Seven Evil Slips Chapter 161:


Luban? Of course, I know that the ancestor of the carpenter is said to have made ink fountains and Luban rulers. There is a saying in later generations called “making a big ax in front of Luban’s gate”, which is used to satirize those who are overconfident and show off their skills in front of experts.

God stick said: “He is not just a carpenter, have you heard a legend about him? It is said that he made a wooden kite, which can fly in the sky for three days and three nights without falling.”

Luo Ren laughed out loud, he has heard it before, but isn’t that just a legend, how can a thing made of wood fly into the sky?

The magic stick was actually very angry: “Little carrot, you people just have no culture, no imagination, sad! Too sad!”

He asked Luo Ren to admit that he was superficial, and if he did not admit it, he would not speak.

Luo Ren leaned on the car and laughed, people were coming and going on the street, and there were people in the mobile business hall. On the other side, Cao Yanhua was pulling the tail of a pheasant to bargain with the seller–Shen stick is really not a person who lives in the world of fireworks , actually asked him to apologize for a legend without reason.

Luo Ren is very cooperative: “Most of the time, I am quite shallow.”

Shen stick probably calmed down, snorted, and finally continued.

“Therefore, there was a saying that the wooden kite was the symbol of Lu Ban, and many ingenious things he created later would leave the symbol of the wooden kite.”

He told Luo Ren what he found on the beam of Yin Erma’s house.

The amount of information seems to be a bit large: something made by Lu Ban more than two thousand years ago appeared in the groove of the beam of Yin Erma’s house, and it was made of wood-it has not decayed after so many years?

Luo Ren had a lot of questions, but he refrained from asking, otherwise the magic stick would reprimand him for being superficial and ignorant.

Talk to the magic stick, just listen honestly.

“Lu Ban was a real person in history. In terms of age, he was after Laozi and around the same time as Mozi. Some people called him Gongshu Pan and Gongshuzi. I personally think that calling him a carpenter is a bit misleading. Damn him… have you ever heard the story of Mozi stopping Lu Ban from attacking the city?”

I have heard that there are still film and television dramas based on this in the market. It is said that Lu Ban made a ladder to help Chu State attack Song Dynasty. Mozi shook hands and made peace.

“After that, Lu Ban will realize it. He delved into all kinds of tricks and fascinated with various mechanisms, so he became enlightened. In his view, everything in the world is a mechanism.”

Speaking of this, Shenzhu paused for a moment. In the past two days, in his words, his mind was full of this matter, “thinking”, and he was not sure if he could explain it clearly.

“Let me tell you this, the mountain torrent washed away the stone, and the stone fell and killed a person. After the person was crushed to death, there was no one to feed the chickens at home, so he ran out to look for food, but was caught by passers-by Baked. This series of events in series started with the mountain torrent breaking down the stone… Do you understand the little radish? I have already explained it in very simple language.”

Luo Ren was confused, but the logic was clear: “Isn’t this just like the butterfly effect? ​​Occasionally, a butterfly’s wings in the Amazon rainforest vibrate, and maybe two weeks later it will cause the American Dirk A tornado in Texas—according to your theory, a butterfly flapping its wings is also a kind of mechanism.”

The magic stick took a breath: “That’s the truth!”

Why didn’t I think of the butterfly effect as an analogy? This little radish is a little bit cultured.

Shen stick cleared his throat and continued: “For another example, the tidal phenomenon, the distance between the moon and the earth has caused changes in the sea water. This is also a hidden mechanism that you can’t see.”

Luo Ren frowned: “Is it the gravitational effect of celestial bodies? Was this discovered by Western scientists? Lu Ban had already observed it at that time?”

Shen stick just because of the “butterfly effect” had a little affection for Luo Ren disappeared in an instant: “So I asked you at the beginning, do you believe that the wisdom of the ancients is better than that of modern people, Lu Ban may not know anything It’s called gravity, but he knows that there is such a mechanism in the sky! The mechanism!”

Okay, if you say that the mechanism is the mechanism, Luo Ren took the initiative to admit his mistake: “It’s because I have no imagination and shallowness.”

Shenzhu is not a fool, so he could hear his words reluctantly: “Have you ever heard of a folk song? Cangjie created a dan of millet and passed it on to Confucius Jiu Dou Liu. There are four liters that are not passed on to the outside world, and are reserved for Taoist priests to draw incantations. Confucius knew how to read nine times and six times, and passed it on to his disciple Zheng Badou. From then on, he learned to be rich and called it Wuche, and since ancient times, he has been called Badou.”

I have never heard of this Luo Ren: “What do you mean?”

“It means that your talents are so high that you only recognize the characters of Badou. Cangjie created a load of millet characters, and even Confucius only recognized Jiu Dou Liu, and you don’t even have any characters at all. Xuequan—and often questioned that the ancestors were not as wise as you!”

This hat is big enough, but Luo Ren can also tell that if the magic stick “thinks” about this problem for the past two days, he must work hard, get hot and angry, and have a bad temper.

Luo Ren is very good at talking: “I dare not, the things passed down from our ancestors, gossip, Ziwei Doushu, Zhouyi, our descendants have not yet understood.”

Knowing a mistake can correct it, there is nothing good about it, and the magic stick thinks he is pleasing to the eye again: “Then let’s continue talking about the tide.”

Why are you talking about tides again? Is it related to what is happening now? Luo Ren was a little absent-minded, and suddenly deserted: One day, I should take Kiyo to step on the beach to see the ebb and flow of the tide…

Shen stick said something, but Luo Ren didn’t hear clearly: “What?”

“I said that 80% of the human body is also liquid. If the gravitational effect of the moon can affect sea water, it will also have an effect on the human body. Scientific research has found that when the moon is full, people’s emotions are more likely to be excited. For example, the crime rate increases. , increased morbidity, increased unexpected blood vessel bursts, and so on and so forth.”

Luo Ren blurted out: “You still talk about science?”

The magic stick jumped to the feet: “What’s wrong with talking about science? I’m the one who will be the head of the department in the university in the future – there is a famous saying that the sisters of fantasy and supernatural are science. Haven’t you heard of this?”

Never heard of it, Luo Ren asked him: “Who said that?”

“I said so.”

Luo Ren stroked his forehead.

The magic stick finally got to the point: “In the letter left by Yin Erma, Lu Ban almost spent the rest of his life observing this kind of mechanism that fills the world and the world, and found a vast expanse that once formed, there is no way out. Organ, Lu Ban called it the Seven Star Killing Bureau.”

Seven stars? Luo Ren’s heart skipped a beat, almost subconsciously, he stood up straight from the body he was leaning against.

“Is it related to the seven evil letters?”

Shen stick laughed twice.

“The next thing should be familiar to you. After Lu Ban discovered this secret, he couldn’t sleep or eat, so he found a friend of his to discuss important matters. This friend we mentioned earlier, is the Mo family’s giant. Zi, Mozi.”

“Although the two men were at odds because of the siege, they became friends instead of knowing each other without fighting. The strange thing is that Mozi was not surprised after hearing Lu Ban’s worried story. Tell Lu Ban that a great sage has already seen the secret of this matter more than a hundred years ago.”

Luo Ren had a thought: “I am?”


In this situation, the magic stick is still in the mood to speak English, Luo Ren can’t laugh or cry: “And then? What’s the matter with the seven-star killing game?”

“Don’t know.”

“Don’t know?”

The magic stick yelled: “How would I know? There is nothing written in Yin Erma’s letter. I can tell you so much. It’s all based on my wisdom and deduction in the past two days, understand?”


If Yin Erma did have a secret, then he should have considered the possibility of unexpected accidents and left a record in a safe place-the things found on the girder confirmed the guess of the **** stick.

But that letter was not written by Yin Erma. The magic stick guessed that it might be because the original paper of the letter was brittle and decayed, so Yin Erma copied it with gourd painting.

——Gongshuzi went from craftsman to ingenuity, and then to see the mystery of the world, to kill the game, and the seven stars ranked first. Fearing that a catastrophe will happen, he urgently invites the big son. Juzi said with a smile: “The sage has made arrangements in advance.” Hold candles all night to feel at ease. Now there are seven key keys left, as long as the seven stars are always bright, those who read this letter will be sent to the bottom of Yunling to see the four archways.

The magic stick murmured: “I remember one time, Yin Erma talked in his sleep and said the words ‘key, view the fourth archway’. If I guessed correctly, Yin Erma is indeed just a person who lives in Yin’s house. In the village, the person who guards the eight trigrams observatory and observes the movement of the seven stars has an average level of education, and he may not understand the text message left by his predecessors. But he must keep in mind that as long as the seven stars are always bright, he will arrange to send For those seven keys, go under some cloud ridge and watch the four archways.”

It’s just that there is no way to know where Guansi Pailou under Yunling is.

While pondering, Luo Ren hung up the phone.

The **** stick said to them before: You can’t simply deal with one when it appears, you have to think about why the evil Jane appeared, what is the cause and effect, and what is the purpose.

Nowadays, the heavy fog has finally just lifted a corner, but there are new mysteries coming one after another.

“Luo Ren!”

Luo Ren looked up and saw Kiyo walking out of the business hall.


Kiyo received a call from senior brother Zheng Mingshan, saying that his master Meihua Jiuniang was seriously ill.

She was flustered and a little incoherent.

“Master is almost eighty years old, and has been sick all the time. This time it seems that it is really not good. Even the senior brother has gone back, and told me that it may be time…Luo Ren, are you driving fast? No. , this line seems to be a faster train, I have to ask my brother to book a ticket for me…”

She asked and answered by herself, she was really nervous, she acted a little out of order, Luo Ren shook her hand to calm her down, she suddenly raised her head again: “Luo Ren, are you going with me?”

Luo Ren froze for a moment.

Kiyo explained: “Master is the closest person to me besides Aunt Hong, and sometimes even closer than Aunt Hong—if the time really comes, I want her to meet you, because… “

Luo Ren hesitated for a moment: “Kiyo, I still have something to do.”

Kiyo opened his mouth halfway, and suddenly stopped in the middle of a series of words to say. Go by yourself… Hey, Fatty Cao, do you want to come with me?”

Turning his head halfway, he went to Cao Yanhua.

Just after paying the money, Cao Yanhua was holding a pheasant and staring at Kiyo in a daze: “Where are you going?”

Kiyo stomped his feet: “My master is seriously ill, why do you worship me as your master, can you enter the school, and my master finally nods…”

Cao Yanhua was also affected by her nervousness and panic, and nodded hurriedly: “Go, go, go.”

One thousand three poked his head out of the car to look at Cao Yanhua: “Fatty Cao, live chickens can’t get on the train, right?”

“I’ll put it in my bag.”

“You are blind as a machine, can’t you detect the chicken in your bag?”

At this moment, Yan Hongsha also came out of the supermarket with big bags and small bags. He didn’t understand why the situation changed after he went shopping: “What’s wrong?”

Luo Ren felt a little sorry for Kiyo, but he couldn’t explain it, so he had to find something to say to her: “Master, has your health been bad?”

Kiyo hurriedly sent the ID number to Zheng Mingshan: “It’s not been good.”

So, although I was shocked when I heard the news, I was more or less mentally prepared.

“Then you and the senior brother are not around? You should go back and see often.”

Kiyo sighed: “You don’t know my master. She has a weird temper and doesn’t like to be accompanied by others. Throughout the year, my senior brother and I go to see her on the master’s birthday and during the Chinese New Year. That’s it. She drove us away after we lived too long…”

“Are you going like this? There is no luggage.”

Most of Mudai’s luggage has been left in Caojia Village, and she doesn’t care too much: “You haven’t seen my senior brother, the senior brother said, where to go, as long as you have money, ID card, mobile phone, charging Just a thread, a plastic bag and go…”


Luo Ren sent Mudai and Cao Yanhua to the train station. Along the way, he wanted to talk to Mudai, but he couldn’t.

When entering the station, Cao Yanhua’s live chicken really became a problem. The security inspector refused to carry it with him, and the people in the queue followed suit, and someone handed Cao Yanhua a fruit knife: “It’s for eating anyway, let’s kill it now. You can take it with you if you kill it.”

Cao Yanhua quit and asked Mudai to wait for him: “Little Master, I’ll go out and give the chicken to Brother Sansan to take back. Wait for me.”

Until this time, Kiyo didn’t pay attention to Cao Yanhua’s problem of buying a chicken: Why did Cao Yanhua buy a chicken when he bought a mobile phone?

Can’t help feeling funny, suddenly thinking about Master’s situation, and feeling uneasy for no reason, Luo Ren looked at her from the side, and said: “Come on, Kiyo, give me a hug.”

Probably a hug before leaving, Kiyo laughed, put his arms around his waist, buried his head in his chest as usual.

Luo Ren hugged her, bowed his head and kissed her hair, suddenly he was reluctant to let go.

I thought I could go back with her on the same trip this time, but I didn’t expect that there would be a lot of troubles. Kiyo never thought that he would travel across the ocean, and the cheetah’s traces reappeared. Is this the last meeting with Kiyo?

Luo Ren felt a sudden chill in his heart.

In a trance, I heard Kiyo sighing in his arms, saying: “Luo Xiaodao, you have something on your mind, and you don’t want to tell me.”


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