Super Dragon Slaughtering System Chapter 1: The strongest dragon slaying system



Chapter One The Strongest Dragon Slaying System


“Zhang Tian, ​​you dare to betray Lao Tzu, I will never let you go as a ghost!”


With a roar, Ning Qi opened his eyes fiercely, and suddenly felt a terrible pain all over his body, and then he touched his body in surprise. Am I not dead?


I was betrayed by Zhang Tian, ​​his most powerful subordinate, and pushed down the cliff, but he didn’t die?


“Haha, Zhang Tian, ​​wait for me, I will come to you for revenge!”


Ning Qi laughed loudly, laughing too loudly, and suddenly tore the wound on his body, and he grinned in pain.


“This wild species is crazy, right?”


Two people with pity on their faces stood in front of Ning Qi, looking at him coldly.


Ning Qi found out that something was wrong. Didn’t he fall off the cliff, or appear in the wilderness, but also to be in the hospital? where is this place? So many rockery and flowing water? garden?


Why do these two guys look at themselves with such eyes? bastard? Are they wearing clothes for filming? Same as costume?


Suddenly, Ning Qi suffered a sharp pain in his head, and memory fragments flooded into his heart. He seemed to be immersed in a movie world, experiencing everything that the guy who looked exactly like him had gone through. From small to large, nothing is missed!


“This is the Dragon Continent, the Champion of the Qin Tang Empire? My father is the champion Hou? My mother is the slave of the old lady? I…Is a wild species…?”


“I died of illness when my mother gave birth. I am lingering and panting like a dog?”


“My father treats me like a stranger, and the eldest lady regards me as an enemy. No one in the whole champion Houfu treats me as a young master. Even those side children and slaves can insult me?”


“Damn it, just kindly picked up a handkerchief. The maid’s servant actually accused me of having misconduct with her, was hanged for ten days and nights, and was thrown to the gate of the yard after I lost my breath… Bitch… I must Kill you… No one can frame me Ning Qi!”


“This world is amazing. There are monsters and humans can also cultivate? But no matter how powerful humans are, they are still suppressed by the dragon clan. The true ruler of the dragon continent is the dragon clan!”


In an instant, Ning Qi accepted these memories and merged with them, regardless of you and me.




“The strongest dragon slaying system is being opened, please don’t move the host.”




“What is this?” Ning Qi was confused by the voice in his head.


“The 100% strongest dragon slaying system was successfully opened.”


Host: Ning Qi.


Equal rank: the first rank of forging body. (Forging body from one to tenth order, fighter, master, master, master, master, master, master, master, master, master, master.)


Experience value: 0/20


Gong Method: Huang Tier lower grade forging body tactics.


Martial Skills: None.


HP: 1/20.


Slaying Dragon Coins: 0.


The mall system is not turned on, please obtain the Dragon Slaying Coin as soon as possible.


“How come there is such a thing in my mind? The strongest dragon slaying system?” Ning Qi endured the pain, got up from the ground, ignoring the mocking gazes of the two servants, and limped at him. I walked to the small courtyard where I lived. This small courtyard has only one room. In Champion Hou’s Mansion, it is actually similar to the layman’s courtyard. If he hadn’t had the blood of Champion Hou in his body, he wouldn’t be able to get this small courtyard.


I found a small wooden box under the bed. Inside it was a small porcelain bottle. After opening it, a scent came out. This is the healing medicine that Ning Qi has secretly hidden in the past 15 or 6 years. He poured out one and stuffed it in. In his mouth, he carefully hid the remaining healing pills under the bed.


At this time, his health display became 10/20. Restored 9 life.


This made it even more sure that the strongest dragon slaying system was real, not his own illusion. Ning Qi’s heart suddenly became hot. He already knew the ranks of the world’s strength. The champion is the three-star fighting king. The stronger the strength. In order to gain respect.


And human lives are especially worthless in this world. Every day, people die in the fight and fight. It is the Champion Hou’s Mansion. Seven or eight corpses have to be removed from the back door in a month. Some were executed slaves and some died in the dark. Under the fight.


It’s like Ning Qi, if he hadn’t crossed over, the owner of this body, who had the same name and surname as him, would be one of seven or eight corpses!


Even people with the blood of champion Hou can be killed at will, and only with strong strength can they protect themselves.


“It’s just that, this exercise technique for body training is the lowest level exercise technique in the world. How can I get a higher level exercise technique… eh? Experience value? There is experience value that can represent it. Upgrade, as long as I get experience points, I can upgrade to become a fighter, a fighter?”


Ning Qi felt it necessary to experiment. At this moment, a mouse ran past his feet. Ning Qi remembered it! It’s an old resident in the yard.


“Only sacrifice you, my friend.”


After stepping on the mouse to death.


“Congratulations to the host for killing the lower-level monsters and gaining 5 experience points.”


“Because it is the host’s first time to kill the monster, the system specially rewards the host with a big gift package, please pay attention to the host to check it.”


In the attribute column, there was a small gift bag that kept spinning, and Ning Qi clicked it with his mind.


“Congratulations to the host for obtaining a bottle of the yellow-level lower-grade pill “Rejuvenating Pill”. There are twelve in total, each of which can restore 20 HP.”


“Hahaha, as expected, I got a whole bottle of rejuvenation pill, which is more than twice as effective as my previous pill! My blood volume is only 20 points, this one is quite Take my life!”


Ning Qi was very excited.


His eyes suddenly swept to a Buddhist altar in the corner of the room, his mood became extremely sad, and he slowly walked to the Buddhist altar, Ning Qi looked at a black urn and said: “Mother, I will prove it to all People see, I am not a wild species, I am more powerful than champion Hou, and one day I will let him kneel in front of you and kowtow to you!”


“Hahaha, what a joke!”


Ning Qi turned around fiercely, and saw a young man clutching his belly, laughing.


“Ning Long, what are you doing here, you are not welcome here.”


Ning Qi said coldly.


This person is the son of the champion Hou Qi’s disciple, and is considered to be a side-child in the champion Hou’s Mansion, but in memory, Ning Long has been the main force of bullying Ning Qi’s group since childhood. At least thirty or forty places are thanks to him!


“If I haven’t been here today, and I haven’t heard of your rebelliousness, the wild species is indeed wild species. If I tell this sentence to the lady, or Lord Hou, you think you are still dead. Are you there?”


Ning Long sneered.


“Forgot to tell you, your molesting maid, Xiaoyuan, is my lover. Even my Ninglong people dare to move. The lady’s men didn’t kill you. I want to kill you today!”


After Ning Long finished speaking, a group of light red grudge burst out of his body.


This is the unique vindictiveness of One Star Fighter!


Ning Qi was directly beaten out by Ning Long, smashing the few pieces of furniture in his room, and Ning Qi’s HP instantly dropped to 3/20.


A sweet throat, a mouthful of blood spurted out.


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