Spotted By Grindelwald And Went To Hogwarts Chapter 779: The Diary of Sean, the God of Time


【I went to Hogwarts after being spotted by Grindelwald】【】

“Irritated, irritated… This **** **** of time is useless, and his authority is too much. Whoever wants to be the one can do it. Why do I have to do it?”

Familiar handwriting, familiar complaints, familiar Chinese…

A huge sense of absurdity arose in Sean’s heart.

This was written by Sean Wallop in another timeline?

Even though he had expected it, Sean still couldn’t stop the strange feeling in his heart.

All the information obtained previously pointed to this answer, but when I confirmed it with my own eyes, the feeling was almost difficult to describe in words.

“That’s outrageous…” Sean rubbed his temples with a headache.

He was not excited at all, because this matter and this information brought about the most direct and difficult situation to solve.

Even Sean Wallop, the God of Time, cannot solve the problem and must restart the timeline… Is it possible that there is a bigger trouble hidden behind Haierbo?

“Damn it, I know why there are so many branching timelines for no reason…”

“On the eighteenth day, Heduoshi Limao Hot Spring.”

“Yes, mother said, the God of Time controls the power of time, so the God of Time may only appear for one second, or it may exist for tens of thousands of years. The God of Time he saw may come from a few minutes The past after that may also come from the future tens of thousands of years ago, no one can say for sure.”

The rules of the world restrict you… Haier realized that immediately.

Yes, yes, there are still very few questions… If you must be the God of Time to restart the timeline, there are still too few timelines, and you have no clear information and very few timelines. You are either dead or dying, but apart from that one, is there any timeline in which you become a god?

The first line made Haier sigh.

“On the fourth day, Shi Li! Look at him, why can’t he be so depraved? Isn’t it boring? Isn’t it boring to soak in hot springs with the immortal man every day?”

The God of Wizards? !

So, in the annihilation timeline of becoming a god, I succeeded? But why is it the authority of the God of Time?

Another section of writing became blurry.

That’s right… that’s right… Only the God of Wizards can explain all that, and it’s feasible to let go…

Chinese is not decipherable, but it is a ‘code’ that only Shri Wallop knows.

“On the seventeenth day, Haier, he really meant it. Why was he pushed away by a great fairy man? Do you really think you were attracted to him?”

Haier turned to page seven again

Does [Lust] mean that the status of the God of Time is second only to the God of Love and Death, and is on the same level as [Ao Kuai]… Judging from the tone of your writing in your diary, is that what you mean…

“Forget it, if you want to give up to encourage and spur yourself, let’s keep a diary.”

Yes, Shi Li immediately realized something – you didn’t expect in this timeline that you would come there. Otherwise, I would have left a message in Chinese.

Hey, that’s right, then the bad image is right again? Just like what is written in the diary, is the power of the God of Time as weak as imagined…

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【I went to Hogwarts after being spotted by Grindelwald】【】

However, since this is information left to me, if you can play the Riddler, you will definitely record all the important information.

Those **** world rules…

What is the wizarding world, the Riddler world, right? !

“On the eighth day, Heduoshenwo Hot Spring.”

“On the eleventh day, Doniya is so bad at lying. You took off the vine clothes – and Duo Shenwo Hot Spring.”

“So, the Riddler’s habits are purely passed down… Is ████ doing something else when he is free? Besides, ████ is a worker, and ████ has left long ago.”

“After all, your God of Time is just and right——”

What kind of Riddler is the God of Wizards? And there are restrictions added to the world rules?

My eyes suddenly lit up, and I realized another point – why did Haier, the God of Time, write those things in Chinese.

Hey, wait… could this be the truth about the annihilation of the timeline?

“On the seventh day, I stopped for a moment in studying magic spells. Although Doniya was not prepared for you, you were one of the guardian immortals, and you were so obvious. Also: It turns out there are so few hot springs outside Shilimao.”

That’s the tip you leave to yourself…

“The first day, and Duo Shenwo Hot Spring.”

“The long river of time flows according to the rules of the world, and the God of Time cannot control it. However, according to my mother’s words, the God of Time cannot understand the movement of the water or see the end of the branch—even, He cannot yet dive into the long river to explore the possibilities of time.”

“And all of that was actually written into the rules at the end of the world. Based on your investigation and some ordinary things brought about by the authority of the God of Time, you know something – Xia Liang It’s because the beam is crooked because——”

“On the eighth day, Doniya seemed to be addicted to the hot springs, so she dragged you there again – you are not scornful. The eldest girl has been staying in Shilimao and has never seen anything in the world. Yes, Since you invited me, why don’t I go there again…Did the Guardian Fairy Man actually take out these vines from under his body when he was soaking in the hot spring?”

This also means that ████ refers to the same object.

“The God of Time is a dog, and there is no way he can compare with these ancient gods, so I don’t even understand——”

“My mother said that even He can see through the God of Time. He also said that the God of Time is a completely independent existence. Whether it is the fall of gods or the destruction of the world, it is all related to Him – after all, even if the world Even if it completely collapses, the God of Time will not be able to slip back into the cracks in the long river of time and go to a new world.”

That is a conflict. The God of Time cannot go to a new reality – I should have no authority over time now, but I have only been studying magic for eight years…

God of Time, you later heard [Lust] say that neutral gods have known their whereabouts for a long time… I have also heard that authority has been lost. How did it come into your hands in this timeline…

So, it’s not that… Haier squinted his eyes and compared them, and I found that the lengths of several blurred words were almost the same.

Yes, fortunately, the blurred writing at the bottom of page eight is not rare.

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【I went to Hogwarts after being spotted by Grindelwald】【】

The small string of words above were blurred, so I knew what Shi Li was complaining about.

Shaun grinned and sighed.

Haier carefully lifted the paper and looked at page seven.

Haier frowned and blurred the key parts, so who the **** can guess…

Square characters…

I frowned and realized something – doesn’t it mean that the authority of the God of Time is like that of the ancient gods? And there is no reason, it is not just because of the difference in divine power. That reason is the essence of the restrictions of the world’s rules.

There are not many known powers of gods, but what we cannot understand is that the first two gods at the lowest level, the God of Love and the God of Death, are not the Robin and the Serpent of Wisdom.

Haier’s pupils shrank violently, and I seemed to know what those vague words were.

Haier felt as if his head had been drained of paste. The messy information seemed to be able to be combined, but they were in conflict with each other.

Haier, the God of Time, didn’t notice, knowing that the key information he wrote would be blurred…and there was very little nonsense…so, those vague words should be repeated deliberately!

His little master’s… After just turning two pages, Shi Li was so angry that her teeth itched. I knew it very well. I personally hate the Riddler’s routine the most. Well, that’s what I should say. I really hate it when other people ridicule me.

In fact, you did not succeed in stopping Xiaon Bo. Shilibo still completely absorbed the power of the God of Love, and finally achieved the status of god… You obtained the power of the God of Time in some unknown way, and at the same time became the God of Time. god.

However, the God of Time is at the same level as the God of Love, so you still cannot confront him head-on, thus falling into a state of escape.

“I have thought of it. In this world, you would have to do the same in Niyapao as you did in intrigues… Yes, there is a way… After all, you will definitely be able to come back when you left…”

In the decades you spent in Niyapao, you were looking for a way to defeat Sean Bo and took action first.

Furthermore, the external meaning is that the God of Wizards left before creating the world – that is consistent with the legend that Haier once read, but the concept of God of Wizards is actually a real one. exist.

It’s strange that the lower beam is straight and the upper beam is crooked…

“You hate the Riddler the most… But fortunately, the rules of the world continue to restrict you, especially before you become the so-called God of Time, who… it? Bad, you are even Know what to call the rules of the world. Anyway, the lower the level, the fewer restrictions you need to accept.”

According to all the information previously obtained, the critical time point will be one year later – Halbo is about to become a god, Dumbledore asked Sean to **** the opponent’s god, and the future Hermione saw it with her own eyes Sean died…

Shaun Bo holds the power of the God of Love in his hands, which is obviously the divine position I want to achieve – I understand that in this timeline, you successfully stopped Xiao Bo, and you should have snatched the power of the God of Love…


What a hell…you are so responsible, the little wizard god…


A small series of blurs.

“That is actually a bad thing. If you have the ability to override other creatures, and there must be no restrictions, it will be a disaster.”

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【I went to Hogwarts after being spotted by Grindelwald】【】

My brow twitched.

Haier turned to page seven.

Shi Li noticed that although the handwriting was crooked and wanton, almost every word was small or large.

“On the seventh day, visit Duo Shenwo Hot Spring.”

“I remember the date. Become the God of Time. Your concept of time is not vague. You know whether it is a bad influence or a good influence. Try to let Doniya remind you.”

I sighed in annoyance – the trouble might really be smaller than I thought…

Furthermore, there is no big difference between the information [Lust] told him and what he saw.

And that God-killing operation was successful again, so as the God of Time, you restarted the timeline again?

“Is that a diary of yours? Tsk, who the **** would a serious person write a diary?”

“On the fourth day, Heduo Shilimao Hot Spring was really boring.”

“On the seventh day, Haier, Haier, how could he be so depraved? He still has very little to do. Although Donya has been very close to him recently, she will secretly study the magic spell in the evening. Well, anyway, I was either soaking in hot springs or chatting with Donya during the day. I was tired at all – the God of Time still needs to sleep? The gods of that world are too low… and bad. It’s up to you to restore the glory of the gods! ”

The previous paragraph was blurry, so Shi Li could only continue to turn over it angrily

Move the paper.

“You originally wanted to write a summary below, but you probably came up with the summary below, and that summary is the key information – who knows, try writing it, you can see the worst , there is a way to see it.”

You need to think of a way, how about trying to research some new spells? Well, you are a **** now, and the nature of your magic power has also completely changed. Although the difficulty of studying magic spells is lower than in abnormal situations, as long as you are willing to work hard, the problem should be small, right? Another note: Doniya, this big girl is so bad at cheating. You don’t feel guilty at all. I didn’t lie to you last time to go to the hot spring together. ”

“If key information is recorded…it would be abnormal.”

Before taking a deep breath, Haier picked up the diary and sat on the edge of the bed, spreading it under his knees.

Furthermore, as the God of Time, although he can change the flow of time, at most he cannot see the changes of time And all the information I have about the timeline is all painstakingly explored— —Does the God of Time need to be so tired?

“████ is real, and ████ also possesses human emotions and thoughts. Of course, ████ is weaker than humans, because it is ████, ████ It’s not like that, that’s not ████——”

The lower beam is straight and the upper beam is crooked…The Riddler’s habits were passed down…it was written into the rules when the world ended and started…

I wrote this sentence at the bottom of the first page, crookedly, obviously I was in a wonderful mood at that time.

The words in front suddenly became blurry. Shi Li opened her small eyes to try to understand the meaning. However, the writing was clearly behind her eyes, but I couldn’t see clearly what was written below – and I kept looking at it. I actually had the terrible feeling that my soul was going to be distorted.

“On the tenth day, it’s so depraved! So lazy! Besides, there’s nothing bad about Doniya’s vines, just because you’re beautiful? Haier, don’t forget, you still haven’t repaid your love debt. !”

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【I went to Hogwarts after being spotted by Grindelwald】【】

“On the first day, you are going to take a look at the depths of Niyapao. Niyapao appeared with the origin of the world. You realize that it combines the characteristics of the eight worlds and is not a trance or fantasy. and the underworld. If you can go to the depths of Niyapao, you may be able to find some secrets you need. However, although you are familiar with the guards outside, the depths are not something you can go to, or even So, as the God of Time, you still don’t feel excluded.

It’s just a password, it’s also a reminder…


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