and in the process of competing with Xuanwu, you have repeatedly tolerated this as a teacher. You can see it clearly. In addition to having a good kung fu, the leader of our Shushan School should know how to cultivate your body and mind, and have a kind heart. The teacher thinks that you have both, and it is up to you. I feel more at ease to be the new head of the Shushan faction.”

“But Master…”

When Liu Changqing wanted to continue the delay, Chong Xuren interrupted him

“You don’t need to say more, you have made up your mind for the teacher, and the future of the Shushan faction is entirely up to you”

After speaking, Zhenren Chongxu turned into a wisp of blue smoke and disappeared in Liu Changqing’s sight; at night, Zhenren Chongxu walked into the Taiqing Hall and saw Prince Junzheng, who was **** with immortal ropes by him. Reverently knelt down in front of the bronze statue of Taiqing Zhenren and silently repented, so he retracted the immortal binding rope tied to the prince with force and said solemnly:

“Do you know what’s wrong?”

Prince Prince sincerely bowed his head on the ground and said:

“Master, this disciple is wrong, and the master punishes him rightly. Today, the disciple not only hurt the younger brother, but also contradicted the master, so he should be punished.”

“Well, it’s good to know the mistake. The master has passed the position of the head to your senior brother Wuji. Do you have any comments?”

“Master, this disciple does not dare to have any opinions. This disciple is reckless and cannot take on this important task. Senior Brother, he is a kindhearted and kind-hearted person and is the best choice to be the leader”

“Well, it’s rare that you still have some remorse, but as a teacher, you can’t keep you here to continue cultivating. You can go”

After listening to this, Wang Zijun became anxious, and hurriedly fell on the ground and repented

“Master, my apprentice has already made a mistake. Please don’t drive me away. Please give Xuanwu another chance. Xuanwu will definitely change his past and never make mistakes again”

After listening to Wang Zijun’s words, Zhenren Chongxu sighed deeply and said

“Hey, Wei Shi actually knows that you have never let go of your previous hatred. When Wei Shi promised to accept you as a student, it was because you have a heart of perseverance and gratitude, and hope to influence you to let go of your previous hatred. I can’t believe that you are always stubborn. Since you can’t be influenced by your teacher, it is useless for you to stay in Shushan. You can go back and forth from where you go. After you go down the mountain, you are not allowed to say that you are a disciple of the Shushan faction. I am no longer. Your master, you are no longer my apprentice, tonight you will walk as far as possible, and don’t let the master see you again”

Unexpectedly, the remarks of Zhenren Chongxu made Wang Zijun, a beast not as good as a beast, kill him

“Okay, since Master insists on driving me away, then I have to give up my heart”

After he finished speaking, he stood up with a blank face, and when Chongxu wasn’t paying attention, he suddenly opened his arms and used the Shushan faction’s long-forbidden magic manual “Wujixing Dafa” to deal with his master Chongxu The real person, the real person of Chongxu was covered by the purple light emitted by the Promise Absorbing Star Dafa because he did not react for a while.

This unique technique called “Wujixing Dafa” is a magical technique created by Chi You, the famous **** of war in ancient times. And become a waste person, in addition to absorbing skill and internal force, he can also absorb any powerful and mysterious power for himself.

Back then, after Huangdi defeated Chiyou, in order to prevent this sinister magic trick from being used by bad guys, he wrote this insidious magic trick into a secret book and divided it into two halves and hid them in two different places in the five realms. The upper half was hidden. In his own tomb; unfortunately, two thousand years later, it was excavated by a man named Zhang Heng. This man later founded the Shushan School with this magical skill and became the first head of the Shushan School, Taiqing Zhenren; Half of them don’t know where to hide.

When Wang Zijun was sweeping the floor in the Shushan School’s bookstore two years ago, he accidentally discovered this magic secret book, so he secretly practiced it in an unmanned place, and he has completely practiced it with his own ingenuity. The first half of the “Wujixing Star Dafa” cheat book was completed, and at this time, the real Chongxu had lost all the skills and internal strength that Wang Zijun had absorbed. After he had absorbed the skills and internal strength, Wang Zijun immediately rushed forward and grabbed the real Chongxu. His neck is full of fierce light, and he threatens to say

“Hurry up and hand over the second half of the “Wujixing Dafa”, or I will kill you. I can not take the position of the head, as long as you hand over the second half of the “Wujixing Dafa”, I will spare you You are not dead”

“You **** who deceives teachers and destroys ancestors, the second half of “Wujixing Dafa” is not in Shushan at all, even if there is, I will not give it to you, but I really want to know that you come to Shushan to learn art What are you trying to do, and how did you get the banned secret book “Wujixing Dafa”?”

At this time, Wang Zijun loosened the neck of Real Chongxu and turned his back to him. He knew that Real Chongxu’s current skills, internal strength and mana had entered his body, and now Chongxu was The real person has become a crippled person and can no longer pose any threat to him

“It’s okay to tell you, anyway, you are about to die, it doesn’t matter if you know the truth, I will let you die and understand. My real name is not Wang Zijun, and I am not a Han but a Mongolian; Zhu Yuanzhang led the way. The Red Turban Army killed my people and killed my whole family. I was lucky enough to escape because I was hidden in a dry well by my parents at the time. To worship you as my teacher was the first step in my revenge plan, so I pretended to let go of my hatred and follow you. The hard work around me is to learn all the stunts of the Shushan faction and prepare for revenge in the future. The competition for the head is to lead all the disciples of the Shushan faction to invade the world and destroy the Ming Dynasty, so that Zhu Yuanzhang and his descendants will not die. , I didn’t expect you to ruin my plan and give up the position of head to the stinky boy Wuji. As for the secret book of “Wujixing Dafa”, I found it in the library by accident. After I finished it, I destroyed the cheat book, and now I am the only one who knows the first half of the “Wujixing Dafa”.”

Hearing this, I suddenly realized the truth

“It turns out that you had a plan! In order to avenge your personal revenge, you did not hesitate to destroy the world and provoked grievances between the two worlds. Your heart is really more poisonous than snakes and scorpions. Otherwise, the foundation of my Shushan faction for thousands of years will be destroyed in your hands.”

At this time, Wang Zijun suddenly turned around to face the real person Chong Xu and said

“Hahaha, we Mongolians have always been ruthless. My ancestor Genghis Khan fought in the south and the north, fought in the east and west, and won thousands of miles of rivers and mountains. It’s not a ruthless heart. Those who achieve great things must be ruthless. I will do whatever I can to achieve my goal; but if I read you and I as a teacher and apprentice, you just need to tell me where the second half of the “Wujixing Dafa” is, and I will spare you a dog’s life.”

“You bastard, I won’t tell you if you kill me”

“Oh, yes? Since you want to die so much, I’ll do it for you”

After he finished speaking, he resorted to a trick that Chong Xuzhen taught him, the Shushan Chopping Heaven Palm, which resulted in the life of his master Chong Xuzhen, and the first generation leader Chong Xuzhen died in this way at the hands of his proud disciple, Wang Zijun. In hand; after Wang Zijun killed the real person Chongxu, in order not to cause trouble, he decided to leave Shushan quietly tonight to find the whereabouts of the second half of “Wujixing Dafa”. An uncle who came in at night to find the real person Chongxu to discuss the affairs of Shushan; the master uncle Yuxu real person said after seeing Wang Zijun

“Xuan Wu, where is your master?”

After listening to Master Yuxu’s question, Wang Zijun was so nervous that he was speechless. At this time, another master, Master Qingxu, suddenly found the body of Master Chongxu, so he hurried over to cry and shouted

“Senior brother, brother, why did you just die like this?”

After seeing this scene, Zhenren Yuxu angrily pulled out the sword he was wearing and put it on Wang Zijun’s neck to force him

“Did you kill my junior brother Chong Xu? Tell me now?”

Because Wang Zijun has just absorbed the power and internal strength of Chongxu Zhenren, he feels that his current strength should be able to handle his five uncles, so he arrogantly and fearlessly admits

“Hahahaha, what’s the matter? I told you that I have just used the Wuji Absorbing Star Dafa to drain the mana and internal power of the Chongxu Zhenren. If you don’t want to die, you can go together.”

At this time, Master Qingxu put down the body of Master Chongxu, and his four brothers raised their swords and pointed at Wang Zijun.

“Why do you want to kill my senior brother? My senior brother usually treats you well, but you are actually revenge for your kindness. What are you trying to say?”

“Haha, this is a secret that cannot be leaked. If you are not afraid of my Promise Absorbing Stars Dafa, then come together”

At this time, the real Yuxu said

“Wujixing Dafa, this incomparably sinister magic skill, is the secret manual of our Shushan sect that has always been banned from learning. I didn’t expect you to secretly practice this wicked magic skill. Well, today, five of our brothers and sisters are for the Shushan sect. Clean the portal”

After finishing speaking, the five Shushan real people with stunts fought with Wang Zijun. Although Wang Zijun already has the internal strength and mana of Chongxu real people, he didn’t know how to use them, so he had the disadvantage. In addition, he alone It’s hard to beat the five hands, so after two or three rounds of battle, I can’t bear it

“I can’t go on like this, or I’ll have to be killed by these five old Taoist priests”

So he opened his arms once again and used the Wuji Star Absorbing Dafa. A purple light instantly covered his five uncles, and his five uncles were caught by the Wuji Star Absorbing Dafa for a while. The purple light radiated from it was blocked and unable to move. Seeing that the skills and internal strength of the five uncles were about to be absorbed by the prince, Master Yuxu said at this time

“No way, we have to be sucked up by him if we go on like this”

Another Shushan real person Qingxu said that

“It’s better for the five of us to gather our inner strength together and then use the Dingshan method to fix our inner strength to see if we can break his Wuji Star Absorbing Dafa”


As a result, the five Shushan real people threw away the swords in their hands and put their palms against each other to gather the internal force together, and then used the fixed mountain method to fix the internal force. The golden light quickly bounced back on Wang Zijun through the purple light. At this time, Wang Zijun was hit by the golden light and fell to the ground, spitting blood on the ground.

“This is your own fault. You can’t blame us. Brothers and sisters, we will avenge the elder brothers and kill this Shushan villain”

As soon as Master Yuxu finished speaking, he and his four brothers picked up the swords on the ground and stabbed the wounded prince in the chest together; A masked woman in a purple robe jumped down from the beam. The masked woman was exactly in the middle of the place where the five real people of Shushan and the prince were lying. Then she waved her long sleeves and emitted a purple light to cover the place. The five Shushan real people immediately bounced off, and after the five Shushan real people stood firm, they asked the real Yuxu

“Who are you? Why do you come to our Shushan?”

The woman in the purple robe said with a contemptuous smile

“You Shushan faction are considered decent, no matter how you say it, but five people joined forces to bully a young man who is still young”

After listening to the masked woman’s words, the real Yuxu said angrily

“This is a matter of my Shushan faction, what’s it to do with you? This kid bullied his master and killed his ancestors and killed my junior and junior brothers. We need to clear the door. You get out of the way, or we will clean up with you”

Unexpectedly, the masked woman didn’t pay attention to the five Shushan real people at all, she replied dismissively

“Okay, then I will play with you stinky Taoists”

After all, she turned out a black long sword from her hand and took the initiative to attack the five Shushan real people. And the five real people of Shushan struggled to resist the attack of the masked woman. After fighting for about five rounds, the five real people of Shushan were knocked down by the masked woman.

“Hahaha, I can’t believe that the Sword Immortal Shushan is so vulnerable, it’s a hundred and eight thousand miles away from our demon world”

After hearing this, the real Yuxu who fell to the ground immediately understood

“It turns out that you belong to the Demon Realm. Our Immortal Realm and your Demon Realm have always been well water and not river water. What’s your purpose here?”

The masked woman replied

“I came here on the orders of our gods to take this kid away”

“No, he is a bad guy of our Shushan faction, we must clear the door, you can’t take him away from here”

Master Qingxu stood up and said to Master Yuxu

“Senior brother, set up the formation”

After speaking, the five people picked up their swords and surrounded the masked woman;


With the order of the real person Yuxu, the five people surrounded the masked woman like iron buckets, no matter how hard she struggled, she couldn’t break through this tight formation like iron buckets

“Demon girl, you can’t break through this Tiangang gossip array. If you are willing to leave here and hand over the evil obstacle of the prince to us, we will let you live. Otherwise, don’t blame our brothers and sisters for being ruthless and ruthless.”

At this time, the masked woman has become a little panicked, because she knows that with her current strength, she will not be able to break through the Tiangang gossip array; but if she stops and goes back, she can’t explain to the emperor, what is this? Okay. Just when she felt very entangled, her eyes suddenly lit up, and she thought of a sure-fire way to retreat from the enemy. She pretended to compromise and said to the five Shushan real people

“Okay, I’m leaving, I’ll leave this person to you”

After hearing this, the five Shushan real people instantly relaxed their vigilance. At this time, the masked woman suddenly spilled a packet of medicinal powder from her hand, and the packet of medicinal powder floated in the air like a mist and was inhaled into the nostrils by the five Shushan real people

“Oops! We fell in with her, and the soft tendons were scattered”

After the real person Yuxu found out that he was in the game, unfortunately it was too late, and he soon collapsed to the ground like drunkenness like his five brothers and sisters. The masked woman took the opportunity to carry Wang Zijun on her body and quickly rushed out of the Taiqing Hall, riding a black cloud and leaving Shushan.

After almost an hour of flight, the masked woman took the dying prince to a mountain. This mountain is the Fumo Mountain, the place where the demons live. The Demon Race is a race created by Emperor Shitian, a descendant of Chiyou. More than a thousand years ago, Emperor Shitian led the Demon Race to kill the Heavenly Palace. Later, the Jade Emperor led the Heavenly Soldiers to defeat them. After the defeat, the Jade Emperor did not show mercy. Speaking of the remnants of the demons led by Di Shitian, they were killed, but they were demoted to the Fumo Mountain at the top of the North Pole. However, Di Shitian did not give up his ambition to conquer the heavens. He led the demons on the Fumo Mountain. Recuperating and waiting for the day to return to the heavenly court, in the past thousand years, the demons of Di Shitian have developed to a certain scale. In addition to accepting all the demons in the world, they also accept all the people who have fallen into the devil’s way. Including gods, monsters, humans, and cultivators; and Wang Zijun, who has just practiced the Infinite Star Absorbing Dafa and fell into the devil’s way, is the type of people they are looking for.

When the masked woman took Wang Zijun to the door of a cave, she took off a seal on her chest and placed it on the door of the cave. When she saw a flash of purple light, the door opened automatically; after entering the door, The masked woman took the prince down, and the confused prince asked at this time:

“Girl, where are you taking me?”

The masked woman replied:

“I want to take you to see our God”

“Why did you take me to see your god”

“You will know when you go”

After a while, the masked woman had brought Wang Zijun in front of the Heavenly Emperor, then knelt down and saluted:

“Heavenly Emperor, I have brought the prince here”

“Okay, you did a good job”

At this time, the Emperor of Heaven was facing the masked woman, and when he turned around, Wang Zijun finally saw his terrifying face. I saw that the man was very tall, with long black hair, wearing a golden and black robe, his face was snow-white and not half blood, he had a pair of golden eyes, and a **** lip showing four parts. The terrifying tiger teeth look like they are going to eat people and are ferocious. The prince was now stunned by his terrifying face. When that person slowly approached Wang Zijun, Wang Zijun asked in a panic, emphasizing with a little fear

“What are you…what are you doing?”

The prince wanted to run away, but he couldn’t move because his body had been injured by the five stinky Taoist priests sent by Shushan. When the man was already standing beside Wang Zijun, he squatted down, and Wang Zijun instinctively turned his face away and did not dare to look directly at his terrifying face. Suddenly, the man put one of his bloodless, snow-white hands on Wang Zijun’s chest, and saw a purple light covering Wang Zijun’s body instantly, and Wang Zijun suddenly felt that his internal organs were no longer so uncomfortable. Has returned to the same state as before the injury. After the purple light completely disappeared, the man said:

“Okay, I’ve healed your inner wounds for you, and you can move now”

The prince then knelt down and thanked him:

“Thank you for your help, I dare to ask your honorable name, why did you let me come here?”

The man said his name very readily

“My name is Di Shitian, a descendant of Chiyou, the ancient **** of war”

After hearing this, Wang Zijun’s eyes lit up, and he suddenly realized:

“Could it be that you are the Demon King who led the Demon Race into Heaven a thousand years ago?”

“Well, that’s right. But I can’t bear the emperor. You can just call me Tiandi in the future. I sent Ziyan to bring you here because I want you to join our demon clan; you are now from the Shushan faction. Traitor, there is no room for you in the Shushan faction, you might as well join us, you can learn superior magic here”

After listening to Di Shitian’s words, Wang Zijun hesitated for a while and said:

“But I carry a **** revenge on my back, and I will be in vain if I don’t avenge this revenge”

“I know this for a long time, aren’t you just looking for revenge from Zhu Yuanzhang in the human world? As long as you are willing to join the demon world, I will definitely help you, and I will help you restore Mengyuan Jiangshan”

At this time, the prince was dumbfounded. He was very surprised at how Di Shitian knew about these things, so he asked:

“How did you know these things?”

“There is nothing in this world that my Emperor Shitian doesn’t know. I want you to join the demon world because I think you are sinister and vicious, and will do anything to achieve your goals. This is exactly in line with the clan of our demons. Your real name isn’t actually Wang Zijun, and you’re not a Han Chinese, I know that you’ve also practiced the first half of the “Wujixing Dafa”, right?”

“Yes, exactly”

“Don’t you want to get the second half of “Wujixing Dafa” now? Let me tell you, the second half you want is right here with me”

After hearing this, Wang Zijun was very surprised and excited, which was a big temptation for him


“Of course it’s true. As long as you join our Demon Realm, I’ll give you the second half, but you have to teach me the first half. We will practice the Infinite Star Absorbing Dafa together and then attack the Heaven Realm and unify the Five Realms. , then the whole world belongs to our Demon Race, are you willing to join the Demon World now?”

“I…I would like to join the demon world”

It can not only avenge the revenge of the parents, but also can practice the full version of the Promise Absorbing Star Dafa, and can also achieve the great cause of restoring the Mongolian and Yuan Dynasty. Who would want to miss such a good thing

“Okay, since you are willing to join our demon world, then you will simply stop calling Wang Zijun this fake name, and just call back your real name Potokin”

After listening to Di Shitian’s words, “Prince Prince” immediately saluted

“Potokin’s Order”


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